You may not have heard of Kimiko Ishizaka (my blog) but for a very long time i have wanting to hear the goldberg variations made famous some fifty years ago plus and i was unwilling to to find a glen gould recording of this very old music from J.S. Bach in some format of dubiouos quality from somewhere..

Mostly because i hate the music industry and as a long dead composer why should they still profit from this

Another problem i have as a linux user is itunes deems my os (linux) as non supported so buying music is hard as while money might change hands i have no idea if things will play that also goes for most paid sites.

Ishizaka has opened Bach’s music for the academic community as well with music notation so as long as you cite it publishers wont get money for old rope.

Music is not a top priority here for the monkey house but if you can buy music and play it without using a mac or windows pc please tell me as one site i went to changed to a streaming model and i do not want ‘lifetime’ streaming but files.

I think my patience paid off and open music got a long term win provided that facebook and the copyright lobby start banning Bach for copyright abuse..