female shop staff in retail high streets

gawker journalist

Needing a new banana skin slicer i went shopping on the high street. Grumpy, fat and requiring a cattle prod to serve customers.  The manager knew what i wanted before fat grumpy lady  shop person. Useless.

Hmmm no wonder the high street is not doing too well.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Since the woman was not a lesbian and not married to the queen of charity shops to the best of my knowledge (my blog) and i did not want to buy a pack of five bottles of something that lasts me forever online  it did make me think that perhaps i should have bought in bulk online.

I am quite sure taxing internet giants will not fix the high street or the minions of penalty charge notices (my blog) will disappear  along with pick pockets (my blog) and make the high street a thrivng place.

However since Portas made the charity shop and the landlords and councls brought in the traffic wardens its not my problem but one made by the retailers and conspirators themselves.

ipv6 on postfix

Works, although it does feel a little incoherent setup wise it [] sometimes required and not required, and having access to reverse dns means i can mail google in ipv6, your experience might be different (not here) than the zoo’s

Don’t forget about spf records

Being ipv6 is very mostly silicon valley based (not amazon) i was surprised that some try and abuse ipv6 and the domain name system

Domain unknown senders

Although we do see them trying this from ipv4 too

No damage was done and the ipv6 and ipv4 protocol matched the fake domain.

Ipv6 accounts for 25% of dns traffic and not many ipv6 mx entries so 1% of email traffic unless you email gmail all the time.

Zimbabwe second hand handbag sellers on the increase

I like Zimbabwe (.zw) for bad internet , handbag sellers (my blog) and being an left wing paradise ethno state. I read has an inflation rate of 175% and goods like handbags are in short supply

gucci grace

Alas i have not seen .zw in the mail logs recently but i assume Grace and Robert are using flea market sites.

I do wonder when the average zimbadwean will get fed up of zanu pf.

I guess Bob Parson’s (my blog) could go elephant shooting.again.

so you do not want my money, ok

One of the larger chains is advertising that if you do not buy a ‘deluxe’ burger they will not sell you one.

I dislike many things and if they wont sell a normal item then fine.

Paul Crowther, 32, from Newcastle an antifa member and Rupert Murdoch employee

With many of these restaurants going woke on milkshakes and trying to be hip with antifa* it is amusing that up selling means it appears these fast food sellers wish to sell to champagne socialists who use the milkshake to attack opposing views.

It’s not a problem. I got your message.

So lets hope labour nationalise (state ownership) these burger chains and keep the politicians humble.[

*mcdonalds (my blog) and communism do not mix.

As seen on tv

There is a new Margaret Atwood (my blog) book out soon. I wonder if it will be deemed genre or fiction (my blog)  Needless to say its been queued via my library.

At least Atwood delivers compared to tv writer g r r martin (my blog).

social justice warrior

It might be a big disappointment but already its on the booker prize (my blog) for sjw’s even thought its not published yet.  It still could be genre being that other booker prize authors have since been regarded as such after winning this literary prize.

This is in no way a review.

back to opendmarc reporting

Covered here and there (both my blog) with ipv6 i decided to have another go at reporting with extra hosts available with ipv6.

I kept the importer running even if reports where not being sent but with ipv6 and ipv4 mail servers dmarc reporting remains stubbornly ipv4 based.

Not all is well with dmarc reporting and auto responders with spam getting sent to dmarc inboxes and bar the big providers nobody seems to take dmarc reporting seriously.

Oh well

whatsapp user fuckery and attempting to use google services again

The monkey house got a call about whatsapp not loading from a elderly lady – apparently it sounds like there trying to dump data on on google again (my blog) but with no option to cancel.

So the phone is broken.

Whatsapp wont be used until she comes into the zoo.    I dont think that was facebooks aim but if there going to be cheap and flumox users like her good luck to them.

Facebook shareholders might be wary that app changes kill there platform for several weeks in a year., if its happening to me then others will be in the same difficulty.

Please note i do not use whatsapp, and the phone is currently international and not near the monkey house.

citizen Boris

Boris Jphnson is the new man of the hour and will certainly be getting the bbc in full antifa* mode sooner rather than later.

He has a charm that May (my blog) never had and while perhaps deemed ‘posh’ is a character.  The marmite factor comes in too but assuming 51% still think leave push come to shove  then he is in a strong position provided it’s delivered.

I have no idea what will happen but if like greace (my blog) the eu causes problems and we get the version four** replacement then you might be correct in thinking europe’s era of nation state tradition is over which proves Johnson’s and the Greek’s point.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

Technical points such as an independent currency, and not being poor make brexit more possible then it was for the greeks so watch this space but the paragraph above is a valid concern – after all rules apply to all not just naughty countries.

Since i have no clue about what is going to happen I will stop here.

*not a black transgendered muslim running the country good think bbc logic (my blog) ** cameron, may, jphnson, <insert name here>

female sport, transgender ‘athlete’s’ and broadcasters like the bbc.

Koreliea Ender (my blog)is an interesting case study by east germany into women becoming men in order to dominate say female sport such as throwing balls* in order to praise communism.

Although this was done in the 1980’s and something the ioc (my blog) turned a blind eye towards (my blog) it is now being reversed when beta males are becoming transgender to win female races/sport (not here other articles available).

The merits of such as like Korelia Ender proved make an interesting debate despite was she once a female – yes, is she one now ? no.  So depending upon your woke-ness and acceptance of drugs your get an answer as should female designated sports classes exist.

Since i hate sport and i rate them all as retards  regardless – imagine having to power your car with an sporty idiot.  Even horses are a better solution than humans – that went out with the greeks.

With sport on tv being a thing and men’s sport having migrated to pay tv through cost you could argue that female only sport events on free tv is sex discrimination and as only one gender is suitable (or cheap enough) means there will be no sport on free tv sooner than later,

Somehow i think the broadcasters are guilty of sex discrimination and gender discrimination after all should it not also be on pay tv.  Do you ?

fat lesbian oppressing women

As short term thinking is not a crime it also proves there idiots in tv companies.   As i hate sport i find this amusing.   Free tv will soon be bereft of sport and replaced by something else. Jam today but not tomorrow.

You might also argue that anyone watching or being paid to present such female sports events [usually females on the bbc]  are profiting from the gender pay gap and oppressing other women.  Up the sisterhood comrades.

I wonder what sport next the bbc will promote for being ‘cheap’.

*joke there shotput

strange debian buster upgrade (non documentation guessing game)

If your a cave dwelling citizenand who only reads my blog* then your probably not know that a new release of Debian (my blog) is out.

it has not been out long but is mysterious as to what has been updated is a mystery – sure the gui’s have been updated but mysterious questions like tls1.3 support mean searching and getting misguided results for instance ubuntu is not debian. google mind you with alphabet worrying about hate speech who cares if there search engine goes to shit.

Apparently tls 1.3 is now supported (my blog) but i still have other questions so documentation wise Debian ten is a complete mystery if your wondering what is new.

Cyrus imap is another  mystery here – the suggested route (not here) compared with the actual is not the same. I was expecting to configure and reconstruct but just disabling imap seems to have worked – although imap apparently does not use Berkeley db’s any more i did need a roundube option create_default_folders’] = true; (not here) opposed to false

Not sure why debian cyrus did not need the linked work – i think it should have. Not complaining though.

The dist upgrade failed several times and i had to restart it.  konq-plugins was a package that failed on i386

apt remove konq-plugins


Messages are very inconsistent on upgrade nss and glibc was one prompt that started and stopped processes, so your experience will vary between x64 and i386.   Servers with sql backends used dbcommon and i kept most of my config files choosing N rather than the package file.

If you upgrading via ssh then the lines.

#'MACs hmac-sha2-512-etm@openssh.com,

Will cause ssh to not reload. – be careful if your non local.

Openafs kernel module is a time consuming item to upgrade especially its kernel module.

If your into windows** nameservers dhcp needs an uograde but we dont have microshit windows here in the zoo.

Opendnssec — gets updated but i have no idea still how this awful software works.

postgresql seems to start first time in buster unlike stretch

pgctl_cluster main start

Files changed

  • crontab
  • modsecurity RESPONSE-999-EXCLUSION-RULES-AFTER-CRS.conf security2.conf
  • sysctl.conf
  • opendnssec.conf.xml
  • /etc/services
  • /etc/ssl/openssl.conf
  • issue and issue.net
  • cron.daily logrotate
  • syslog.conf
  • ssh_confing & sshd_config [see above]
  • clamd conf
  • hplip.conf
  • rkhunter
  • fail2ban – action.d/mail.conf filter.d/postfix.conf
  • opendmarc.conf
  • named.conf.options
  • postfix scripts are only updated not main and master files

So my fuckup’s

I [apparently] had an extra listen address in apache2 in ports conf, ipv6 is sluggish for apache and email on startup.  Some ipv6 addresses refused to startup and cause failures.  Keeping the original conf files seems to saved me a lot of headaches.

Since i was not ssh’ed into the box not an issue for me


email worked our zoo bots are working, apache does once interfaces started manually – xserver works when required [not often]

Server boot speed is not that impressive on older hardware, but since i dont reboot often who cares.

openssl does support tls 1.3 Most things work although this is perplexing

ssl-cert-check -s zoo.com -p 443 -a

Host Status Expires Days
———————————————– ———— ———— —-
unable to load certificate
3080701696:error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line:../crypto/pem/pem_lib.c:745:Expecting: TRUSTED CERTIFICATE
unable to load certificate

The second instance does not work, calling it once before does work. It worked on stetch not us, but something else is confused as apache likes the stated files fine.

Most things appear to work but your experience might vary – it took 25 minutes to download and three hours to nursemaid as described and restart.

I can probably fix the boot problems myself.

So far buster on a server seems a safe choice.

I will deal with newer features elsewhere.   Not an upgrade from hell althougth i did make media backups before hand.

*somebody might – joke **you poor sod