The wall,John Lanchester

isbn:9781324001638 was a beach read (my blog) about 250 pages, there is either left wing thoughtcrime here with nuclear power, and some goodthink. but this is an incoherent read.

The world has gone to shit but the uk still has tea and coffee*, and a wall protects it from the sea and immigrants.  Our cast of soldiers defend this wall and if they fail they are cast over it so no tea or coffee which we never discover where it comes from.

There is no automation at al so the author is clearly a bit thick about radar and computers, if the south koreans already have guns connected to radar  then its no leap of faith to think creative this author is no Atlantic council thinker**.

Expect role reversals and an baffling ending .   This could be brexit propaganda but it certainly is not science fiction since the author is a proper author – i find it amusing that this is not futurism so deserves space in a newspaper review – go figure.

1/5 bananas – um wolly thinking from a snob trying to write s/f and failing..

*logic here is that shit happens everywhere, not just round the coast of briitian and scotland. **a nato organisation who commissions authors


by golly but...

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