female shop staff in retail high streets

gawker journalist

Needing a new banana skin slicer i went shopping on the high street. Grumpy, fat and requiring a cattle prod to serve customers.  The manager knew what i wanted before fat grumpy lady  shop person. Useless.

Hmmm no wonder the high street is not doing too well.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Since the woman was not a lesbian and not married to the queen of charity shops to the best of my knowledge (my blog) and i did not want to buy a pack of five bottles of something that lasts me forever online  it did make me think that perhaps i should have bought in bulk online.

I am quite sure taxing internet giants will not fix the high street or the minions of penalty charge notices (my blog) will disappear  along with pick pockets (my blog) and make the high street a thrivng place.

However since Portas made the charity shop and the landlords and councls brought in the traffic wardens its not my problem but one made by the retailers and conspirators themselves.