more Taiwanese netflix

til death do us part is netflix i like (some other .tw examples),

A series of short stories is well worth a find from the cheating wife to the finding of happiness not following communist party rules like no fantasy* mean a more freethinking and worthy see.

Some of these might be deemed gruesome – i never thought cat litter could be even though the nuclear wast industry uses it non traditionally.

Since a lot a netflix is chav  this certainly is not.

5/5 bananas.

*or live live chairman mao sentiments.

online retailer gets clued in


I was surprised by an online retailer which now sells the zoo’s brand of nerworking hardware instead of the consumer crap – assuming  that is your buyng your network equipment and not getting free routers from your isp* (my blog).

Unfortunately we do not need any more.  Its kind of revealing that there not that hard to source, and if i am honest quite happy to buy from where we bought them from before instead of johnny come lately retailer.

*makes leaving harder.



fall or dodge in hell, neal stephenson

theranous fraudster pretending to be steve jobs

isbn:978008468827 deals with your usual Stephenson topics greek mythology (my blog), tech millionaires (or wannabes) and starts with william gibson (my blog) homage copy and paste.

Essentially a tech person dies and Stephenson dives into cryonics.  Unusually he links to his older book here.  Various other thoughts wander in too making this an incoherent mess.

The virtual world is kind of weird and overlong as data and a program use biblical concepts and myth to become something.

3/5 bananas some coherence here.  Don’t ask me to explain this.

I hate dental vets

headacheBananas unwillingly visited the dentist which looks more like a solicitors / money lender than a dentist and was again asked for my details – i kind of lost my cool within two minutes after thinking of information leaks and spam.

Anyhow its a waste of whole morning as i grin at the dentist for approximately  two minutes before he tells me to piss off because i don’t have problems.  although the sad state of past dentistry does appear to annoy the current vet.

Then something breaks in the dental hygienists and i loose it.   This is the dental hygienists problem – I decline there services.

gypsies and getting away with it

gypies (my blog) are not well liked and seen as a problem here  except by the police and bureaucrats.  Professor here in the zoo tells a story about a mob of gypsies who stole a caravan** and the police refused to anything about it in fact the police apologised about it and told them that was it eg

yes we fucked up and piss off now since there allowed to do it.

The insurance companies paid for a new one (for the owner of the stolen caravan) despite the police knowing well where it was and just how it got there.  Diversity rules (my blog) mean that any interaction with authority requires form filling in the police system. (my blog)  So there crime is special you might argue ‘approved’ police crime.

Then newbury happened where a mob of gypsies at midnight where burglarizing some place and a policeman died.  Personally i am surprised the police even turned up* and the fact that one died will probably mean the police are racist to the left wing in some aspect after all it is left wing thinking.

It will be interesting to see how differently the rules change after they start attacking and killing policemen compared to victims (not here) of gypsies crime.

*i am sure that could be wasting police time for omitting the type of people doing the crime just so the police could ignore the crimes tking place,  ** this is why caravans/rv’s have a poor reputation here.

the ministry of truth, Dorian Lynsky

Eric Blair

isbn: 9781509890736 is supposed to be an biography of nineteen eighty four, however having read the Peter Davison volumes of Orwelll’s letters  the left wing author seems to make wild claims about Eric Blair (that’s George) seem out of character.

Chapter two throws a boomerang into this claiming that a John Freeman was a pseudonym of Orwell in the Tribune.   Davison makes no mention of this and as Orwell was a prolific writer i’d call that claim bullshit*.

Anyhow since you now know i am a orwell snob i think this book is doomed.

Part one attempts to reinterpret his influences and essentially Lynsky throws shade at Orwelll – how dare he not write about about Jane Eyre and her class struggle..

Humorously Orwell’s hate of Charles Dickens which i suppose can be considered ‘literature compared to say Arthur Koestler is not mentioned.

Part 2 is more Lynsky’s style and David Bowie (my blog**) takes up a large chunk of part two while mentioning how the right and the cia appropriated Orwell.

Most left wingers are retards and slow on the uptake is a conclusion that might be made from Lynsky here.

The humble computer from apple (very pop culture*** reference) and Citizen Donald (my blog) also get a shoe in here Orwell is interpreted by others who i guess the author can selectively misquote to fit the agenda.

0/5 bananas meh oh dear

*no source is listed for this claim ** 1970’s ***1980’s

International netflix and why films do not matter

Netflix international is not known for its films, i like a lot netflix original stuff and when a recent film was shown on free tv instead of the the streamers i decided to record it and watch later.

The film a Tim Burton* recent film was ok very much in the harry potter mould,  Kind of a clone of this (my blog) would the money house paid to have seen it – no. In fact the linked item above i think was better.

Netflix america is different and not something i can not comment on but if I had seen this on netflix than the image to the right sums up my views.

Here is where it gets fun – if the studio will not sell to a streamer internationally but only tv broadcasters how soon until all films leave television broadcasts? As a second class non american i am glad netfilx said no (if even they had a chance say so) .

People assume that films = money, but when it is forbidden to be sold what value is there in it.  Think that i could have part paid to see itbut better things where bought instead.

The result of this thinking is i dont care but if your valuing a firms content how soon will it retain any value when your not offering it to a complete market.

This is not a compliant n fact netflix international might think it complementary and since i have the ability to think why not take it to the logical end.

*i somehow doubt a sequel based on its cast aging and its been done so move on to the next thing..

Professional social media persons – oh dear

MR POO we presume

MR POO we presume

I am not a professional social media professional – translation not somebody who craves upvotes on reddit or facebook or even on wordpress (my blog however wordpresses social features are mostly an afterthought) and i wonder if those users with upvote tally’s in the 10,000’s plus are the reason why social media is such a toxic place for social media firms.

Its easy to get upvotes that’s a herd like mentality – eg i like bananas.  Crowd friendly and no hot sauce..

After all if numbers mean the world to these strange people then clearly social media is not me.   Its easy to be herd like and liked but then those people are shallow they are a version of a propaganda machine which many countries will be interested in influencing or sock puppetry. Russia has been claimed doing this with people although there is supposed to be software from the nsa’s contractors (my blog) as well .

If i ran a social media site i would hate these type and be mindfull of these few losers with days and days of free time like the sjw’s which is what totals of likes  in the thousands indicates but these users are the creation of those firms.

There are genuine people  with followings and i guess they will become better known provided the left wing media approves of them but as they become more popular with the people the open the envy from the regressive left.

Who lasts the longest the platform (my blog) or the users will be interesting to see but social media as it is now is somewhat biased.  Social media is not that important to me.

the phone ‘experts’

‘Expert’s sigh.  The zoo heard from the country park zoo (my blog) and there ‘bargain’ tesco  rented mobile phones.

Which i gather from the jungle telegraph there still renting there old phones (eh not something you easily get now) for £200 a year or when i wrote this that is 88,015.09 Zimbabwean dollars* being my favourite africian shit hole.

They admitted that they did not have to do this and where shocked to discover that you can buy a phone for 25% of that figure.  Sure its not a well know brand but do you inform who you call your using a specific handset**?

Sally our ape of the mind (my blog) said nothing as it was andriod rather then iphones.

The solution i hear was to ask there ‘expert’ once again for an option.

Somehow i doubt there bill will go down.


* i wonder how much that tracksuit (my blog) cost. ** hello are using model brand of telephone ? no sorry then i cannot talk to you bye.