yawn of justice

Bananas in a nihilist mood decided to watch* dawn of justice where superman and batman (dc comics) fight things out unlike the graphic novel batman the dark knight returns by Frank Miller this was not filmed by Christopher Nolan.

Oh dear it seemed not to trend on the streaming service we have in the monkey house.

Having not a thing for superheroes it introduced (or once again rebooted) the concept since apparently three heroes are better than one – that bloke Nolan i mentioned might also think differently too.

Ben Affleck mumbled his way through and much scenery was chewed up in near darkness, the dreamy bits and info dumps seemed a late to the party afterthought.   I really do not care but i do keep wondering as when the hero franchise runs out of steam and fail to put bums in cinemas

Meh was about best response your going to get from me, as you might think i will not be rushing out to see either dc comics or marvel comics films in a cinema anytime soon and i am several ‘behind’ so i doubt if a universe concept makes these films accessible to casual audiences.

Not my problem

*some time ago.