war doctor,David Nott

isbn: 9781509837021 is one of those beach books apparently  – it made me wonder about racist welsh people and the medical profession. Another criticism left wingers make is that the west steals doctors, something here (my blog) covers it in more detail who seem to forget people like Nott

Rather than being a wonder surgeon Nott admits to killing people who have been shot at,  It seems to feel like a list of war zones so you will get a better understanding of ghost staff.

There is a good defence for abortion in this book, children are the golden patients and everybody else is kept vague.

Hotspots not visited from Yugoslavia onwards include Chechenia and india/pakistan so Nott appears to be a surgeon  who works more for charity than the nhs.

As age increases he moves more into training  and apparently negotiated for medical staff to get out of syria which kind of makes most ngo’s he once worked with look powerless.

3/5 bananas.


by golly but...

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