Idiots off the port side

Star Trek has few problems of the sjw kind, in fact i have not seen the latest series and netflix has since quit buying crap from cbs.

I read that some retard at amazon bought the post picard series since netflix avoids what cbs has since done to star trek and there wise to it not being it**.

I have no desire to know what captains do after seven series (or four if unlucky) and while Janeway, Picard and Archer is way too white, Sisko is probably a stooge as well in the eyes of sjws and so bad reboot who have also messed up another big franchise.

At least this means cbs will soon loose yet another streaming platform while fucking up Picard.

There are many people who will explain to you* how cbs screwed up star trek and i am not that person.  I hear another word plagiarism (or copyright theft) is also being mentioned again and the jj abrams people are doing the theft.

Let me wish that amazon employee good luck finding a new job a few years on from now.   Americans also will not be seeing this series  either since it is a pay tv thing.

Amazon streaming is something i did not like (my blog) but as prime is more associated with free physical shipping (my blog) than tv its not something worth the price for and thats an eu perspective not an north american one where prime does not have it.

*doomcock ** you ask for a glass of water and get a pink wet substance instead.

by golly but...

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