‘Jessica’ Yaniv – wax my balls or else

Wow Canada! – reminds me of the that film that i have not seen hobo with a shotgun** that looks an good correlation.

Yaniv is famous for many things and has been on the radar for a while – now this..

Lets face facts when twitter’s sjw’s* reverse there ‘hate speech’ bans not in Yaniv’s favour the game is probably up as a one man intersectional ‘person’. and probably now is causing damage to the genuine small number of ‘different’ people.

The more left wing and intersectional you get the weirder the policy where you have islam and transgendered thinking there left wing but each hate each other as seen in Birmingham in the uk.  One cannot be islamic and pro homosexual one is bigoted and the other would be thrown off a building (my blog).

Yaniv is a social media performer and whether this attention was desired or not is something to think about but actions have consequences and that once you start and include more and more people is kind of predictable that even i know of this.

*when the left do not protect there intersectional kind your in trouble. ** the bloke from blade runner was in it – looks cheap.