ipv6 in the wiild – oh dear fintech’s

When a payment processor uses tls1 (not even 1.1 or even 1,2) i was amused but the kicker was they had no ipv6 – so much for these fintech ‘geniuses’ we hear all about with ‘block chains‘ (my blog) and other magic..

Who is a fintech ‘genius’ ? nobody it seems with ipv6 experience (my blog).  What does a fintech genius do all day – i think they play angry birds on there iphones (my blog) and think that an phone with an ipv4 address is two factor enough or something.

Perhaps future fintech fraud prevention systems will require you to play angry birds before you can get a purchase verified.

risk averse

Well it might happen.

Oh the zoo has tls 1.3 and ipv6   Herewith i declare the royal bank of the monkeyhouse is now open for banana skin trading.

Perhaps the zoo should offer a banana skin block chain currency. – would you use it – please comment.