The last,Hanna Jameson

isbn: 97802419839997 is a book with serous flaws in it and even i who knows very little about Switzerland (.ch) can poke more air* into a piece of Emmental cheese so there is no cheese to speak of.

Some author who i have read a one book wonder loved it which i did know about as i read book cover unseen.

Plot wise a hotel conference survives a nuclear war and begins killing each other since that is what hotel guests apparently do.  Internet goes on and off and the author rehashes a lot of stuff.

Humorously the author writes a confession of the crimes i guess a white academic from the us must have committed.  The swiss seem quite sane in comparison when they eventually turn up and please dont ask why switzerland avoided  any problems from world  wide nuclear war (my blog).

0/5 bananas

*citizen militia  and other stuff.