prediction alphabet and youtube views to go down.

I like some channels (my blog) and despite me not having a facebook account for over five years means google and you tube are now becoming rare visits for me as well.

social justice warrior

If democrat/communist facebook and google do not like off plantation thinking then i am happy to not visit there sites.

Despite google forcing cnn on people as preferred content means they visit alphabet but not play videos from cnn so that diminishes the youtube experience.

I have never seen a cnn youtube video on youtube, if i wanted to visit cnn why am deemed  too dumb to not visit a website they run?

If you want youtube to be a be a happy place with cats playing as the sole means of ‘user’ content great dont expect me to watch it.

Other video streamers exist and guess where i go and i seem to visit those sites first resulting in a loss of page views for our comrades in silicon valley.

I think the era of google is over and the beginning of something else will be starting soon.  Put simply youtube’s ideology means its not a mainstream view of america.   Have a think on that.

by golly but...

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