out of stock, and fluctuating cost

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

The zoo needs a new pi (not a circle [my blog]) – joke but every time i try and buy one for the last several months i hit the out of stock roadblock for both the sdcard and the pi, and i checked various ‘professional’ local* pi web shops.

Mind you with the retards at oracle (my blog) making a 1060 pi3 ‘s into a ‘supercomputer’ with there pricing per year** perhaps no wonder it is hard buying such items.

The sdcard while not as hard to buy is out of stock at the place where I usually get them from too.

Stuff generally is going up and down in cost too so while not an urgent purchase ‘computer says no’ is ok for the time being.

*500 miles + radius  ** sacrifice your first born child and pay per core

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