film things, space yoga and film makers being snobby toward netflix and ‘streaming’

Usual disclaimers apply and very good luck finding these in a cinema.

A cure for wellness

imdb: tt4731136 is a modern take on dracula.   Quite slow but it ramps up and I think the good guys win.  It remembers the cardinal rule of horror of not to explain all.

4/5 bananas


is a french award winner imdb:  tt8359848 and implied drugs / sex and craziness.

Do not expect coherence here but has a certain charm as it has no super heroes in it

3/5 bananas.



imdb: tt0483607 dates from 2008 and is max max (my blog) done in scorland who features a Gordon Brown type (my blog)  who turns scotland into a land of zombies through iron bru*.

Quite why it took nine (9) years for me to even hear of this film yet alone see it is something to marvel at.

Its better made than than the remake i linked to  although most of the cast i have never heard of.

Its genuinely bonkers does not make a lot of sense and fun

1/5 bananas this is the optime of a film makers hate of netflix or

how dare you stream my awfull film which never got any release by my fellow art profesionals.


imdb: tt4443922 has a cast of about four people, and features space yoga.

Either they went crazy, got bored, or decided to make yoga an important part of the film.

Stylish but incomprehensible

2/5 bananas

*a sweet soft drink comprising mostly of sugar which the natives of scotland are upset at the maker of for reducing the sugar content because of fat people – never tried it.

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