smile !

I and Sally [my blog] are not fans of the mobile phone, despite me being that it ape who  mysteriously ‘knows’ about your phone when its broken but who does not have one*.

Whilst collecting the daily rwandian  our newspaper of choice there was a poc** on such a device getting nagged on for all to hear.

Your call was that important although it may have been a hate crime/micro aggression and that poc might have been a criminal abusing a female or a tranny called Jonathan [my blog] in canada.

really uncool

Everybody looked at the poor henpecked man and probably thought more charitable thoughts than i did.   With my luck i will probably have to fix his phone when it breaks even though i have no idea who he was.

Anyhow i am so glad i do not have deal with kind of crap.

*love the logic fun fact – android 4 does not support ipv6 [my blog] . **a person of colour if your not woke [my blog]

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