catching up, behind the times or lost the plot

Rick and Morty (my blog) is something i discovered on netflix even if my scheduling here is way off**.  When it takes a month to discover  who won a book prize i am not hot on trends or will not blog specifically about on release..

However last year i found out Rick & Morty was no longer to be on netflix but a local broadcaster on free to air tv this is the streaming wars and if warner brothers cannot do a eu streaming service and not sell to netflix then local tv is perhaps there only viable option.

I am surprised that the old people at the crusty broadcasting company get* rick and morty and they bought it.

Rick i understand uses debian so i cannot fault the character os taste – so yes Microsoft software is uncool.

Netflix will be be retained, and since i am selective in what i see will not justify a subscription to a new service even if available***.  I can do with out rick and morty being the only wb show on netflix i watch.

So who is wise and fool might well be both local broadcaster and the person who hates netflix at warner brothers.

As it now has adverts – i will record it and see it mostly in the way i saw it on netflix.  Another problem is the swearing so it is f***ing awful to watch.   Somehow it also broke there streaming website [not netflix] on the second week.

Rick and Morty is still fun but the nuiance i think is probably misplaced for a mainstream audience i wonder how many people thought of ashley madison (my blog) in the second week.

Then it disappeared from the screens four episodes in.  I hope i remember to remind myself about this being a viewer after all netflix is way more convenient than the vaguarity of tv schedules.

*not the normal thing imho. ** I hit reschedule *2 *** dubious this is trap cbs has fallen into too.

by golly but...

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