flat earther dies a moron

“Mad” Mike Hughes is not somebody i find amusing but probably his legacy as a stupid american will be worthwhile as others who think the earth is flat aka ‘diskworld’* will be part of the conspiracy that some science organisation like nasa killed him for his belief that four elephants move the world and he was dangerously close to discovering the truth that it is actually triangular.**

Mad MIke died attached to a rocket who obviously forgot about triangles after all the one near Bermuda is strange.

what the f**k is Bagatelle

Its a shame Mad Mike*** [my blog] failed to discover the truth and other flat earthers will continue to be retards but should he have discovered the truth i am sure he would also have been denounced by others who think the earth is flat for be being bought out after all the world governmental cover up is clearly a thing here.

Anyhow if the greek legend of icarous is anything to go by then clearly taxes wont go up to pay hash money to mad mike and even i can still laugh at flat earthers.

Nothing changes

*with elephants – i imagine mad mike as max max’s co driver **i joke

by golly but...

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