future politics,j susskind

happy comrades queuing

isbn: 9780199625616 is book that has been on a read list of mine but i never got around to reading until now from 2015.

Comrade Susskind takes some very marxist positions and is sjw friendly – can you be groped in vr (my blog) then Susskind will believe it is possible.

Pikety (my blog) is referenced and the author seems unaware that free speech is an important truth.  This is a book for marxists and goes through the wunderkind technologies of digital buzzwords the marxists never invented such as blockchain, ubr and robots while designing the dystopian soviet empire version 2 perhaps they needed more gulags.

There is some value to this but as a skim it seems twitter is a dicatorship  and so compatible with marxism.  Not quite sure your average nation state will like that.

It also fails to mention world government (my blog) and if twitter can suspend non us users for hate speech to hedgehogs then clearly sovereignty is not covered. Freedom is a concept that can be dismissed according to the author and ethnic minorities only appear to have rights.

There is a half hearted attempt to ‘regulate’ as a middle ground but i am not sure google or twitter will  exist long term, facebook also has an aging demographic.

Anyhow get your buzzword bingo cards made and play.

by golly but...

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