not the connection – it is the wire, or the wifi

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Internet is internet but isp’s think its either wifi, or the wire not what is provided on the wire.

The monkey house has shit wifi* but i am not blaming anybody but me for that as it connects to stuff and then to the internet.

Better wires are now a thing again having a gold plated wire to where the internet goes to does not mean it will be brilliant.

Isp’s can oversell and while a better infrastucture would be better economics jumps in the way.

I rant [my blog] about guess iif its ipv6 ready but find it deeply amusing that its wifi and a super duper super sata cable [my blog] is better internet than internet.

Must be me.  I mean how dare i not fall for gold plated wires and wifi that’s going to bottleneck somewhere else when 32k tv’s start to exist..

Suckers do exist.

*i will get round to it