Amazonian delights but beware of low iq

I got mugged by andriod user wanting to upgrade here in the zoo, and i know a little about this performance but this it seems changing providers and a new phone is an active option.

Finding a cheap sim was not hard but the unknown cheap andriod phone was an exercise in weirdness – try this amazon review by a professional idiot.

The sim card was a pain to get sorted.We still was having problems with the sim card,from Christmas. Which I brought for my husband. So I have sent it back..


Another stated it was great for teenagers quite how does a smartphone differ for children opposed to adults Does it only connect with other children phones*.

Wifi and bluetooth are sometimes mentioned and other times not at all just in passing giving an odd impression in the listing – anyhow having found a decent spec i decided that Amazonians are not the geniuses you all think they be.

I have decided to stop helping andriod users since it is either too much work to change [my bog] and nothing happens.