renault batteries, breaking websites or shit but clever car electronics

Covid killed some car batteries here in the zoo and left one staff member stuck when the battery lost enough charge to fire it up although the doors still opened.

Then another vehicle had a flat battery again it allowed access which the zoo was able to charge up although being unable to discern where the battery was except for some terminal points.

It was cold and less used which brings me to the website for car recovery in the future and  the users of the car then broke the web site with a visa debit card,

Apparently even now visa means credit not debit cards to some along with the oher issue of validating uk bank cards in france as they use a different validation method.

Oh well it gets worse as the phone app for recovery does not support andriod 5 [which supports ipv6] and is the punchline for this comedy of errors.

While covid-19 caused this non use it is interesting to note how things collapse when its out to lunch.

by golly but...

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