bonkers politics

Do you think and the result of the thinking is politics is bonkers.   Apparently railways [my blog] are bad for the environment in the age of saint greta [my blog].

This is odd thinking from greens [my blog] – does this mean cars are good ?.

Assuming covid-19 never happened [my blog] and people never discovered the internet then it seems nobody will need to visit a regional city fast.

bear wisdom

Even the mainstream parties seem unsure on the matter -sort of neutral but pro it happening

At least the americans seem advanced with rebranded concorde [my blog]  and railways in america are not a thing for humans outside of local rapid transit.

It is times like this that winnie the pooh would be great to have some wisdom from.

If you have wisdom to share we apes offer a banana and version of basketball involving a  compost bin here in the zoo, or if like you agree with the greens that trains are bad leave your wisdom below.