a liberal democrat mp loves and endorses first past the post

Druggie Liliya Shobukhova

A new member of parliament has been voted in so i am told, and it is a protest vote [my blog] although the liberals have no power to do much and are pro the thing they said they do not agree with – the irony.

It was a pro eu area too in the past so it had the thinking to change.  I am told by zoo spies that alternative vote [my blog] was dismissed instead it being a two candidate race so how many of those liberals are really liberals is a point of contention.

It is rather amusing that the majority winner comes from a party that rather liked the idea of av and played dirty – ethics hey.

Further misreading of these signs by those in politics came with the old parliamentary speaker changing parties to one that came forth, he too was thought to be waste of time by there area voters before his change of affiliation.