film things, space yoga and film makers being snobby toward netflix and ‘streaming’

Usual disclaimers apply and very good luck finding these in a cinema.

A cure for wellness

imdb: tt4731136 is a modern take on dracula.   Quite slow but it ramps up and I think the good guys win.  It remembers the cardinal rule of horror of not to explain all.

4/5 bananas


is a french award winner imdb:  tt8359848 and implied drugs / sex and craziness.

Do not expect coherence here but has a certain charm as it has no super heroes in it

3/5 bananas.



imdb: tt0483607 dates from 2008 and is max max (my blog) done in scorland who features a Gordon Brown type (my blog)  who turns scotland into a land of zombies through iron bru*.

Quite why it took nine (9) years for me to even hear of this film yet alone see it is something to marvel at.

Its better made than than the remake i linked to  although most of the cast i have never heard of.

Its genuinely bonkers does not make a lot of sense and fun

1/5 bananas this is the optime of a film makers hate of netflix or

how dare you stream my awfull film which never got any release by my fellow art profesionals.


imdb: tt4443922 has a cast of about four people, and features space yoga.

Either they went crazy, got bored, or decided to make yoga an important part of the film.

Stylish but incomprehensible

2/5 bananas

*a sweet soft drink comprising mostly of sugar which the natives of scotland are upset at the maker of for reducing the sugar content because of fat people – never tried it.

out of stock, and fluctuating cost

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

The zoo needs a new pi (not a circle [my blog]) – joke but every time i try and buy one for the last several months i hit the out of stock roadblock for both the sdcard and the pi, and i checked various ‘professional’ local* pi web shops.

Mind you with the retards at oracle (my blog) making a 1060 pi3 ‘s into a ‘supercomputer’ with there pricing per year** perhaps no wonder it is hard buying such items.

The sdcard while not as hard to buy is out of stock at the place where I usually get them from too.

Stuff generally is going up and down in cost too so while not an urgent purchase ‘computer says no’ is ok for the time being.

*500 miles + radius  ** sacrifice your first born child and pay per core

prediction alphabet and youtube views to go down.

I like some channels (my blog) and despite me not having a facebook account for over five years means google and you tube are now becoming rare visits for me as well.

social justice warrior

If democrat/communist facebook and google do not like off plantation thinking then i am happy to not visit there sites.

Despite google forcing cnn on people as preferred content means they visit alphabet but not play videos from cnn so that diminishes the youtube experience.

I have never seen a cnn youtube video on youtube, if i wanted to visit cnn why am deemed  too dumb to not visit a website they run?

If you want youtube to be a be a happy place with cats playing as the sole means of ‘user’ content great dont expect me to watch it.

Other video streamers exist and guess where i go and i seem to visit those sites first resulting in a loss of page views for our comrades in silicon valley.

I think the era of google is over and the beginning of something else will be starting soon.  Put simply youtube’s ideology means its not a mainstream view of america.   Have a think on that.

Dmarc repeat retards with hosted gmail

Send in the clowns (my blog)

Original-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.2.2
Remote-MTA: dns;
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 552-5.2.2 The email account that you tried to reach is
over quota. Please direct 552-5.2.2 the recipient to 552 5.2.2

Sigh – why do they bother.

bbc diversity sjw ‘proms’

Classical music is not sjw trendy and this is what the bbc does.

Music is about music not about the sexual preference of the obese ‘female’ with a nose ring ?

I never want to see a prom not because of nose ring but since clearly the bbc dont care about the music.  I do hope some hot lesbian got sex after this from her – bbc classical music tinder anybody ?.

I am not a classical music snob and if your into classical music see what i see for what it is.

middle class climate protestors in the wild.

Are genuinely a strange lot* with good intentions and have absolutely no clue about direct action.

Taking over bricks and mortar retail areas while notable does not do a lot unless your a boat painter and manufacturer of pink paint so one might consider them harmless and who said people did not visit the high street (my blog) .

Recently they have been threatening drones (my blog) at local airports and the more earnest ones with sjw media friends (my blog) made the local tv news.

With film footage recorded for the msm and the future date set the media hen went to the police who then arrested them for planning to disrupt air travel.

While being green is a good thing i did find it humorous that there left wing sjws in the media companies essentially  shut down the act of protest by green types.  I guess it was not inclusive enough or something**.

I found it amusing.

*apparently when the green revolution comes comrade there will be no need for accountants. ** no transgendered gipsy’s.

The last,Hanna Jameson

isbn: 97802419839997 is a book with serous flaws in it and even i who knows very little about Switzerland (.ch) can poke more air* into a piece of Emmental cheese so there is no cheese to speak of.

Some author who i have read a one book wonder loved it which i did know about as i read book cover unseen.

Plot wise a hotel conference survives a nuclear war and begins killing each other since that is what hotel guests apparently do.  Internet goes on and off and the author rehashes a lot of stuff.

Humorously the author writes a confession of the crimes i guess a white academic from the us must have committed.  The swiss seem quite sane in comparison when they eventually turn up and please dont ask why switzerland avoided  any problems from world  wide nuclear war (my blog).

0/5 bananas

*citizen militia  and other stuff.


Hail, Caesar!

imdb: tt0475290 is an odd film – i am not sure if it is a rebuke to hollywood or a ‘comedy’. I cannot see the directors doing a super hero film if your unclear of my meaning.

It has a certain validity to now (my blog) with another reincarnation of access media but apart from the 1950 set pieces seems a strange film.

I mention it as it as a film i could not schedule (my blog) to see earlier in the year but was as seen on free tv once again.


our unnecessary ancient debian antivirus cockup.

The zoo has detected one virus via an email in a year, since the mail server blocks microsoft (microshit) attachments and we hate microsoft products having a scanner is a bit of a waste of time since it is something it will not find.

But .. after the upgrade to buster (my blog) all the updates stopped (my blog) or the config got passed over and is not the most important thing in the universe to fix.  Since the server only gets definition updates four times a month i decided it was time to have antivirus in buster rather than continue with useless cron warnings about missing gpg keys four times a month.

I deleted the extra clamd debian package, set up some logins and used the recent script from extemeshok which now is on version 6 and have used in the past being version 2 something.   Things look happy and after ninety minutes i seem to have more definitions and yara rules once again.

I expect the virus scanner to do nothing most of the time as it did beforehand since most viruses seem to be opportunistic and usually sent from badly configured mail servers when they get emailed and so the mail server rules kick in and reject them before payload and does not get the scanner to run..

Maybe there will be a resurgence in them ? but the zoo is covered now.

It seems packaging is not a cure for virus software.   Since i spent very little time worrying about awful microsoft code from microsoft i think ninety minutes a year is more than ample and reminds me that microsoft products cannot be trusted.

Intel graphics i915 debian 10 fix

My debian pc has seen a few versions in its time – if your seeing (my blog)

[drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update f

in logs then

cat /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf
options i915 enable_psr=0

might do something for you.   If your x display still freezes as it did for me then

apt remove xserver-xorg-video-intel

Changes the driver to x server to modeset using the firmware-misc-nonfree packaged intel 915 driver which seems to be more up to date.

I do not have to reset by unplugging the power now when the screen freezed