on disgusting beer

We apes here in the zoo enjoy a glass of beer after a trying day and the apes dustable (my blog) know this however instead of normal beer they got us alcopop* beer for christmas.

It was red so something made out of a red grape and slightly bitter**. compared to normal beer it is pretty disgusting.  Reasoning aside its going to be a very long time before it is going to get drunk.

Sometimes i wish the bush telegraph would not divulge information that can fuck up the rest of the year.

*chocolate and vodka, you get the idea ** I have drunk soft drinks that tasted better.

government high quality photograph civil servant code speak deciphered.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

I was asked to take some photos for a passport application and once supplied with the equipment i did so but the government did not like the cameras low quality picture settings,  it came coming up with the bullshit reason ‘cannot see eyes’, or picture is in ‘black and white’ rather than your camera settings are bloody awful in our opinion and try again you moron.

Finding a blank wall was a fun challenge too.

Eventually i cotton on that the camera settings are not government happy and fiddle and change the size to megabytes per photo (expandable to A0 size) and boom the picture is accepted while it loaded up.

It would nice if governments would make there bloody minds up if they want massive amounts of data or minimal data (my blog).  Its a guessing game.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Anyhow i better start learning how to read tea leaves, its a sort of skill set and based on the guess the problem above should help everybody figure out civil servant speak.

Once loaded without ‘computer says no’ professor was happy and i went about entertaining zoo guests once more.

This also meant no visit to a high street (my blog) for overpriced Polaroids which i bet the government dislikes a lot now.  I wonder how long those cameras used will be de-approved  by the civil servants.

‘middle” labour ?

It’s all going wrong in red/blue politics.  Corbyn (my blog) is like May (my blog) are signs that both red and blue parties are far right or far left.

As to what middle labour and is it electable remain questions unanswered.   The days of being a member of two or three parties (winston churchill) have long gone.

The liberals stuck in the middle also have problem to one lot there light blue, and another lot think there light red.

Thus middle labour sounds like a pregnancy stage.

gilets jaunes invade my Camdem library

gilets jaunes although common in france recently took a day trip to my library, it was amusing for me as these school children (my blog)in there yellow vest outfits* where supplied by the government.

gilets jaunes also have these and are paid for as part of safety kit for cars i think the renault (my blog) came with some new.  Professor has some and you can buy them in ikea otherwise some nice french policemen will fine** you if your car breaks down  with out them being french.

Alas there was no fire or riot police but apparently the childrens book’s where very misfiled today.  The anarchy of it was perhaps too much for the library staff.

Anyhow i got my book and returned back to the zoo.  I am sure there is a french bureaucrat (my blog) wondering why the hell his heath and safety thing became a challenge to his job.   Somehow i think that rather backfired*** on those who rule

If you thought libraries are boring think again.

*dont run them over. **or amputate four fingers with a grenade and rubber bullets *** see **

My little suicide bomber

Having killed one (my blog) it appears that Shamima Begum pictured right is still alive that is the picture the bbc refuse to use.  The islamists at the bbc like the more ‘western’ pictures of her before adventures in the land of Deash (my blog) which like global warming has since evaporated.

Even the bbc cannot deny the lack of regret in this terrorist supporter who they think is a victim for some reason.

I do not think playing female card works in this aspect, after all islam does not respect womens freedom and so must also be assumed guilty of abetting and aiding terrorists through a choice made after all nobody forced them to do that this clearly was a choice .

Its kind of weird that multiculturalism is ok with terrorists if you think about it

Cultural marxists and the wasteland of nerdy s/f sites

Once upon a time there was ape called bananas who visited geeky websites.

Then it stopped but i suppose being ‘deplorable’ in the eyes of the left meant it did not matter, I mean if black panther is a film pro racial segregation and applauded for it by the left wing i am glad i have not seen it after all apparently only ‘black’ people could see it according to these people.

My views on dr who (who*) also mean i what they like i can not be bothered about it, same goes for there venereal disease (my blog), As to Disney and star wars well i am about three films behind and there not in cinemas to be seen if your a shareholder then take note.

These left leaning people seem to have pay satellite tv but don’t have netflix subscriptions since the zoo hates Murdoch (my blog) this is another gap between them and us in  the monkey  house.

I also like japanese anime and that is totally missing – for instance if I find a list of new things on netflix by the msm many of the titles i binge (my blog) are not even mentioned.   I am often surprised to discover that geek only now means hollywood made according to these people – yellow journalism (not here) ?

I am often surprised to find something amazing that no left wing journalist with a degree in womens studies deems worthy.  I am not a  review site but what the hell do those sjws/npc’s do all day.

So the trends here include wamin (mary sues) , race segregation and anything made by rupert murdoch and family  is fine.

That appears to miss a lot of things out. Mind you perhaps things of a science fiction nature can be deemed so if they have the correct gender and race politics in them by paid shills.

Perhaps this is why they fail

I mean it has no relevance unless your an sjw/npc.

Is life bad without these useless people no, do i miss not having seen star wars tec, no.  You get my point.

*not a joke

We are screwed indicates the blue monster

If the dutch have no idea, and  nobody here knows what the hell is going on then it really has gone blue and furry (my blog).

yanis varoufakis (my blog) i think is right.    I don’t think comrade May (my blog) and party  is going to be re-elected mind you as a non majority government even now the writing is on the wall.

May (my blog) has f***ed the blues not just in Sunderland.