tv schedulers screwups

I find it amusing that most screw ups happen in the summer.

I wanted to record this (my blog) and after ward a film on a +1 (my blog) channel alas the first item ran over by 5 minutes so it would not schedule.

I am sure it will be on again and this is not a whine but i can live without seeing it.

Female cultural appropriation ?

David Bowie was a talented musician(my blog)  but this barbie doll (my blog) seems to be an odd representation of gender.

While hair goes from long to short and culture has phases does david really need boobs and probably missing a sausage and two sprouts in the genital department.

Its not something i am outraged about but it deserves thinking about

I am not sure britney spears (my blog) will be as notable and deserving a nazii Barbie look.  but hey maybe there  is market for it in the future.

Thinking on those lines means Elton John barbie will come with a bottle of olive oil and an paddling pool that will be plus size barbie.

Interesting times.

i hate cups (ipp version) and more debian buster upgrades.

Cups printers suck when upgrading (my blog) I have since discovered that simply deleting all printers and rebooting makes them magically work after an upgrade.


Debian buster gave me a new prompt that i had not seen on another zoo pc i have now upgraded about starting and stopping services, once again four hours for a simple workstation did it, twenty minutes of that was downloading.

One non computer literate zoo staff member even thought it was a lot faster than stretch

an incovenient death, Miles Goslet

David Kelly – Dead by 007

isbn:9781788543118 Is about Dr David Kelly is died in iffy circumstances.   The inquiry into his death and interference by a seventy year suppression of the outcome  make me think politicians and press had some responsibility.

3/5 bananas

Perhaps neither the 4th estate (my blog) or politicians (my blog) are fit to rule, or watch each other.

Debian 10 (buster) a quick look on a simple workstation

two dogs

I use debian (my blog) and with version ten out called buster i offered the monkey houses stretch* pc to upgrade it via apt dist-upgrade   Three hours later i am typing this on itin debian ten.

Being a simple pc opposed to a server not too may hiccups

Those being

  • virtualbox [oracle crap]’ has no buster repository
  • minissdp wanted attention – not that i knew what minissdp does i ignored it
  • /etc/defaults/networking was updated [prompted] i kept my file
  • /etc/ssh/ssh_config [prompted] i kept my file

kde works from a brief exploration

Some issues which i discovered and may be user [me] issues

  • ipv6 by default [no ipv4]  until i edited my /etc/network/interfaces file which looks like its been through an exorcism since i have being doing a lot of iov6 work recently.
  • bluetooth sound is controlled via the sounds app in kde on the applications tab so codecs works,
  • cups/ipp needs some help

It took half an hour to download and 2 and a bit hours to extract but this also during dinner in the monkey house so some prompts might have been ignored while the tribe ate its bananas.

Being a SIMPLE pc everything worked opposed to server changes so as a first look on a basic pc no issues.

I have client tls 1.3 support from openssl  so tle 1.3 seems to be finally here.

*the old version 9

Have you seen this woman in Plymouth ?

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

In this (my blog) i read that Plymouth’s most celebrated child rapist (and a female) is now considered a free woman,

In 2009 and funded by the bbc she raped very ypung children.   Vannessa George is the name via little teds which is something the bbc thought to promote and fund and provide opportunity to abuse.

If you think it unfair to point out her misdeeds when i could mention Olve Cooke, Oxfam and god knows how many other selfless charity workers then let me know who i missed in  the comments


lesser superheroes* with cable tv audiences

not Barry, but could be

The zoo gets one murdoch free tv channel and it it full of adverts for comrade Murdoch’s paid crap of channels which this (my blog) explains a lot.

There apparently is a superhero by the name of Barry Allen who i have never heard of i watch two of these and found it boring. If Harry Potter could only fix his glasses, then Allen can run fast although thats all i know of this third tier comic character.

Doing an internet search i discover that this hero has a cohort of lesser heroes as netflix once had (my blog) .

After a couple of days i cancelled the record schedule due to villain of the week thingy. I wonder how all these competing likewise people hinder the market for the sjws in comics are not making them instead turning the flash into a black eskimo half breed who also is transgender.

I only saw it as this first aired in 2014 and nobody sane enough to buy Rupert Murdoch tv apparently will not pay for it no longer.

In the spirit of superhero things there is a prequel thing (my blog) based on before superhero, it was not on cable but on a free to air channel.   I recorded it and watched it later.  There seemed to be more time sent pressing fast forward on adverts than actual series content.

While we all have heard of some superheroes i do wonder when the fatigue will set in or perhaps when the profit expectations fail to impress those who hold the rights and make it.

*more of a jock than a geek

The wall,John Lanchester

isbn:9781324001638 was a beach read (my blog) about 250 pages, there is either left wing thoughtcrime here with nuclear power, and some goodthink. but this is an incoherent read.

The world has gone to shit but the uk still has tea and coffee*, and a wall protects it from the sea and immigrants.  Our cast of soldiers defend this wall and if they fail they are cast over it so no tea or coffee which we never discover where it comes from.

There is no automation at al so the author is clearly a bit thick about radar and computers, if the south koreans already have guns connected to radar  then its no leap of faith to think creative this author is no Atlantic council thinker**.

Expect role reversals and an baffling ending .   This could be brexit propaganda but it certainly is not science fiction since the author is a proper author – i find it amusing that this is not futurism so deserves space in a newspaper review – go figure.

1/5 bananas – um wolly thinking from a snob trying to write s/f and failing..

*logic here is that shit happens everywhere, not just round the coast of briitian and scotland. **a nato organisation who commissions authors


ipv6 ‘washing’

So you have heard of green washing – meet ipv6 washing – the zoo has partial ipv6 so the brown thing should say 6 but instead says 4.  Ipv6 is not easy and a work in progress but at least the monkey house has some ipv6.

I laughed the more you know it gets cringeworthy fast and how dare you not use ipv6.