fad recycling

I was staring at a pair of cinema 3d glasses on a shelf here in the zoo when the thought in my brain pinged “there bloody useless”.

OK readers when did you last see a film in 3d ? i guess we are on the same lines of thinking.

So i asked the rest of the monkey house for these, collected six items and when i needed to be near a cinema i would hand them in.

So i did when nearby, even the staff in the cinema described 3d as a fad.  I think that is an accurate judgement.

I wonder what will histories view of 3d films in the cinema will be.

the smart tv’s with learning difficulties

galactic background noise.

Smart tv’s are getting retarded in the uk the bbc thing for on demand quit working on tvs, a couple of weeks ago rest in piece the ‘app’.

This is probably down to copyright issue at freeview as newer protocols [play/freesat] exist and older brainy tv’s get shafted with internet access.

Do not buy a smart tv although the netflix app continues to work and it get french tv so its not the tv getting dumb its businessmen and lawyers fucking up smart tv’s.

Time for a stick to fix the tv as requested by professor

Fuck you Freeview,Panasonic and Samsung.


internal exim fun and ipv6

Exim has been in wars recently and got an update for a tls issue.  In the zoo exim is tolerated internally and so was not an issue as it relays email internally and then off to postfix.

I tried exim many years ago and did not like it

However ipv6 was then activated by the exim update which caused internal relay issues (my blog) so i am stuck with ipv4 doing the internal emailing until i either change mta or figure out ipv6 relaying in both exim and postfix

Exim was returned tp ipv4 action with


Which suits the zoo fine.  Ipv6 internally and no ipv4* seems a long way off.

*rfc1918 ranges.

proxy-research.com – vile scum


One weekend i did this found in the mail log with 70,000 entries,

grep "connect from" /var/log/mail.log | awk '{ print $8 }' | grep proxy | sort -n | uniq -c

They have been a concern and do not do shit for several months so out came the mallet (my blog)

198 starttls-oregon.proxy-research.com[]
198 Starttls-paris.proxy-research.com[]
198 Starttls-saopaulo.proxy-research.com[]
198 Starttls-sydney.proxy-research.com[]
440 starttls-virginia.proxy-research.com[]

Useless academic scum worth blocking.  I do not object to to some validation of dane (my blog) but months and months of it mean your not as wise as you think you are.

gender identity and the mentally ill

girl (imdb: tt8254556) is a film i saw on netflix as a french cinema event ‘nod’ * and oscar foreign film shortlistee not that i have been in a cinema in years or see some tv show sack comedians for wrong think.

I watched it not for that but its handling of the debate that lesbians are exclusion-ist (terfs) and male gays are also the bad in the gay rainbow. Yaniv (my blog) is a good example of this where the rights of some gays are deemed bad.   Welcome to intersectional politics comrades – if you watch sargon then your in the know.

Girl takes the transgender thing to the extreme and neither the woke seemed to like it and the rest felt it wanting in other areas as to be expected from a brief look  at some comments.

I was left inferring a meaning and i think the transgendered boy became anorexic if i understood the meaning at the end and that femininity as presented as the ideal by the tranny was an unrealistic goal.

Somehow i also got the impression that the boy who wanted to be a girl did not like boys and would not be accepted as a female either way despite not being able to birth children if dreams come ‘true’.

As to be expected such a film did not get a wide cinema release, and got a netflix release which must have been really pissed off that cinema event who hate netflix how dare television show films.

As i am talking about a 0.000000000000000001% population perhaps this Belgian film was not supposed to be seen and by miring it in cinema distribution rules also suppressed it.

While there is some reflection of the war between the colours of the rainbow it is not particularity wise and it might well be seen as left wing propaganda which looks through innocent eyes and ignores the dangers that the doctors cant speak about** for being accused of being phobic.

2/5 bananas – that’s lottery money for you.

*they hate netflix for irony and this will not be on french tv for years **young people deemed transexual who then reject the diagnosis are also deemed traitors by the left.

my future wifi upgrade headache

Many years ago i bought a wifi access point for the monkey house and it still is in daily use.   While basic compared with whats now on sale how often does somebody complain the wifi is not ac standard**. Having wifi seems to be ok.

We do mitigate a lot of traffic here in the zoo by not downloading things so that has extended our ‘n’ access point for a number of years if you had to endure the other stuff then i am sure it would have since been demanded that i supply bester wifi for all.

Also we have nothing that has support for modern wifi standards so the upgrade is a moot point and i may as well wait for wifi ax or later standard unless the point  dies which i doubt it will.


Wifi upgrades are not hard but pricey with the value of the pound to the euro and other currencies at present*.

I really just need something to connect it to the existing gigabit router (my blog) and some mesh points but to do that professionally that is £500.

I think a cheap mesh router for £130 would improve stuff and be better than the £ 500 value items – having to buy a wifi router seems dumb.

Here in the monkey house we prefer wired ethernet anyhow with guaranteed speeds compared to daily variances due to temperature / atmosphere and walls in the way.

Wifi is an horrible thing to buy at the best of times and until it dies i think it best to keep with what we have despite being ancient.

It does seem weird when consumer grade wifi beats ‘professional’ wifi.

*not a good time to be importing stuff in my blog) ** have you heard this? not us


the incredible painter

The zoo had the painters in and they did a great job. However one kitchen unit was damaged in an most amazing way that a metal joint was seriously warped by these painters.

One day i found the joint and concluded that the painter was the incredible hulk in disguise.

Nobody in zoo saw a naked green thing growling at stuff as far as we know but either the unit was stood on Archimedes  fashion (my blog) or fulcrum-ed is an non green man theory that makes any sense.

The joint remains an problem and needs a metal basher something the zoo is so far unable to fix and once we found one it was a simple fix.

Have you seen a green bodybuilder growling at things? then you have probably met our painter as well.