Blocking a netblock because why not

There is an ip address or block whch when i grep-ed**  and wc -l* counted 11000 lines of fail.  Email might be hard but that level of failure deserves a more detailed examination.

Eventually i whois lookup the thing – find it is in Romania and see this.

remarks: *** Abuse Reports to :
remarks: *** This IP block is used for web hosting, ***
remarks: *** dedicated and co-located servers. In ***
remarks: *** case of spam, please only deal with ***
remarks: *** originator IP only. ***
remarks: ************************************************

Not knowing whether i would be playing whack a mole with a secondary mx or more i decided to mallet the whole block (my block) after all 11000 things say where shit at this.

I enjoy funny whois messages this one from iran (my blog) is fun and i guess our new chums at will not be able to help there client until our servers gets a reboot whenever that is.

I did not contact them as clearly its more fun if we dont.

So if your a client of them you know why things dont work.

*nothing to do with a toilet -joke ** not a hollywood rape method

dkim gets an protocol update, but might be an chicken and egg problem in the making

are you shrek ?

Since i appear to be one of two people and half of a labrador dog who blog about opendkim (my blog) and dkim (my blog) here and have had signing of mail for way too long* i was surprised to read that dkim is getting a freshen up.

I have no problem with that but i wonder what will happen in the real world.  After all dkim does sound voodoo to most people and not on the radar of err stuff.


That is where the possible problems start – not with the better hashes but with companies like microsoft [microcrap] not supporting stuff there lies issues .  I am willing to experiment using the zoos mail servers since i can get some kind of software but it is not going to happen soon.

I will bet that google will support it provided there diversity hires (my blog) have heard of dkim, and know what a computer is as well. I guess there will be some interesting dmarc reports coming to the zoo’s dmarc inbox when i start.

Anyhow it kind of sounds fun to me and despite i occasional whiny rant i like what dkim is supposed to do most of the time and its not going to get dumped.  Not that i regularly say a lot about it.

*./compile, make, make install

raspberry pi fun

Returning to the monkey house raspberry pi adventure (my blog) and having cased it it was time to do something with it.

Having bought a larger memory card of 32gb I had some dd fun writing to an microsd card but soon got something that booted.

Networking was a bit weird using /etc/dhcpd.conf opposed to interfaces or whatever shit systemd networking (my blog) is doing these days.  I hate systemd anyhow

The monkey house uses the pi as a headless server for a couple of tasks and so far it is manageable if a little slow and short on resources once the mouse keyboard and hdmi (my blog) screen are unplugged.   I was able to watch guinea pig (my blog) videos on youtube before i wiped one card and made my new one raspberian.

It also powers a switch (my blog( and a iot heating controller via usb (saving two electrical plugs in the process).  It is not idle.

Raspberian (once secured) feels a lot like debian and a point release behind debian so 9.4 means your be running 9.3 on the pi which is not a problem.

Returning back to networking i got pissed off with dhcpd.conf since that can only do one ip and as ours has two wired ethernet ports (real ones, not virtual) meant i got one or another address neither both.  The person responsible for raspberian networking ought to hung drawn and quartered for that suggestion.

I think that these things have a future and might be the way pc’s go.  Granted it needs more memory and better standard components but it was quite a nice desktop if not one suitable for famous computer hdmi does video and audio. so it certainly competes with android and much cheaper.

How long it lasts,  or the long viability of microsd will be an interesting experiment. Although it looks like DO NOT USE KINGSTON BRAND SD CARDS is good advice and a tale for another day.

the darkening age, catherine nixey

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 97815509312325 details the thugs of the christian world. far from being enlightened we meet Shenoute, the original Greek destroyers of the elgin marbles, Mark, Luke and every bodies favourite Deuteronomy.

Saint Chrysotom (john to this book burning friends)  is also credited with helping the nazis to burn books of more recent time begins the tales of the destruction of roman and greek culture.

Although your average gay catholic bishop probably wont be mentioning them as pillars of the faith.

It proves that both christian and islam faiths are insecure and through violence there will is got.  So to call either as enlightened is wrong.  Mind you it might be fun to watch Shenoute and Obrien (my blog) fight to the death.

4/5 bananas.

A wild appears (refrigerator.census)

I was informed that[] connected and as i dislike them (my blog) it was added to the permanent firewall (my blog).

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE341-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: CariNet Abuse
OrgAbusePhone: +1-858-974-5080

They have also had a mention before

Its been a while and lets hope you never try to visit the zoo with that address once they discard iit.

andriod partitioning

Is odd – i read that special partition names are needed and apparently root access to move things it seems w95 fat is not enough.

I am glad i use Linux rather than this odd system for if even i cannot use it even with fdisk partitioning and non root access then clearly who is supposed to.

If this is the shit google thinks is good then good luck to android os.

fake news or politics power over the msm?

Honestly this is mad – after the media accusing everybody but not them of fake news they then report on fiction.

Is this politics or a media bubble where two types of people who hate each other only need each other ? should you not be a important politician writing fiction or card carrying journalist reporting fiction then your news is fake.

The issue is moot but when politicians need billionaires (my blog)  i wonder.  Is government as a concept broken.

indians and remote connecttion software (remote fetishes)

So as an pi owner (my blog)  i watched a youtube video where a indian spent most f the time setting up a remote connection into a raspberry pi using some some vm software on a android. phone rather than do the what the main video title said it did. Nothing hard about that but a bit basic and a waste of time.

What did make an impact on me was the fetish most indians have to visually use remote keyboards and mice which reminds me of this (my blog).

I wonder how quickly India will rid the world of remote desktop software since it is doing its best to taint there use with scammers and crooks by associaition.  Its gotten so bad one of those remote viewers has recently felt it necessary* to start warning the users that any ip address from India now shows a warning screen and brand names mentioning that they do not contact you in this matter.

*i smell lawyers here

Linksys ‘open source’ routers still too pricey


Consumer grade routers suck one that did not but has an american bias (ethernet cables) was the old wrt54gl the monkey house still has ours – the replacement (my blog) was not open source on release [could be] and pricey and had the disadvantage that if you bricked it while figuring it out they refused to fix it.

So plenty of reasons to not to buy it.

ddwrt then imploded – more on that another time  and another project took over., and then another.  If was to do that i would seek advice being what i know has changed.

Being unwilling to buy the latter model with the disadvantages stated at the time even now which i saw the other day even with  a 40% discount and as  i now use another non consumer brand* and even with a 40% discount it is still cheaper than the linksys  and it would need a 70% price cut to be competitive with the monkey houses  brand.

Brand names are interesting – either the new owner eventually noticed that these items where not selling and  the guess the version of ddwrt was a bit of a game like pin the tail to the pony while blindfolded.

Non consumer grade network stuff is more modular and it seems that if your in the know then its an better option.  The old router was still half the price of the new ones price with the discount.

*the zoo’s internal lan