lets encrypt dns cert renew nightmares

Its not pretty if your doing by dns

certbot certonly -a manual -d mail2.zoo --preferred-challenges dns

That is a renewal method for dns since certbot renew tells you to get lost with a dns challenges , so you have to re-enter a new challenge code into your dns zone , not forgetting the tlsa (my blog) update later on and you have a renewed cert.

argh – apparently there is a way but you need both ruby and python – the python modules required are not yet available on the zoos distro – so I shall do it the hard way for the time being.


black rain,Masuju Ibuse

well there was n bomb and ….

isbn: 9781568364179 was a Braithwaite (my blog) suggestion in a new book yet to be released.  Set in Japan and published in the 1960’s deals with Hirsohima (my blog).

It is an account of a diary written and then rewritten for a matchmaker (not actual match making) a pen becomes chinese brush ink as sick people prove there healthy despite walking through the impact site of the first atomic bomb dropped in order to get to work.

5/5 bananas mildly horrific



new york 2140, Kim Stanley Robinson

bomb russia

isbn: 978103566556757 is an author i have read before (my blog)  but i failed to finish this book of his. Having read Piketty (my blog) the economics message was un-original and while a wet like Venice new york went through some kind of soap opera.

Interesting enough Robinson decides to re-regulate banks and finance that the Clintons dismantled (or ‘democrats’ my blog) – quite how he got there i did  not give a stuff

unrated as i never finished it.

random film thoughts for a saturday

I was looking at the daily rwandian (a newspaper) with a list of the best films which no recent sjw film was included in the list.

I am not upset and amused by this but when you make a all female films of films done before perhaps it is best that these scraping the barrel cause its the wammin are not either commercially successful or even critically acclaimed.   How dare they.

There was a sleeper christmas film recently about P.T. Barnum and i thought about seeing it , i happened to see a sjw song this musical had in it and those plans for me to rent it where cancelled.

Do not expect to see these films below in a cinema, but if you like superhero films thats nice so stop reading now because your attention  spam is over.

The zero therom

imdb: tt2333804 is hard to get through and if i was unkind i might say a remake of brazil.

3/5 bananas

The limehouse golem.

imdb: tt4733640 is a tale well worth the see if perhaps unoriginal in concept a little like the prestige (my blog) which i liked.

5/5 bananas

the hateful eight

imdb: tt3460252 is gory word laden western without ‘Marion’ in,  and if you hate westerns like i do then this is an essential see if long.  While the wienstien’s might be a dirty word i do wonder if hollywood has lost more than it gained say in proving different film types.

Mind you as a non media studies graduate  its not my problem to figure out ‘what next’ after superhero fatigue

5/5 bananas

Of all the above films listed which is your favourite superhero – comment below the best comment gets a free used banana skin which you can collect from the zoo.

Indianapolis is a no go area

social justice warrior

Imagine my surprise to discover that the sjw’s are attacking  convention goers there and they would rather not deal with it.

I hope Indianapolis (my blog) residents and businesses do not mind the loss of income that will follow a few years later.

If i hear about it then you have got a problem.

ape boobs and the plastic surgeon in a van

I do not think a lot of plastic surgeons (my blog) but walking back from the library one day i saw a van with a sign on it stating they where plastic surgeons and i thought it quite amusing do they do boob jobs and stuff while you wait ?

Reading further it was something to do with building management and repair.  Are buildings getting boobs now ?

These buildings are getting a bit vain these days.  I feel sorry for barbie having to compete with buildings now.

usb impresses me

usb once that kind of thing you only used for a mouse (reliable) or a usb drive with iffy results has come a long way – sure there are bloody awful usb drives (my blog) but certain manufacturers do a good job since t fells like its been forever since i was required to reformat a usb drive through problems

The pi (my blog) has a ethernet thing which is usb based although its not gigabyte rated its caused no problems  I also obtained a gigabit usb lan adaptor and that too was fast but not for the pi as it cannot handle it.

Usb might one day live up to its name.unless apple decide to fuck things up after all your not supposed to plug anything ever into an apple product.

Think of the wammin with warts

I never got past (my blog) the mid season point of star trek discovery, and i recently noticed a trailer of the new season was very ghostbusters* like (the one with the women in that did not make money)

I decided to write something needed a picture of  an all fat women cast, or the std women and got derailed.

i have warts

I tried to find a picture  of the three wammin** saving the universe while desperately trying to fix star trek  from jj Abrams but the above was funnier.

  • those seo results are a miss
  • std is a humorous name not even he (my blog) seemed to check it

After being amused i found one of the sisterhood being comrades

I guess i can associate star trek discovery with std, – well done the sisterhood i guess they also have warts.

I have no interest in the series since i have no idea what is going on or desire to so please do not think this is an endorsement of it.

*not seen  ** only women can do that

left wing bbc and rupert murdoch have wrecked journalism

evil james murdoch

Rupert Murdoch (including the offspring my blog) are not fit owners of the media having had some notable fails in  making the news (my blog).  While you may think news corp is a business its a family run business and the board have little power so do not think there innocent.

The left wing now (bbc) is screwing journalism with the bbc having a go at Cliff Richard, who is a marmite* person with ties to bible bashers and a curious history means he is divorce free or a true mgtow disciple.

Instead he went to the courts and spent millions on the principle  of the thing argument and here is the thing when both left and right wing journalists subvert the news to an agenda can any of it be trusted – even Edward Snowden is an unperson to both sides.

If you pay for the bbc  (via netflix or the ‘license’) then this has cost you at least £850,000.00 and also a police force a sum of £ 200,000.00 so the bbc may not learn the lesson as you are paying for a mistake – i guess more repeats are  due for the bbc.

A premise Media is fake news or decides to be judge jury and executioner then the reputation of it is gone as it is just not one side say the Murdoch tabloids and his friends (my blog).   Richard is perhaps the more dangerous as a precedent is set that the press did not think it would have to deal with and proves the rot is not just a few bad apples but most of it

*love it or hate it (my blog)

seaquest and the perception of zoo’s

did hollywood rape the dolphin ?

Was an innovative tv series set on on fictional submarine in the 1990”s version of the ‘future’ with a un bent (my  blog).

Series one which had an early desire to fact based  but it soon went fictional much to Bob Ballard’s* chagrin and to its detriment when he did something to camera that was ‘real’.

One member missing from series 1 to 2 was the tame talking dolphin and series 2 run out of money fast and started using land based sets to save money – seeing water was a plus point in series 2.

Season three starts bonkers and continues after losing it’s star in the captains seat.  Although it points out the hyperloop is still a very bad idea even back then.  I spend more time fast forwarding it than watching what i recorded

A lot of it does not work but its a popcorn watch. and despite being iffy and perhaps while an advert for seaworld (my blog) in series one and two it at least had a go at trying to expand horizons for a brief period.

Season three attempts to calm things down is not a success and it feels like it had a personality bypass from the futurist to ethereal and then mundane.

Series one is best despite some of the scripts liberties with fact.  Not wishing to be too condensing it sure sure beats british tv soap operas and hospital dramas made today   It might have also even allowed the nature types like Attenborough to leave the land and visit the sea in non fiction so despite its failures might have something going for it.

I am fascinated that shipping companies (my blog) have not invested** in submarines which appears to mean the military industrial complex sees no market for industry which is contrary to government thought that the special steel (my blog) used should be mass produced and these military people see steel makers as morons*** if truth be told.

Anyhow what do i know.

*first or second to find the titanic depending on who you believe.  ** drug dealers have *** how dare they not not make steel for a military project once every 25 years.