spare and found parts,sarah griffin

isbn: 9781785657054 has been in a library queue of  mine for a couple of years where a girl makes a robot from a future less advanced but has antique computers to help.

Nerdy it is not more frankenstein and wamins logic abound but as to how that is way to complex for the writer to explain outside of soldering irons and once performed the thing works as walking talking human despite dystopia like rules.

0/5 bananas a woman wrote it so flowerly and very boring


thin air,Richard Morgan

isbn: 9780575075446 is a long time author (my blog) to me and recently as seen on netflix (my blog). although i think his quality has varied but deciding to change genre does not help.

This feels a good idea until its many action scenes and although a belated * return to writing feels like fan service

1/5 bananas * i read the books about ten years ago.

the knife and the ‘new start’ but lets not forget the moped

Jayden Moodie is the latest ‘victim’ of knife crime here in London.  I was curious as the language used by the msm is wanting here.

I begin with ‘new start‘ does this mean he knew crime before this ?

Then there is the moped (my blog) did you know the legal age for driving a moped is 16.   If he was not the driver being that would be illegal where is the supposed other ‘witness’  .

I do hope the moped was not stolen.

The words here appear to have double meanings, and consequences caught up (my blog).

Either way not the angel by driving without a licence, no insurance, theft of a motor vehicle etc… the media want you to perceive him to be.

No money in retail, but in parking fines

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Imagine you or  the zoo got this email

Are you having problems with people abusing your parking facilities ?

Would you also like to receive commission from the people that are abusing your parking?

Would you also like not to have to pay for this service?

If so we can help.

x Ltd is a National Car Park Management Company that provides a friendly bespoke ethical car parking management solution and service.

Our combined knowledge of over xx years in the parking industry and our dedication in solving parking problems can only benefit our customers.

Where most car parking companies keep all the monies they collect at x we feel that our clients should also benefit from parking abusers, that’s why we offer commission on all notices that pay, and not limited just to the first 14 days of issue.

x are members of the British Parking Associations AOS Scheme.

We offer up to £40.00 commission for all paid tickets,

If that is not a fuck you to visiting the high street then please blame somebody else for the high streets failure (my blog)

What does

benefit our customers

Mean ? visit once (my blog) or many times.   Not a concept  they ‘get’ i think.

Being this was also a spam email* i reported it.

*hooray for online !

the car ‘scrape’

Months ago professor had a tale to tell us apes about a car (my blog) scrape by some impatient people and months later something is being done about it and he was not driving it when it happened.

So a date was set by him and the car went to a bodyshop and returned to its original state and they did a great job of de-ramming the wheel housing.

Two months later and the bill for the damage is still unpaid  [€300] by the people who rammed the car.

Social manners…


An apple a day…

Not the fruit but it appears that the party is over  with the phone.   It appears that the total amount of fools  (my blog) prepared to spend $ 1200 on a phone has been fulfilled.

Indication of problems with apple things (you tube) is well known by me and as procurer of phones $50 is about our limit (my blog) so the monkey house is no sucker for apple products.

Interestingly enough it was not the bad design, but the repairing of bad phones that causes apple pain after all a $1200  dollar must really have a long life cycle..

Apple would  like to illegal-ise repair of anything so that $1200 is rented rather than owned..

Another reason stated was that the chinese who make the phone now make better phones because of it, it is not me who agreed to make it there but apple themselves and yes the monkey house is very happy with our non recognisable brand $50 phone made in china.

Sally will probably see a reduction in iphone addicts [see above links]  but even now i cannot see any reason to buy an apple product.  But peak retard has been achieved.


The labyrinth index,Charles Stross

isbn: 9780356511085 is a book from this series (my blog) and number nine i think so if your looking for objectivity here from me god help you.

So do not start with this book and whatever you do.

Our soe department of magic is no more, and Britain has been invaded by a god pretemding to be prime minsiter o things have moved on and its post brexit.  Expect some of his blog content [see blogs i read ->]  into this book which for me is the more interesting aspect.

As to its story it feels over extended either not to the publishers sjw’s ideals  or overtaken by events its message of compromise is one the left wing will not like

1/5 bananas

San Francisco reality versus pixar reality

Inside out (imdb: tt2096673/) is a childrens film heavy on the sjw radar which on in december, I saw it on free tv and it left me with more questions than answers.   The San Francisco i know is full of shit maps with a dynamic community of homeless peoples making the map different every day (you both need homeless and social media) .

In the film it was a deserted town full of fog instead of homeless poppers and sjw’s (my blog) In fact i think the bus out of town featured is an homeless escape route.

California has a number of problems including loss of tax base, hordes of homeless [not tax payers] and poop on every sidewalk.  Many other problems can be found*  So my train of thought became was not the fictional successful person moving in causing mass damage to california?

that one

The other way of thinking is that the majority of californians are simply too stupid to work in ‘startups’

Anyhow with that i could not figure out why they moved and secondly where was the poopers in public.

Seaside towns do attract  certain type of people everywhere  but at least the star trek film with the whales (not the new star trek)  in at least  seemed a more honest portrayal.

Childrens film or not i think it missed a social commentary.

*never been there.

a second go at ipv6 – will it or wont it…

Dual stack is interesting and if you have both and remove one well your not going to visit that website until your dns cache clears.  Anyhow that is testing for you.  Something the ipv6 zealots will not tell you.

I did buy an ipv6 book which was not that illuminating but made me try again.  It was boring and not a really fun review to write about in the future.

The ghetto setup (my blog) stopped working and on my weekly network stop / start started working again.  I have no idea why, although i lost the server ipv6 range and also got back the separate lan router router range which boldy broke and also reset it self.

So ghetto ipv6 is sketchy but at least it was not my config was not wrong.

One stupid problem i had i made myself was one website of ours did not work after getting a working site.  Having visited a library and confirmed it was me and probably an web config issue i tracked it down to the /etc/hosts file where i had put an entry in and then left it.

I can call myself an moron for that but i was testing. and it did make me laugh nice to know /etc/hosts works..

I have also ordered some new routers and they can do isp ipv6 opposed to tunnels**,  Our oldest outers here in the zoo are eight years old and while they work i am quite sure things have moved on a fair bit so it might be noticed by a few people for other reasons.

I am sure your really excited  about this* and i will write more in part 3.

*well maybe not. **nothing to do with civil engineering