self made man,Norah Vincent

is an older book from 2006 and  isbn: 9781434545047 and makes some case for migtow [men going there own way] by the feminists

Ms Vincent generally gets away with her role reversal and points out the problems of the female population which they ignore or rather not have said and if you have seen a bit of migtow stuff then it has repercussions and can be cringeworthy. .

2/5 bananas

Icarus [sports drug doping]

imdb: tt6333060 is about Grigory Rodchenkovand and the doping of the Russian olympics team who still to this day often drop out of events due to testing.   The George Orwell extracts is brilliant at summing up sport and drugs.

Enjoy your druggies performing  It is not real.

Better than fiction is the truth.

5/5 bananas

Princess Bari,Hwang Sok-yong

isbn: 97818599641743 dates from 2015 in english and probably will be my final book of the author (my blog) as publishers are lazy and as another korean book was accused of being sexed up in translation (my blog) i am not sure if the book industry wants to be bothered.. After all printing some mills and boon (my bloh) never killed anyone.

Anyhow set in North Korea (my blog) around 1992 a regime acceptable family become unacceptable with our main voice also a shaman   A stint in China occurs until she is smuggled in englanf by the chinese triads.

Being ‘magic’ she ends up doing magic things in London.  The book does a bit of rotherham (my blog) and ends up with the bus bombing by our islam ‘friends’ .

The message here is that the identity of korea is merge-able  Hardly a ringing endorsement of the dear leader.  – As to why south korea was never an option is something of a mystery.

4/5 bananas  if your a Korean literature type one on the few to be translated.

enraged sjw journalists and there rotten tomato problem


altered carbon (my blog) has a bloke with a chinese sounding name – and was ‘stored on a computer’ for two centuries – apparently if your a sjw journalist that means he will always be chinese regardless of the fact he was not born on earth.  That is like the bloke from avatar (the blue smurfs) not needing a mew biology to breath because of the toxic to humanity atmosphere.  anybody for smurf wheelchair tree climbing ?  – so is it ok for a white bloke to go native, but not a chinese bloke to use a body which is not the correct ethnic stereotype.

Every time i read what a sjw journalist thinks and is contrary to the idea of the author, let alone tv series that shit for brains sjw cant get the idea of perhaps the 4th estate should die being irredeemable retards who either cannot read or grasp that if you transcend time, and planets biology and ancestry is rather moot.   Elon Musk will only pack a swim suit when he emigrates to mars wont he.

gawker journalist

This ‘problem’ is also seen with rotten tomatoes where mere mortals disagree with these special people and these people seem most upset that we unwashed do not think the way they think.

I would hope that people (not the sjw’s) would also read the original work – i like the adaption so far*

There are other aspects that i have blogged about but i do not think think anybody needs entertainment journalists with liberal art degrees today.  I do not think these people are essential** the way they think they are to big corporations and might even be toxic to balance sheets.

Anyhow not my problem

*i will review it properly at a later date. **how dare you not see the star wars film we ‘liked’

Yuri!!! On ICE and the ‘gay’ olympics

kissIs an anime two seasons ago that i did not watch but had most of the ice skating (my blog) community (my blog) in rapture when a couple of gays got together.

At least it confirms a few things about ice skaters.  It will be interesting to see if the openly gay are penalised for there sexuality during and after the event – after all Pence might want a few words with the usa team amoung others.

Gay sporty people – does not sound like an Olympic ideal (my blog)

rumblings from libraries higher management

Bananas as an reader of books (my blog) requested a non camdem book twice in fact and the second time it showed no compunction to be collected despite asking the local staff one day i decided to go to the top.

Being a nice ape i did not use swear words and made it retard proof to management as an inter library thingy* and probably something these bosses do not understand.

The next day i had to visit and return a book at my local camdem library and was instantly accosted by the head librarian who was rather amused by my antics of which i also forwarded my hopefully sentinet message to and like me where unable to get anything done..

Apparently those higher management people where rather miffed that i emailed who i did rather than them aklthough i found that emailing them normally meant me talking to the local head librarian who had done as much as anybody could have.

citizen may the children’s entertainer

Apparently i made somebodies day not fun but they have had three months to act before i did any of this..  However i was told that the item then did not exist so it proved that Theresa May does have a potemkin library.

*eg too cheap to buy it in Camdem

weird google pagespeed issues with async and defer and http2

The zoo has a single webpage which some of it works and some of it does not dependent upon the browser.

pagespeed (my blog) a googlle thing likes things adjusted with async and defer html 5 keywords (my blog) add http/2 secure and unsecured methods* and you have a party.of which i was designated to solve

So one day i decide to fix this one page weirdo – removing those two words from jQuery and boom the page does what it used to do every time in most browsers.

Sisyphus is still a role model

Should you trust pagespeed – no, but i it seems the move to http2 is one that needs some thinking on with simple html.

I was kind of amazed i was that simple and that http2 conflicts with pagespeed but not too surprised after all what google wants and we want are two different things.

Our csp (my blog)  is causing an issue with some on page javascript which is probably redendant due to http headers but that is not a issue.

*not http/1

Darren Osborne and his bbc influencers that ahem we wont mention…

Darren Osborne is the man who scared a few muslims when he rented a van and drove into a few of them like they have also done* he also picked a place with a bad reputation for jihad one of whom is in prison in the us for being an accomplice (my blog) to 9/11.

He was apparently mainly influenced by the bbc when then did this (my blog) which the better story is to be found here (my blog) I never saw the bbc thing. The bbc which does not radicalise anybody soon omitted this and blamed far right and the internet  – like our children’s party entertainer prime minister after all right wingers must be nazis according to sjw logic (my blog).

It will be interesting to see how the bbc responds to this one person radicalised people charge – i guess no more mainstream news crime stories from northern towns or dramas regardless of reality.

What the result of this will be on the mainstream media is something i can guess but will hurt them in the future.   Not my problem but fake news might be something you begin to accuse the bbc of.

Osborne was a force that responded to and met an growing islamic threat, and hopefully will remind the Saudi paymasters of terror** that monkey see monkey do. Learning from saudi’s was educational for him and while some might consider him a hero he certainly reminded a lot of people of what kills us kills you as well.

*here’s some we did earlier – london, manchester, ** Pakistan and worldwide

Sogo ‘magic’

The prime ministers second job

I discussed this here once before and decided to have another go.  Having installed it i decided to try and get it working but having found a manual and created a user and table for postgres i came a cropper once again for not having an ldap server (my blog) and that the sql tables are created by magic via ldap

It is most specific for microshit* users but once again this thing defeats me its apache config looks like voodoo.

Its ironic that this thing uses all the things i deem awful.  Kind of explains a lot.and why i shall speak no more of it.