Bonnets, phones and delusions of being netflix

mr darcy required

Broadcast tv (remember that?) loves classic books, in fact it trumps anything and supposedly means bums on sofas at peak time at least here.

Professor told us a funny story about his significant other who demanded he also watch this bonnet buster, it required an email account and a password to watch since they missed it on broadcast.

The channel (my blog) is not netflix and forgot the setting on the next part, when using the service second time and they fucked up the sign up on the tv app.

Professor was out and apparently after he left the phone rang and the pause button was not pressed.

I gather most of the thing was missed since your phone call trumps tv.   Or even i have observed the words

Can i ring you back.

Are never said these days

I understand from Professor that the delusions of netflix this broadcaster requires him to sign in and type a new code every seven days to make the tv play anything.    Quite who are these idiots who work in broadcasting.

I am not sure that’s how tv is supposed to work (my blog)  but what do i know ?


‘you fucking awful men’ reboot

Tin foil for all

lost in space was a series from the 1960’s that Gene Roddenberry got pissed about before it got forgotten for being a cheap crap (black and white) and the supposed network competitor to star trek because star trek existed*.  I saw a minute of it once on free tv and people where dressed up as talking carrots or something i bet that freaked out the vegetarians – are carrots sentient.

A film made no effort to resuscitate it in the 2000’s.  So due another attempt  netflix it got a remake and the men are now useless morons.

The women are geniuses but now suffering from ptsd, – it feels like a remake of this dinosaur tv show (my blog) which called  terra nova that also never got a second series.

I do wonder if women will opt for a sperm bank instead of men in the next tv series after all perhaps spock’s brain** is the future of male roles on tv.

I never got past the second episode with all the vagina heroics.   Although it was interesting that the useless men had to figure out the plumbing where the wamen where doing something nicer.

I cannot rate it for reasons of the wamen

*the two buses at the same time theory – shit we need a show about space because the other lot have one **brain what is brain – that one

Early riser, Jasper Fforde

isbn: 9781473650220 is a much delayed book and very ‘british’  * which is probably why some sjw’s did not like it but since a lot of the books written real with .ability that do not fit sjw ideals then they would hate it anyhow**.

Its style is quite tricky but i liked it and while incomprehensible in places is a noble one if perhaps aimed at not his usual audience

3/5 bananas

*tea cakes anybody **needs more mary sue

hp instant ink thoughts after a cartridge change

After seventeen months the zoo’s instant ink print cartridges died (well the black did my blog) and it seemed a good opportunity to replace both as the colour one was also not doing too well either without the black with the ones that been hanging around in the zoo for five months.

As we pay per sheet reprinting costs us money based on the quota

The hp hardware ink sensor is still useless as the printer simply gave up printing black. but that is a rant from a long time ago.   Is there any point to it?

With some prices for ‘normal’ replacements it seems that the xl size ones are cheaper than the starter cartridges  this is for one page, the non hp ink, instant ink cartridges are larger in size but as the ink quantity inside is a guess – I could weigh them but that seems a bit pointless.

page cost if bought outright

xl standard xl
hp hp oem
black colour black colour black colour
1 0.00 0.00 0.01 0.01 0.00 0.00
0.05 0.06 0.06 0.06 0.02 0.03
0.11 0.12 0.05

This is like comparing chickens to sharks  when i took a snapshot of prices versus the cost of the subscription.

who type ink cost pages
hp starter black 10.5 190
hp starter colour 10.5 175
hp average black 22.5 480
hp average colour 22.5 350
oem xl black 12 650
oem xl colour 12 400

If the cost is less than the oem per sheet cost then it seems a good deal

1176 2.45 3.36 6.19 6.72 1.81 2.94 33.91 not hp hp
55.13 75.60 64.99 70.56 21.71 35.28
130.73 135.55 56.99 135.55 107.76 56.99 23.08 96.82

So it appears that instant ink is a good value,, the figures above show i would have 2 and a bit xl cartridges in for black and 3 and a third  costing as stated,

Its not  a massive saving based on the lowest cost rather than the hp cost.  That should be backed up to state that no quota pages where lost/expired and some months extra pages where bought.

If pages where lost then the benefit of instant ink would be reduced.  That is not a situation the zoo finds itself in but losing pages paid for is bad news

Of interest to me was the xl cartridges are cheaper then the standard ones and the seven standard cartridges i would needed to have put into the printer is an interesting thought.

Oem ink is the second cheapest option using 2.9 black cartridges , and d 1.8 colour ones if you like to own rather than rent ink, if the printer does oem ink shenanigans (my blog) with the warnings and not recognising not hp things mean that is an option not tested yet here in the  zoo.

I appear to have most  of the formulas now (my blog)

One issue i do have is we have no replacements cartridges at present so if for some reason one dies then theoretically i would be minded to buy cartridges and then cancel the instant ink service since i cannot print without them and its timed as well  a broken printer costs  us money.

It is a bit boring but that’s a look at instant ink.

If you  wanted to be really accurate you would need four printers sent the same jobs to each a scenario only mad people would do for accuracy.

Tomorrows post will be about Elvis working a camdem supermarket.

.pw tld and paid google email spam

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

.pw or ‘professional web’ Seems to filled with spammers so i glad the zoo does not use this top level domain.

So i went searching and found a spamassasin rule i could adapt

header PW_IS_BAD_TLD From =~ /.pw/
score PW_IS_BAD_TLD <your score>

Means i can whitelist google and devalue there spammy clients.  So if you use email for spam via google i can make you suffer.

I receive and store the message for thirty days but no user* will ever see it.

*i had to su,cd to the directory on filesystem,unzip,display and then recompress the file where the file will be expired via a cron job.  It confirmed it was working on the one occasion i decided to do this.

Naughty boys

I saw this

How dare somebody call May a complete retard [i have no idea what was said] which she is as prime minister when no talent for leadership is known.

When you have to resort to words like cross* it proves that the left wing media and the incumbent in the role is better suited for a job in a private girls school or grammar school teaching poetry (my blog).

How dare he. upset the poetry teacher.

Brexit is a disaster and a conservative branded one.    Oh well with a track record of no majority in Parliament at least next time they will properly loose.

*the monty python film life of brian  comes to my head.

bank transaction speed (some networks are more equal than others)

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

I visited the bank of rwanda recently and paid in some cash, which was reported that day to the bank, interestingly the debit card payments  i made elsewhere where delayed and where done before my bank visit.

It seems not all bank networks are equal.

Mind you with ‘blockchain technologies’ failing to ignite the public’s imagination and the big banks getting into them and the value of those assets down 184 billion since January it seems that it is a bubble* and one which i did not engage with.

Sovereign nation currencies appear to be still the only real option for most of us.

*tulips, south sea, bitcion

shady nvida strikes again

Nvida (my blog) make graphics cards or limits supply (and tsmc get the blame) and if your a pimp me hardware journalists then statements like this

‘buy it’

is not journalism.

The monkey house does not own or desire to own a gpu so when the bottom fell out of bitcoin and blockchain meant that graphics cards would not be mining things but doing screen stuff that your motherboard can also do.

Raytracing was the next big thing for nvida, but only the top end cards would support it, – which makes yellow journalism reasons to buy it seem mad.

Then a less then stellar performance of the new cards compared with the older cards which is something that the yellow journalists have yet to mention probably there not allowed to have independent thought came to light.

I do not see how raytracing is the next big thing when very few of the games orientated market would not be able to support it since it is not supplied on the lower spec newer models – is this game hardware based dlc ? so good for games makers but not a game changer it is supposed to be even by yellow journalism standards.

So shady nvida strikes again.

Strategic air command (1955)

imdb: tt0048667 is something that gives me the shivers still, (my blog) staring James Stewart as a world war 2 pilot drafted back to the cold war.

It is more an love letter to the air force and McCarthy-ism than critical thinking (filmed in 1955).  It has holes in the story as to why sport rather than aviation (roddenberry [my blog] was a pilot) career for our ageing hero seems a strange writers decision for the pre draft career but i guess if your going for the apple pie and ice cream factor then an american biased sport is a good choice.

Its female acting might be deemed hammy by some but if you sat through the documentary i pointed to above then it gives it some relief from world war three aspect there but very much toned down.

Students at a Brooklyn middle school have a ‘duck and cover’ practice drill in preparation for a nuclear attack; silver print, 1962. From the New York World-Telegram archive. (Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images)

I preferred the portrayal of duck and cover in the recent bridge of spies film which i  have scheduled for release  on  this blog but the film in question did not have such a family unit for any dissemination of that.

Its use of image is awesome with heavy bombers and fighter escorts doing there stuff before the icbm (my blog) became payload delivery of choice.  It does shy away from technical aspects of the bombers even though one did crash in russia during the second world war.

Jo McCarthy – man who made china a superpower

It is an interesting film being a hollywood long since disappeared and since replaced with superheroes with minimal dialogue rather more universal in taste  than a propaganda film..

It is a film of its time and while the internal air force film is  scary this films management of a more dont panic yet (pre cuba missile crisis my blog)  is still an interesting exercise in soft power.

For me an interesting film. 3/5 pu239