lowborn,kerry hudson

isbn:97817847423454 is the female version of this (my blog).  Choices are made and some choices (my blog) are long term bad ideas.  You might argue that if a feminist has children she is no longer a feminist and simply along for just government benefits.

Anyhow Kerry (the author) arrives in the 1980’s and we all get to visit her single parent families journey round the uk and six poor areas.  Her mother is a drunk with depression and leaving an area solves all problems and avoids interventions from councils and government help which start from age one for the author.

Hudson is a bit of an sjw now but there’s sex and alcohol (my blog) and  the odd anti brexit sentiment despite many of these featured places being leave strongholds – how dare they its not left wing goodthink.

There is not much reflection here things are stated and then revisits the place and the modern form of poverty – if an alcoholic drinks all there money and dependants suffer then the left complains* (both labour and conservative parties had three terms in power) then nothing can be done that resolves this you then get upset feminists or nanny states.

No answers are given either so this account is mostly non political and if true then feminism and the single mother (freedom to) made this a choice rather than something to be overcome.

Hudson eventually realises this and leaves aged 17-18 and becomes the literature person on the left with the ken loach (my blog) friends in the british council.


So your take away from this is based on your politics, if your red and blue colour blind then you can argue this is a failure of feminism and neither red** or blue politicians can stop an alcoholic drinking and moving six times in seventeen years with kids in tow. Thus is an un-helpable person or one best kept in that situation until the individuals think about it,  so t.

4/5 bananas.

The publishers of this book also appear to be anti libraries urging you the reader to pay*** for this book, so i assume you also need to drink champagne at the same time.

Carry on comrades.

*personal freedom  **red party gets the vote if you read my second link above.  **** i used a library but did not drink champagne.


Happy is on netflix (my blog)) and outrageous. The story is an ex cop becomes an assassin who has an unknown daughter it is violent and bonkers with the aid of the childs imaginary friend a blue horse who discovers the adult world.

It is funny and dark and works well together

losing andriod ‘focus’

Professors significant other had an alert about chelsea footballl club from this (my blog) and lost message input focus.

She could not figure it out  not that she any interest in what Chelsea football club does but the focus from the app.

Perhaps she is wiser and that points to a design flaw in andriod.  I am sure some app designer would point her to some level 55 settings eg sport > football > eu > league > club and settings but since she never  set it up  (nor did i) then the app was not tended to as the addictive nature of apps desired.

I never heard what happened after that phew.

its just ‘drones’ – fake mainstream media news agenda from the government

Imagine your a mainstream media journalist  being fed news from a government with an agenda say “drones are bad” rather than investigate and report things

Then this freedom of information request comes along (right).

So the organised hate against drones (the flying things) as reported by your spoon fed journalists seems misplaced.

Yes apparently there is a problem with stuff that should not be in prisons being in them but when one lot of government and outsourced organisations employed in this area actively make money out of not doing there supposed job it must be that one drone pilot’s fault who was hired by the named people below.

Idiots with drones do exist but with one case of a prison drone smuggler i am aware of (as featured in a one hour bbc documentary just for exposure) with the logs from the one confiscated drone  confirming the deed** it seems odd that the hundreds of professional staff are not the problem and could never be according to thinking journalists.

It would be nice if the bbc could reflect that those drone flyers are not all idiots and need to be registered aka papers please but with Lisa Hodgetts, and Craig Hickinbottom (bbc not here) misusing stuff does not mean all are bad.

The monkey house does not have a drone* but this organised hate of anything new by the msm and friends such as the internet is bad/carrots will kill you this week (my blog) /etc means these people see the world through an odd perspective after no prison officer would ever smuggle in drugs would they.

I am sure there are true professionals in the ‘reform industry’ but to ignore a large number of people who interact with people in prison daily and blame that new fangled stuff seems strange but independent thought is a lost art it seems in the media.

Perhaps journalists are the next bad thing that need highlighting.

*if so we might steal bananas from zoo guests ** made in china home of big brother (my blog)

game loot boxes

I do not play any computer games with loot boxes this war of mine is the closest (my blog) i got but horribly broken due to crap dlc which you can think of as a loot box.

No dlc purchased then things do not work it is a horrid experience with adverts.

As a natonstates (my blog) player they occasionally do themed activities and such things for a short period.   If you could pay to get better then i would quit it.

If a computer game is no more than a timer, or unlimited money to win then the triple aaa publishers might as well give it away.  Would you want to buy (or have to) dlc in order to play, or find that a title you liked is not playable because all the online servers have been decommissioned from  a year ago.

As a linux user – that’s unlikely to happen but this experiment in ‘loot boxes’ let me see what you windows users and xbox users endure.  No thanks.

google prudes

Pretending being a lion

I read that sex workers use google to store files and google does not like it. While there probably not spreadsheets (my blog) and other boring documents.   Is it wise to store anything in the cloud that you do not control.

Megaupload was the first cloud service to get terminated and new zealand continues to look idiotic for doing what the united states of america wanted  rather than create jobs.   The us ambassador to New Zealand has more clout than democratic system of New Zealand.  Mind you sheep farming still is legal so i guess the americans let that go lets hope the americans dont start sheep farming.

As to google disliking certain content means no changes to our use of google being minimal already, but if i did i would be thinking about moving stuff off it just in case.

Clouds evaporate but when it is your data that evaporates i do wonder about cloud computing.   While the alt right might be detested when cloud computing decides to censor sets another precedent one which the copyright lobby can use to stifle the internet.

Facebook lols

Nazi spending a bit too much time in China

I read that facebook and the politicians are blaming some psychologist and a british firm of data miners for privacy issues who they all hire.

Since politicians love spying on citizens (my blog) and use the services of these same data miners clearly there not to blame although they give them money to do stuff with it.  Thank god that’s an ethical right* whew those politicians are never wrong..

Since i do not do facebook, distrust politicians (my blog) i find this dog and pony show an amazing bit of hypocrisy on the part of the politicians who clearly saw no evil until it was spoken of.

I do not see the desire to feed politicians companies data for them to abuse and then get angry at after being found out.  How dare you facebook (only them)  for giving us data* that we abused and made us pay for it.

Quit using facebook. – problem solved.


Nadezhda Sergeeva and Meldonium [sporty crooks]

Meldonium (my blog) seems is also a olympic class drug misused by the Russians (my blog) as well as in tennis  once again as a person who hates all sport i wonder why you people are currently watching druggies do something.

Its not real.in fact and you might as well be watching drug addicts shoot up and go on ‘capers’ in Baltimore (my blog)

As a non junkie for me to know a drug name is impressive and to remember it as well means i really do not understand  (my blog) this sport thing

Perhaps you watch it for the chemical reactions (my blog) ?

Logictech does a sony with it’s ” harmony ” controller

A logictech harmony is a home controller thingy which i had never heard of until i read that it is expiring due to bad expired ssl and they do not want to maintain it – wont rather than cant.

So if you bought it your screwed the message being go buy something else and use that until it too stops working because somebody did not want to sell it. Sounds like logictech hired some people from sony (my blog)

Smart homes (my blog) seem like a con and when lightbulbs cannot work except with philips controllers (my blog) the concept that one thing can do it all makes it feel like its a spy in your house rather than a convenience for you.

Perhaps this smart tech is capable but when ex employees of sony get on board they will ultimately retard it’s continued expansion into peoples homes and the electronics industry profits.

Who wants money ? Not logictech it seems or part of the home automation market. .  You get my point.