imdb: tt1559549 was on netflix (my blog) and despite a funny issue with the wrong subtitles* was well worth a see as part of the on going Afghanistan conflict.

Set between the border between afganistan and pakistan (my blog) the american troops are met with custom unfriendliness that one expects from such people (my blog).

3/5 bananas this english series did it better.

*subtitles where off – you got them regardless **i’m in insurance and he’s not my guy made the translation unique.  win a used banana skin if you can name the film to collect from the zoo comment to win.

Armageddon & paranoia, Rodric Braithwaite

well there was n bomb and ….

isbn: 9781781251997 is an author i have read before (my blog) is bit dry and covers stuff most know.  I would disagree with some of his soviet cuba views losing them after the withdrawal of nuclear weapons in turkey (my blog) is a strange way of losing.

The positions of ideologies with nuclear weapons was interesting at least both sides knew that they would lose means the assessment of this is spot on (my blog) and that the russian military would depose Gorbachev..

Quite general but worth the read although this (my blog) and some russian cock ups are included.

3/5 bananas


war eggs and an olive tree (a humorous tale)

Probably never to reach this stage

Professor told us a very funny story about eggs (from a chicken) and olive tree which was bought by professors significant other one day.

The war eggs where apparently recommended by a civilian and came in camouflage green packaging, the olive tree was something of ‘always’ wanted one but too pricey until today.

Its a curious message symbolically alas a dove* was not purchased so i guess somebody else will have to deliver the message.

Anyhow its an interesting if humorous story which if you are struggling to get have a think about it.  If you have dove in need of delivering an olive branch (as one does) contact the monkey house and we can set up something – no beauty pageants (my blog) desiring world peace should apply .

*get it? peace

Idiots in the war office (aka defence)

This week – [i am trying to be current for a change] was the 100th anniversary of Passchendaele.a village in Belgium.

If reporters and civil servants cannot understand the difference between wholesale slaughter and bravery then clearly there are still some very screwed up people who have yet to understand.  But i suppose as everybody got shot even for not being brave enough* to walk in front of machine gun (my blog) then this event of managed mass murder is a hard event to frame but bravery is not a word i would associate with it.

If i use this ‘logic’ then I guess machine guns and artillery weapons are also due for medals for bravery.

You may have seen this (my blog) if you have no idea of the thing.

I have been to the menin gate and it is a sobering site mostly on account of it’s size.

*unmentioned by the msm and the war office

Junior soldiers

toyWas a tv program about the british armies youngest recruits age 16 – a junior** is below the rank of private something i did not know and during its time on air the air got whiny then blue* and bluer and the whining stopped and the boxing started.

The training routine seemed quite gentile as various types of ability met army standards which says something about the state school system failing some.

jnrsoldierIt was good see that those deemed academic failures by the state school system had a chance to redeem.

*or ‘rude’ if you should be a prude ** once called boy soldiers

cometh the branded poppy seller

olivecookeThe poppy appeal has good and bad reasons attached to it say does it mean support the armed forces minus benefits (the Armed Forces Covenant) or lets go to war in Syria/Iraq again because the sand is better than in cornwall ?

Olive Cooke (my blog) is also a problem for the charity sector with a plethora of other poppy like things our zoo poppy mugger last year was equipped with a range of branded merchandise all paid for by that person into a quasi uniform.

I have misgivings about how the poppy appeal is used by various organisations, the possible abuse of its volunteers and its movement into uniform and stuff noted earlier.  Perhaps with other armed forces on the rise hi lighting the loss of the Armed Forces Covenant the poppy is not what we think it is.  After all if more charities are created does that not mean the poppy appeal works or that covenant is? and is simply a brand name now.

Have a think about it.

unfun chemistry

retard says sorryChemistry does save lives, unlike religious people who might be described as the chemical weapons makers of all time – sure drink the sewage water as alcohol is bad (my blog)

Science too can make stuff and the bbc had a heavily censored documentary of porton down who is celebrating a hundred years of chemical weapon research.

Lite on detail this documentary seeems to prove that enligtened people know that this stuff is nasty and unless your a arab despot you dont use it.

Although not a lot was said it was genuinely creepy.

Porton Down is not without its skeletons in the cupboard but it would appear that lessons have been learnt by some (my blog) in that time.

Lets hope that wisdom continues and that i am not a fool.

Back to normal posts too yay!

national service conscription in Britain 1945-1963,Richard Vinen

isbn: 9780846143878 was first published 2014.

Harry Spike

Harry Spike

Anyhow when a royal mentioned this (as seen in the picture) recently (not here parody) then maybe an independent look might be in order.  After all working for grandmother, and stripping naked for the internet must mean the army has something to offer asbo princes like harry wales.

National service from 1948-1963 is from a time when nuclear wars could perceived be won (my blog) and Britain was the worlds policeman despite being in debt and seceding lands since 1948 so this was a means to a cheap manpower.

natserviceNational service can be seen as a generational failing to notice that Britian mattered less despite winning two wars and it had to nationalise its workforce despite the debt to make civil servants and politicians seem important on a declining world influence stage.

It also invented the gap year after all sex had yet to be invented until the swinging sixties and youth culture (all taxable) yet to be invented.

The author likes to rehash  so start at page one not the introductions which are probably designed to be read by media types.  Its dry at times and like all governments statistics are either not collected or rather general.  Death could be an outcome for those who agree with Harry Wales who also has a helicopter fetish (my blog).

faggingClass comes a big factor for the bourneville (think chocolate quaker) based author and apparently public school is good for not thinking and so make great army officers.

Grammar schools made no difference to the class of the army.

The ‘gap’ made it easy to escape crap apprenticeships but getting deferred was something employers (including governments) did rather than citizens.  It is interesting to note that national service was more a hindrance to governments with scientists who knew the value of wasting time doing stuff not of importance.

The raf was the best choice, the navy did not seem to do ns, and the army was its usual incompetent self with example of suppose your a brick layer then they would turn you into a chef.  I suppose mixing cement might be deemed cooking by royalty.

That’s private schools for you.  Anyhow freshly faced children where also subject to scams from regular army staff, and suicides happened although the government hushed those up or did not collect statistics.

Once in and assuming the humans where still alive social mobility increased but there lies another problem that if you worked or had an apprentice in a demanding job at the time then those people never went back.  Again killing economic productivity for some then important northern industries.

thicktoff10% of public school types made bad officers and the worst of those ended up managing bricklayers in catering.  Another interesting fact is that technical knowledge was disliked by the upper classes, but tests could be ignored by those lot. After all playing rugby (my blog) and the old boys network means your brilliant at stuff.

Those ‘chavs’ who did excel at soldiering mostly could not be persuaded to do it as a job, as the army was too snobby.  Eventually Suez and the americans brought the civil servants and british politicians down to earth and defence spending went from 10% of gdp to 2% taking with it much of the public school brigade who also lost a lot of wealth via taxes in maintaining that army.

Blame can be attributed to many here for retarding the peacetime economy while the lust for influence when none existed due to politicians mistakes from early 1900 meant that these leaders where foolish and nearsighted.

As to the army it comes across as snobby, class ridden and poor at either training people or equipping people with peacetime transferable skills when thrown huge resources.

harrynaziNo wonder Harry Wales thinks its a good idea.

4/5 bananas – an interesting read

Farewell Kabul,Christina Lamb

isbn: 9780007256921 starts in 2001 and goes through the old ground of this (my blog) before mentioning the russians (my blog) and the we get to the latest debacle of which you can take your pick of books (my blog).

Anyhow when the rest of the media eventually woke up and some interesting documentaries where made (my blog) and now its 2015.

The book focuses on Pakistan which is an uncivilised place and the main irritant for Afghanistan.  The evidence of collusion is now in the open and the mismanagement of ‘democratic’ Afghanistan is also there.

The lesson from this is that dealing with warlords, ‘elders’ counts for nothing as they are nearly as bad as the enemy.

4/5 bananas