‘independent’ press vs billionaires

monwashThe press is a strange beast (my blog) when its not attacking billionaires or being run by them which might explain why Elton John and his family sized olive oil container does not see a lot of press attention.

So i was reading a website with an article with amazon partner clicks for products thought specific, one book i noted as new was its last ever mention on  the site despite being noted as interesting.

Some weeks passed and i obtained the book from a library, still not a mention of the authors new book on the website.  So despite using a library i am either fast off the mark, or the press site was more interested in amazon commissions.

Michael Jackson bubbles monkey rapist

I have a hunch.that the amazon thing trumps reviews – mind you perhaps if the author changed sex and ethnicity something along the lines of what Michael Jackson became that might be worthy of some article by the site in question other than a commission for a click.

What would be your conclusion?

Golden Hill, Francis Spufford

isbn: 9780371225194 is an author i have read before (my blog) and this is a ‘real’ novel opposed to whatever i linked to was.  Spufford also works at a sjw university which disappoints

This has won a number gongs and while ‘atmospheric’ it bored me,so apart from the economics angle its social context and going ons made this an unfinished book.

unrated meh.

Journalists review a book about journalism and see none of their problems

I was reading an online book review about the state of journalism and everybody else was getting the blame for the ills of this ‘profession’ – governments, drugs syndicates,you the readers etc but no mention was made of he who must not be named (my blog) or the fact the journalists writing this where the same ones who smashed up the disk with Snowdens (my blog) list of spying programs in front of the government employees.

I found those an odd omission – after all its not there fault is it that they self hammered a hard disk to bits.

Oddly the book came to no conclusions as to how to fix things – funny that.

I will not tell you the books name since i am sure the newspaper and it’s journalists might deem a mention of it ‘stealing’ so all is well with the world is it not

stiff upper lip, Alex Renton

eton buggery pioneer who introduced it to Westminster school

isbn: 9781474600545 was a library shelf find (free) even if the library staff at a near non usual library (my blog) where rather petulant to tell me where the dewy class was and then demanded money that they could not deposit and then got back for reasons of bureaucracy i have yet to fathom.

I think i know why people do not use libraries and buy books even when your in the know like i am you can figure that out on your own if your librarian and reading this – hello your doing nothing wrong and make it more time consuming for me.

Anyhow ‘Renton’ is an old boy and part of the old school tie network who details the rise of the school from Wellingtons remark to its more seedier side including Headmaster Udall who introduced buggery* to Eton and then made the practice widespread.

all of thesewent public school, ones a royal too

Sport (my blog) another one of the features of public schools is barely evolved and i think that most schools would prefer to kick paying pupils which involved a death from a member of the landed gentry’s family and so only then became civilised.

Illness also killed.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

Spying (my blog) has caused the english civil service a few problems but there reliance on public schools for employees is means it is self serving group of people who are all unfit to ‘rule’.  The question ‘where you educated’ probably has a nuance to it that means most of them think of you as uneducated scum.

It is amusing to note that Prince Charles (my bloh) was deemed too posh by his school i suppose being disliked but i guess there is the wrong rich and too rich the extremes are such even within the class.

public schoolboys only

Orwell (a lowly policeman before writing) and Connoly (his friend) get a mention for there modern thoughts on these old schools.  Latter chapters follow up on the result and he meets an abuser although i (and the victim) would disagree on the status on the Stammers case (my blog) which is not about public schools.

As to the future well there is the view that too many foreigners in a school make it a poor experience. It appears to be a funny world.

There an interesting bunch of successful victims and spies which you can conisider either as successful or a disaster to the economy/nation.

5/5 bananas


*gay sex

clever lands, Lucy Crehan

British version of high school grange hill.

isbn: 9781783622736 is a economist book of the year that no publisher felt worthy of commissioning. So to say only real ‘publishers’ do real books is problematic.

Crehan is an ex teacher who now manages stuff via some organisation she appears to have left teaching very fast for this do what i say job.

The book has an your a teacher vibe to it with a lot of things assumed you also know – being an  ape this is problematic, the charts seem to need colour and the transfer to black and white mean sod all to my brain.

The other side of ‘wonderful’ asian school systems is examined and some truths seem to hard to be admitted, Chinas people zoning comes to mind where even though you might work in a city since you where born outside of it hospitals and schools are denied to those people.

However even Crehan seems to be more concerned with test scores than peoples ability to change as she appears to have a teach for today attitude that the robot who paints cars for living might sneer at in a few years time.

Some coherent points are made and others thinly veiled by economics and demand curves  but i am not a teacher.

Another problem for this book is it is forgetful that is results are the the only thing that matters then how do people like educators stop cheating – for instance if they get paid on results then the ability to leak exams directly means better pay and statistics

No teacher is beyond that look at India, this is finally being admitted as a problem recently which makes Crehan either naive or blinded to academic thinking that means this wrong is a right.

3/5 bananas

a forgers tale,Shaun Greenhalgh

isbn: 9781760295271 is about an art forger from Bolton* who got caught but as many art dealers keep finding lost paintings and Vincent Van Gogh detached ear you may think he is not alone.

Mr Greenhalgh is a talent who either would be genius or artist in his own right if the school system (my blog) had not failed him and even you think there no talent here there is a fine technical ability that should be admired.

He pokes fun at the art industry and the many snobs in ‘art’.  I like him for his candid nature and ability to see what the art industry is and through fame tell all.  Strangely this too is a book no publisher wanted to print until it was self published last year and clearly that means either the cultured types did not want you read this book or know the scams.

4/5 bananas – technical in chapters

*beyond Watford.



Theresa May’s model Potemkin library (a true story)

Theresa May (my blog) represents a town called Maidenhead which is on the river Thames and has a train station. Her position on nearby Heathrow expansion is best not examined for consistency.

Anyhow there library has a book that professor wants and he can obtain – it is the only copy in the south east of england in a library and it is available.  But…

The only trouble is that due to a procedure they will not release it.

That speaks volumes about the conservatives and her Potemkin village (wikipedia)

So next time some politician (right or left)tells you your not using libraries and they MUST BE CLOSED do remember Maidenhead where the library is just for show not for books.

Periodic Tales,H A Williams

itampon by steve jobs

isbn: 9780141041452 is about chemical elements and not what you may assume it is about.  Rather general and occasionally amusing is the authors visit to a homoeopathy (my blog) shop in covent garden for plutonium which apparently is good for depression.

Some elements are not as loved as others but the author puts it coherently most of the time.

4/5 bananas.

unfashionable ebooks

I read that ebooks are now untrendy (my blog) and paper books are ‘in’ .  Somehow people are rather intelligent or lazy in not wanting to carry another thing as it is now perceived as a bit big.

I have my own theory that drm and not being able to buy titles and meddling by Microsoft with the only other ereader have not helped.  It is interesting to note that people do buy second hand readers rather than a new one if there old one dies of some issue – so the value of new ones seems depreciated.

While i can read some non drm formats it is on a computer not a e-reader so i never have never owned one,