The delirium brief,Charles Stross

citizen may the children’s entertainer

isbn:9780356508283 is another book from a series that kind of began here (my blog atrocity archives) so do not read this book if you have no idea who Cassie is (my blog)

However bananas is up to date and vaguely remembers who Cassie is along with the usual regulars. so if your still reading this well done.

Set in the usual places this is an interesting book and has a current political edge with talk of austerity and how lean should public services be.

With parallel’s to stuff going on i am not sure this will age well but i liked it

3/5 bananas long – for long term readers only.



Familiar Things, Hwang Sok-Yang

isbn: 97819225228991  is an author i have read before (my blog) although at the time i did know that but i do like south korean authors. Hard to find in a library as well and set in the 1970’s decade.

The salt processors on Sinui Island could i suppose be a modern example.

This is about class and recycling and deals with section of society not written about to my knowledge. At times gruesome it conveys it message well through what is considered rubbish.

I preferred the ancient garden (first link) for perhaps being more autobiographical but a worthwhile read  if you like me are a fiction in translation fan.

4/5 bananas.



the rise of the outsiders, s richards

citizen Nigel

isbn: 9781786492012 is an attempt to explain the Trumps, (my blog)  Farages, and populists worldwide (my blog) rather than middle of the road left and right parties which means he as a journalist can probably see both in an afternoon rather than take an team of people to contact*.

This bbc journalist who writes this seems displeased that the world changed and his politics role is playing second fiddle to economics (my blog) even though Nixon who changed the game was a politician – best not mention that eh?.

This journalist seems to be displeased that an alternative view is out there rather than he covering just two competing leaders.  Mind you nuance is something he might not get.

I glazed over after getting his main point early on and while he does use the odd word like statist occasionally. Another ‘problem’ is the powerless of the media apparently which sounds as if his wet dream two party means those two leaders of the main parties control what is output**.   Richards wants it all but oddly likes the status quo so how dare you vote Trump, Varoufakis,(my blog) and Nigel.

Nixon an important figure in this

Clintons loss of the presidency election appears to be the reason this book was written and perhaps she is the worst example of wishing to obtain office over talent – something seems lost on the author and the msm in general..

Anyhow what do i know.

0 bananas

*more money for him  if less journalists are needed. **multi channel tv is apparently not up to the job.

sjw’s have screwed native literary authors


I read this (guardian not here) and wondered

print sales of literary fiction are significantly below where they stood in the mid-noughties and that the price of the average literary fiction book has fallen in real terms in the last 15 years.

Oh dear me ! since its the guardian and no social justice cause is the problem* something else is and ..

but a lot has changed since then – the internet, Amazon, the demise of the net book agreement – ongoing changes which have had a massive effect

Aha – so those sjw’s are not to blame phew! – its amazons fault and nobodies else  – do these new books have trigger warnings ?

The one man quoted (** my blog) in this guardian piece  states

creative writing programmes are a force for conformity and lack of experimentation,” said Self. He predicted that “as it becomes clear that the massive amounts of writers who are enrolling in these courses are going nowhere

So all these books are the same.? well done liberal arts sjw’s

I am possibly part of the ‘problem’ here after all not reading what is not reviewed by sjws might be deemed a sjw crime – but when women journalists will only review books by women (my blog) and i quit reading the booker prize*** since that too got boring so i have not read ‘native’ literary output for some time mostly because a lot of my books come from a library and libraries do not buy books.

A lot of the reviews i read for books that i may or may not be able to get do not appeal but then again reading for me is not a question of self selecting female/tranny/black (my blog) authors first unlike some people who perhaps look at the authors racial makeup and use as a review criteria in the mainstream media.

No wonder book sales are down – i conclude that sjw’s be they creative writer teachers or guardian journalists have a formula that does not appeal to normal people and while one lot criticises the other lot these ideologues have ruined books and native authors for a generation for being white, rich*** and the wrong sex and gender.

Its an achievement that.

*read foreign books and books by black people and women or else is the message of the guardian **how dare they.. *** rich here means a western country not some country with tb in mi1lk*** also now an international prize

confessions of a recovering environmentalist,Paul Kingsnorth

posing as a fraud

isbn: 9780571329694 is a book i finally decided to read only to find the author is a poet*.  95% of this has been seen in print already. Occasionally an odd thought comes through the usual ‘poet’s garbage but no actual stuff that i have not known of (my blog) or worthy of comment.

Fortunately the author sees that both sides green and anti green both have biases which means either somebody has to change rather than being a doormat (my blog) for the labour party rather than hope they are the same as the greens by not standing for election.

Meh 0/5 bananas for a radically ‘original’ writer of waffle and hot air.

*oh shit

gendered book reviews and unsold toys

There is a website i occasionally visit for books to read  but i do not find any to read.  Most of the reviews are by women reviewing other women authors for the sisterhood can not read anything else.  It is not a sjw field say feminism .

Can men not write books ? apparently not and since even i can spot this trend and who is to say the reviewed books are any good after all vagina good and penis bad.

This is a publishers site as well so i guess they do not want to sell books which i am happy to help with and will help them in there bias after all who says those are the books i think worthy of reading.

Of related interest I was watching a video of a fan (my blog) explore the unsold toy products* (my blog) and it relates quite well since the sjw press noted above demanded action figures in a certain gender.  So the fans exploration in retail bricks and mortar shops around there area was eye opening.  The brand could be said to be doing poorly, and those ‘demanded’ things in the name of website writers where very much heavily discounted  available in vast quantities..

Fancy that.

*it appears that sjw writers do not understand female toys.

the man who created the middle east, C S Sykes

isbn: 9780008121938 is written by a relative and deals with the Sykes part of of the Sykes-Picot agreement.  Sykes died of spanish flu in 1919 and like now [brexit] was one of few civil servants with know how [about the middle east] as a subject.

Dammed if you do is perhaps apt if being polite

The writing style of this book is awful in the early chapters. But university army officer to civil servant is the path.

This book failed to engage me