Border,Kapka Kassabova

isbn: 9781785782147 is a collection of short stories paid for by the uk government for some reason..

Some work, others do not.and it is sometimes hard to discern who is saying what to the writer when a translator is involved in the turkish bit.

1/5 bananas.

Rubicon, Tom Holland

sullaisbn: 0316861308 is an older book and tells of the fall of the Roman empire, before I bore you further g r r martin (my blog) stole from this book who is famous for television fantasy.

Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein (my blog) also is another modern interpretation of Rome. If Sulla and Marius don’t interest you.

In a perhaps a parallel of today (my blog) the events that saw the beginning of the end are hilighted and while a little heavy going in parts you might see some from the past in todays landscape.

4/5 bananas


the radium girls,Kate Moore

raduimisbn: 97814711533877  is a bit girly, our freshly minted author is described on the back as as

a rupert murdoch bestseller (my blog) and ghostwriter come playwright

So not a real bestselling author.  At times its very pro social justice warrior and blame science attitude when if it was honest would point the blame at on the handling of the radioactive material in the us not the nature of the beast.

readybrekIt deals with the glow in the dark (readybrek? – porridge) illuminated watch dial painters c1915 in the US, so european industrial handling was much better.

These american people glowed before there jaws fell off.

SJW’s complain about a lot of things and the use of girl is prevalent through this book, I suppose girl means victim right on sisters and fuck that equality shit.

0/5 bananas


Pachinko,Min Jin Lee

isbn: 9781786691354 is a american korean author who i never read before, south korean literature when i can get it (my blog) can be good.

Despite its time in the 1920’s tbis multi generational tale is readable without falling into the traps of victim literature.  Overall it starts to fail in 1950 and that is where i began to loose interest.

Perhaps non fiction wold have been better.  1/5 bananas


The ice age,Luke Wilson

walterisbn: 9781925228922 is a book exploring the crystal meth industry who Walter (my blog) explored. However all is not as it seems. If you have come across those television programs about customs people at airports* then there apparently abject the grand scheme of things.  Your television you.

Another issue is the author was an addict (or predicted to be one) before he discovered meth.  However he is honest as to that.

Meth has roots in adhd (my blog) which is a curious state of affairs.

Book wise it is all over the place and not that coherent – occasionally there is some information parted but brief and the author is off once again as to who said what to who which really does not matter.

0/5 bananas.- never finished.

*think Australia where this book is set


The econocracy,Joe Earle,Cahal Moran & Zach Ward Perkins

isbn: 9781526110138 is a book about how economics has become full of technobabble and ‘brainy’ people (my blog) who most of the population happily ignore (as in brexit) with evasive answers* which it appears is beginning to piss off certain economic figures.That is the foreword more or less.

The contention is economics does matter and as long it seems to work for a thousand or so economists the rest of you can piss off – a bit like a science experiment on a colony of fruit flies most whom will die.

There are some enlightened economics types but either there dealing with reality say Greece (my blog) or failed to become wall street speculators and i can name names (my blog) if you want.

There is a partial sjw element to this thought but overall it appears so far to be of more value than those who will try an hijack it for there sjw cause.

As a non economist i rate it 3/5 bananas as it points out the bullshit

*will it rain would probably answered with several paragraphs of ‘not telling you but we have an idea which i still cannot tell you about’

the life project,Helen Pearson

hokeyisbn: 9781848146282 was an economist pick about cohort studies and how people live.  It is a bit buzzwordy and a gentle introduction but the data from 1946 has become more accessible and relevant with modern stuff like computers.

Politicians are as usual unwise and foolish to this stuff and it appears many problems continue and neither red nor blue party really cares for them or takes advice from them unless its part of there party line.

You may know of these large studies by headlines like fat children,divorce and the family in newspapers.and such like

Not all studies work and there is a lot failure  in practice before these things work which is something america discovered.  Oddly a question like how much change from £2 will you get from a item costing 0.64p can tell you a lot about a group of people.

Something worth celebrating as an idea even if politicians see what they want to (failing) and the msm finding a negatives for headlines.

5/5 bananas.

Weapons of math destruction,Cathy o’Neil

social justice warrior

social justice warrior

isbn: 9780241298113 is written by a ‘sister’ ** who made many bad choices after being fired from a wall street bank in 2008 (my blog) after a year.

A confessed math nerd then ‘joined’* occupy wall street where the products of her education (my blog) where used for ‘education’.  I suppose if she cant be rich like George Soro’s then nobody else should be so there is a logic here.

A lot of the stories are well known, washingtons schools use of math to fire ‘bad’ teachers when the data is wrong {really fraudulent) and reoffender math which gets a mention here (my blog).  One valid point made is the use of trade ‘secrets’ to hide how these models work is problematic.

Being an ex-academic and ex-banker there is a naivety here that the stack ranking method is used at microsoft much like the Washington schools model but that gets a free pass.

Not a lot of math here.

Employment is discussed, but the conclusion to all this is dont give data to companies, and install an advert blocker in your web browser although that conclusion was one i came to and oddly not mentioned by our saint of maths.

1/5 bananas

*an informal grouping so make a guess as to what joined means ** greed is good

blink and its gone – adventures in ebooks


no ebooks here

Bananas was reading one day that another local retailer of books had stopped selling ebooks which of course had drm.

Now i don’t own an ereader which i have explained my logic (my blog) before.

It will be interesting to see what rights the consumer* has after all the copyright industry hates the idea of consumer rights.

So if you ‘bought’ ebooks i guess you really did not.  So you better buy it again suckers.

Once upon a time in the east,Xiaolin Guo

isbn:9781794740672 is an author i have read before (my blog) so take it into consideration.

This is interesting for a first person perspective on China, i suppose autobiography is a good term for it compared with fiction and is candid.  One could describe it as the fashions of china and the aftermath of them on the people..

5/5 bananas.