poverty safari,darren mcgarvey

Pretending being a lion

isbn:9781912147038 was an orwell prize short list book that oddly it was not too hard to obtain from a library for a change.  I think it also won it not that i knew that then.

mcgarvey apparently a scottish rapper come sjw safe left msm person (for how much longer?) is candid and despite some attempts to become a poor childrens marketing academic text book on who reads a newspaper he gets his point out without having to resort to local dialect.

Even i agree with him on some point‘s (my blog) Pollok could be many places.

4/5 bananas


the sunlight pilgrims,Jeni Fagan

isbn 97800995921181 is an author i have read before and then ignored by publishers.  An obnoxious bunch of caravan dwelling persons* attempt to survive an ice age near a port town.

I did not understand this book and unexplained the three suns, its dependants on the pre op tranny and neither cared.

1/5 bananas meh

*channel  five poverty porn  via Jaywick essex.

More Japanese netflix

Since i keep doing these (my blog) let me update you

Million yen women (80170687) is on netflix (my blog) and something i rather liked.

5/5 bananas


imdb: 80175348 is an look at sweets [dessert] in Japan from a manga.  Occasionally funny and informative as fish and rice is not on the menu.

4/5 bananas


Despite white on white subtitles (select to find out but you know) this anime has some fun at Japan and its attitudes.

4/5 bananas.

ebay hijacking amazon ads ?

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

Sally (my blog) was shoes buying (my blog) for some reason when i got a message that amazon links (search engine ads?) where being moved to ebay who i regard as absolute criminals.

It would not surprise me if ebay and its affiliated partners in crime where doing such scammy and underhand acts because its them and amazon is a good clickbait target.

Maybe its also done by the windows ransom ware sites,  If they can fool google as which appeared to happened then  that is certainly not a limitation for ebay to be unethical.

No shoes have since been bought that way.   I am more specific and would never buy from ebay.



Jordan Peterson, 12 rules for life


isbn: 9780241351635 is somebody big on youtube and is somebody i have previously mentioned (my blog) here when non famous.. If you like fake mainstream news then the sjw journalist made the author an number one bestseller by being a sjw and being crazy.

Peterson (my blog) despite his interpretations of some bible bits might smell to a sjw’s like a conservative and  ripe for sjw criticism but he uses those to make the message as they can be as worse as the harold camping (my blog) idiots.

Atheism and its friends on the left who destroyed normal atheism with atheism plus (i suggest you see a thunderf00t video) is a values debate and easy for any sjw to take offence at.

The message to think for yourself is well worth your time and both left and right clearly have a problem with.

5/5 bananas




Book Publisher problems

Have you noticed that book publishers are letting women publish most of the books recently ? I have and good luck if you where a female pre sjw moment book author.

A good example of this is Jenni Fagan (my blog) who has been waiting years to get a second book out via these genius gatekeeper publishers . I hope you where not waiting for it or suppose i was not supposed to notice that.  I have no idea of its quality and this is no way a recommendation of it just that somebody kept postponing it.

A gender criminal* of the book industry is somebody called Jasper Fforde (my blog) his books seem to go from being announced to de-announced by the book industry but since he is a man that is probably ok.

I hope all these newly minted female authors sell better than those two authors who i am not reading.  So next time you read that books are not selling (my blog) remember some authors that are not being published.

I observe and it will be interesting to see how many of these new unmentioned authors get a second book.  Maybe the period will be known as the ‘female one book wonder because that is what the guardian said we should publish’.

I read what i want to read not what the publishers say i should read.

*not a female

the book of dust,Philip Pulman

isbn: 9780385604413 achoo* is the beginning of what will become Philip Pulman‘s (my blog) three book series his dark materials of which Chris Columbus intentionally fucked up after all hollywood dislikes a good narrative.

A simple but enjoyable read although later parts of feel a bit it lets make it easy for hollywood to fuck it up again or turn into a theme park ride – my brain kind of glazed over in part two.

I hope Pullman and agents will be more wary of americans getting the media rights this time round.

3/5 bananas