the pillars of the earth, Ken Follet


isbn: 97814471265443 is a twenty five year old book now made into a game*, i decided to have a go at this mainstream author opposed to my usual selection of books (my blog) where big book sellers are mostly ignored after all most of those seem to be books on cooking or self censored soft porn (my blog) and most of those are not very good or deemed a fire risk in charity shops.

It is a whopper compared to normal sized books these days and appears to not get bogged down in church or noble families machinations otherwise it would be returned unread.

Page 300 is where stuff begins to happen and reads well after all getting mired in a sub plot is a problem for all in big books of 1000 plus pages.   The last part bored me but a sense of community is conveyed opposed to what the rulers did in fictional terms.

papist fab! and gay

If you find medieval history dull like i do then then this fictional rendering is more human and possibly reflects more of society than the usual popes,kings and queens thing two of those wear dresses.

4/5 bananas. It might read his other kingsbridge book


the young adult book as a tv series rather than film

I think i once may have blogged (maybe a future post) of a film of young adult book which was awful and rushed as a film and i then discovered that Hollywood discarded it after book one sounds familiar ? (my blog).

Then netflix (my blog) made a tv series of it which was way more developed than the bug budget film was,

I wonder if this shows a disdain by film professionals for the films they think must be made or get money for and that television production has a better feel for stuff say chapters and the depth of the books.

It kind of explains the video game films and board game films and toy films (my blog). Perhaps writers have got wise to Hollywood and others have yet to figure this out?

Celebrity children authors (or chav world book postponed day)

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Apparently you have to famous television star (being gay helps too) to write a childrens book these days and get it published.   It is kind of interesting that tv stars get a second career with the help of a ghost writer and film types do not appear to get such opportunities.

Only books by millionaire gay and cross dressing celebrities appear are chosen for world book day i suppose being associated with gropers helps (my blog) too..   Being simply an ‘author’ is clearly not enough for childrens authors by publishers these days.  It is kind of weird that the organisers of the ‘day’ and publishers sell any books at all which appears to be aimed at adults who have heard of said star as seen on tv celebrity.

Mind you that’s chav books day (my blog) for you

After the day ends i am sure books by ‘celebrity’ folk shall be forgotten and my library will empty of people who will only visit for one day in a year after all they only read celebrity books.

Celeb book authors do more damage to the publishers than ‘good’ imho but that’s not really my problem.

ipv6 a self made hell

drevilSo in this and that you probably may have noticed something.

Beneath the yes it exists is a  layer of consultants and salesmen looking at vendor lock in, want a manual ? they dont exist.

Sure ip4 has per configuration settings, but i dont know the ipv6 settings are but i do expect to buy a basic router and expect it to work as such without having to engage an army of gurus and salesmen getting involved  ipv6 appears to be voodoo and never mentioned by these firms

It is not my problem but if i cant buy it and switch things on how is ipv6 usage supposed to increase ? Maybe a fairy will turn it on by magic.


bsd as a linux killer (no systemd)

not your average bsd developers

I dislike systemd (my blog( and with the total failure of postifx to load using this crap software  i decided to try freebsd and netbsd and installed it successfully rather then my fail attempt noted here (my blog(

It is early days but  i think it has most of the things i need including cups kde – netbsd has the nicer installer and freebds is a bit of download it all monster and has none of the control of lnux packaging.

It is vm’ed so far and if it does not pan out there is openbsd or devan so life after linux is possible.

Martin Luther catholic dissident, Peter Stanford

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 97814756216664 is the european bloke not that black guy and this book is written by a catholic apologist who it appears to be searching for a truth proving his faith is the best.

I like Martin Luther (not the american) who certainly moved thought on and it is interesting to see the fate of queens in europe (my blog) compared to independent churches that Luther inspired.

Being Luther is old it is quite tricky to disentangle myth from truth but i got a sense that he was well educated and could think despite becoming a fairy tale professor of theology, if he where alive today i think he might have been an atheist / brexiteer.*

The problems of rome are well documented – Italians got europe’s wealth and none of the ‘good’ church jobs – northern europe paid and got no benefit.    Luther was not the first to propose reform and was one who was not burnt to death by those lovely catholic folk for upsetting the money making machine that catholics are.

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

That appears to be the apologists writers main attack, i wonder if Luther had failed if the author might too have been tied up and burnt as a heretic perhaps with Ivan Payne (my blog) today with the match ?.

Luther is important and this eventually dawns on the point scoring author that while core Luther is perhaps still five hundred years too controversial for catholics where his successors where more moderate.

I like Luther more than the lutherian faith.

5/5 bananas.

*some points are similar.


self made man,Norah Vincent

is an older book from 2006 and  isbn: 9781434545047 and makes some case for migtow [men going there own way] by the feminists

Ms Vincent generally gets away with her role reversal and points out the problems of the female population which they ignore or rather not have said and if you have seen a bit of migtow stuff then it has repercussions and can be cringeworthy. .

2/5 bananas

Princess Bari,Hwang Sok-yong

isbn: 97818599641743 dates from 2015 in english and probably will be my final book of the author (my blog) as publishers are lazy and as another korean book was accused of being sexed up in translation (my blog) i am not sure if the book industry wants to be bothered.. After all printing some mills and boon (my bloh) never killed anyone.

Anyhow set in North Korea (my blog) around 1992 a regime acceptable family become unacceptable with our main voice also a shaman   A stint in China occurs until she is smuggled in englanf by the chinese triads.

Being ‘magic’ she ends up doing magic things in London.  The book does a bit of rotherham (my blog) and ends up with the bus bombing by our islam ‘friends’ .

The message here is that the identity of korea is merge-able  Hardly a ringing endorsement of the dear leader.  – As to why south korea was never an option is something of a mystery.

4/5 bananas  if your a Korean literature type one on the few to be translated.