Permanent Record,Edward Snowden

isbn: 9781529035850 and looks a dead ringer for Louis Theroux who is some posh bloke on tv.

In his own words  Snowden comes across as intelligent and as an dell employee you have to wonder if dell pc’s are nsa enabled perhaps one should not be purchasing any dell hardware.  His career is varied with roles as a government employee and contractor

This book is light on the details  but the ideals come through and as the more you collect the bigger the danger to civil society.

In his own words opposed to journalists who rather wished snowden never existed this is a more principled response that matters.

A happy Constitution day to americans.

5/5 bananas

the free book and the training firm.

People are bored and are having sort outs due to covid-19 so i am walking past books of a business like nature for free on the sidewalk should you be an american [a related rant my blog].

I was not tempted but the firm pretended to be the next guru for your business and so having remembered the name found there website found this firm and they really did not have the brand power and offered big american certifications as well.

While this attempt to be the only provider is interesting but why just deal with that one firm when clearly its just a brand name and others can offer the same things.

outlander ooh!

skirts and dresses for all

I like this [my blog] as it emits an wrong think for both left and right who i imagine dislike it for its portrayal that no scottish did nothing wrong, and the unity argument despite gordon brown [my blog] who apparently was never scottish.

As noted here [my blog] it was back on fta tv and since i dont like prime [my blog] I still record it.

The latest season is no advert that scots are not racisr based in the Carolinas pre revolution america but the daughter who travels back in time floundered compared to the rest of the cast.

I enjoy the gore and realism that being a pioneer is something well lost as an experience for 130 years,

There is at least one more season of this due next year so expect more posts.

4/5 bananas

Libraries remain shut

My local library has decided to close until August [my blog].  Another month without reading for me.

What the fuck are government employees doing [my blog]. 

Minimalists* or those extreme i dont own much people [my blog] i wonder how they are coping when you dont own it.

Anyhow i  am not buying books.

*theres a japanese woman on netflix

back to the Karen Matthews question

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

So remember her ? [my blog] As the chocolate frogs are real [my blog] according to weirdo author perhaps Karen Matthews sin was to be too white and straight.

If ‘magic’ now means gay and deviant from there on then it will no longer appeal to straight people.

I do hope gay people and the intersectionals keep buying Rowlings books and other paid for products- but there not.

I am sure millionaire Rowling wont mind being cancelled by the people she actively encourages to appeal to.

I guess being white and woke [my blog] has it privileges.

greetings from bury park,sarfraz mansoor – or pakistani importation

This was free book and now apparently a film probably funded by the luvies in the filmm indusry and this light tome i thought worth a skim..

Sarfraz Mansoor is best described as an inept media studies person who only got the job because of his heritage* and is kind of western as he likes Bruce Springsteen  that seems to be about the only thing.  Quite how Springsteen being an american is ‘british’ is a gymnastic exercise for your brain.

Anyhow if Springsteen is white and thus english seems a strange concept.

I was amazed what you can buy.

I guess there is a market for that – well done that ad agency.

Arranged marriages, family abuse in pakistan (my blog) and pissing on the street are tales from Luton so you could argue that buying a vauxhall car is benefiting pakistan more than anybody else.

It could be argued here that Mansour is complicit in being pro-western only for himself and not for his sisters who had to be honourable.  Mind you his thought crime is probably enough for any future visits to pakistan to get him on death row so don’t expect a lot.

I am not sure how liking Bruce Springteen makes you western, based on that logic if you like curry your an indian. drinking scottish whisky makes your scotttish deepy offensive to the natives.

You may have a different impression of this biography  if so comment.

A ‘diversity’ read and unrated but if i where you i would not.

*blessed be the bbc and the guardian.

An south korean sjw book in translation – yay uk book publishers!

Publishers are a bit ‘woke’ and south korean books are as rare as a dodo’s butt with sjw’s turning on translators and more polish language books in libraries [my blog] than english perhaps an me too book in english is what the publishers think we need.

The book Kim Jiyoung, born 1982 is something that perhaps explains why most south korean books dont get beyond its borders.

I am rather disgusted that its not being published in polish and the four people who read them in the uk have to endure it in english*

As the fifth person to eventually read it once a library is open perhaps its time to quit reading uk publishers output and buy from amazon..

* i joke.