gilets jaunes invade my Camdem library

gilets jaunes although common in france recently took a day trip to my library, it was amusing for me as these school children (my blog)in there yellow vest outfits* where supplied by the government.

gilets jaunes also have these and are paid for as part of safety kit for cars i think the renault (my blog) came with some new.  Professor has some and you can buy them in ikea otherwise some nice french policemen will fine** you if your car breaks down  with out them being french.

Alas there was no fire or riot police but apparently the childrens book’s where very misfiled today.  The anarchy of it was perhaps too much for the library staff.

Anyhow i got my book and returned back to the zoo.  I am sure there is a french bureaucrat (my blog) wondering why the hell his heath and safety thing became a challenge to his job.   Somehow i think that rather backfired*** on those who rule

If you thought libraries are boring think again.

*dont run them over. **or amputate four fingers with a grenade and rubber bullets *** see **

left wing media why it failed.

Sjw journalists ahoy – sod the idea and instead love the flower crowns.  Rather than report see the female envy.

Journalism needs to sack more people

Enjoy this wokeness (

I once attended a panel on worldbuilding in young adult literature. All of the authors on the panel were young, brilliant, dynamic women. They wore flower crowns and they talked about mapmaking and spreadsheets. They were impressive as all get-out. I have never felt more intensely envious in my life.

I was jealous of their flower crowns, of course. I was also jealous of the easy way they talked about going in-depth on planning color schemes for each chapter they wrote, and the Pinterest boards they referenced for their character aesthetics. I was jealous of the way their worldbuilding all seemed to start from the ground up, because that seemed to me to be a whole other level of professional-writer-ness. My worldbuilding has always leached out from my character development—I write how a character moves, and their movement defines the world they live in. The women on this panel were talking about writing thousands of words about the world their characters inhabited, all before they put a single line of dialogue on a page. They were clearly worldbuilding masters. I was in awe.

It only took seven words for my awe to become fear. One of the writers leaned forward and grabbed her mic. She looked down along the table, her flower crown tipped at a jaunty, devil-may-care angle. Her lips brushed the mic, and her voice was a little distorted by her enthusiasm, and she said “Okay, but can we talk about maps?”


I do hope unicorns shit pink.

Oh dear me sorry dear i got bored after all what does flower crowns have to do with anything,  You can probably guess the journalist who wrote this was a wamin.



That’s an englsh-y thing now.

Lets hope ya books are not oversaturated with flower crowns or female authors.

Remind me not to read women authors this year.

I guess i will be reading less books this year.   I am very sure the publishers are cool with that.

venereal disease tv, hollywood and amazon

Syfiy (my blog) was a channel more dedicated to wrestling than science fiction which i have never bought. There decision making processes are batshit insane and seem to have many shows that have left it as nobody watches the channel.

I saw the expanse (my blog) on netflix and another and when they do back a winner they soon cancel it for reasons like wrestling (my blog) is better.   After all men hugging each other is good.

So the expanse came off ‘televison’ and i was surprised to discover the expanse series 3 is not on any streaming platform until november.

I decided not to try amazon prime for that reason. Instead i found the books and wil ask the library to get them.

So hollywood hates cable tv, (my blog)  and both hate amazon \ netflix it’s not a problem here except for there bank balances.

The good news is i have books to read, and blog posts to make, the downside for people who love men hugging and hollywood is there problem.

a lovely way to burn,Louise Welsh

isbn: 9781848546530 is a book series and the first book which is this is published in 2014 rather than the last. This was a library find after an article in a newspaper on the last.

It did not hold my interest and is more thriller than dystopia with action scenes and the usual statistic genius everybody knows via a friend makes an appearance.  The woman main character seems strangely in charge despite having a tenuous connection to the event.  Although i think the author did not understand a book like this (my blog) or it got rejected for being boring

I won’t be reading any more of the author.

Life 3, Mark Tegmark

isbn: 978024123729 is a book that been hanging on my read list but very few libraries (my blog) have a copy of.  Eventually i reserved it and read it, the first bit is of interest and after that he mostly naval gazes at dyson spheres* before discussing ai ethics and would they respect them.

Either we evolve to become the borg (my blog), or ai becomes us say via the talos principle (my blog) and discards limitations of organic powered intellect (yes you).

This is one of those books about evolution so if your bible basher your screwed but it might be good that the words here might make it into that ai thing as a module.

As an ape here now and as only the very young might see the beginnings of this could be seen as highly speculative.

3/5 bananas.

*think death star economics **2

spare and found parts,sarah griffin

isbn: 9781785657054 has been in a library queue of  mine for a couple of years where a girl makes a robot from a future less advanced but has antique computers to help.

Nerdy it is not more frankenstein and wamins logic abound but as to how that is way to complex for the writer to explain outside of soldering irons and once performed the thing works as walking talking human despite dystopia like rules.

0/5 bananas a woman wrote it so flowerly and very boring


thin air,Richard Morgan

isbn: 9780575075446 is a long time author (my blog) to me and recently as seen on netflix (my blog). although i think his quality has varied but deciding to change genre does not help.

This feels a good idea until its many action scenes and although a belated * return to writing feels like fan service

1/5 bananas * i read the books about ten years ago.

The labyrinth index,Charles Stross

isbn: 9780356511085 is a book from this series (my blog) and number nine i think so if your looking for objectivity here from me god help you.

So do not start with this book and whatever you do.

Our soe department of magic is no more, and Britain has been invaded by a god pretemding to be prime minsiter o things have moved on and its post brexit.  Expect some of his blog content [see blogs i read ->]  into this book which for me is the more interesting aspect.

As to its story it feels over extended either not to the publishers sjw’s ideals  or overtaken by events its message of compromise is one the left wing will not like

1/5 bananas