Human acts,Hang Kang

skoreaisbn: 978184627589975 is an author i have read (my blog) and you might have heard of too.  This was in a library opposed to this (my blog) and it seems Kangs book is tax payer supported showing that perhaps publishers are rather unwilling to risk anything including paying a translator.

The book is gory with death torture and the living exploring 1980’s south korea.

3/5 bananas interesting

the power,Naomi Alderman

social justice warrior

social justice warrior

isbn:9790670919987 has an interesting bbc and sjw pedigree in fact it apparently featured on radio as the author has bbc connections.

As usual i was unaware of this before hand and it reads much like another dystopia whom did it better.

I am in two minds on this book it is timid in its violence with graphics doing the better job and its mix of science and religion leave a mess but if i assume third wave feminism here (s0 ok to rape children)   then it has questionable values.

Many of those points above ignore points about the role reversal so you can make you own mind up on the setting of the dystopia.

The war and travelling bits left me bored if i am honest.

It’s ending leaves it hanging as with the format it borrowed.  Power corupts all sums it up though.

3/5 bananas

Eccentric orbits,John Bloom

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

isbn: 9781611855357 feels like an airport mass produced book, if you dont know the type think maybe a fifty shades of shit type author and a team of monkeys with typewriters if franchised.

You know the type patterson comes to mind – lets write a book for people with special forces**/spies/.et al and they will buy it because there at the airport and are non book readers.

This was an economist book pick of 2016  which kind of surprises me as i was never quite sure when the sex was to start or when they found jesus living offspring which happens to airport best sellers.

tomcruiseisabookburnernaziThis book is supposedly about iridium and motorola supposedly but with chapters with the words nerds, nazis and nukes i was starting to wonder when James Bond* turns up and has sex.

This book is written for retards who have no idea what a satellite is.  Getting to page 21 was a miracle.

0/5 bananas – needs more vaginas.

*he always has sex, ** retarded?

Orwellian dystopia in the bestselling list – or prole problems

Eric Blair

Eric Blair

Nineteen eighty four (1984) is a fine book that can apply to both left and right wing politics a point lost on many.  I am a fan of Orwell (my blog) and own the complete volumes of his writing which is well worth reading.

I pity the left wing in the US if only now they are they finally reading 1984 by George Orwell or fail to grasp it’s point other than there candidate* should have won. ‘Beware of the wrong boogeyman’ brand politics have been a mainstay of politicians since 1919.

But that’s there problem not mine if the proles who can only vote for only two parties cannot see things.  I could bore you further but i will not for a Democrat (my blog) could also be big brother too.

But that’s the proles for you.

*The Clintons (my blog) are very rich

the return,Hisham Matar

Milliband s come with rent boys - On your side ?


isbn: 9780670943335 is a real life tale but an author who i have read before (my blog)  David Milliband comes across as shifty (my blog) and untrustworthy as now head of a refuge charity organisation  but as a tale of Libya and it’s tribulations it is well worth reading as to what could be going on since the msm dont really cover it.

5/5 bananas – an economist ick of 2016 too

Secrets and giving

hipsterChristmas here in the zoo is understated, no television is watched since its repeats from the 1970’s and generally its a pleasant enough time as forced downtime goes however as to people who do sales at 3am well they love consumerism don’t they so it might be described as a consumer holiday.

Anyhow as the rest of the zoo know of my reading thing, which unfortunately entails some sort of chain book token (my blog) and the odd book by an author i read once that naturally i find there latest book repulsive i sometimes wish that my like of books could have been kept secret.

Amusingly there is nothing i am inclined to buy because of my library habit (my blog) although it would be nice if actually bought new books and when my recommendations i made are on the front page for over a month shows the  sorry state of your library services.

I hope you enjoy your books tomorrow even if they crappy celebrities or bill bryson (my blog) which will remain unread