the end of the day, Claire North

isbn: 9780356507347 was found on an library shelf (free) so i quick marched to library and got it after usually expecting to pay when reading some book reviews.

As a new author (a pseudonym) .of somebody else i liked it and soon was past page a day i had it read and returned.

The story is about Charlie who works for death and the people he meets who willingly or unwillingly do not wish to meet him.  Part allegory it mixes 2010 politics for inspiration and some might find this edgy.  The treatment of sjw’s is good enough to class them as retarded so not particularly enthusiastic on sjw’s.

It gains an extra banana for that.

5/5 bananas

the angry chef, A Warner

Yep we all be muppets

isbn: 97817866072160 is about food fads like the people who only eat steamed fish* to avoid getting cancer and who then get cancer.

So this is book that delves into the dubious area of food ‘science’ which has huge number of loonies and hollywood stars (my blog) who somehow get attracted to living on air or smelling there poo (my blog).  It is not particularly well written compared with Goldacre (my blog) but since its dealing with people making money rather than advancing science i suppose it will do.

The blog is written in the same style.  It is not completely useless as i got the low down as to why people think white bread is bad its a mentally retarded view..

Matthias Rath – who causes the death of 300,000 south africans a year from hiv aids.

The sugar chapter is also interesting.

Newpaper reporting gets it in the neck too.

The chapters on cancer (my blog) and autism (my blog) are the usual quacks offering hope to retards which is sad but that’s people like Rach  and ilk for you

3/5 bananas

*even in restaurants when it is not on the menu – such people do exist..

postfix v3 configuration

Discussed here (my blog) is a lot improved – for instance people who connect there browsers to port 25 gets rejected.  Limits on bad or misconfigured  ip’s mean our mailgraph stats are not what they used to be since mailgraph changed drastically and the limits postfix now imposes of traffic.

Postfix is mostly a success.  I do get milter issues due to my old configuration but i can live without changing it.

Overall worth the change,  Systemd does not like postfix (my blog) but since all has to do is run a command and fails reflect reality i do not think much of that crap.  Once you ignore systemd all is well with the universe.

What I talk about when i talk about running,Haruki Murakami

Druggie Liliya Shobukhova

isbn: 9780995266155 dates from 2007 and is non fiction from an author i like (my blog) any delay in reading this might have been as I walked to a library.*

mr s from kes a class example of the role model for pe teachers

It is a small book and while ignoring drug cheats it does point out the failings of physical education in schools – most of of which is useless.

If you like Murakami’s non fiction it complements that and while perhaps not the most interesting subject reveals something of the author.

3/5 bananas.

*I walk faster than most runners.

no it is a very readable book – sigh

Bananas reads more than a paperback a year and occasionally after reading a book from a library i occasionally will recommend that the alpha reads it as well.

My best for a book is a one pass read so within 24 hours it is returned, the book in question took me three days and as the weeks past it was only in the last week that the alpha started it.

I can be unconventional but i do not recommend books to the monkey very often.


Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle – last mention of star trek discovery

star trek discovery is certainly not star trek after seeing the third or actual ‘first episode‘ (my blog) .  Even i can use Carol* quotes to confirm that the writers choice out of copyright author pigeon holed it as not star trek.

While it looks ‘modern’ despite the hospital bed props it’s use of harry potter animals and foresaken warp drive appears to make the ten years before kirk thing (not the jj abrams version**) seem at odds with star trek

Meh – messy somebody appears to be digging a hole they cannot climb out of and perhaps they dont like star trek and might be fine with.

Do not expect further posts on this topic. * a banker (my blog) ** having seen one that also appears inconsistent as well.

Stalin and the scientists, Simon Ings

social justice warrior

isbn:9781671290079 is a potted history of odd soviet science, it is not very sciency but it eluded several new famines i did not know of and so is of some interest.  One can argue that science on a political ideal is disastrous.

If you watch one of my youtube recommendations (my blog) this could be a issue for western universities for there is an sjw in south africa who thinks witch doctors might be science. .Which is kind of the thing being explored here.

An interesting book which might predict* the demise of western higher education through a past example of it.

4/5 bananas nice cover

*however sjw universities like missou do have a few problems with reputation and enrolment meaning less staff.


Deaths end,Cixin Liu

telecopeisbn:9781784971652 is the third and final part of this (my blog).   So do not start here.

I am too a little vague on what happened in parts one and two but its relatable with some catch up chapters and like most chinese authors goes through betrayal and a chairman mao era.

I think there is some self censorship here when you get to the fairy tales section and from then on it it gets a bit too futuristic  like  James Blish who was writing this sort of thing in the 1960’s.

2/5 bananas

Books 1 and 2 are more relatable.


‘independent’ press vs billionaires

monwashThe press is a strange beast (my blog) when its not attacking billionaires or being run by them which might explain why Elton John and his family sized olive oil container does not see a lot of press attention.

So i was reading a website with an article with amazon partner clicks for products thought specific, one book i noted as new was its last ever mention on  the site despite being noted as interesting.

Some weeks passed and i obtained the book from a library, still not a mention of the authors new book on the website.  So despite using a library i am either fast off the mark, or the press site was more interested in amazon commissions.

Michael Jackson bubbles monkey rapist

I have a hunch.that the amazon thing trumps reviews – mind you perhaps if the author changed sex and ethnicity something along the lines of what Michael Jackson became that might be worthy of some article by the site in question other than a commission for a click.

What would be your conclusion?

Golden Hill, Francis Spufford

isbn: 9780371225194 is an author i have read before (my blog) and this is a ‘real’ novel opposed to whatever i linked to was.  Spufford also works at a sjw university which disappoints

This has won a number gongs and while ‘atmospheric’ it bored me,so apart from the economics angle its social context and going ons made this an unfinished book.

unrated meh.