an imaginary racism, islamophobia and guilt, Pascal Bruckner

isbn: 9781509530649 is a french author who wisely points out that making religion a protected class means they become anti sementic and non pluralistic

Rowanda‘s civil war (my blog) can be argued was made worse by governments designated as tutis or hutos – resulted in lots of dead people.

The left has this problem and seeks to blame victims of terrorism for getting killed.   Myths like arabs cannot be anti semitic and are also debunked and anti women make the lefts position untenable.

Nothing particularly new here. Worth a read.

5/5 bananas



war doctor,David Nott

isbn: 9781509837021 is one of those beach books apparently  – it made me wonder about racist welsh people and the medical profession. Another criticism left wingers make is that the west steals doctors, something here (my blog) covers it in more detail who seem to forget people like Nott

Rather than being a wonder surgeon Nott admits to killing people who have been shot at,  It seems to feel like a list of war zones so you will get a better understanding of ghost staff.

There is a good defence for abortion in this book, children are the golden patients and everybody else is kept vague.

Hotspots not visited from Yugoslavia onwards include Chechenia and india/pakistan so Nott appears to be a surgeon  who works more for charity than the nhs.

As age increases he moves more into training  and apparently negotiated for medical staff to get out of syria which kind of makes most ngo’s he once worked with look powerless.

3/5 bananas.


lowborn,kerry hudson

isbn:97817847423454 is the female version of this (my blog).  Choices are made and some choices (my blog) are long term bad ideas.  You might argue that if a feminist has children she is no longer a feminist and simply along for just government benefits.

Anyhow Kerry (the author) arrives in the 1980’s and we all get to visit her single parent families journey round the uk and six poor areas.  Her mother is a drunk with depression and leaving an area solves all problems and avoids interventions from councils and government help which start from age one for the author.

Hudson is a bit of an sjw now but there’s sex and alcohol (my blog) and  the odd anti brexit sentiment despite many of these featured places being leave strongholds – how dare they its not left wing goodthink.

There is not much reflection here things are stated and then revisits the place and the modern form of poverty – if an alcoholic drinks all there money and dependants suffer then the left complains* (both labour and conservative parties had three terms in power) then nothing can be done that resolves this you then get upset feminists or nanny states.

No answers are given either so this account is mostly non political and if true then feminism and the single mother (freedom to) made this a choice rather than something to be overcome.

Hudson eventually realises this and leaves aged 17-18 and becomes the literature person on the left with the ken loach (my blog) friends in the british council.


So your take away from this is based on your politics, if your red and blue colour blind then you can argue this is a failure of feminism and neither red** or blue politicians can stop an alcoholic drinking and moving six times in seventeen years with kids in tow. Thus is an un-helpable person or one best kept in that situation until the individuals think about it,  so t.

4/5 bananas.

The publishers of this book also appear to be anti libraries urging you the reader to pay*** for this book, so i assume you also need to drink champagne at the same time.

Carry on comrades.

*personal freedom  **red party gets the vote if you read my second link above.  **** i used a library but did not drink champagne.

machines like me,Ian McEwan

isbn: 97817871662 is according to the privileged journalists beach reading (my blog)  – so much for winning a snobby prize in the past.

It is an interesting premise Turing (my blog) invented silicon valley and things became ubiquitous in the 1960’s .

The style is very pompous a bit Dostoevsky like as man trains an ai robot. being honest this made the book for me unreadable.

I have no idea what happens as it bored me to death.


As seen on tv

There is a new Margaret Atwood (my blog) book out soon. I wonder if it will be deemed genre or fiction (my blog)  Needless to say its been queued via my library.

At least Atwood delivers compared to tv writer g r r martin (my blog).

social justice warrior

It might be a big disappointment but already its on the booker prize (my blog) for sjw’s even thought its not published yet.  It still could be genre being that other booker prize authors have since been regarded as such after winning this literary prize.

This is in no way a review.

an incovenient death, Miles Goslet

David Kelly – Dead by 007

isbn:9781788543118 Is about Dr David Kelly is died in iffy circumstances.   The inquiry into his death and interference by a seventy year suppression of the outcome  make me think politicians and press had some responsibility.

3/5 bananas

Perhaps neither the 4th estate (my blog) or politicians (my blog) are fit to rule, or watch each other.

The wall,John Lanchester

isbn:9781324001638 was a beach read (my blog) about 250 pages, there is either left wing thoughtcrime here with nuclear power, and some goodthink. but this is an incoherent read.

The world has gone to shit but the uk still has tea and coffee*, and a wall protects it from the sea and immigrants.  Our cast of soldiers defend this wall and if they fail they are cast over it so no tea or coffee which we never discover where it comes from.

There is no automation at al so the author is clearly a bit thick about radar and computers, if the south koreans already have guns connected to radar  then its no leap of faith to think creative this author is no Atlantic council thinker**.

Expect role reversals and an baffling ending .   This could be brexit propaganda but it certainly is not science fiction since the author is a proper author – i find it amusing that this is not futurism so deserves space in a newspaper review – go figure.

1/5 bananas – um wolly thinking from a snob trying to write s/f and failing..

*logic here is that shit happens everywhere, not just round the coast of briitian and scotland. **a nato organisation who commissions authors


Hampstead tour guides who do not keep up with history.

Bananas knows somebody arty who went to Hampstead in London and i remembered this (my blog) so i told them and they asked where this place was.

At least three of these guides had never heard of it. I got as feedback from the trip – they took its details and well that is the end of that.

Hampstead has a long history of things but the current history is also important. While a one off the secrecy and ignorance of it could become a problem for society.

Anyhow i thought it dangerous step that the present is not important.

bad blood secrets and lies in a silicon valley startup, John Carreyrou

isbn: 9781509860087 deals with Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes who faked an entire medical technology a little like enron (my blog) which sold things into debt that did not exist.  Unlike having things to sell to start with Theranos had pretend fairy dust and thugs in it  being Matt Bissel and the legal profession keeping the illusion of success.

Comrade Holmes is the main villain here  being that she was there for that fake test and then did not trust most of her employees or board with large staff turnover and compromising dossiers on ex employees courtesy  of  Bissel

Holmes is from a family of billionaires and know the right people but is a an idiot trying to make lab equipment look like an iphone.  Even Gattaca (my blog) could not do that.

my dna is better than yours

Holmes is also trying to look like dead Steve Jobs  in the picture so looking the part means more than talent in either it or medical testing fields.

Billionaire friends dont help either, and when phd’s cannot figure out how to test inside something that does not work and looks like an apple product your screwed.

The author labours these points and its a boring read.  Plodding along.   He has no aptitude for science which means the msm is useless for ‘outing’ scammers* like Holmes.

There’s death, legal thuggery  from Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, and an appearance from Rupert Murdoch (my blog) in order to suppress this $1 billion south sea bubble.

The witch eventually sank in the pond and Holmes reminds of the dodgy patent crooks (my blog) in east texas who would rule that anybody who has stapled a piece of paper together means the patent holder for the process (not the machine)  owes them a billion dollars per staple.

The creditors have number of words that are expiring in value as assets.  While thinking big is great it feels as if Holmes knew all the wrong people including Larry Ellison of oracle fame  (my blog) and that is where it went downhill fast.

Holmes mistake was probably defrauding other billionaires of money rather  than freedom of the press.

3/5 bananas some how i think the author here would have been more than happy to bury this rather than make news.

Medical testing is once again boring and however might be a warning about how silicon valley operates.

*while a man might be called a crook,Holmes in the media was misguided certainly not a crook.