Bonnets, phones and delusions of being netflix

mr darcy required

Broadcast tv (remember that?) loves classic books, in fact it trumps anything and supposedly means bums on sofas at peak time at least here.

Professor told us a funny story about his significant other who demanded he also watch this bonnet buster, it required an email account and a password to watch since they missed it on broadcast.

The channel (my blog) is not netflix and forgot the setting on the next part, when using the service second time and they fucked up the sign up on the tv app.

Professor was out and apparently after he left the phone rang and the pause button was not pressed.

I gather most of the thing was missed since your phone call trumps tv.   Or even i have observed the words

Can i ring you back.

Are never said these days

I understand from Professor that the delusions of netflix this broadcaster requires him to sign in and type a new code every seven days to make the tv play anything.    Quite who are these idiots who work in broadcasting.

I am not sure that’s how tv is supposed to work (my blog)  but what do i know ?


Early riser, Jasper Fforde

isbn: 9781473650220 is a much delayed book and very ‘british’  * which is probably why some sjw’s did not like it but since a lot of the books written real with .ability that do not fit sjw ideals then they would hate it anyhow**.

Its style is quite tricky but i liked it and while incomprehensible in places is a noble one if perhaps aimed at not his usual audience

3/5 bananas

*tea cakes anybody **needs more mary sue

the beyond

imdb: tt5723416 is a netflix film (my blog) that i liked being part man plus [fred Pohl] , and intestellar.

Man plus is an ancient book but relevant as it deals with mars colonization (my blog) Pohl an s/f award winner is visualised as an way to the galaxy.  Strangely his take has be ignored by the science types and billionaires.

Being not a blockbuster it is not going to get the adulation from the chav going cinema public since it is a thinking film , as to whether it got a release here is something i doubt.

5/5 bananas.


The bbc microbit – corporate, sjw and academic thinking at its worst

The microbit was something my library had  in quantity and nobody was showing any interest in so being interested enough and a pi user (my blog) one day i got a book about one and a thing since it was free to tinker with.

Its size is two thumbs in width, has a 8mb flash capacity via usb, shit bluetooth support* (my blog), a  flashing light thingy, display a compass and other inputs of dubious value, so it is more a pi hat than a real computer.

Being for children its representation of code is way weird. If you think i am being hard on this what i do find concerning is its use of hex** as runtime rather than say run a .javascript file as text.

To write and save something there is gui, the text mode is also kind of weird and since i have been known to write the odd thing it is not like real programming.

social justice warrior

The hex is the computer scientists means to get ‘thinking’ or machine code and microsoft make it look like anything non microsoft is too  hard, the mickey mouse editor is the bbc sjw’s trying to make things female friendly, so you can see who wins and loses here.

If your the wrong demographic like i am then this thing is desperate for help.   While capable of a lot of stuff it is let down by the computer being not a real computer i would say a bit like a single use computer say a zx81 and while yes it could do stuff with anything**** i would not want this is where the children level academics filter out the girls the sjws want to include because computers are  perceived as tricky *** but more on that below

Take this example:


That’s easy to understand apparently and even though i compile software its an interesting choice.  If  ‘source code’ line lengths exceed a length then nothing will compile

Book examples are also odd even as text try

basic.forever(() => {
basic.showString("X:" + input.acceleration(Dimension.X))
basic.showString("Y:" + input.acceleration(Dimension.Y))
basic.showString("Z:" + input.acceleration(Dimension.Z))

That shows an api imho and yes i understand it.

The book i have admits a lot of this as failures by requiring it to connecting it to a real computer and using the crap display leds as a pi hat, or buying ‘robot’ kits  Being a loan copy i had to reset mine to defaults and then figure out the bluetooth which seems not to pair.

If you only had a smartphone, or mac computer with just bluetooth and not default usb then it user friendly level is bloody awful.

My concern is that if you had a shit teacher***** as probability states you mostly will have then the thing while usable is not going to compete with the allure of the smart phone and drive people (as designed) back to microsoft products.

How would i improve the thing –

  1. dump any microsoft mention
  2. improve the bluetooth
  3. make it run text files with code in although the command line might be ‘scary’ eg python /bananas/falklands/

Some of those concepts are alien to microsoft i doubt they will ever happen this is  great (my blog) for them.

However it wont kill kids and i guess that keeps the menace that health and safety experts out of the field.

While it could be described as one, i would not describe it as one.


*i connected to it but could not transfer stuff to it on linux via bt  **not magic *** you need twelve gcse’s just to become a bin man academic logic **** the ‘radio’ can only do one thing not radio and bluetooth together.  ***** only one teacher will ever win a teacher of of the year award.

a column of fire, Ken Follet

isbn: 97814447278733 is book 3 of this (my blog so dont start here. Returning to kingsbridge this time it is the 1500’s.with elizabeth 1 soon to be in power so much of the henry the eights shenanigans is ignored which i think would have made for an interesting book..

papist fab! and gay

There is not a lot of kingsbridge here, expect trips to the carribean and paris* but the book certainly states that first blood was started by catholic’s and so there plenty of murder by homosexual catholics.

Shorter than the other books his seven hundred page book is pan european and not much kingsbridge.  Things are set up for other adventures as well towards the end.

3/5 bananas – bit too king and queenish.

*not texas

People who don’t use a library

I caught these people on television doing a bananas in the falklands deemed faux pas before switching to an on demand service one evening on a lifestyle type thing the bbc** does, if you think the bbc only does classic books wall to wall then your minus a delusion as well.

Meet the Hurst’s (right) who are probably quite nice people who i have not met but they refused to use a library even for there children.

I did not watch it for more than a minute.

As i like to think of myself as a brainy ape and also use a public library (my blog) there reasons for purchasing rather lending where not made clear but a clue hinted on may have had something to do with this (my blog) so at least some books are read.

I like the concept of free knowledge* and it galls me that humans feel that books have to be bought  even when they fund a service anyhow as part of a council tax.

Sigh – the equivalence that books can not be lent  but only bought  elsewhere struck me that more of the production staff never also used a library.

This is not a rant against consumerism if you read this in a certain way as  things do have to be consumed/used and by all means do what you want but if i can stream things why not use a library as well ?

Anyhow it strikes me as a sad reflection upon people.

*not really (my blog) but what is wrong with sharing. ** in which no mention of satellite television (my blog) or netflix is ever made

dead female poets and sjw reviewers

I hate poetry (my blog) and in my nation state i would have poets shot, not because of it but they write it.

Imagine my non surprise when the letters of dead poet which are unread by billions gets called out by a sjw newspaper reviewer for being some kind of new outrage.

I have only read two authors letters Philip K Dick‘s, and George Orwell (both my blog) as an avid reader of many authors i am not bothered to not have read others letters as they did not interest me or they still be alive.

So letter reading [part of the literary executer job] is something of limited audience. However since it is an sjw subject poetry i just shows how thick and stupid social justice warriors are..


steam, smoke & mirrors,Colin Edmonds

sjw victorian cosplayer in push up bra dont look

isbn: 9781907565946 is a book professor got for us .  It is steampunk and so can fail for going too historical, getting bored to death by tea and social protocol and other failings.

A beat that book target is the diamond age [young ladies primer] by Neal Stevenson which is not as heavy going as more his recent books (my blog)  – however this example is not my cup of steampunk tea.becoming historic and borrowing loony bins and serial killers apparently.although its use of illusion  meant i glazed over and and rather did not care what a sir what his face did at scotland yard and stuff.

0/5 bananas

It is hard format to get right – more tea anybody* ?

*i joke

World war z the film – oh dear me.

I recorded it off free tv** one evening the film world war z, a book (my blog) which i had read and liked, but had not seen the film. The film scrubbed any mention to china, made the loony jewish look good* rather than the bogey man.

When i say ‘watched’ i mean most of it was on fast forward as most of the dialogue was bloody awful and non existent. As viliians go india [possible source of mad cow disease] and south korea seem to be safe by hollywood standards for trying to get the film into chinese markets.

Then the film cuts its losses and has yet to make the other half of the book.  I am not avidly awaiting it and our narrator is made to look an incompetent retard with a mobile phone as the plot device mover who seems saves the world by injecting meningitis on first attempt in laboratory of nasty diseases and gives the humans a chance to make part 2.

While that is nowhere near the book it is interesting to see that words and most of the concept of the book was  chucked out to appease cinema owners and state censorship outfits and it seems that it did not make its money back looking at some numbers.

I wonder why.

The book is best, there are real characters written and i felt for some of them when i read it being an ensemble book opposed to hollywood a lister saves the world in 75 minutes.

If hollywood made  tomato favour soup it would end up with pumpkins in it and be blue in colour.

*i wonder how that happened ** could have seen it on netflix before that i think but deemed it trash