The last,Hanna Jameson

isbn: 97802419839997 is a book with serous flaws in it and even i who knows very little about Switzerland (.ch) can poke more air* into a piece of Emmental cheese so there is no cheese to speak of.

Some author who i have read a one book wonder loved it which i did know about as i read book cover unseen.

Plot wise a hotel conference survives a nuclear war and begins killing each other since that is what hotel guests apparently do.  Internet goes on and off and the author rehashes a lot of stuff.

Humorously the author writes a confession of the crimes i guess a white academic from the us must have committed.  The swiss seem quite sane in comparison when they eventually turn up and please dont ask why switzerland avoided  any problems from world  wide nuclear war (my blog).

0/5 bananas

*citizen militia  and other stuff.


an american story,Christopher Priest

isbn: 9781478200579 is an author i like (my blog). This is a fictional rendition of september 11 which i think is timid.

Based on real life events this use of maths to hint at something and coincidences is a mismatch where perhaps being a full conspiracy is too much for the reader (as deemed by the publisher)

So it is laden with memories, an mathematician and the truth which depending upon your view is or is not how it happened.

Our science journalist (my blog) never gets close to any answer but three paths are laid out.

1/5 bananas i guess you pick an likeable ending.

fail2ban upgrade: do this, dont do that – argh

I like fail2ban (my blog), never quite got the hang of .local files so the zoo’s config is a bit of a Frankenstein monster.

Having made config backups i found our stretch config (my blog) worked on buster, and the buster config with .local files loaded but would not send emails (my blog).

Nothing seemed to work even though i knew what was missing. Then i read that .local conf files where bad and so i have absolutely no fucking clue as to how to configure 0.10.2.

So i made the stretch backup into the jail.conf and it now sends emails.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

I have no idea why it appears you do need email lines in jail.conf opposed to jail.local and at this point i dont care.

I think fail2ban configuration verges on voodoo.


Leila, Prayaag Akbar

isbn: 9780751341320 is book of this netflix (my blog) it is not a big book.   Since the thing left with an opening for a second series i wanted to know how it could end.

It has most aspects of the series except the drug use, and is an understated dystopia.

2/5 bananas.

helo access rules in email

Many many many years ago* i printed out and filed a piece paper about helo access rules in email servers.To be honest it did seem necessary and despite pruning of the file the pages remained.

Since the zoo has other domains and we tolerate some relaying from other mail exchangers to odd email was begining to to forged from outside to be internally relayed to a user.

They where easy to spot so out came the rules and i hairy eyeballed the thing and converted the text into a database.

Nothing nasty happened but the  rules did trigger and ‘genuine email still rolls in and is being sent out.

So it looks like a success.

Here we in the zoo we are dealing with the top 1% of spammers rather than the pretty clueless 99% who have already been dealt with and require no cost to sort out.

I have only done the rules one way so far, i may have to reverse them but it appears the phishing is tamed.

*dinosaurs ruled the earth – joke ** two or three a month

Heavy lifting

The handmaids tale (as seen on tv) is slow (my blog) and you need a patience of a saint to sit through it. Season three is filling in the gaps and the source is barely used although it makes a logical exposition of what book hints* at.

It shows a theocracy and while it is not islam the comrades on the left conveniently forget that. Funny that.

Eventually after too many weeks of grind something happy finally happened and while a surprising change of pace it kind of feels done at this point.

Since it is good tv on the whole i shall persist with it, then its on to the books sequel (my blog) as to whether the booker prize desires ‘an as seen on tv accolade’  ** before anybody has read the book will be interesting to see.

* i have read it ** it could be argued that it is not literature

revision edit of the title from lifing to lifting

the crossway,guy stagg

50% of this picture is racist by bbc logic

isbn: 978130944579 is a book about walking something in an age of jet travel is underrated, and not fast.  Stagg had a psychotic episode and walked from canterbury to Jerusalem

Coelho (my blog) did something like it in Portugal there kind of mystic crazy people so quite entertaining and lite on the religion

The author knows the right peple (my blog) if six years out of date.

3/5 bananas

fall or dodge in hell, neal stephenson

theranous fraudster pretending to be steve jobs

isbn:978008468827 deals with your usual Stephenson topics greek mythology (my blog), tech millionaires (or wannabes) and starts with william gibson (my blog) homage copy and paste.

Essentially a tech person dies and Stephenson dives into cryonics.  Unusually he links to his older book here.  Various other thoughts wander in too making this an incoherent mess.

The virtual world is kind of weird and overlong as data and a program use biblical concepts and myth to become something.

3/5 bananas some coherence here.  Don’t ask me to explain this.