snowpiercer (book 1), Lob Rochette

snowisbn: 9781782761433 is the graphic novel not the film that the weinstein’s fucked up which i have not seen or wish to. Anyhow there might be some merit to the original so a library had a copy which i decided to read.

If you set your disbelief to 0 then maybe this might be practicable but i wont be reading book two

meh 1/5 bananas


Just so happens, Fumio Obata

obataisbn: 9780224096638 is a graphic novel that i found in the end of year books that our non Rupert Murdoch newspaper had never heard of. Anyhow another non Murdoch newspaper had and i thought it worthy of a read.

It can be found in Libraries if your so inclined and tells story about death.  It is beautiful.and reminds me a little of departures (my blog) which is a japanese film.

5/5 bananas.



The walking dead as a graphic novel.

inthefleshI distinctly remember watching this on tv but i dropped it after one season. As graphic novels are a form i like decided to get it or part of it from my library.

On tv it bored me for small cast and strange perceptions that despite the world being made up of under twenty people one on one marriage would remain the only sort.

I think it is still on television and honestly i have no intention of catching up.  Anyhow isbn 9781582406725 is the source material and i found i could locate it.  It did not move me although some of the content was better than the safe for tv version.

I will not be reading further.


Alpha puke

pukeeBananas was watching one of those documentaries about special forces and this was about there selection, however being selected does not mean they would become it and is a little like a university course with a only quarter passing.

There was a lot of discomfort and sick while the numbers where whittled down over a couple of weeks while doing bonkers things that might seem logical at the end of world war three.  It was interesting if unfocused for all the technology at an armies disposal it comes down to brute force.

postapocMind you having an army is no means of guaranteeing a state, if reports are true then Iraqs loss of two brigades to a couple of hundred civilians means either Iraq as an nation state is a us invention, and that probably Paul Bremmer (my blog) can possibly get the blame for siding with one tribe (my blog) over the other.

It [the program] sort of reminded my of post apocalypse by Phil Elliott



magic words, lance parkin

wonder-woman1isbn: 9781781310779 is about Alan Moore (my blog) who has more dud films (my blog) made from his work than many ever dream of getting a thing* as a film. In fact i have some of those books and there good, i even have some of the failed projects [big numbers] as they did not complete.

Dr. Frederick Wertham

Frederick Wertham

The book goes into detail about the comics industry, for instance in the uk comics where ships ballast prior to container ships  (my blog) and the marvel v dc thing is explained as i was not a chimp into american comics it perhaps explains why wertham (my blog) thought these things where ‘bad’  as the wrong class was employed.

It is an insightful book and well worth a read.  A true artist who will outlast both  dc and marvel. 5/5 bananas

* with hollywood accounting, corruption and tax breaks its not as lucrative as many ‘hope’

Building Stories, Chris Ware

buildstoriesisbn: 9780224078122 is a large item and heavier item, its more of an board game* of old size and is a graphic novel.

Its construction is left to the reader, its content is part serous and imaginary with a bee newspaper and has multiple outcomes which in a world where page 1 to the last is how things are ordered is innovative.

5/5 bananas.

* do they still sell them for children ? – i know that ‘geek’ table top games exist

Laughing at Zack Snyder

Bananas had an it problem* last year which meant ‘babysitting’ late one evening, and since i was waiting meant i found a film on free tv worth a view for just the criticism (my blog) it being an Alan Moore interpretation so full of fail and nobody who knows anything about Mr Moore and film means the film is guaranteed to be a dud, so the director with the silly name then made a faithful version but still he did not grep the hate that he and his kind get when interpreting things wrongly.

Watchmen, which it appears be more than one version of this film film/dvd/extended/etc.  Being i own the graphic novel as a paper book i still prefer the paper version.  Poor Mr Snyder who clearly does not have any guts making an original film.

Then there was his attempt at a computer game called sucker punch which most people ignored as the studio decided was a children’s film, rather than an adult film.

0/5 bananas for the film about the graphic novel.

Having no wish to see that other film either perhaps it is best that the more bad films in whole week blocks fill your local multiplex by Hollywood means people seek better stuff.

Fortunately i resolved my issue and made my way back to the monkey house rather glad that i did not pay to see Zacky babe just not get the point of anything.  A result..

* it is really up to the minute here.