renault batteries, breaking websites or shit but clever car electronics

Covid killed some car batteries here in the zoo and left one staff member stuck when the battery lost enough charge to fire it up although the doors still opened.

Then another vehicle had a flat battery again it allowed access which the zoo was able to charge up although being unable to discern where the battery was except for some terminal points.

It was cold and less used which brings me to the website for car recovery in the future and  the users of the car then broke the web site with a visa debit card,

Apparently even now visa means credit not debit cards to some along with the oher issue of validating uk bank cards in france as they use a different validation method.

Oh well it gets worse as the phone app for recovery does not support andriod 5 [which supports ipv6] and is the punchline for this comedy of errors.

While covid-19 caused this non use it is interesting to note how things collapse when its out to lunch.

a tale about soap

Soap is boring but lets me mention other things after all in the age of covid-19 and chinese flu .  Professor needed soap and a non water formulation of which looked interesting.

He saw it on one off those free tv shopping channels and only later did discover that the brand sold by them was worst rated in a journalistic test.

The prices where also not a bargain and it was cheaper online after searching for a similar product.

It pays to look arround.

professors on a surprise quietway scheme [bicycle route]

Professor tells us that his house is now to be deemed located in a quietway to encourage cyclists,snails and chickens* to cross the road.

Unbeknown to all except three civil servants and the downing street cat these schemes of recent are appearing out of nowhere so it was news to professor and the bush telegraph.

These things are to encourage others and discourage cars after all two legs good, four wheels bad****.  How they work has yet to be told to professor somehow how in practice these work is up for question.

Somehow while the summer means nice days i kind of doubt the darkness at 8am in the winter and rain will attract a new group of people to the bicycle as a mode of transport twelve months a year.

Its probably a great thing but its timing feels off and while we are all unbusy due to the china flu the reality of it seems squeed towards the unreality that it is summer all year in someone’s head.

Hills are another problem here as your average cyclist not the drug taking cyclists [my blog] like gentile hills not mountains and as the road is not salted in ice and show i wonder if its a winter olympic sport route**.

It seems a good idea for six months of the year but the other six is well up for debate.

Since it will probably happen i will keep you updated.  I guess a lot of people might get marooned in weather like this [left].

Professor tells me they now cannot close a road any longer and it is going to make temp traffic problems worse in the system to come.

Further antics included somebody moving a 1 metre square cubic box to subvert the scheme and a unicyclist*** using the scheme.

That made me laugh.  If you only have a two wheeled bicycle your so untrendy.

*well nobody says where the chicken crosses the road.  **ski shoot etc. ***think circus performers. **** george orwell reference collect your prize from the zoo if you comment with the right book.

the non working app from the car recovery firm

Professor told us apes a funny story here in the zoo about his andriod phone app for roadside recovery* while chinese covid-19  terrorises us all.

On renewal he was told to update the app and then after doing that the app said no policy. existed   Trying variations on the policy number relented in nope.

So he rang them and was told the app was broken.

Oh well dont update the app on the android phone would seem to be sage advice.

Its insightful while it may exist as a agreement, the same cannot be said about what the app can look at while many of us are un-busy.

*a car with three wheelsl

Anne Sacoolas [who is not a diplomat]

Is an person the press (blogs i read) have been told to not talk about.  After driving on the wrong side of the road and killing some local [on the right side of the road] and then leaving the uk.

More the spouse of a spy this spotlight on this nsa (my blog)  asset must be cause of some embarrassment in the organisation and to mr Sacoolas who is very much a public figure now.

Nothing to see here.

the car ‘scrape’

Months ago professor had a tale to tell us apes about a car (my blog) scrape by some impatient people and months later something is being done about it and he was not driving it when it happened.

So a date was set by him and the car went to a bodyshop and returned to its original state and they did a great job of de-ramming the wheel housing.

Two months later and the bill for the damage is still unpaid  [€300] by the people who rammed the car.

Social manners…


Moaning retailers on the high street…. sounds familiar

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Over the weekend the moaning retailers (my blog) where complaining once more here about lack of business.

Professors significant other also told us a story about the high street here  it entailed posting Christmas items  and the second class postage stamp shortage (my blog) is back that has to be coincidental.   Quite how the royal mail runs out of second class stamps is left to your imagination – i mean how dare people post stuff.   Thus the customer is wrong.

She just about managed to do that, but ran out of time for other shopping as the car park time was up,   So no money was spent or you get a nice £40 penalty charge fine* to pay..

And these retailers still complain about lack of business,  Err if i and she can see it why cannot retailers ?

Are they idiots ?

*value added bonus for shopping.

Road repairs in the wilderness (or the suburbs)

no value.

Professors (my blog) road was being resurfaced – or ‘patched’ after god knows how many years since it was last done four decades or so ago.

Very Bumpy is one way to describe it, the people doing it (no women) seemed to professor to be removing layers and layers of temporarily fixes by the utility companies before recycling the same stuff back on the road.  There is more gain of road stock so maybe that was the reason free stock of road material.

According to professor they have done a good job but once again there are way too many holes to do in the time scheduled.

I wonder how much bad roads cost hospitals ‘extra’ and create waste due to car tyre damage* etc despite the fact that road funding via petrol and car tax motorists pay never seems to get spent** on the roads until deemed desperately needed by some civil servant who probably did it out of self interest.

It makes sense to government for crap roads apparently.  Professor and the monkey house dont understand governmental humans   Idle hospitals wont do, or i suppose everybody should start driving land rovers.   The question then would be why pay road tax

*easy add air to tyre, bad new tyres, ** they prefer aircraft carriers (my blog) for some reason  – since it does not use roads.

Elon Musk and the right to repair

We all chuck stuff away but i was surprised to learn that teslas (my blog) if out of warranty or deemed as such by Telsa and his agents have a value of $0 – unless you have a donor car and access to diagnostics computers so good night and good luck.

Musk has also been adverse of open sourcing of the  libaries his cars use – even taking time to be gpl license correct

Since the monkey house is averse to $1000 phones (my blog) and getting them fixed like agricultural tractors needs a computer to reset the right to repair does matter – your probably paying for the main dealers to fix things in food that farmers incur already.

I learnt something (my blog) and yes while i dont expect (or demand) to fix a 1900 era railway engine without engineers you will perhaps think differently when something under three years old is deemed trash just because apple and musk think so.

Repair / recycle (my blog) might be good but many people do not want you to.

I wonder if Musk’s spacesuit will be repairable? – i do hope he can hold his breath for twelve months while somebody ships him a new one from earth.