Journalists review a book about journalism and see none of their problems

I was reading an online book review about the state of journalism and everybody else was getting the blame for the ills of this ‘profession’ – governments, drugs syndicates,you the readers etc but no mention was made of he who must not be named (my blog) or the fact the journalists writing this where the same ones who smashed up the disk with Snowdens (my blog) list of spying programs in front of the government employees.

I found those an odd omission – after all its not there fault is it that they self hammered a hard disk to bits.

Oddly the book came to no conclusions as to how to fix things – funny that.

I will not tell you the books name since i am sure the newspaper and it’s journalists might deem a mention of it ‘stealing’ so all is well with the world is it not

the digital age,Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen

moonbaseisbn: 9780848546202 is one of those buzz word bingo books which i knew of but not by name. Wikileaks has another narrative to this hence why it is being read.

Pre Snowden (my blog) it casts a wide net and how google might operate.  It has faults as it sees that legality is a form of censorship.

Another problem is the reliance of ngo’s who fail in Haiti by not doing anything but that’s a boss talking to other bosses ignoring failure.  Calling wikileaks a terrorist organisation kind of proves that provided its legal google feels genuinely ok with government demands.

Transformative technologies are given a push but i do wonder if the censored net speculated would allow them to do much after all communicating with facebook in Ethiopia is illegal.

Kieth Vaz

Kieth Vaz

In cooperating with the bully who might also be moral and gay (my blog) i do wonder how they will meet there illicit lovers.  Needs must be met.

1/5 bananas



Free Speech,Tim Garton Ash

MohammadTurbanBombisbn: 9781848870925 is an author i have read before (my blog) and this book is a depressing grind for even needing to be written

However it seems most of you don’t want newspapers to report on news that is bad for leaders. Islam also comes across as the mentally retarded inbred cousin (my blog – affects mormons too) I suppose they really dont need electricity either

If they do not like the ideals of classic Greece (my blog) then that is a good statement of the mental backwardness to be found there.

Much to disagree with here but then how do you reason with a caveman like Khalid Masood and all islamic believers..

Karen Matthews versus the McCann’s

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

I read that this news item (my blog) from 2008 has now made it to television as a drama.  If you have not being paying attention ‘our Karen’ decided to do a McCann of whom is still missing (probably here) and lost there child in Portugal in an evening.

Apparently the good people of Dewsbury are featured for trying to find the ‘lost’ who would naturally be returned when magic money from Hogwarts was an reward but not the class divide, or the famous author with the magic money at Gringots*.  Both the McCann’s and the Portuguese authorities have made great use of the libel courts to suppress there story, or let it be known since the truth here means somebody is guilty after all that kind of thing does not happen every day.

Eventually the police found Shannon Matthews and friends confessed to the scam.

Karen Matthews is guilty but i wonder when the McCann story will get a drama made.  Somehow i think not.  Shall we call it selective censorship?

*not a harry potter fan but i think that’s how you spell it

Chasing the censored zeitgeist at the bbc


mary whitehouse

Bananas notes that another talented musician has recently died and if your a media studies person* then it is the only story so there is no other news.  However the bbc forget that they censored (my blog) this artist in its illustrious past and also employed Salvile (my blog) who has a poor reputation with anything from 1960 culture onwards or even commercial radio which is something the bbc resisted..


rapist with murderer

It’s interesting that even the bbc considered this music bad for ‘editorial’ reasons of lyrics in the 1980’s but raping kids on the bbc payroll was perfectly okay.

Whether you liked or disliked the music bbc radio did not like they certainly was on the wrong end of knowing innovative music or talent.

No doubt some selective airbrushing at the bbc will try and forget that they banned the music all in the name of morals after it they are now a music genius and they would not do that would they..

If you will not mention it i will not either.

*no i am not

Watford home to kinky secrets – shush

Watford is the border* between the north and the south in england and other than that it appears even the Scottish know of sex parties in Watford that we apes in London zoo are not allowed to know about.

superIt involves a super injuction (my blog) which is not a judge in a cape and tights but a bottle of olive oil, a children’s paddling pool and Elton John and his family and some other people for providing real sex toys not plastic ones.  How the rich live.

Since clearly its ok that only england and wales should not be made aware of this but the rest of the world does know and while i dont honestly give a stuff about that kind of ‘news’ i am glad i know because we monkeys are not supposed to know.

onlygayinthevillageIf David Furnish who is Mr Elton John’s wife or something likes that kind of thing then good for him.  Perhaps Watford and its locations are a kinky hotspot so something worth a visit even for the Welsh with there only gay in the village rather than simply show your passport at.

But i bet the japing ape who is a blogger knows more about that than i do.  Pass it on.

*i jest

propaganda via the bbc, and the license fee

Craig Murray is an interesting read if you do not read the blogs i link to on your right and if you never heard of him (my blog) then that is your ignorance.  With unique comes the exploration of the events and a later copy on in a chav* friendly formats such as film** or tv.

stoogesThe only problem is that facts get changed copyright is ignored, and then get broadcast as adjusted ‘truth’.  So is the bbc independent ? or just dong what labour or conservative advisor wanted it to do.

faggingIt is interesting to note that the get the subject filmed required government funding and some compliant actors from oxbridge life willing to lie.  There are a number of issues here.

  • state funded propaganda
  • bbc friendly – dumbed down
  • no ken loach ‘factor’

There is right and wrong on both sides on the original issue, but when it is modified to be a one sided view then broadcast as something it is that not petty state revenge by those who can not let that matter rest?

* when did you last read a book on diplomacy ? ** also a no go for ‘british’ film industry

Peter Pan through ‘racist’ eyes


We be robin hood

Peter Pan (my blog) is that thing and you all know as the boy who never grew up.  Peter would be aged 150 now and if your an anti racist campaigner or something like that means it is up for some abuse at your hands because well its old and not social justice warrior compliant i discovered.

I also recommend a view of the Thunderf00t you tube channel as a counterpoint. Its disgusting* that peter pan has no trangendered character, and that crocodiles are fed alarm clocks that’s animal cruelty i mean do you feed your pet croc a clock now?.

These vile sjw’s inhabit the book world as well although even i see a lack of articles from these people on the site that published that rant so i suppose even publishing finds these people a turn off.

Oddly peter is usually acted by a girl so i suppose the feminists do not agree with the anti racists here (my blog)

Somehow i wonder when these lot turn there attention to the grimm brothers (my blog) after all that’s also got to be racist hasn’t it.Talk is cheap comrades.

*i joke

things that only 1970’s wonder woman could say and do

wonderwoanWonder Woman from the 1970’s was a tv series derived from a comic that shows the problems that superheroes have.  First up is american flag outfit certainly a comics code issue (my blog).  Its not very international is it.

She is also a feminist which i have no problem with but say a man superhero said women are feeble you see my point.  Then with ms star spangled banner, in disguise she seems meek.

Wonder Womanwonder-woman1The 2010 tv remake that failed apparently went a bit odd as well Additional giggles can be found in the invisible plane but that’s mainstream (my blog). But then the comics code hit clean and nothing immoral thank you for the children’s audience for comics. So somehow 1970’s tv did more adult stuff than anybody else has since.

Anyhow i am no expert on amazon ‘types’ or wonder woman its just on television and not that bad if not a little camp.  It is a tricky task (my blog) to keep these comic things ‘right’.

discoI am sure wonder woman will stop that disco dancing memory thief.  Perhaps it would be better if she did not but you who you are yes you do.

Later seasons reduce the Cheshire cat grins and the shit feminist says is reduced with the day being still saved.

I enjoy it for the giggles and whatever happens in the film you will have to expect that demographics matter meaning apart from a more non us centric ‘outfit’ not much will change.

The absolutely true diary of a part time indian, Sherman Alexie

nativeisbn: 9781783442010 is one of those top ten censored books by americans who ‘never censor’, and also amusingly was a book advertised as censored by my library service however it was not loanable. see americans censor, but you cant read it – That is irony (my blog) for you.

Anyhow a couple of years go by and and as an ever now self sustaining as a something americans might censor because of the children  its ‘censored thing’ means i actually find a loanable copy from my library system.  Its not fast it takes a couple of weeks.

Anyhow its suppression by american’s says something about there insecurities which i kind of allude to here (my blog).


sarah palin

5/5 bananas americans are easily shocked.  But a worthy read but who am i to tell americans that ?

It’s taken me at least five years to write this blog entry so i am not sure who the winner is closed minds, bureaucracy or freedom perhaps you have an insight i dont have.  I thought it worth a read.