netflix reviewers and subtitles

rilakkuma and kaoru

I am constantly surprised when those things [my blog] only mention western [non english] foreign  languages not south american or asian stuff. 

Take these ignored things of which i like and bore you with.

3% [series 2 3 & 4]

Covered here [series 1] came to an end and nobody above ever mentioned it.  Season 4 tied up the ends abruptly but its depiction of hell and heaven is interesting.

Omniscient [my blog] is the next of interest thing.

5/5 bananas.

Its odd that these subtitled works do not get professional reviewer interest but some crap back to the future film will be notable by them.   Most of the time western subtitles equals porn and so worthy of outrage by ‘reviewers’

Mind you being a professional reviewer is dumb career.  It is also true that while sjw’s do work in film to point out they are pro abuse and other stuff [*my blog] is important i am looking forward for desmond ‘s issue to be made into a film [my blog].  However i kind of doubt that and if it does then it somehow be a train wreck for the left.

I do not like the outrage on either left [for anime] or right for cuties as it shows up both for censorship and while you may think brazilian culture is rubbish you do not have to watch it and watch some censored hollywood film called back to the future** according to these professional reviewers who dont do subtitles unless lurid in nature.

*if beauty contests where once sexist then clearly they can not be now.  ** somebody at netflix did not like a playboy centerfold image in one of those.

Morals and Laws and the Disney trap

reminds me of

Mulan is a disney cartoon which i have never seen, being Hollywood is unoriginal as hell a live version was filmed near a concentration camp in China for the non han chinese.

As a viewer of china uncensored and knowing how chinese legends are subverted by chairman mao  Chinese culture is not what it is, and your have to go to Taiwan or the west to get the original communalist version minus the chairman in pyjamas and little red books singing the east is red after all Mulan liberated those evil Hong Kongers and Taiwanese people.

Thanking the oppressors is disney corps international crime but assuming Disney corp where told what they could or could not do with local staff who are han chinese means the acknowledgement of thanks is valid for them or they had no choice but to say thank you or too donate there spare organs and hair for the china state.

While you may think of films as a art form, perhaps Disneys practice of following the money mean any sjw view points and moral ambiguity in Disney do not matter – those white liberals values hurt it and made this an issue.

While legal but not moral and a big red flag to all means perhaps Disney should leave the us and base it self in the chinese mainland.   If they did that then a lot of management would be redundant as the government would state what could be done.

winnie the pooh for some

China is one of those things sparkles and oozes billions of people but is controlled by a few who control what those people do.

You may see both sides but Winnie the Pooh knows best and being independent in this fight is not a tenable situation.

Disney may have found that out but somehow its lure of opportunity may mean this is quickly forgotten.

China also would rather not have its issues discovered so perhaps it is a sliver lining after all where your spare kidney and hair extensions came from is not normal conversation unless you seek out news about china which many news organisations do not coveer like the bbc.

Music called and wants its music back for 2020.

golden boobies to the right

Bananas was listening to Sargon [my blog] and Cardi B Wap was a topic.

The fact that it is abbreviated is a clue that it is not a statement of fact but has a subverted meaning.

I was blissfully unaware of this here in the zoo but it brings up some interesting things well worth the time.

Wap is not an 2g mobile phone html like markup language since dumped but stands for wet ass pussy.  Perhaps if the mobile phone people went with that instead then internet on phones might have got more eyeballs sooner*

Trust rappers to sexualize stuff.

Now i do not really care about this and your free to say fuck seven hundred times and call it music in my opinion but the debate around it is the thing.

Nigger, Whore and lots of other ‘bad’ words not liked by youtube are allowed to remain up in this feminist / democrat  / hilary clinton ecosystem as i guess Card b passes the i am black test.  At least a women can say it, if a black man said that i am sure those feminists would be burning there bras or something and youtube would delete/cancel them.

The definition of female [my blog] is also interesting point here.

Since transgendered crazies cannot procreate and  cannot get wet unless incontinent [think shitting yourself/nappies] since they have no reproductive things  is not this song transphobic and thus is anti the sjw mindset after all if you can be a deer [my blog] and a human that must offensive to deers.  I hope deers get wet ass pussy too.

It is a minefield and whatever view of singers upbringing which you can discover yourself*** and being top of the greasy music pole for five seconds i expect that the mob of intersectional sjw’s will soon have there day with these hurtful lyrics**.

I hope i have not ruined your chain of thoughts for the day, and recommend you do not take my word on this and get a bucket and mop just in case.

Time to stop.

*humour – lets not discuss vr headsets again **even more humour *** do not expect the black marriage rate to rise

censoring china and backdoor internet censorship

kinky sex acts with firemen

Tik tok like all social media is vapid.  Although they have had some controversy as its owned by china.

I am not sure android phones are spyable [my blog] on without ‘clouds’ but acknowledge a computer in the ‘cloud’ could get some information.

So what is concerning is the backdoor  to censorship of all apps and content by government.

Being an idiot on social media is your choice and if you do use it fine but once social media becomes a censorship or honeytrap target beware.

Transgender loonies++

There is somebody else as crazy as wax my balls or else [my blog] Meet FerouciouslySteph who is transgender, identifies as female but eats grass [the stuff in the park] and identifies as a male deer because its the rational thing to do or something out of a Philip Pullman book*.

This ‘thing’ is on a trust and safety council aka patreon debacle [my blog].  I mean the internet needs more transgender deer people.

I know california is weird but where does silicon valley find these things.    How soon until  San Francisco pooper is on on the trust and safety board – poop has rights too.

Patreon is not doing very well these days is perhaps a foreshadowing of perhaps social media leaving america due to weirdos and cost.

*comment and tell me the series and win a prize.

San Francisco web censorship boomerangs

Most employees of Twitter be sjw’s and hate republicans or nazi’s – i am sure they would also shoot the Democrats as well for being tame and un-radical.

However apparently if your name is sexual say your name is John Erect then your going to get censored by the silicon valley intersectional’s unless you be a mentally ill lgbt thing.

If all right wing people got porn star  names then they would never get any trending mentions and so be immune from the twitter communist brigades.

social justice warrior

Dick Nixon [my blog] an deceased president is probably another who is immune to twitter and it’s left wing cadres.

This is more of a problem to the sjw’s as its makes there echo chamber look ineffective and makes there keyword censorship look un-progressive.

Somehow those s/f left wingers seem very small minded.

It’s that man again – Philip Cross and his friends

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

Remember [my blog] well Craig Murray has an update [blogs i read] and his friends are snp [my blog] poo throwers

Interestingly it seems wikipedia even saw the bad publicity that people such as Cross where and partially removed them and he and his like minded friends do not throw poo at Sturgeon.

Some of those observations are perhaps indicative that perhaps scotland is run in a Petan like way although you are not supposed to notice it.

sjw moderators and ‘racist’

I once linked to a blog here who is another writer [not the one you can currently see] , the books and blog content was so so but at times interesting.

Occasionally i comment on the blog and found a funny retort on a theme suggested.

Where the author could insult all for being white / poor [my blog] / fat [my blog] / poverty [my blog] and things not that it was racist even though it is current affairs and non fiction.

I laughed at this communist moderator who clearly is looking at keywords rather than the blog’s context. Are some cultures so protected that they are not to be criticised at all but a white landwhale in Islington is even on poverty porn tv.

So i wont be reading / buying the authors books from now on

The author shall remain within there rights to do what they do but who says i have to bother with them.  Somehow i doubt that my modest seo rank to that url will hurt them and i am definety sure book sales do not matter to them either.

If nuance is lost so be it but dont ask for it in comments when you dont get it.

Not my problem any more comrade.    How was your day?

Patrick Robert John Rock de Besombes and his pervert pass scheme

patrick rock pervert

Patrick Robert John Rock de Besombes (my blog) who had porn o his governmental pc and  somehow resigned and got off with a police warning was in charge of the now eventually cancelled pervert pass scheme to stop ‘young people*’ getting to porn sites***.

It seems after four years somebody realised that the nsa (my blog) and Anne Sacoolas (my blog) along with others could make brilliant blackmail material.  Imagine i could dig through your porn history and then threaten you with it.

The danger is while it may begin with porn, where might it stop*, and assuming that all those social security ids and passport numbers get leaked not like that’s never going to happen (my blog).

The war is not over and these people still want to protect ‘children’  so do not expect the next big internet thing to based in the uk.  Porn will always exist and the more you dont talk about it (my blog) then the more extreme it gets – I once read a book about a british council** place abroad in the middle east had computers with some very interesting porn sites that the locals ‘enjoyed’.

I wonder if Rock is happy or sad that his comprimat scheme is no more.

*assuming there smarter than a out of touch civil servant. ** read jane aire cultural kind of thing *** list your next moral panic in the comments and how dare you be banana phobic.