Elephant in the room your not being told about

If the main stream media do not care, they must be pro censorship, after all google is bad in news media. So next time some journalist complains about publishing real news * (my blog) ask them is googles censorship here fake news ?

If its ok to suppress them why stop there.  It demolishes there argument for a free press.

*very unwilling to even print that

oh dear – youtube goes sjw and losses 70 million in value

On well if you pander to sjws then good luck you tube.

If a mainstream audience is who they want fine but when 51% voted for brexit who is the mainstream ?  if the sjw’s in alphabet think people you write for newspapers and politicians who are hanging on for dear life are there kind of people well bye bye

I think that the era of google might be over.

I have begun to move to other video sites  like bitchute where some of the people i like (my blog) also post.

Why the zoo has disabled firefox upgrades and why you should too

social justice warrior

Firefox recently rejected an extension for political reasons not technical ones for discsenter.   Then it decided to stop apps being loaded unless they approved it.

That is censorship

You may not like disscenter but why stop there – run an advert blocker, it could be next..   Does your dictionary have words sjw’s or npc’s do not like – they might be gone.

Memes might be troublesome to firefox clearly an open internet is  not  something firefox want.

So think about another browser and do not send data to mozilla via firefox  and disable those browser upgrades.

Fatima Ardern and weird new zealand.

Jacinda Ardern (Fatima) and new zealand has few problems.

Kim dotcom (my blog) means new zealand has no backbone and it seems veers from being a stooge for america and and now pro saudi arabia.

I do wonder if Shamima Begum (my blog) will find safety there, after al you could argue that the pro censorship and pro islam policies means its probably a really safe place for deash (my blog) believers.

If your not a muslim and living* in new zealand good luck,  better throw away those razors now and ladies should go buy burkhas after all Fatima is.

*homosexuals get thrown off two storey buildings.

a close shave (new competition in the razor industry)

Razors are an expensive consumer item, each side throws the accusation that there cheaper while supporting strange sports ‘stars’ who never do anything wrong (my blog). Nothing to do with Wallace and gromit.

There are now more companies selling razors  and being bored one day i wondered where this leaves censoring legal professionals and the big brands who now have new competition.  After all high court super-injunctions sound more expensive than a boat full of bananas.

£44 was the cheapest per year (provided your not that hairy) via a website with the newer firms, as to buying a real razor and blades seems mired in artisan-al professional beard growers so not a generally easy to discover area as to how to get in to.

You cant buy razor blades from Tesco, computer said noIt will be interesting to see when the female razor market gets there attention after all a pink razor handle opposed to manly black one is not beyond the r&d of many companies..

Perhaps the excesses of of the people who like super injunctions like sports professionals  hired to promote this product have finally bitten them the established firms and many now see the world for what it is.

It may be worth looking at if your being taken for a ride and helping funding legal super injunctions denying the right to news but it is nice to see that economics is alive and kicking and that might mean less profits for gillete and other established  razor makers.

Here is an afterthought name me a number of vacuum clearer manufacturers i hope you also named dyson as well as the tradtional makers of such things.

Think about it the message that sport is corrupt (my blog) is one that shines through as well.

gdpr slowing down http & https and occasionally censoring it

The eu cookie law gave us ok boxes.   Gdpr gave us slow web pages*  when the advert networks seem to do ip lookups before showing adverts and stuff.

Was this intentional ? if so the www bit of the internet is either intentionally being destroyed by governments and the main stream media or its a happy coincidence.

half the browser window for gdpr

I notice a defined before and after gdpr (my blog),   in this (my blog) i never found found what the state was in red or blue terms as my basic searches results in gdpr blocking.    Eu censorship as designed ?

*slow dns