a close shave (new competition in the razor industry)

Razors are an expensive consumer item, each side throws the accusation that there cheaper while supporting strange sports ‘stars’ who never do anything wrong (my blog). Nothing to do with Wallace and gromit.

There are now more companies selling razors  and being bored one day i wondered where this leaves censoring legal professionals and the big brands who now have new competition.  After all high court super-injunctions sound more expensive than a boat full of bananas.

£44 was the cheapest per year (provided your not that hairy) via a website with the newer firms, as to buying a real razor and blades seems mired in artisan-al professional beard growers so not a generally easy to discover area as to how to get in to.

You cant buy razor blades from Tesco, computer said noIt will be interesting to see when the female razor market gets there attention after all a pink razor handle opposed to manly black one is not beyond the r&d of many companies..

Perhaps the excesses of of the people who like super injunctions like sports professionals  hired to promote this product have finally bitten them the established firms and many now see the world for what it is.

It may be worth looking at if your being taken for a ride and helping funding legal super injunctions denying the right to news but it is nice to see that economics is alive and kicking and that might mean less profits for gillete and other established  razor makers.

Here is an afterthought name me a number of vacuum clearer manufacturers i hope you also named dyson as well as the tradtional makers of such things.

Think about it the message that sport is corrupt (my blog) is one that shines through as well.

gdpr slowing down http & https and occasionally censoring it

The eu cookie law gave us ok boxes.   Gdpr gave us slow web pages*  when the advert networks seem to do ip lookups before showing adverts and stuff.

Was this intentional ? if so the www bit of the internet is either intentionally being destroyed by governments and the main stream media or its a happy coincidence.

half the browser window for gdpr

I notice a defined before and after gdpr (my blog),   in this (my blog) i never found found what the state was in red or blue terms as my basic searches results in gdpr blocking.    Eu censorship as designed ?

*slow dns

who is Andrew Philip Cross at wikipedia

In https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/05/the-philip-cross-affair/ (not here)

Raises a question – man with bots ?  who never stops working, if so bias is implied and Wikipedia mean he controls it and if your not ‘Julian’ then do not even think about editing Wikipedia.

I don’t like Wikipedia (my blog)  but to call wikipedia ‘open’ is debatable and perhaps verging on smear campaigns via ‘selected twisted facts’ and omission

Don’t trust wikipedia seems wise advise.

This is also not the first time they have been caught lying a religous ‘scholar’ who won arguments with i have a phd there but who did not was another example of wikipedia misuse that i know of.

If you think wikipedia is open then the sky is pink all the time and magical unicorn exist.

I am sun mu

imdb: tt4722674 is an insight into chinese censorship as a north korean defector sets up an art exhibition in china and you can guess what happens. (my blog).

I rather like the art but then the zoo does have propaganda posters framed.  If you know a site where i could buy a sun mu print i would be grateful if you tell me below.

5/5 bananas not good sub titles was white text on a white background means this is a watch on pc rather than television* screen.

*sansung (my blog) – joke

asian anti corruption television shows

Being an ape i once read about a tv drama from china about corruption which was oddly tolerated by the single party political class in China and it was deemed a hit by locals who only see what the communist party think best.

Professor here in the zoo was telling us apes of South Korean series called stranger (imdb: tt6461346) which he only knew was from there by the local cars driven.

Its good since i do not usually like korean television (my blog) that much suffering from pretty people and an odd reality this has a production quality that means it has non of those faults if they are pretty then i did not notice it.

A future corruption might well be the winter Olympics (my blog) in south Korea happening 2018 after all these sporty types are famous for it.

Stranger is on netflix (my blog)

Journalists review a book about journalism and see none of their problems

I was reading an online book review about the state of journalism and everybody else was getting the blame for the ills of this ‘profession’ – governments, drugs syndicates,you the readers etc but no mention was made of he who must not be named (my blog) or the fact the journalists writing this where the same ones who smashed up the disk with Snowdens (my blog) list of spying programs in front of the government employees.

I found those an odd omission – after all its not there fault is it that they self hammered a hard disk to bits.

Oddly the book came to no conclusions as to how to fix things – funny that.

I will not tell you the books name since i am sure the newspaper and it’s journalists might deem a mention of it ‘stealing’ so all is well with the world is it not

the digital age,Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen

moonbaseisbn: 9780848546202 is one of those buzz word bingo books which i knew of but not by name. Wikileaks has another narrative to this hence why it is being read.

Pre Snowden (my blog) it casts a wide net and how google might operate.  It has faults as it sees that legality is a form of censorship.

Another problem is the reliance of ngo’s who fail in Haiti by not doing anything but that’s a boss talking to other bosses ignoring failure.  Calling wikileaks a terrorist organisation kind of proves that provided its legal google feels genuinely ok with government demands.

Transformative technologies are given a push but i do wonder if the censored net speculated would allow them to do much after all communicating with facebook in Ethiopia is illegal.

Kieth Vaz

Kieth Vaz

In cooperating with the bully who might also be moral and gay (my blog) i do wonder how they will meet there illicit lovers.  Needs must be met.

1/5 bananas



Free Speech,Tim Garton Ash

MohammadTurbanBombisbn: 9781848870925 is an author i have read before (my blog) and this book is a depressing grind for even needing to be written

However it seems most of you don’t want newspapers to report on news that is bad for leaders. Islam also comes across as the mentally retarded inbred cousin (my blog – affects mormons too) I suppose they really dont need electricity either

If they do not like the ideals of classic Greece (my blog) then that is a good statement of the mental backwardness to be found there.

Much to disagree with here but then how do you reason with a caveman like Khalid Masood and all islamic believers..

Karen Matthews versus the McCann’s

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

I read that this news item (my blog) from 2008 has now made it to television as a drama.  If you have not being paying attention ‘our Karen’ decided to do a McCann of whom is still missing (probably here) and lost there child in Portugal in an evening.

Apparently the good people of Dewsbury are featured for trying to find the ‘lost’ who would naturally be returned when magic money from Hogwarts was offered.as an reward but not the class divide, or the famous author with the magic money at Gringots*.  Both the McCann’s and the Portuguese authorities have made great use of the libel courts to suppress there story, or let it be known since the truth here means somebody is guilty after all that kind of thing does not happen every day.

Eventually the police found Shannon Matthews and friends confessed to the scam.

Karen Matthews is guilty but i wonder when the McCann story will get a drama made.  Somehow i think not.  Shall we call it selective censorship?

*not a harry potter fan but i think that’s how you spell it