No money in retail, but in parking fines

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Imagine you or  the zoo got this email

Are you having problems with people abusing your parking facilities ?

Would you also like to receive commission from the people that are abusing your parking?

Would you also like not to have to pay for this service?

If so we can help.

x Ltd is a National Car Park Management Company that provides a friendly bespoke ethical car parking management solution and service.

Our combined knowledge of over xx years in the parking industry and our dedication in solving parking problems can only benefit our customers.

Where most car parking companies keep all the monies they collect at x we feel that our clients should also benefit from parking abusers, that’s why we offer commission on all notices that pay, and not limited just to the first 14 days of issue.

x are members of the British Parking Associations AOS Scheme.

We offer up to £40.00 commission for all paid tickets,

If that is not a fuck you to visiting the high street then please blame somebody else for the high streets failure (my blog)

What does

benefit our customers

Mean ? visit once (my blog) or many times.   Not a concept  they ‘get’ i think.

Being this was also a spam email* i reported it.

*hooray for online !

An apple a day…

Not the fruit but it appears that the party is over  with the phone.   It appears that the total amount of fools  (my blog) prepared to spend $ 1200 on a phone has been fulfilled.

Indication of problems with apple things (you tube) is well known by me and as procurer of phones $50 is about our limit (my blog) so the monkey house is no sucker for apple products.

Interestingly enough it was not the bad design, but the repairing of bad phones that causes apple pain after all a $1200  dollar must really have a long life cycle..

Apple would  like to illegal-ise repair of anything so that $1200 is rented rather than owned..

Another reason stated was that the chinese who make the phone now make better phones because of it, it is not me who agreed to make it there but apple themselves and yes the monkey house is very happy with our non recognisable brand $50 phone made in china.

Sally will probably see a reduction in iphone addicts [see above links]  but even now i cannot see any reason to buy an apple product.  But peak retard has been achieved.


The credit card cvv number finally not getting abused by e-commerce.

Credit card terms and conditions are nasty

The cvv number is something everybody seems to want but once known i do wonder who else also knows this extra info, apparently this is not stored but with the number of data breaches on the up i was surprised when buying a book (my log) that i was not asked for the three digit code.

I would have preferred to use a library but nobody had it.

It was not bought from that famous site your all probably thinking it was due to cost and edition clarity.

Moaning retailers on the high street…. sounds familiar

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Over the weekend the moaning retailers (my blog) where complaining once more here about lack of business.

Professors significant other also told us a story about the high street here  it entailed posting Christmas items  and the second class postage stamp shortage (my blog) is back that has to be coincidental.   Quite how the royal mail runs out of second class stamps is left to your imagination – i mean how dare people post stuff.   Thus the customer is wrong.

She just about managed to do that, but ran out of time for other shopping as the car park time was up,   So no money was spent or you get a nice £40 penalty charge fine* to pay..

And these retailers still complain about lack of business,  Err if i and she can see it why cannot retailers ?

Are they idiots ?

*value added bonus for shopping.

do i bother to?

I like specific music not what Simon Cowel and the female #metoo rapist* (my blog) thinks.   So i was thinking about this (my blog) as an item in music form not a book.  Since it would not be a popular item i decided i would end up getting it for me because it was too hard.

If you have completed my thought process for me then then i dont think it will be a suggestion .  Socks oh my!

*male rape by females is ok


An uneconomic ‘black friday’ deal

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Last year around this time i was looking at gigabyte Ethernet switches (my blog) for the zoo to replace our aging switching and nearly bought them until the postage was more than the saving made normally

Sure i could have increased the order size but i saw no point as i needed nothing else urgently.

Since the existing switches still work i decided to not purchase them.  I suppose being specific and logical mean no sale.

Nobody really complains about our internal network speed anyhow and still have not commented about it.

Having been asked to buy a new phone recently (my blog) i can confirm that it went up in price during black friday means the not sale price was better then then deals you may have bought might not have been ‘deals’.

Its kind of weird consumerism, when its like this.

Thin aluminium cans

The monkey house had a delivery of carbonated soda cans  one had a fault in on moving the larger pack resulting in the pressure vessel losing its contents with a leak.

As a non soft drink drinker* i was mildly surprised that the containment vessel as so soft since it was not thrown around.  The non aluminium packaging appears to absorbed some of the liquid but it felt like it was packaging on the cheap.

Having found the offending vessel it was drunk and the can recycled hopefully into something better.

*banana flavoured cola sound horrible.

a close shave (new competition in the razor industry)

Razors are an expensive consumer item, each side throws the accusation that there cheaper while supporting strange sports ‘stars’ who never do anything wrong (my blog). Nothing to do with Wallace and gromit.

There are now more companies selling razors  and being bored one day i wondered where this leaves censoring legal professionals and the big brands who now have new competition.  After all high court super-injunctions sound more expensive than a boat full of bananas.

£44 was the cheapest per year (provided your not that hairy) via a website with the newer firms, as to buying a real razor and blades seems mired in artisan-al professional beard growers so not a generally easy to discover area as to how to get in to.

You cant buy razor blades from Tesco, computer said noIt will be interesting to see when the female razor market gets there attention after all a pink razor handle opposed to manly black one is not beyond the r&d of many companies..

Perhaps the excesses of of the people who like super injunctions like sports professionals  hired to promote this product have finally bitten them the established firms and many now see the world for what it is.

It may be worth looking at if your being taken for a ride and helping funding legal super injunctions denying the right to news but it is nice to see that economics is alive and kicking and that might mean less profits for gillete and other established  razor makers.

Here is an afterthought name me a number of vacuum clearer manufacturers i hope you also named dyson as well as the tradtional makers of such things.

Think about it the message that sport is corrupt (my blog) is one that shines through as well.