Have you seen this woman in Plymouth ?

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

In this (my blog) i read that Plymouth’s most celebrated child rapist (and a female) is now considered a free woman,

In 2009 and funded by the bbc she raped very ypung children.   Vannessa George is the name via little teds which is something the bbc thought to promote and fund and provide opportunity to abuse.

If you think it unfair to point out her misdeeds when i could mention Olve Cooke, Oxfam and god knows how many other selfless charity workers then let me know who i missed in  the comments


The loyalty card failure

Professor had a loyalty card from a stock market listed retail business which was not doing too well.  The loyalty card became a victim of saving the business not that professor went that often although it was a top choice for that kind of thing..

Professor still goes there (via online) but buys less and the shed’s (my blog) competitors get more more money assuming they had it in stock to begin with which as an expense to the business is a point worth making .

I read its attempts to become profitable have failed.    I wonder how many other people spent less when the scheme ended.

I had a loyalty card thing  once years ago and then it was closed down i gave them back there card, and never visited the place.

fake razors and long gone e-commerce sites

I bought an non protor and gamble replacement razor (my blog) from an unknown website and when the thing arrived i sensed a fake.  Since it was cheap and the original part seems not to be sold on real websites where it always out of stock i let it slide.  It may be better and ancient razors are  bit shit.

May i remind you with amazon dumping all stock items in to one single bin (my blog) regardless of who supplies it this could happen there too.

After a while the thing began to fall apart but was still usable.  Then the website disappeared.

I would not buy a p&g razor* ever (my blog) but i am kind of perplexed as to how to buy a real part  in reality.   Granted it is an older model and one i doubt a bricks and motar retailer would even sell.

Not sure what i did wrong and if i could have done it better for the money – i doubt it at least i do not fund super injunctions.

*who is to say there are not fake Gillette razors?

man shops versus women shops

I am sure womens makeup* is very profitable** but when one sex determines the high street customers or main street footfall then it is in trouble.

Professor has clocks which need batteries that are non standard.  The womans shop may stock them but really dont give a stuff unlike there cosmetics.

After hearing Prof grumble about it once too often i suggested a man shop who where helpful had it in stock and did not take hours to find.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

If the high street is ever going to get its mojo back then its going to have to offer something for men – but dont tell the charity shop guru.

Anyhow I have said this before (my blog) and look forward to kept being proven right.

*monkeys dont wear it. **vegan makeup

missing data on price comparison sites and lazy consumer ‘guides’

The monkey house is moving isp (my blog) so i looked at phone line rental options since it has been a while and might be affected by the isp shift.

I found no bargains.  But no price comparison sites did  list our existing supplier* – so much for them being independent – payola ?

So i went the library and read the brief which guide and that also just covered the big ones.

I was none the wiser.

That seems very lazy that no publisher which you pay to access (not adverts) seems independent

*an newer product than isp, you can mix suppliers of phone and isp.

odd ecommerce site experiences

So i was trying to buy a replacement cpu fan, having obtained a part number one site had it but then decided it was not in stock (my blog).  I guess your not supposed to buy via it.   A for display purposes only site i am glad to say they confirmed my suspicions of them.

Ebay had some but where no bargains and being the huge number of crooks there it was no chance that was ever doing to happen to buy anything from the scum and villainy that is ebay and paypal.

Amazon (my blog) was interesting but also no bargain even with prime, or without it and that was pennies different in cost shipped.    I do not like the idea  of shopping from amazon too much.

Instead i went to the zoo’s system builder and ordered one from them hopefully it will be the right one and extend the life of the pc for five more years.   It was cheaper.

All i have to do is install (my blog) it and a topic for another day.

amazon prime economics

Was not worth it (my blog), i placed another order for something required that had come to its end of life so some value was derived from it..  I would remind all of you i did not want prime but could not get it removed from my first order.

Depending upon who you are it was not good value.

  • video rental £2 – based on library dvd cost
  • second order saving £ 3 (compared) from shopping site comparison)
  • streaming of album £ 13

Since i do not buy cd’s often and i did not purchase it (prime only covers amazon items not amazon marketplace)  i guess i broke even if i had to pay for prime.   But i like being able to shop elsewhere  – for instance i soon need ink and i have no idea if the quantity of ink  is good from them, where my existing supplier from two years ago is only now showing signs of emptiness a false saving.

One problem i have is being linux based is i do not know if i could buy mp3 files from amazon and  if they work i am not going to experiment based on the shit customer experience if they dont play and having to deal with a retard who tells me buy a windows pc.

Since a lot of my purchases are thoughtful (not impulsive)  i really dont care about next day delivery.

Comparing tv series was also tricky  since i can not find a competitor streaming what i saw.   Your have too take a leap of faith on that one.

So its a hard thing to pin down but i prefer to rather shop without prime (my blog).   I spend most of time not signed into amazon anyhow.

Money is not needed for the ‘arts’ – honestly

Imagine the irony.

So next time somebody in the arts industry* ‘wants’ you to save a painting, or a set of tea cups  for the nation and then to be hidden in a warehouse for the next fifty years for a lack of display space remember that they do not need money.

Apparently some arts snob in the portrait gallery has gone sjw over some issue and you might think there dealing with the Columbian drug cartels but there not.

The problem is that once you highlight one issue  – say fat people eating chocolate (my blog) where do you stop.  Should you ban the consumption of chocolate for all sounds good reasoning.

I really do not visit art galleries but if people feel generous enough to do ‘good deeds’ then who am i to say that is wrong.  Perhaps blank walls are art, or future art (my blog).

But i got your message arts industry.   I am sure i got the correct interpretation.

*including the royals (my blog)