Nasty shit on an andriod phone

I was ‘attempting’ to browse web pages not via google on a lollipop (andriod) phone and not having much luck and got an pop up offer for two free phones for an iphone and a samsung* – although it picked up the make and our zoo’s isp i thought this advertising pretending to be our isp was very extremely scam-my.

One offer with a countdown had expired , and they assumed that our location was also wrong. My view of the iphone is on record (my blog) so not I do not wish to join the retards who own a iphone.  I had to terminate the browser as the advert was not designed for mobile phones

So i decided to ring our isp and ask them if these offers where real and got a definite no as i expected.Our user equipment was not to blame but the settings (or lack of them) as a new phone.

Randall Rothenburg bat shit insane

There are people who think ad-blockers are bad (my blog) but perhaps scamming people via popups is good for them.  I suppose thats a judgement call

Anyhow i failed to browse web pages on a android phone or even bookmark a page, however it appears lollipop definety needs an adblocker..

The more i observe i conclude that Randall Rothernburg should be assessed for his mental health since he appears to be missing a lot of screws.

Anyhow it was an interesting look at the ethics of the internet advertising board of which seem lacking.

*free fireworks\burning thing ?


Frankenstien flash

franknfurterI begin with a compile of nodejs which for some reason desired that it remove flash from debian with a compiler required that i thought i might need but probably did not – so my fault.

So i have no flash plugin which brings me to the perverse state of html video and audio – especially stuff in translation.

The video is not flash, but h264, the subtitles are in flash.  So i switch to chrome browser with pepper flash in 64 bit linux  which kind of works if your dont mind powering off your computer every thirty minutes since it froze about then.

Even the ad industry cannot figure out this shit, some adverts just played sound, no video some did both and the warning emitted by chrome browser amount to displeasure by the rendering engine.

mallThe best advert was for a shopping mall in africa.  I think it was in africa being london zoo residents it did look a bit too sunny.  It certainly made me think.  How 1980’s malls.

The induced level of fuckup involved here made me both think and laugh.  If this is what advertising does no wonder internet advertising is in the state its in.  As to the drm requirements by the copyright brigade – lol

I still cannot install flash since the upstream source is broken [404] so although i created this monster it is interesting to see the fallout.

I am amused and disgusted for if i can see the faults and flaws of the shit advertising attempts to do then clearly there clueless.

Perhaps if i learn to play the violin* frankenstein will behave.

However an attempt to load the same site in an older version of firefox resulted in a message to piss off, and the more newer version of firefox on a virgin linux pc resulted in no sound or video also so the violin trick probably won’t work

*i joke.

the ten a day, up from five a day

great bananas, but the catholic preist raped my children

Fruit & Vegetables are interesting as part of a balanced diet – somebody ‘nutritional‘ (my blog) since has declared that from five items of stuff then should be increased to ten a day.  – Seventy bananas a week.

I guess it soon be twenty.  That is a lot of bananas. One hundred and forty  a week.

There are plenty of quacks and monopolists in vitamin pills and nutrition ‘science’  Perhaps twenty a day will also apply to sugary drinks and chocolate bars* as well.

*the sugar industry is known to bribe nutritionists.

Lazy people – something about smart phones

really uncool

The monkey house has been discussing smart phones and the cost while the phone bit is cheap how you obtain the hardware is the thing as own/rent/hire are all options.

Laziness is expensive and as the technical ape who knows sod all about this sort of thing it was an education – renting is expensive say £25 a month over two years, buying outright new from a phone company is expensive but doing it separately is an area where if you have the cash upfront means big savings.

Avoiding microsoft products of course (my blog))i found a reasonably price unknown brand but with android (my blog) 5.1 os for under £80 [not hard]. Over two years that’s £3.5 monthly  if i keep my 24 a month term from above and own the phone.

The moral is buy – dont rent and do not go to a phone shop for anything. Counter intuitive but those tv adverts, shops and unhelpful staff* do add to the cost.  Being an ethical customer is also  a sign of being a mug

Whether the ape who wants this ‘phone’ has the ability to use it if a another question as i go down this rabbit hole – more posts in the future on phones.

*not something your average salesperson wants to do is teach silver surfers how to use a smart phone..

chav sports in there chav home [itv]



As a watcher of twitter* i was surprised that horse racing and wrestling (my blog) where trending and apparently back to the home of chav television (my blog) here in the united kingdom over the new year**.

Betting upon it is the main aim of one although the betting shops i walk past in Camdem seem to have tv although i have never been in one, and wrestling is probably deemed more scripted ‘drama’ rather than a real sport or corruption issues.


Je t’aime

chavIt was surprising as these ‘working class’ sports returned to a free platform rather than on some vague sports channel that i as a rupert murdoch and also a sport hater would never consider buying although its probably steal-able i imagine.

The lesson ? while some might pay for this trite (my blog), for a mass market it has to be on fta tv otherwise it is just a minority sport.   Football and other sports might take note.

I have not heard of any more since but since i do not watch a lot of television to begin with it seems to have been deemed a failure by the accountants.

*not a writer,** this is not an fast and up to date blog

Lawn mower assembly (not boring)

Bananas was called out of the monkey house one monday morning to assemble a lawn mower which i had heard about from the zoo staff but had no idea i was going to help  ‘assemble’ it

This may have been a scientific test by professor and if so one he would have failed – he does not do instructions.

Having found the lost wheels and the instructions i used a bit of brute force and then got to the handle.  There was some faffing about with up/down and left/right but four screws later it began to look like a thing that worked like in the pictures found in the instructions.

So i think i passed, if you are stumped by garden tools assembly come visit the zoo and your box and the monkey house will probably be able to assemble it for you – bring a banana for incentive which professor did not provide.

Professor appears pleased so as long as i do not have to mow a lawn lets say both of us are content.

ungrateful minions who use gmail

minionIn april last year google got badmouthed for a minion themed april fool day along with a few idiots who then complained about said feature being not business like.

Gmail is free [personal use].  Its hardly ‘business’ email and the minions are well known.  If people are unable to press the right button then clearly these select people are whiners who really should be kicked of gmail for being retarded

Where does this leave the april fool ? when some morons can’t get a ‘thing’.You tell me

The newspaper purchase

loyalcardBananas left the zoo and visited a nearby library in the peoples republic of camdem.since nobody else had bought the newspaper back to the monkey house so i ended up in big chain of newsagents.

Having located the item i presented it and the method of payment to the human who fumbled about several times to get this thing paid.

This was complicated by some management decree that i also had to have a several other bits of waste paper of some offer that usually would be invalid.

Those extra bits of paper (receipted by the pos too) where rejected and then i returned to the zoo none the wiser as to what they where.

If i was paying that retailer to promote something (my blog) and did what i did then i would want my money back.