amazon prime economics

Was not worth it (my blog), i placed another order for something required that had come to its end of life so some value was derived from it..  I would remind all of you i did not want prime but could not get it removed from my first order.

Depending upon who you are it was not good value.

  • video rental £2 – based on library dvd cost
  • second order saving £ 3 (compared) from shopping site comparison)
  • streaming of album £ 13

Since i do not buy cd’s often and i did not purchase it (prime only covers amazon items not amazon marketplace)  i guess i broke even if i had to pay for prime.   But i like being able to shop elsewhere  – for instance i soon need ink and i have no idea if the quantity of ink  is good from them, where my existing supplier from two years ago is only now showing signs of emptiness a false saving.

One problem i have is being linux based is i do not know if i could buy mp3 files from amazon and  if they work i am not going to experiment based on the shit customer experience if they dont play and having to deal with a retard who tells me buy a windows pc.

Since a lot of my purchases are thoughtful (not impulsive)  i really dont care about next day delivery.

Comparing tv series was also tricky  since i can not find a competitor streaming what i saw.   Your have too take a leap of faith on that one.

So its a hard thing to pin down but i prefer to rather shop without prime (my blog).   I spend most of time not signed into amazon anyhow.

Money is not needed for the ‘arts’ – honestly

Imagine the irony.

So next time somebody in the arts industry* ‘wants’ you to save a painting, or a set of tea cups  for the nation and then to be hidden in a warehouse for the next fifty years for a lack of display space remember that they do not need money.

Apparently some arts snob in the portrait gallery has gone sjw over some issue and you might think there dealing with the Columbian drug cartels but there not.

The problem is that once you highlight one issue  – say fat people eating chocolate (my blog) where do you stop.  Should you ban the consumption of chocolate for all sounds good reasoning.

I really do not visit art galleries but if people feel generous enough to do ‘good deeds’ then who am i to say that is wrong.  Perhaps blank walls are art, or future art (my blog).

But i got your message arts industry.   I am sure i got the correct interpretation.

*including the royals (my blog)

the electric hover

The zoo’s elderly hoover (my blog) died and one day a replacement turned up being a lot more modern than plug version  which stopped working.

Its a lot nicer being battery powered and less heavy (not a dyson)  being there’s no motor and twenty metres of cable inside it.

I had been looking at these devices but the one supplied seems simple but apart from the brand name it was not one i recognised but it seems to able to do what the more expensive ones can do minus  a few nozzles.

So it might be that those larger machines are not needed.

No but you really did not give me any choice – amazon being deceptive.

Amazon Prime is something amazon wants me to have and as a occasional customer since 1998  i feel that ‘prime’ adds a cost to items (my blog) that then makes then not a bargain in economics terms after all the market is not just amazon.

Due to an item i need to expand because of an ipv6 problem (my blog) i unwillingly decided to expand one thing with something* and amazon are  fast compared (my blog) with some firms.  so i can do this quickly when the monkey house is closed.

I doubt i could find one on the high street either.   So get to the checkout and i can see no option to not but sign up to amazon prime and i was willing to pay for delivery.    Having clicked on something deceptive that i thought might do that  but did not and i could not go back** and so had one new blog post to start with.

I have to now cancel prime and have put in my calender as a reminder but i might as well look at this (my blog) in music form so it is blog worthy.  I am still not convinced that prime is  for me.   It’s shady nature also makes me feel conned despite the free postage.

Calendered, cancel bookmarked and i think i am ready.

*not essential to know what the thing does  ** i could have aborted the saleand  logged out and started again.

A feminist fuck you to Procter & Gamble (who own gillete)

Gillette (my blog) have been in the news with the sjw thing (my blog) and the bbc had this gem of wamens rights

Now i dont care what anybody does but after lecturing men it seems even the women are rejecting the razor.

While you lecture one side and even the other side stop then good luck to P&G and its shareholders

As an hairy ape i would remind you that the monkey house is the best place to see us

apes arise !


The mary portas problem personified

A pair of very old winter boots started clowning around (my blog) recently and having asked how much to fix them and being given a forget it price I had to go shopping .

Instead of visiting a high street (incurring fares or parking fines [both my blog])  i remained in the monkey house and went shoe shopping. I came close to nearly buying on one site but could not remember if i had an account with them.   They where evasive on the issue and i thought i could do better.

Wanting a smart pair of boots i went elsewhere and they where 50% cheaper than the quoted repair of the old boots – they did  also need new bottoms anyhow and where twenty years old something nobody was able to do  in the past apparently not until now.

Being unwearable they where recycled and within two days the new shoes where picked and delivered when most shops would have been closed.

I cannot fault it  there being

‘no we dont have your size’,

or any other excuse. Sure it is that time of year to buy this kind of stuff its not Antarctic coat buying in mid summer

They fit too.

I wonder how the queen of charity shops (my blog) would perceive this.  Money is money.

No money in retail, but in parking fines

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Imagine you or  the zoo got this email

Are you having problems with people abusing your parking facilities ?

Would you also like to receive commission from the people that are abusing your parking?

Would you also like not to have to pay for this service?

If so we can help.

x Ltd is a National Car Park Management Company that provides a friendly bespoke ethical car parking management solution and service.

Our combined knowledge of over xx years in the parking industry and our dedication in solving parking problems can only benefit our customers.

Where most car parking companies keep all the monies they collect at x we feel that our clients should also benefit from parking abusers, that’s why we offer commission on all notices that pay, and not limited just to the first 14 days of issue.

x are members of the British Parking Associations AOS Scheme.

We offer up to £40.00 commission for all paid tickets,

If that is not a fuck you to visiting the high street then please blame somebody else for the high streets failure (my blog)

What does

benefit our customers

Mean ? visit once (my blog) or many times.   Not a concept  they ‘get’ i think.

Being this was also a spam email* i reported it.

*hooray for online !

An apple a day…

Not the fruit but it appears that the party is over  with the phone.   It appears that the total amount of fools  (my blog) prepared to spend $ 1200 on a phone has been fulfilled.

Indication of problems with apple things (you tube) is well known by me and as procurer of phones $50 is about our limit (my blog) so the monkey house is no sucker for apple products.

Interestingly enough it was not the bad design, but the repairing of bad phones that causes apple pain after all a $1200  dollar must really have a long life cycle..

Apple would  like to illegal-ise repair of anything so that $1200 is rented rather than owned..

Another reason stated was that the chinese who make the phone now make better phones because of it, it is not me who agreed to make it there but apple themselves and yes the monkey house is very happy with our non recognisable brand $50 phone made in china.

Sally will probably see a reduction in iphone addicts [see above links]  but even now i cannot see any reason to buy an apple product.  But peak retard has been achieved.