Refurbished ‘ethical’ phones

Bananas uses an isp for mobile phone sim access* and for nearly £400 they are offering ‘refurbished ‘ ethical phones which is no discount on the ‘new’ version.

When one can buy a non ethical andriod phone for £80 I cannot see how this is any kind of bargain.  Perhaps if you buy ethical products then perhaps £380 sounds a great deal.

Somebody will be happy I am sure of that. at that price. Not us.

*cheaper than a phone company

upsetting hplip when reinstalling a printer queue

One of the zoos printers was not working via hplip after i compiled it so i deleted it and set it up again for the new printer (my blog). One has real ink and the other has non hp toner (my blog) in it – hplip the linux driver for printing then refused to tell me any other ink levels -genuine or not regardless of the sorry state of guessing ink quantity by this hp software which is best ignored imho.

I feel so chastised*. – still see no purpose in buying hp ‘genuine’ ink after all .

*when the ink does not print it probably means it needs toner.

‘genuine’ toner

An older printer here in the zoo needed toner so i obtained one for it at a very reasonable price. It works and a couple of days later i decided to look up what ‘genuine’ toner costs.

I nearly fell out of the tree when i discovered a 545% difference in price for 1500 pages. That would have been expensive per page.  The non genuine one i bought is apparently rated for 2000* pages – honestly speaking as long as it lasts about the same time as usual i think that genuine toner has lost the argument.

Perhaps ‘posh’ ink should have it written on every document to impress people – a somewhat incorrect footer might say we paid 500% more to print this page.

Nice to know. *extra toner in the container

The task nobody wants to do

Which also includes me who set it is for our ape with the smart phone (my blog) and the ape with the phone who cannot be bothered to do it either (or i was an hour in the vets excuse).

So the alpha feels a need to intervene and so takes the ape with phone to place with no phone shop [one of those big groups].but goes to a place with no corporate retail shop.

Ironically after weeks pass by the smart phone ape asks me what i should be doing and would i sort it out.  Keeping a straight face was hard. Mind you with the tariff costing £4.50 for failed calls (user error) i am sure one day something will happen

I am past caring but find it most amusing and something that even the app cannot fix how do you login and use a password with a 1997 sim card after all such things as apps or smartphones did not exist.

Another month passes and i relent after being asked again and I get a pac code which has a shelf life of three weeks and an option for not as cheap calls.  Despite being asked nothing else happens.

I quit this phone stuff.

defective babies, the nhs and the childrens hospital charity conflict of interest.

the stuffed monkey might have more sentience

For several months now it seems a baby who cannot live without a breathing machine and with doubts as to everything else too has been going the rounds in the courts.

Lawyers are expensive so i wonder who is paying these fees – everybody via the nhs ? There are charities involved here (my blog) and a rich one associated with the hospital who have screwed up of which there could be a long term conflict of interest..

I also wonder if the charity business is influencing the nhs aspect of this hospital for the bad publicity the case has brought them after all it does send the wrong message. If your thinking then the paradox of childrens hospital charity also funded by the nhs is another issue which is the more important. .

Residents of the uk are constantly being told there are issues with the nhs – however in this case with opposing charities fighting it out for a rare condition only one suffers from i just wonder what it is doing to the nhs who is paying – you indirectly ?.

Somehow it sounds very expensive and not an wise use of limited resources you keep getting told about.

While it would be nice to fix all issues perhaps the fighting between all parties on the outcome means you humans cant have nice things but the lawyers and rich charity bosses can and sod the cabbage needing the help..


Professor of queues

I had to visit a post office one day to pay something into an account and when i got there there was very long wait. Since it was a shop as well even the soft toys looked grumpy and where also segregated as to look as if they had been fighting and if they had facebook probably they would have unfriended each other as well despite being ‘cheery’ happy bears one might send as a gift**.

That thought actually happened.

There retail stuff was overpriced on some items i am kind of aware what it should cost.

There also where labels everywhere saying you have to buy stuff like pens, and if you queued for as long as i did there is no way you would want to buy non post things* in this establishment.  It was passive aggressive for atmosphere.

Eventually i reached the top of the queue where to my delight there was two people serving – however cash was also being deposited at one since i arrived thirty minutes ago. I assume the other can also do what i want and find out yes they can rather queue twice..

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

My thing takes a minute and surprisingly works which i kind of assumed would not happen.

It was a curious experience.

Eventually i was able to get back to the zoo.  I am glad i do not have to do that every day.

Why are post offices so miserable places to blog about.  I think have enough for a professorship here.

*the zoo too obtains its stamps from a cash and carry and not a post office for reasons of discount rather than use a post office.** i suppose somebody might

online shoes

Bananas needed some new shoes** for the monkey house, so instead of doing bricks and motar shopping (my blog) i did it online* and with two pairs bought found it as good as an experience except i was slightly murdered by the postage costs which as a non returns item from me probably means more profit for the retailer which i do not bemoan them..

.Would i do it again ? yes – as to the life of the shoe that will be a post for the future however they look long lasting. So it seems to beat going old style shopping.

*never bought shoes before online.  **the old ones where uneconomic to repair – even repairable shoes have a life despite good boot repairing (my blog).

I am so glad i was able to use the internet before Theresa May turns it off (my blog) because she is a fascist..

Andriod phones above version 5

Bananas was dealing with an ape with mobile phone envy (my blog) and who found a better deal than there relative did even if the gratification was not instant.

As I do not suffer from mobile phone envy (my blog) I soon discovered that version 6 (cyanogen*) and 7 android versions appear bloody hard to buy or cost (not rent) over $500 us dollars for the phone with that version.  Version 5 appears to not have this problem

Being practical it appears the android upgrade path is closed to many through lack of choice. I wonder if this is a choice or a governmental order.

When the phone arrived  – i had to figure it out despite my hate of phones (beyond the ape with mobile phone envy) and being a cheap phone it appears to do most things and honestly for a £70 phone running the most easily available version of android and i think i could get used to it despite my cack handed setup – eg no google account since the install kept freezing at that point.

Complaints – It needs a better web browser – not google, and the paper instructions came in French so figuring out how even how to put the battery in back was a mystery even for the French and since i did not want to break it with too much brute force I had to find a pdf manual and see a video on how to insert the battery.

I had a fun hour and half swearing at the thing before handing it over – hopefully for i never see for year – alas my peace was interrupted so its off to the library and pick up a rare book for the ape with mobile envy.  Sigh

Would i buy one ? maybe but i prefer a real computer.

*bought by microsoft and shut down let the fud (my blog) begin

Nasty shit on an andriod phone

I was ‘attempting’ to browse web pages not via google on a lollipop (andriod) phone and not having much luck and got an pop up offer for two free phones for an iphone and a samsung* – although it picked up the make and our zoo’s isp i thought this advertising pretending to be our isp was very extremely scam-my.

One offer with a countdown had expired , and they assumed that our location was also wrong. My view of the iphone is on record (my blog) so not I do not wish to join the retards who own a iphone.  I had to terminate the browser as the advert was not designed for mobile phones

So i decided to ring our isp and ask them if these offers where real and got a definite no as i expected.Our user equipment was not to blame but the settings (or lack of them) as a new phone.

Randall Rothenburg bat shit insane

There are people who think ad-blockers are bad (my blog) but perhaps scamming people via popups is good for them.  I suppose thats a judgement call

Anyhow i failed to browse web pages on a android phone or even bookmark a page, however it appears lollipop definety needs an adblocker..

The more i observe i conclude that Randall Rothernburg should be assessed for his mental health since he appears to be missing a lot of screws.

Anyhow it was an interesting look at the ethics of the internet advertising board of which seem lacking.

*free fireworks\burning thing ?