A funny story about bricks & mortar retail

It is grim on the british high street and else where with once famous names withdrawing from the high street/city center.

There not doing great, mind you with identity kit shops, high cost of getting there by bus,train or congestion charge add at least £ 5 to the cost of going there.  I wonder why online and out of town with free parking does better.

It is not all the consumers fault  – toys r us now defunct had  a crooked accountant, although there stock of star wars toys might not have helped (my blog) thanks to disney.

Delivery by shops to homes is not an internet first, america proved (my blog) it as a model with the expanding rail system in the 1800’s   It fell out of favour here in the uk in the 1950’s until mail order got big again.

This actually happened as told by professor to us

So professors s/o went shopping but it was carnival time unknown to her and the car park was soon closed after arriving.    It was decided best to leave before after seeing the official with the key and so no money was spent or otherwise get stranded* for a day or two..

While events like that may bring people in they also drive people out.

So next time you hear a whiny retailer complain…….

*plus parking fines too.

international android phone ‘fun’

Professors significant other visited the monkey house complaining that the phone (my blog) did not work with international calls and data – something i have tried to fix by getting transfer codes but she wont change suppliers or ask the sim card supplier about these problems. – it works locally.

As usual ‘wifi’ got the blame which is innocent, the routers used have no ip blocks or triggered rpz zones (my blog) either.

This is something due to whatsapp not working  but neither the phone or the wifi is at fault. – i have no clue about whatsapp but then i am no smart phone ‘guru’ who if called a genus who charge you $400 to fix an iphone due to bad design.

After being badgered to fix i discovered that the bloody thing was set to airplane mode by them

Is it cynical to laugh ?

Smart phone users sigh.

The missing barcode

Whilst collecting our copy of the daily Rwanda the shop noticed  that it was sans the barcode as part of the paper was ‘missing’.

This certain provided the newsagent with a conundrum as a number of newspapers could not be bought as deemed by the pos system.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

It was interest to notice that another condition of retailing can shut down a days trading on missing stock now include the barcode, and no electricity.

I thought it was interesting.


Ladies day and beta female apes

pony boy

All the beta female apes are likely to go missing from the monkey house today and will probably end up in the zoo’s security office where the horse racing is on.  Not because they like horse racing but because of the hats.

lizzards mam

The apes in question strangely never wear hats.   If you can explain this bonkers thinking, i offer a banana skin prize which you can collect from the zoo.

I also am aware that hooligans like horse racing recently whether or not there gypsies and there for there usual troublemaking was not specified but when a huge fight  starts perhaps not all is well with the world of betting and horses.

If you can derive any logic from this well your doing better than i am.

a shopping adventure

I was asked to buy shoes once again (my blog) and it pays to be observant (my blog). There seemed to be a shoe shortage (my blog) once again and the shoes that where available cost 50% more.

Rather than going to a famous website instead i visited the site that supplied the original shoes and I did not pay 50% extra for the same item.

The moral is while you think online is cheaper if you go to a brand name website you may pay extra, Go to a less famous site then you may get a deal.

Google was no help either here in the correct area.   Sure they know what i was looking for specifically but bots seem to ignore some sites in favour of others.

None of this took a long time but i was fascinated that a shoe (the same model) could cost 50% more depending upon the website.

Another item i wanted to rectify a mistake i made* (my blog)  i also did not buy, once again a less famous website  saved money both on the item cost and postage.

I learnt something.

*more about it at a another time

irrational shoes from the internet

ebau killed the mouse

Sally (my blog) was buying shoes here in the zoo, being asked i could not see the size but they got ordered anyhow by some kind of i can use the internet ape nearby.

Swede was wanted, black leather is what arrived.  Since i have no idea what was ordered or if the supplier was keen to get rid of a size. Why? is something i cant answer thankfully.

So glad i did not get roped into this although the seo traffic hijack from amazon to ebay shows something is crooked at ebay*.  More on that at another time.

I note that Sally has yet to buy further shoes online since so ebay could be considered a impediment to e-commerce.

That does not surprise me.

*i consider ebay a bunch of criminals


Elon Musk and the right to repair

We all chuck stuff away but i was surprised to learn that teslas (my blog) if out of warranty or deemed as such by Telsa and his agents have a value of $0 – unless you have a donor car and access to diagnostics computers so good night and good luck.

Musk has also been adverse of open sourcing of the  libaries his cars use – even taking time to be gpl license correct

Since the monkey house is averse to $1000 phones (my blog) and getting them fixed like agricultural tractors needs a computer to reset the right to repair does matter – your probably paying for the main dealers to fix things in food that farmers incur already.

I learnt something (my blog) and yes while i dont expect (or demand) to fix a 1900 era railway engine without engineers you will perhaps think differently when something under three years old is deemed trash just because apple and musk think so.

Repair / recycle (my blog) might be good but many people do not want you to.

I wonder if Musk’s spacesuit will be repairable? – i do hope he can hold his breath for twelve months while somebody ships him a new one from earth.


Bananas was wondering about in the zoo taking a break from entertaining zoo guests when as that it ape i was called to figure out some weird old employees amazon shopping basket – somehow they had signed up for prime as as occasional amazon humans* I decided to cancel the free trial which appears is a uncheck box thing they missed or was intentionally obscured by your friendly amazon designer who wants you to ? $us 90 a year .. or what ever it now costs

Five minutes later i cancel prime (at least four clicks) and i am back to figuring out why the cart items have disappeared. That also takes five minutes – eventually what they did and what i did resulted in happy zoo employees.

So i saved myself one return job on cancelling amazon prime for them  later on in the month.  As even i do not do amazon for shopping the site seems overly sprawling and not as cheap as others.

Prime is not a money saver but that tale is one for another day


Linksys ‘open source’ routers still too pricey


Consumer grade routers suck one that did not but has an american bias (ethernet cables) was the old wrt54gl the monkey house still has ours – the replacement (my blog) was not open source on release [could be] and pricey and had the disadvantage that if you bricked it while figuring it out they refused to fix it.

So plenty of reasons to not to buy it.

ddwrt then imploded – more on that another time  and another project took over., and then another.  If was to do that i would seek advice being what i know has changed.

Being unwilling to buy the latter model with the disadvantages stated at the time even now which i saw the other day even with  a 40% discount and as  i now use another non consumer brand* and even with a 40% discount it is still cheaper than the linksys  and it would need a 70% price cut to be competitive with the monkey houses  brand.

Brand names are interesting – either the new owner eventually noticed that these items where not selling and  the guess the version of ddwrt was a bit of a game like pin the tail to the pony while blindfolded.

Non consumer grade network stuff is more modular and it seems that if your in the know then its an better option.  The old router was still half the price of the new ones price with the discount.

*the zoo’s internal lan