a weird apple moment

black turtleneck crook Holmes

I do not like apple users (my blog) – no not the fruit.

One of the things i have thought about is streaming tv services and bad hardware support from Panasonic (my blog) and others when the streaming wars hit.  For some us a retard  smart tv has already happened.

So – I got professor a fire tv stick (my blog) and found it can load apple tv on non apple hardware.  That almost sounds a crime in apple group think*.  I mean its like being a Hillary Clinton deplorable.

I pinched myself as this still validates my view that newer streaming services will still  not be available to existing smart tv’s [reducing the market size – yes you could buy a new tv every month to fix but lets be reasonable] but the fact that a  non apple hardware thing loads it is progress.  As a linux user i  cannot even open an itunes account being the zoo has no apple or apple computers there loss not mine by the way and not a whine shows some progress..

This does not mean a subscription** to it will be ever bought for black turtleneck wearing snobs but it marks a change of thinking that will piss off apple snobs but is necessary for streaming tv to be a profitable enterprise for apple.

While not a reason to validate a purchase of the fire tv thing it seems that whoever wins the streaming wars will depend on the flexibility of existing hardware and not a closed eco system.

Such coherence from apple is kind of impressive – that is if it does work and does not go closed again.


Streaming tv is just that, as an apple computer/phone is just the same as a pc or andriod phone in principle.   Apple needs money not snobs which is something apple fans like lee527xx forget.

*it exists and it always the users fault that apple design faults mean its never apples fault (my blog) .** the zoo does not have microsoft or mac computers

Professors fire tv stick

not supposed to be read by anybody

Was an option to get back streaming on the tv (my blog), I could not buy a murdoch / comcast tv streaming box sold locally – i cannot support rupert murdoch (my blog) for criminal activity even if the murdoch family do not own it anymore.

So i got him a stick from amazon which was not a cheap streaming box but if amazon ever stop supporting apparently can be converted into a roku box and is about the same cost.   A new free-view* box is double the cost.

I also got a usb c ethernet attachment so it is wired and wireless networking alas no ipv6 on the fire tv [amazon dont do ipv6].

It is easy to plug in although with that voice assistant it is best to be kept turned off at the mains plug [usb] just in case amazon do spy on you on behalf of the nsa.

off well very well might be ‘on’ and as it has no status light .

Apps even the free ones need a credit card on file with amazon to install which seems dumb as as professor has no prime and in app purchases seem to be hard to disable.

The bbc app is a pain in the ass to set up.

Turning off in app purchases is possible if intentionally hidden it can be done

Dns settings can be set but i think  there is a hard coded [ads enabled] dns server also on the box. I did setup a ipv4 dhcp  lease for wired [with dongle] and wireless connections on the router.

Networking is a bit perverse i had to reset it to get a static ipv4 dhcp lease which uses its own dns rather than ones we specify..

Usb ppwer is also an odd issue – i have a usb cable which the tv could self power the fire tv stick – so either my usb cable is crap, or the tv wont power the fire tv due to voltage limitations it partially boots and will not load.  Your probably best with the usb power mains adaptor unless you want to be mugged for a amazon branded cable specifically for the task.

Snce netflix still works on the tv with the senility at three years of age the fire tv stick does not do netflix but could and if that goes then i see no point in keeping the ‘smart’ tv networked ether wired or wireless.

Would i recommend a fire tv stick no ask me in three years time.


Thank you Louis Rossmann

Right to repair is something important if you own a phone opposed to renting it why cannot you get it fixed – or why should not a motherboard last eight years.   Your car is repairable without having to send it back to Japan so why not electronics ?

rossmanngroup on youtube is a bit nerdy but it reminds me that being an apple retard [my blog] is not good.

Yes electronics do die* and newer things may be better but do you really want to throw crap electronics away every year since samsung or Huawei etc can make more money by selling crap and selling it more often?.

Ok if like us in the monkey house you buy outright and use dirt cheap andriod phones why should you care – ok  imagine that the cost of bread increased by $600 usd per loaf unit because the farmer had to bring a certified agricultural technican out to reset a computer.   The farmer needs that drm thing to make money or no harvest and so why not make grain $1000 dollars more expensive just in case that thing you cannot think has a use does and affects you as well or soon will add a further cost to you the final user.

rossmanngroup   is a reminder that you own things and you are not renting things and you the end user will bare the producers costs.

The war has not been won yet but if it stops me from buying apple products for being ewaste then its going to hurt apple computer as well.  I am not alone.

Remember that if you think repair of stuff you own is bad then enjoy your expensive sandwich in the future while john deere dealers live like gatekeepers.

*cheap andriod phones are actually pretty good not that i i can speak to to extra quality of samsung products and assume they too can make telephone calls.

video game streaming developer fails

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Video games are not a big thing here at the monkey house and with crooks in nvidia (my blog) a hosted game pc makes logical sense*.

So you still dont own titles, and rely on the virtual pc service existing  and the drm tied to that pc in the cloud.

If google develop a service called stadia but sit in a office on 1gb** local area network while ‘testing’ it which is way beyond the average dsl subscriber actually pays for or get without bonding.

Yes you probably can get a 1gb connection but the money that costs would be extortionate and your average comcrap employee (my blog) would probably think your a loony.

Also my phone network is something i do not control occasionally i lose ipv6 connectivity, the zoo’s network is better which we do control..

Stadia is a product for the future but still a good idea if you do not mind not owning anything.  Games are huge asset loading monsters, make the wrong choice then the game is over, a remote server on the other hand is sent stuff and returns it so the game server is a tough sell to start with.

*no hardware upgrades **10gb networking is a thing as well

inking the deal

I ‘was’ going to order ink from amazon (my blog) in order to get one of these* [right image] but they would not sell it to me, I bought nothing from them in the end and there was £40 in the cart and still no joy with the thing so i gave up on amazon.

So i ignored purchasing from amazon including the ink  and bought the adaptor thing elsewhere (my blog) and the time passed by until later in november** where an offer gave me 20% off the price from the place i usually bought ink from.

Sisyphus is still a role model

Now i do not dislike amazon but its there loss not mine.   I am not into Sisyphean like tasks.

*the only way it seemed to order it – read the link ** this is not an instant blog

the smart meter that’s dumb by design

The monkey house now has a new gas & electric smart metre’s (my blog) however it might be a bigger retard in the future. the display reader needs a plug to charge its battery.  Quite how that saves ‘power’ is up for debate – more on that later.  That is getting into chicken v egg situations.

Apparently there was no choice in the matter according to the zoo staff.

It took 75 minutes to replace and i think there’s a new vodaphone wifi access point but i might be wrong about that as i don’t connect to wifi daily as we use wires. – i guess it might be a labour thing (my blog) that will also will be fucked up by state ownership if the comrades get in.

The zoo is becoming a place ripe for data monitoring (my blog) and whether this continues without any consumer revolt so shall be interesting to watch.

Its rather hard to not have electricity even for urbane apes in a monkey house i guess we could connect some bicycles to a generator, or rent a hampster.

The display mentioned above is mentally retarded and its statistics cannot be drilled down*, or even downloaded so do not expect it to change much as it is hard to infer x hardware used y power just that you used x kwh somehow.

Estimation is also a sin and while it might think its over use at one time another is normal and so trusting this monitor is for the stupid.   It seems that we used the same amount of fuels per day – but the budget level is not settable by the user, as it is mild/cold when i post this it seems that a usage of power is bad and the device is unaware of it being winter** (as i write this) so lights are on for longer than in the summer.

Perhaps i am being unreasonable but should we turn off all power to the monkey house and start burning candles for lighting since a 7.30 am sunrise and 4 pm sunset means that is best? Or do we have lights on in the evening only ?

I guess if you hibernated all winter then its a perfect device.

Gas seems to use kwh as a measure on the display – yes gas can make electricity but since its a gas and used as a gas not to make electricity perhaps you can suggest a reason for that kind of thinking instead of therms.

Having the gas off still incurred a charge per day according to the metres display.  If say a standard charge then why is that considered usage in money and part of the ‘budget’ when no gas usage happened.

leaving the heating on in the summer

So returning to power the older the white goods the more kwh used which does not help after all if you knew a thing used a lot of power  but still did a job why bother replace it (my blog) since the indifference of the smart metre is not going to motivate a replacement for something more energy efficient.

I guess the power companies really don’t care or see such data as not there department and the users to discover.

Thus ‘eco’ is perhaps green wash here.  I am sure automation has benefits for the power companies over eco reasons but overall the reports are like a game of piñata – it will eventually be smashed up by the blind birthday party participant.

*I guess you could divide a weekly figure by seven you get my point (my blog). ** i do not set the clocks going back and forward.

all micro sdcard readers are not alike (sdcard musical chairs)

I discovered an spare* microsd card in the monkey house and i think it has debian beta for the arm chipset (my blog) on it – not that it worked.

To find this out the better kingston card reader did not work until i cleaned the contacts, A pi scdard reader with the raspberry printed on it did first time.

Not quite sure what to think about this branding thing as the that park of the zoo is clean and not dirty/cold etc.

Since i like pi’s for tasks it is certainly possible that more might be got and will not be idle.

Part of me is thinking about dd’ing the zero’s sdcard to a disk and using the ‘extreme; class 10 sdcard in the pi with the dd of its images just made.  After all the the class 10 card is now booted via a sata thing.

I have done the dd before it takes an hour.  Not quite sure that is necessary yet and the zero does not get the abuse that the 3b+ gets**.

*If only i remembered it (my blog) for that but they are small and forgettable.   Nice to have a spare just in case (my blog). **you all can connect to it and probe it


the smart tv’s with learning difficulties

galactic background noise.

Smart tv’s are getting retarded in the uk the bbc thing for on demand quit working on tvs, a couple of weeks ago rest in piece the ‘app’.

This is probably down to copyright issue at freeview as newer protocols [play/freesat] exist and older brainy tv’s get shafted with internet access.

Do not buy a smart tv although the netflix app continues to work and it get french tv so its not the tv getting dumb its businessmen and lawyers fucking up smart tv’s.

Time for a stick to fix the tv as requested by professor

Fuck you Freeview,Panasonic and Samsung.