traditional retail is no gateway.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

I was looking for a magazine – i had a name and a subject (my blog) – i had asked at my library and was told to look online more on that later.  I also visited a shop based newsagents to see if they had anything since i was out and about in Camdem – i saw one article in a general magazine.and so i asked to which the answer was no despite a large amount of collect toy cars, learn yoga dvd’s and other stuff of no interest.

So i left and returned to the zoo where i found the magazine online as the library staff said it might be with the article i mentioned from the shop in the library service online and accessible and a specific magazine.

Quite why nobody else seems to use libraries baffles me (my blog}- i suppose spending £10 on magazines is best ? according to average people.


shady nvida strikes again

Nvida (my blog) make graphics cards or limits supply (and tsmc get the blame) and if your a pimp me hardware journalists then statements like this

‘buy it’

is not journalism.

The monkey house does not own or desire to own a gpu so when the bottom fell out of bitcoin and blockchain meant that graphics cards would not be mining things but doing screen stuff that your motherboard can also do.

Raytracing was the next big thing for nvida, but only the top end cards would support it, – which makes yellow journalism reasons to buy it seem mad.

Then a less then stellar performance of the new cards compared with the older cards which is something that the yellow journalists have yet to mention probably there not allowed to have independent thought came to light.

I do not see how raytracing is the next big thing when very few of the games orientated market would not be able to support it since it is not supplied on the lower spec newer models – is this game hardware based dlc ? so good for games makers but not a game changer it is supposed to be even by yellow journalism standards.

So shady nvida strikes again.

the many items i cannot buy from amazon which is not a problem

The monkey house was in need of a keyboard the suggested version on amazon was not available to non prime customers (my blog) and i bought one else where for 33% of the amazon price with a mouse as well*.  Conclusion here is not everything on amazon is a good price – hey i looked.

Another item was a  not popular** router brand which i could not figure out if the thing came with a plug from the description (my issue), a speciality retailer was more of an option for that than amazon.. I am sure that is my fault as well being it was the first time i bought that brand and i like it – more on that at some point.

Yet another item was £5 more on amazon than from an unknown local site selling things and since the item is the thing not the place it came from you can guess what i did.

I will not mention that something the zoo wanted was 50% more compared to another site from a well know high street site.

While big brand name destinations might be go to places amazon lets me down here with these missing items or there but not for sale (my blog).   Look if they do not want to sell it  to me then ok it is not a disaster for me. This is not a whine in anyway  but this is also a book problem that i had (my blog) way back.

While the monkey house does occasionally buy stuff from amazon it normally comes from there marketplace not via some amazon warehouse.  So i do hope you buy as well as i do, and do not get ripped off because you have free delivery which means it must be a brilliant price by default.

That is not to say there are some deals amazon warehouse returns (not on keyboards) on the warehouse section (returns) are well worth looking at, the products packaging box might be opened but if somebody returned it because there too stupid to figure it out then most of the the time its not a failure.

If this comes across as a complaint it is not but if you think a certain way then its your money and up to you how you use it (my blog).

*more if you factor in the prime cost £70? plus the item (my blog) – prime is not ‘free’ ** overpriced and well known.

the retail out of town superstore incomplete, expensive and lacking stock

Bananas and the zoo staff went to an out of town diy shed (a retail warehouse)  to buy a new water collector*, ours in the monkey house was leaking and sun bleached and so a failure after many years of being in use. An attempt to find the leak and patch it was made and failed.

They had some in stock and yes it was cheap but the ones at customer level where sans the base and the attachments like a tap but higher ones did  have.   We had to ask for human help.

The supplied tap thing did not work on return to the zoo, so we used the one from the old.  The brands website also looked it was stopped developing four years ago, and the tap looked different.

bbq’s (my blog) where also pricey and most of the the stock in this north london warehouse looked depleted as if some accountant had deemed its levels of stock too high and so looked unloved..

As we use rainwater (my blog) most weeks and it goes from 25c to 0c in temperature in a year it will be well used but as an experience much could be said that a lot of the selected stock was partially incomplete and so unlikely to sold or if so likely t be returned asap for either leaking (wrong tap) or no stand.

The new container does not leak so is ok but the experience is not a good one, as a retail sector that is writing down millions in value  like the homebase brand  is doing – i wonder why.

An employee of the zoo returned to the shed and got a real tap for the unit after pointing out the problem to the human staff.

*Two mammals required – well done if you got the bonus joke

Our Philippine typhoon ‘victims’ charity drive (via argentina)

Fernando Zylberberg (ar) shaves his legs and wears a skirt

Imagine this in your website advertised (mailto) inbox

Received: from ( [])
by x (Postfix) with ESMTP id x
for <x@x>;
From: “=?utf-8?Q?Tobar_Gravette?=” <>
Organization: syemc

Hello there.

Hopefully you actually do not care about my language grammar, since i’m from Philippines. I infected your system with a virus and now have all of your private files out of your operating system.

It previously was set up on an adult web page then you have selected the movie and viewed it, my application quickly gain access to your system.

After that, your webcam recorded you playing with your stuff, on top of that i captured a video that you’ve seen.

Soon after a little while in addition, it picked up all of your social contact information. In case u want me to wipe off your all that i have – send me 700 euros in btc it’s a crypto. It’s my btc wallet number – iamashitscammerbtc

At this moment you will have 28hrs. to make a decision The moment i will get the transfer i’ll wipe out this movie and every thing completely. Or else, please remember that this video is going to be sent to all of your friends.

The moral here is

  • btc is losing value (i’d take euros)
  • why is .ar sending email for .ph ?
  • there was no attachment

Since argentina is a shit hole  all is answered and i know what Fernando Zylberberg (my blog) is doing these days.

May the Falklands remain British forever,

If your being asked for charity donations for the Philippines   i suggest we all defer to these nice Argentinians who have all the money they need.

The disabled lobby – my head hurts

Being disabled is a mindset while you might not be able to do something your a minority and that means weird people helping you campaign like the above. i imagine some deaf people would rather remain deaf than be cured of it /restored or even learn to interact with ‘normal’ people*.   Perhaps even making there offspring intentionally not ‘normal’.

I am sure you can provide extra examples of disabled rights loonies.

The article in the image I did not read for being click bait but i imagine a future where people might walk after being made non independently mobile.   Why are people so regressive and so dumb that a possible future without them in is deemed  a holocaust.

wheres the stanna stairlift

The only immobile wheelchair like s/f i am aware of is the daleks who go about declaring purity of wheelchairs  and declaring genocide on everybody else so i assume the bbc is also being discriminatory here.

Once again the lack of research by the writer is shoddy.

Mind you perhaps the world needs retards who cannot think just to become journalists indeed perhaps it should be a disability in itself

Another example is…

Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling

To be found on the bbc where midget wrestling was ‘banned’ mind you it does sound like an itv sport (my blog)and actually sounds fun.

Quite why small people cannot wrestle as everybody else seems to be able to according to a charity seems non inclusive.

But what do i know.

*children of a lesser god  (imdb)

the lack of paper documentation

My cheap* wrist watch needed a new battery and a strap and while away i bought a new one as it was beginning to show signs of wear and tear after many straps and batteries.

This new watch came with no documentation and while simple it beeps on the hour and i have yet to figure out how to turn it off.

It would have been nice to have instructions (sold without) but perhaps consumers in 2010’s have gone beyond needing them – i found some youtube videos (my blog) instead.

*tree dwelling has some issues

losing andriod ‘focus’

Professors significant other had an alert about chelsea footballl club from this (my blog) and lost message input focus.

She could not figure it out  not that she any interest in what Chelsea football club does but the focus from the app.

Perhaps she is wiser and that points to a design flaw in andriod.  I am sure some app designer would point her to some level 55 settings eg sport > football > eu > league > club and settings but since she never  set it up  (nor did i) then the app was not tended to as the addictive nature of apps desired.

I never heard what happened after that phew.

In which we go hunting for a water filter in a fridge (as you do)

Winnie the Pooh

The monkey house has a second hand fridge (no instructions) with a water filter thingy which we could never find despite being well prepared with a screw driver and found  all the light bulbs inside but no cartridge slot for the filter.

a 2001 moment

Eventually the fridge went bang [broken] and it was found outside of the fridge when professor and the tribe of apes with the aid of an ”engineer’ figured out how to move it and found it hiding outside instead of being inside the fridge which youtube videos  all show inside the unit.

Mystery solved –  once again nobody was able to help as the more modern fridges show the filter units inside the fridge rather than as an exterior appendage.

Another fail for youtube (my blog).  If anybody thinks being factual is a direction for them then it also has issues being they do not like political stuff.

Anyhow the engineer appears to have fixed the fridge with a new circuit board so it was not a mechanical issue and also got a new filter for us which was 10% of the manufacturers price.

While being without the fridge was inconvenient we all survived without it and while some food spoiled it was a good excuse to clear out the fridge and clean it.

A funny story about bricks & mortar retail

It is grim on the british high street and else where with once famous names withdrawing from the high street/city center.

There not doing great, mind you with identity kit shops, high cost of getting there by bus,train or congestion charge add at least £ 5 to the cost of going there.  I wonder why online and out of town with free parking does better.

It is not all the consumers fault  – toys r us now defunct had  a crooked accountant, although there stock of star wars toys might not have helped (my blog) thanks to disney.

Delivery by shops to homes is not an internet first, america proved (my blog) it as a model with the expanding rail system in the 1800’s   It fell out of favour here in the uk in the 1950’s until mail order got big again.

This actually happened as told by professor to us

So professors s/o went shopping but it was carnival time unknown to her and the car park was soon closed after arriving.    It was decided best to leave before after seeing the official with the key and so no money was spent or otherwise get stranded* for a day or two..

While events like that may bring people in they also drive people out.

So next time you hear a whiny retailer complain…….

*plus parking fines too.