Exciting times

I am getting a new bank card – the one i have is still valid but hey the bank keeps telling me its coming* and after ten emails saying it best thing since adolf hitler honestly the excitement has worn off.

Anyhow i am hoping your way more excited about it than i am and if this is the case then great

*covid-19 may not help

psst its a secret

In camdem there is a firm digging up the roads for fibre connections [my blog].  One of those comparison sites  [my blog] failed to even mention the name of the firm.

Oh well its a secret, unless you pay.   Mind you i changed a sim card provider recently and when i spoke with the old firm they too hid the tariff plan i could have thought about if i knew they offered it*.  It was another secret that meant the new provider was kept and the old supplier lost the money.

I guess being on the list means they do get the business  like they assume they do or only those fools prepared to pay the higher profit plans.

Perhaps that smart means  both suppliers and consumers are dumb.

*we do not pay tv advert rates for mobile phones – if you do your a retard

Easier to leave London than to get to London

Professor here in the zoo told us apes an interesting tale that it is easier to get to Oxford than London.

Watford [my blog]  took the same time and is not in London.

Mary Portas [my blog] fans where nowhere to be seen in central watford.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

London is currently being invaded by climate protestors once again [my blog] and the message to normal people is do not go.  A sentiment Mary Portas will disagree about but thats labour party mayors for you.

Being current but writing history mean i do have questions for the protestors – for instance is sport [my blog] and disabled sport [my blog] green?

Another is Afghanistan immigration [my blog] good for the planet?

Somehow i doubt i will get an answer.

Oxford  was busy reported professor unlike Watford or central london with normal people.   Kahn knows how to fuck London but you lot have not noticed what he is up to.

an abject failure in high street and internet marketing

So i went walking further into the place known as camdem – A lot of retail was empty and one place quite new ageist was shut – i decided to look at a web search and see if they a location open being a secret i was nor allowed to know on my walk.

Oh well – so what is wrong  – instagram is a nagware site, facebook has tp be logged in as well -i do not have either – imagine looking for bananas on amazon and discovering that you cannot browse without being logged in.

queen of the charity shops mary portas


  • no idea if they are online or not
  • what things cost

You may bee thinking that being a bit hard on then – ok but say the people who buy local refils for say cleaning product are not going to buy window cleaner product from nigeria and send it to the zoo.

Point made

british hoovers

gold frankincense and mir sure!

Look odd compared to european designs but despite that they do look quirky – i mean nativity scenes are an odd choice but this retailer nailed it with the  humour — i cannot perceive many doing this with cleaning equipment .

It appears to have been made in the uk and found in offices and commercial users.

We apes use a battery powered hoover and found the British mains powered device irritating and lacking suction although the huge hepa filter was interesting as was it’s design which looks like a new part could make an broken hoover work again when the beta apes inspected the machine.

Perhaps batteries spoil you and provided its not dead you perceive the battery has more vacuum power if the limited tools do not put you off.

I am not sure why the zoo bought one* but its not for the monkey house.  It has merits design  wise and certainly does what it is supposed to at a reasonable cost so i guess appreciate them after a while.

*probably more ‘power’

crap garden tools

Professor came into the zoo and had a rant about crap garden tools to us.  It was a gift and the thing did not work.

It was also cheap and certainly not up for what it was ‘designed’ for and most of the reviews also called it out as crap but was bought by people regardless.

It is another thing not to ask people to get.

Back to Bella Thorne and ‘ruining’ onlyfans for the females.

bella thorne

Who [my blog] seems to have killed the onlyfans platform with the new money people disliking the spicy content or porn.

onlyfans i also read has a childporn issue according to the we hate the internet crowd at the bbc.  At least we know what is on bbc news windows computers now.

Bella – as an ex-disney corp star she seems to inspire the wrong and perhaps is not the role model of old not that i know much.

If you want to walk around naked i have no problems, or pay single mothers for nude pictures but when you intentionally sell pictures do not think your blameless and blame it on the ‘patriarchy’.

It will be amusing to see what hollyweird will do to social media platforms

your computer is broken

Zoo needed a thing – the thing is easy to obtain but the details entered did not validate.

Being there was no help i gave up and did not get the thing.

There i was thinking websites are easy – mind you using aws hosting probably denotes a  technical cluelessness level  for me that indicates laziness.

How was your thursday.

renault batteries, breaking websites or shit but clever car electronics

Covid killed some car batteries here in the zoo and left one staff member stuck when the battery lost enough charge to fire it up although the doors still opened.

Then another vehicle had a flat battery again it allowed access which the zoo was able to charge up although being unable to discern where the battery was except for some terminal points.

It was cold and less used which brings me to the website for car recovery in the future and  the users of the car then broke the web site with a visa debit card,

Apparently even now visa means credit not debit cards to some along with the oher issue of validating uk bank cards in france as they use a different validation method.

Oh well it gets worse as the phone app for recovery does not support andriod 5 [which supports ipv6] and is the punchline for this comedy of errors.

While covid-19 caused this non use it is interesting to note how things collapse when its out to lunch.