war doctor,David Nott

isbn: 9781509837021 is one of those beach books apparently  – it made me wonder about racist welsh people and the medical profession. Another criticism left wingers make is that the west steals doctors, something here (my blog) covers it in more detail who seem to forget people like Nott

Rather than being a wonder surgeon Nott admits to killing people who have been shot at,  It seems to feel like a list of war zones so you will get a better understanding of ghost staff.

There is a good defence for abortion in this book, children are the golden patients and everybody else is kept vague.

Hotspots not visited from Yugoslavia onwards include Chechenia and india/pakistan so Nott appears to be a surgeon  who works more for charity than the nhs.

As age increases he moves more into training  and apparently negotiated for medical staff to get out of syria which kind of makes most ngo’s he once worked with look powerless.

3/5 bananas.


Have you seen this woman in Plymouth ?

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

In this (my blog) i read that Plymouth’s most celebrated child rapist (and a female) is now considered a free woman,

In 2009 and funded by the bbc she raped very ypung children.   Vannessa George is the name via little teds which is something the bbc thought to promote and fund and provide opportunity to abuse.

If you think it unfair to point out her misdeeds when i could mention Olve Cooke, Oxfam and god knows how many other selfless charity workers then let me know who i missed in  the comments


Money is not needed for the ‘arts’ – honestly

Imagine the irony.

So next time somebody in the arts industry* ‘wants’ you to save a painting, or a set of tea cups  for the nation and then to be hidden in a warehouse for the next fifty years for a lack of display space remember that they do not need money.

Apparently some arts snob in the portrait gallery has gone sjw over some issue and you might think there dealing with the Columbian drug cartels but there not.

The problem is that once you highlight one issue  – say fat people eating chocolate (my blog) where do you stop.  Should you ban the consumption of chocolate for all sounds good reasoning.

I really do not visit art galleries but if people feel generous enough to do ‘good deeds’ then who am i to say that is wrong.  Perhaps blank walls are art, or future art (my blog).

But i got your message arts industry.   I am sure i got the correct interpretation.

*including the royals (my blog)

Our Philippine typhoon ‘victims’ charity drive (via argentina)

Fernando Zylberberg (ar) shaves his legs and wears a skirt

Imagine this in your website advertised (mailto) inbox

Received: from redtvsrl.com.ar (host234.201-252-224.telecom.net.ar [])
by x (Postfix) with ESMTP id x
for <x@x>;
From: “=?utf-8?Q?Tobar_Gravette?=” <achlrlyzsbyjs@redtvsrl.com.ar>
Organization: syemc

Hello there.

Hopefully you actually do not care about my language grammar, since i’m from Philippines. I infected your system with a virus and now have all of your private files out of your operating system.

It previously was set up on an adult web page then you have selected the movie and viewed it, my application quickly gain access to your system.

After that, your webcam recorded you playing with your stuff, on top of that i captured a video that you’ve seen.

Soon after a little while in addition, it picked up all of your social contact information. In case u want me to wipe off your all that i have – send me 700 euros in btc it’s a crypto. It’s my btc wallet number – iamashitscammerbtc

At this moment you will have 28hrs. to make a decision The moment i will get the transfer i’ll wipe out this movie and every thing completely. Or else, please remember that this video is going to be sent to all of your friends.

The moral here is

  • btc is losing value (i’d take euros)
  • why is .ar sending email for .ph ?
  • there was no attachment

Since argentina is a shit hole  all is answered and i know what Fernando Zylberberg (my blog) is doing these days.

May the Falklands remain British forever,

If your being asked for charity donations for the Philippines   i suggest we all defer to these nice Argentinians who have all the money they need.

The disabled lobby – my head hurts

Being disabled is a mindset while you might not be able to do something your a minority and that means weird people helping you campaign like the above. i imagine some deaf people would rather remain deaf than be cured of it /restored or even learn to interact with ‘normal’ people*.   Perhaps even making there offspring intentionally not ‘normal’.

I am sure you can provide extra examples of disabled rights loonies.

The article in the image I did not read for being click bait but i imagine a future where people might walk after being made non independently mobile.   Why are people so regressive and so dumb that a possible future without them in is deemed  a holocaust.

wheres the stanna stairlift

The only immobile wheelchair like s/f i am aware of is the daleks who go about declaring purity of wheelchairs  and declaring genocide on everybody else so i assume the bbc is also being discriminatory here.

Once again the lack of research by the writer is shoddy.

Mind you perhaps the world needs retards who cannot think just to become journalists indeed perhaps it should be a disability in itself

Another example is…

Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling

To be found on the bbc where midget wrestling was ‘banned’ mind you it does sound like an itv sport (my blog)and actually sounds fun.

Quite why small people cannot wrestle as everybody else seems to be able to according to a charity seems non inclusive.

But what do i know.

*children of a lesser god  (imdb)

The zoo has a marmite abuser

Marmite (my blog) has occasionally come up in this blog  They have clever advertising which takes the piss out of animal charities (my blog) and a downright scary for privacy reasons* dna test which goes to unilever with a dna sample.  You apparently get a piece of paper telling you if your a lover or a hater.

Most people seem to not see that aspect

The monkey houses bottle of marmite was smashed today so clearly i need to ring somebody and inform them that marmite has been abused.  Should you have an unloved bottle of marmite (my blog) please bring it to the zoo care of the monkey house and it will be looked after provided the abuser does not get to it.

*worth money and privacy issue if you think beyond that sound ‘fun’


The voodoo charity grope event – that’s ok apparently

Charity is extremely shady as a concept these days take Olive Cooke (my blog) and consider Wendy Watson MBE and her cancer scam (my blog)  but the charity featured here before and famed for spending more on  lawyers (my blog) and allowing voodoo (my blog) has resorted to groping females at fund raising events to raise its money to no doubt allow voodoo and expensive lawyers to defend its brand name over who goes there.

Being great ormond street is a children’s’ hospital  i suppose groping is ethical after all money rules and non beautiful children who are sick should die for reasons that make logical sense to me and you in this context.

I suppose do not be ugly and sick is also another conclusion that can be made.

Charity is so corrupt.

.zw charities on the prowl in the uk – bah humbug

As the monkey house is a reader of the Bush Telegraph (my blog) it came to our attention that after scrabble was now not the main economic activity there any longer then the pleadings from zimbabwe charities for western money started it appears that self reliance means they want hand outs from what was there oppressors.

Kind of weird that.  – why now i wonder.*

The paper insert which I immediately put in the zoo’s recycling specifically mentioned rape, destitution and and no doubt many other problems NEVER existed until last week and the charity appeared to blame the west for all of it’s zimbabwe ills and not its responsible ‘accountable’ leaders, or the chinese something my brain had issues with.

No mention was made that for 40 years the economic mismanagement was done by its indigenous population by one party state rule or mention that China is now a colonial power there (my blog)

gucci grace

If that is the result then they certainly do not need money that will be further mismanaged or end up in wrong hands eventually in swiss banks.  Hey your doing fine zimbabwe and certainly do not need western help unless grace needs a new handbag from Gucci..

As an ape who is not a Gucci sales professional it seems i cannot help and that is for the best.

*this is something you can think on

the bbc’s special interest and diversity problem

When i write this the bbc is having yet another charity evening which if i understand they have been building up to events in many of there other content before the event.

In the news too special interest groups get no hard questioning back and things that i might watch are missing from screens for over a year.

However its not all bad news as you do not have to watch this crap from the bbc and i don’t as i have a book to read. The bbc may not like Clarkson, Hammond and May but i read that even the bbc had to admit that there non bbc show is way more better than what the bbc could manage with a washed up american tv actor, a scotish man

If the bbc wishes to do stuff for the 10% and not the rest of population so be it but when all fund it and appear only to get safe charity appeals and unquestioning thoughts its a problem and the sooner the bbc goes commercial the better. when they can reap the rewards of the 10% audience they cherish.

the northern beach

the northern beach

Is the bbc ready for that well Blackpool (a northern seaside town) decided to beat up some bbc talent while filming there.  Maybe not then.