The zoo has a marmite abuser

Marmite (my blog) has occasionally come up in this blog  They have clever advertising which takes the piss out of animal charities (my blog) and a downright scary for privacy reasons* dna test which goes to unilever with a dna sample.  You apparently get a piece of paper telling you if your a lover or a hater.

Most people seem to not see that aspect

The monkey houses bottle of marmite was smashed today so clearly i need to ring somebody and inform them that marmite has been abused.  Should you have an unloved bottle of marmite (my blog) please bring it to the zoo care of the monkey house and it will be looked after provided the abuser does not get to it.

*worth money and privacy issue if you think beyond that sound ‘fun’


The voodoo charity grope event – that’s ok apparently

Charity is extremely shady as a concept these days take Olive Cooke (my blog) and consider Wendy Watson MBE and her cancer scam (my blog)  but the charity featured here before and famed for spending more on  lawyers (my blog) and allowing voodoo (my blog) has resorted to groping females at fund raising events to raise its money to no doubt allow voodoo and expensive lawyers to defend its brand name over who goes there.

Being great ormond street is a children’s’ hospital  i suppose groping is ethical after all money rules and non beautiful children who are sick should die for reasons that make logical sense to me and you in this context.

I suppose do not be ugly and sick is also another conclusion that can be made.

Charity is so corrupt.

.zw charities on the prowl in the uk – bah humbug

As the monkey house is a reader of the Bush Telegraph (my blog) it came to our attention that after scrabble was now not the main economic activity there any longer then the pleadings from zimbabwe charities for western money started it appears that self reliance means they want hand outs from what was there oppressors.

Kind of weird that.  – why now i wonder.*

The paper insert which I immediately put in the zoo’s recycling specifically mentioned rape, destitution and and no doubt many other problems NEVER existed until last week and the charity appeared to blame the west for all of it’s zimbabwe ills and not its responsible ‘accountable’ leaders, or the chinese something my brain had issues with.

No mention was made that for 40 years the economic mismanagement was done by its indigenous population by one party state rule or mention that China is now a colonial power there (my blog)

gucci grace

If that is the result then they certainly do not need money that will be further mismanaged or end up in wrong hands eventually in swiss banks.  Hey your doing fine zimbabwe and certainly do not need western help unless grace needs a new handbag from Gucci..

As an ape who is not a Gucci sales professional it seems i cannot help and that is for the best.

*this is something you can think on

the bbc’s special interest and diversity problem

When i write this the bbc is having yet another charity evening which if i understand they have been building up to events in many of there other content before the event.

In the news too special interest groups get no hard questioning back and things that i might watch are missing from screens for over a year.

However its not all bad news as you do not have to watch this crap from the bbc and i don’t as i have a book to read. The bbc may not like Clarkson, Hammond and May but i read that even the bbc had to admit that there non bbc show is way more better than what the bbc could manage with a washed up american tv actor, a scotish man

If the bbc wishes to do stuff for the 10% and not the rest of population so be it but when all fund it and appear only to get safe charity appeals and unquestioning thoughts its a problem and the sooner the bbc goes commercial the better. when they can reap the rewards of the 10% audience they cherish.

the northern beach

the northern beach

Is the bbc ready for that well Blackpool (a northern seaside town) decided to beat up some bbc talent while filming there.  Maybe not then.

defective babies, the nhs and the childrens hospital charity conflict of interest.

the stuffed monkey might have more sentience

For several months now it seems a baby who cannot live without a breathing machine and with doubts as to everything else too has been going the rounds in the courts.

Lawyers are expensive so i wonder who is paying these fees – everybody via the nhs ? There are charities involved here (my blog) and a rich one associated with the hospital who have screwed up of which there could be a long term conflict of interest..

I also wonder if the charity business is influencing the nhs aspect of this hospital for the bad publicity the case has brought them after all it does send the wrong message. If your thinking then the paradox of childrens hospital charity also funded by the nhs is another issue which is the more important. .

Residents of the uk are constantly being told there are issues with the nhs – however in this case with opposing charities fighting it out for a rare condition only one suffers from i just wonder what it is doing to the nhs who is paying – you indirectly ?.

Somehow it sounds very expensive and not an wise use of limited resources you keep getting told about.

While it would be nice to fix all issues perhaps the fighting between all parties on the outcome means you humans cant have nice things but the lawyers and rich charity bosses can and sod the cabbage needing the help..


cometh the branded poppy seller

olivecookeThe poppy appeal has good and bad reasons attached to it say does it mean support the armed forces minus benefits (the Armed Forces Covenant) or lets go to war in Syria/Iraq again because the sand is better than in cornwall ?

Olive Cooke (my blog) is also a problem for the charity sector with a plethora of other poppy like things our zoo poppy mugger last year was equipped with a range of branded merchandise all paid for by that person into a quasi uniform.

I have misgivings about how the poppy appeal is used by various organisations, the possible abuse of its volunteers and its movement into uniform and stuff noted earlier.  Perhaps with other armed forces on the rise hi lighting the loss of the Armed Forces Covenant the poppy is not what we think it is.  After all if more charities are created does that not mean the poppy appeal works or that covenant is? and is simply a brand name now.

Have a think about it.

as seen on tv and now please call a charity or else

Bananas was watching a program on tv i usually catch up on demand it is un blog worthy usually although i have mentioned it here as something else.

It differs greatly, and the thing i saw is more adult than the blog content i could compare it tooand that is where my problem lies that at the end a helpline (my blog) was given out for those ‘affected’ by the content.

dontcallmecrazyIt seems as if the sjw’s have invaded tv, and the nuances of the thing have lost with the sjw’s in tv adding the ‘downer’.

While the original was lacking i rather liked the depressing angle in the tv version however badly handled at the end.

My name is bananas in the falklands and i am a banana addict* – you happy broadcast  tv sjw’s ?

*i joke – bananas anonymous does not exist

Animal charities and the predator

birdeaterBananas was munching on a banana between zoo guests when i observed some small birds doing the same sort of thing.  Then a big predator bird came and tried to eat the small birds.

Charlie who is head of zoo security who also saw this commented to me that some bird charity had a campaign on television (so not short of money) to make human habitat more bird friendly.

I wonder if they meant for both types of bird or just the one.  Think on it.

charity waste – recycle please!

When i write this it is nearly december and the postman delivered a wad of wet paper post, one of which was from the red cross whom if it was email you would describe it as a 419/spam communication with a items that no doubt would illict a donation, along with a future phishing attack .  Such item was not requested c/o the monkey house @ london zoo.

olivecookeCharity like the one i mention has issues (my blog) and no i dont mind recycling but with Olive in the news perhaps it is best that such victim making communications are recycled without a second thought.

If you donated to them then please explain how your help funded that item to us and how did not help people in need or not like in Haiti where half a million dollars bought one small house, or lorries in sri lanka still awaiting import. I await your justification.

I am sure you have a great answer.