Crunchyroll versus Netflix

missing from the line up

Once upon time i would visit crunchyroll and see decent j-dramas (my blog) but netflix (my blog) seems to have stolen that crown with this new  site also having the odd title (my blog)..

Now there is the one or two mega anime titles on crunchyroll still but i do not like those.  Overall netflix is the better platform for my taste for both anime and drama.

How things change.


Keijo! – when sjw’s are free advertising

a sjw in a swimsuit

Keijo is not an anime i would normally watch – in fact it is not even listed where it is officially streamed also the sjw’s of the press seem to be not discussing anime when once they did.  A coincidence ?

I found out about Keijo (twelve episodes in*) as apparently the sjw’s do not like it and the specialist sites have been mum on the issue so it leaked out second hand.and the sjws disliked it.

It is a sports anime with aspects of pokemon creatures (or ? animal kung-fuspirit) of the most ridiculous and damm funny more ‘fan service’ than sports anime but i did like it.   Its sound effects and visual gags are beyond sublime.  Quite how sjw’s get that wrong is something to ponder but since i find it hard to find anime i will support Keijo.

As to why the streaming site does not list it is a question for them.  As to the msm i too find it strange that the anime articles have dried up.

Overall you will not find a message in it but since i have no guidance from the to good anime then i will make a choice myself

If the press and its sjw staff do not wish to write then surely they will become irrelevant.  I am sure those press barons will be happy with that outcome..

*twelve weeks have past




j-drama and anime updates

cotoJ-dramas  still missing so i went searching and found a new site with some and i have yet to find anything good, there was a dr coto (my blog) clone which was referred to but done for laughs so nothing sensational so far.

If you do like horrific drama there is one about a brain surgeon transported back to Japanese feudal times and yes it involves a chisel and hammers.

I did watch an tourist thing about fukisimha province which was a bit chessy but dispelled a few myths by the anti nuclear lobby.

flywitchIn anime i can recommend March comes in like a lion although its quality varies depending upon characters perspective.  Flying Witch was a late end to the year watch and is a gentle and fun watch – i have a nitpick question about it though.

Speaking of places Burkina Faso (my blog)  is mentioned – made me laugh.

blades-of-gloryOne anime caught a lot of attention from its sport but i will blog of that in 2018 which i did not see.

Of seen of …

Psycho pass (my blog) has a new season and has moved from its original location.  It is going over the same issues but i wondering about the odd logic of using a latin alphabet in country which speaks Japanese and is isolated from the rest of the world but that’s me nit picking.



1960’s technology with a hint of mutta

moobbuggyThe monkey house recorded a tv thing about the moon rovers, if the us ever goes futher than the moon then the cars for local things will mostly be of 1960 technology

In Space Brothers (my blog) goes over the most of the content abet in fiction rather than documentary which documented the efforts to make short haul transport for the moon.

To my surprise most of the moon machine technology dates from 1970 and is still touted as good for everything else minus the the gps of which Mutta installed.

The documentary was very american in focus but remains a lasting object which will not rust which cannot be said of earth based cars.  In fact it could be said that only now is the technology on the moon being adapted for earth.

Anime missed first time round

Things i caught up on after the event.  This is not a conclusive list of the stuff but as ever things that sounded ok which i actually watched.

There more popular then the usual stuff i view (my blog) which surprisingly i see got a feature because people missed them.

Parasyte -the maxim

Is not new but interesting enjoyable.  a metaphor about puberty and rather well done.


Is an anime about making anime which is meta which sounds like it could be awful but is not.


I have a list of more recent things i think good in the works but you will have to wait for those.

A meta ‘hour’ (or in which i learn about immersion heater problems over and over again)

Bananas was in the chrome browser (my blog) without an adblock when video adverts came to be the topic of the day for here  Yes exciting ! immersion heaters really are deserving of your eyeballs.

This is a flash issue for me, rather than the advert and flash in firefox (my blog) crashes my linux kernel at a certain size in firefox that is how bad adobe is at writing software.  Anyhow that explains the chrome use as it does not crash being built in the the browser which has a name like peppermint

The first problem is that the many of the adverts repeat and a song with the monkey rapist (my blog) and another pop star called swift sometimes got four plays all in the same loop, once was enough to convince to buy neither on itunes which linux does not support as far a si know.  So i will not be helping to buy another monkey for a pop star to abuse/rape.

smile !

smile !

So how do i get to immersion heaters ? well don’t ask me i am just a consumer here.

However I do like the idea that teenagers or preteens are also in the market as immersion heater repair services market as offered by m k electrical which is based in Milton Keynes which is a new town between london and birmingham which is famous for being a rupert murdoch no go zone, and an amazon warehouse near the m1.

The video for heaters is much longer than the one with the monkey rapist or the other pop star is selling insurance and things like water level indicators that you may not have, the electrical configuration so you get cheaper hot water via switching at night to a lower rate are explained in the general term.

christia absintence requires a monkey to rape

christian absintence requires a monkey to rape

It then pointed out the faults that builders do when they wrongly install gelding heaters wrong either with no visual means to inspect it or fail to plumb the item into the water plumbing. If they also simplify the wiring then the heater either burns out or  is expensive to run due to the wrong circuit/metre getting used.

Informative ! and to make sure i got the message these experts will fix them the same day  if you ring before 10 am.  You have nine hours and fifty five minutes to ring them when i post this, so what are you waiting for* ?  If your reading this after 10am then you have a problem.

immersionAlas we do not have a gledhil immersion heater and i got this extremely educational video about ten times which runs to several minutes each time some as long twenty minutes.

The next morning my isp kindly emailed to say that the monkey houses usage quota hit a level advising us that while i might now know about the possible problems of gelding immersion heaters in the wild it came at at cost.

The anime was not that good undeserving of a blog post, but the heater unit now that’s worth blogging about.

Should you also be fascinated by the relationship of immersion heaters to teen ‘pop’ stars** or there sexual activities with monkeys then there might just be an academic paper in this.

The moral to this is something you can all think on.  I came to the conclusion that immersion heaters are a bit too complex for some people.

Should you be asking ‘Did this happen’ – Yes this really happened and this is no work of fiction.

* the early bird gets the worm – humour ** eg what simon cowell can sell – pop stars having sex with monkeys is ok apparently.

Netflix japanese anime

psypassTends to err on the popular side* on netfix (my blog), oh which sword art online (my blog) is a part of.  Don’t expect j dramas (my blog) which can be found else where.

Psycho Pass was the one i watched being not on my radar or at the places i usually visit and it was fine even though dubbed (my blog) is an option – i remained with the subtiitles – no audio description thankfully.

This is a good for an introduction to 1984, we, and other books where an perfect society is looked at via those who do not fit in. It is thoughtful and if your wondering what to watch** then you might well do with giving it a try.

I prefer j dramas to anime these days but thats just bananas for you.  Overall a pleasant experience if mainstream for my liking

4/5 bananas.

* not the ones i like.  ** it is easy to pick something you know rather than new.


The wind rises

windrisesimdb tt2013293 is the second to last gibli film with Hayao Miyazaki at the helm.  It is controversial as the subject matter is Jiro Horikoshi despite that it has a beautiful style and remembers that sometimes war invents non war things and unless your a army leader, emperor theres not a lot an engineer can do to stop it.

People also forget that what was normal is now not and should the wrongs be blamed on the designer.

A provoking film despite the fictionalised bits and is something worth seeing 5/5 bananas.

Interesting Japanese stuff

nobungaNobunaga Concerto is an interesting J-Drama [not anime] where the past meets the future.  As i usually hate ninja sort of type things so take this as as a recommendation.

Hard To Say I Love You is another J-Drama that is fun and sad but seems to work if a bit repetitive although i persevered with it.

cat_bondIRYU – Team Medical Dragon which is a medical drama and griping despite the trademark shiny glasses, and the man with the fish tank tropes.

If you want bunny boilers* then Desperate Motherhood is a sometimes interesting and uncomfortable viewing experience it is a bit wtf-ish.

Future Diary: Another World is another that perhaps overdoes the deju vu but seems interesting where dead is not the end although i did wonder about iffy software that allows two versions of the same instance.

booksjdrama Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files it got me on to new authors like Natsume Sōseki, and while not confined to Japanese literature alone is something i enjoy even if i know the subject i have to admit binge watching these.

In anime Mushi (my blog) is well worth the time although that i have said before.  I have yet to see anything new that seems as good.  That might be me rather than who sells the rights and to x places.

* from an american film where a bunny gets boiled

Japanese Drama and anime to seek out [that i can access]

jdrama-galileoGalileo is a sherlock clone show so it is good to see that crime is not simply solved by the near dead middle class amateurs.  Generally speaking of the three i have seen the lady policewoman’s sense of ethics seems a bit off or someone attempting the greasy pole of promotion / stupid, and has the better emphasis on the science. Anyhow that is a view from the monkey house.  I came to an abrupt halt as episode 4 is out to lunch, although later ones can be seen.  So that might be the last i see.

In anime – if you want punishment sword art online (my blog) is back for more of the same. It has a very slow start but does not reset to zero.  My interest in sao had reduced as the January special between season 1 and season 2 was un-watchable and i never saw more than five minutes of it.  Have to admit i started laughing from part 4 onwards, the changing of absolutes from season 1 might be its fail..

HaNaYaMaTa is about Yosakoi* and is a new pick and inoffensive.

I hear of other animes like sailor moon but those are not available in the ‘strict’ sense if you get my point.   So i am sure there is more better stuff out there. However with regional restrictions i still see no point in up-selling (my blog)

Happy exploring

* a dance