I think he is a muslim.

Anjem Choudary

Usman Khan, sounds an islamic name and is mates with Anjem Choudary (my blog [old])  I am happy to report that i won the bet* with the other apes in the monkey house that it was islam doing its ‘religion of peace’ thing on friday in London.

Its been a good week for islamic terrorists (my blog).

*no trips to the monkey houses compost bin until January for me

Death of a warlord, and deash.

Jerah – means warlord (my blog).   Since islanic society  seems unable to maintain life (my blog) or even innovate i think the death of a warlord is probably a good thing.   After all living in the fifth century is not as enlightened.

While some might feel ‘sorry’ i t gives an idea of Shamima Begum’s radicalism and still should be judged for the name is a good indication that the terrorist sympathies still exist.

My little suicide bomber

Having killed one (my blog) it appears that Shamima Begum pictured right is still alive that is the picture the bbc refuse to use.  The islamists at the bbc like the more ‘western’ pictures of her before adventures in the land of Deash (my blog) which like global warming has since evaporated.

Even the bbc cannot deny the lack of regret in this terrorist supporter who they think is a victim for some reason.

I do not think playing female card works in this aspect, after all islam does not respect womens freedom and so must also be assumed guilty of abetting and aiding terrorists through a choice made after all nobody forced them to do that this clearly was a choice .

Its kind of weird that multiculturalism is ok with terrorists if you think about it

a sinner in mecca,Parvez Sharma

isbn:9781044643374 may also be a film but a film even i have never heard of which gives you an indication of the censorship in the msm and the bbc after all some minorities are not safe for reporting or they shit gold bricks.

Anyhow with glowing distaste from both Iran and Saudi Arabia in reviews and no bbc coverage you have an inkling of the thing and so it seemed worth a read.   After all no gay muslims exist.- although ‘straight’ sexual deviancy (my blog) is well known in islam.  Another matter the bbc would not report upon.

This is not a well written book but details the hate and association radical islam gets from Mecca as a place that all islam goes too which was built by the bin-ladins (my blog) modelled on disney world for handling large quantities of people.

It is an interesting observation of islam which details the crime, abuse of foreign workers that naturally would never happen in Saudi Arabia but would be report in the uae.  The use of statistics is devastating muslims are ignorant and intentionally kept that way as directed by the Saudis.

3/5 bananas

we are really nice Saudi terrorists really (compared to the nasty isis ones)

Bananas was watching television one evening in the zoos security office (my blog) when the Saudi Arabians who are recently bombing Yemen as well decided to advertise there new western ideals by telling you worldwide victims of Saudi funded terror that soon there will be segregated* cinemas will be soon open being that cinemas do not exist there currently at all.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

As Iran does not have cinemas suppose that is a one up –  but i do wonder what films they will be allwed to see since not many islamic films get made and certainly not the iran home made films or the ones with jewish actors in.

Maybe its a suicide bomber training hotspot.rather than a cinema? after all training terrorists and funding them is the primary aim.

My desire to visit Saudi Arabia is not on any bucket list i have.

*the sjw‘s (my blog) will like that

Trials, on death row in pakistan, Isabel Buchanan

pak on pak murder victim from scotland

isbn: 9780224102100 was an economist pick of the year once which i eventually got round to reserving.

It appears that the Saudi Arabians in Pakistan like to keep Pakistanis stupid and those expatiates are seen as a threat by the dumb and inbred community (my blog) one way to neutralise a rich expat is to use islam to put them on death row for asking them to paying rent which is good for the squatter and bad for the expat.

Once a compliant is made your about up to speed on the book which is brief but it appears that justice is not a right in pakistan (my blog).  Locals are primarily the focus for this book where time is counted in decades on remand.

When law fears religion then clearly Pakistan is a failed state.

the state

imdb: tt0130421 and a drama is about deash although mtv’s decision to go sjw mode probably means many of there presenters would happily go live in islamic state land [as funded by Saudi Arabia] who make something with the same name which i did not know until i started bashing this out.

The drama follows four ‘british’ islam believers who burn passports and do the thing perhaps more radically than this chap (my blog) did historically but that is progress. To say these people are innocent but idiots is clearly not true as getting there is convoluted.   Destruction of telecoms is also a choice so they most definitely made a choice

It kind of reminds me of the handmaids tale (my blog) and as i recorded all four episodes it was a distraction free view process. The women’s side of things make those females protagonists look retarded in believing, and the men as bullet magnets but i could have told you that to start with.

Appearing that deash’ is no longer a valid state or something the msm dont want to report on without an army in front of them so either this is a propaganda thing delayed for free tv or a reflection on the Saudi Arabian failed experiment that is ‘is’ is up for debate.

Perhaps in thirty years time those still alive ‘is/deash’ non saudi fighters will suffer the consequences of not being Saudi born like the bloke mentioned above in the link if history should decide to repeat itself.

It’s ending is enigmatic.if not contradictory with the females apparently doing stuff that only the men where seen doing. I think it needed more time to make sense but got Islam in a nutshell and it’s saudi paymasters.

I liked it’s portrayal of the religion (my blog)

it started with an ox – the Bin Ladens

saudi arabia more evil than iran?

isbn: 978041036489 is by the main author Steve Coll (many researchers too), the book’s title is The Bin Ladens with the addition of ‘oil,money, terrorism and the secret saudi world’. So it might get interesting.

The Bin Ladens are interesting and since most of us know little about them its interesting to find out about who and what they do. They are not saud ‘royalty’ and are immigrants*.

Book goes into much detail about how the construction business and its iffy start-up doings, and the later concierge service business. The book has a problem as it is a bit heavy going with background and occasionally repeats itself in places to start with

The book also notes a generational divide in Saudi idioms** and how the Laden enterprise expanded by many marriages and divorces, which is how Osama came along and caused a few problems for the bin ladens.

The book could seem to be read like a divorce between the family and osama.  It explores the subject well and like any big family there’s scandal to be written about. However well meaning Saudis might appear there is also a great deal of backwardness, quite how iran is bad compared to the actions of saudi doings (or non action) as tp whether the right intolerant state threatening ‘world peace’ will be an interesting play has been picked.

With Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab helping to ruin Nigeria’s already iffy reputation (my blog) and deflecting any blame from Saudi Arabia perhaps a future problem for the family and business lies abroad should the saudi brand of well financed wahabi loony go rogue.  After all you don’t need money,kings, or buildings in ‘paradise’ do you.

Time will tell,

* trailer trash to the saud family, ** as this book goes back  three generations some explanation of wahabi customs of death and marriage is needed.