out of stock, and fluctuating cost

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

The zoo needs a new pi (not a circle [my blog]) – joke but every time i try and buy one for the last several months i hit the out of stock roadblock for both the sdcard and the pi, and i checked various ‘professional’ local* pi web shops.

Mind you with the retards at oracle (my blog) making a 1060 pi3 ‘s into a ‘supercomputer’ with there pricing per year** perhaps no wonder it is hard buying such items.

The sdcard while not as hard to buy is out of stock at the place where I usually get them from too.

Stuff generally is going up and down in cost too so while not an urgent purchase ‘computer says no’ is ok for the time being.

*500 miles + radius  ** sacrifice your first born child and pay per core

middle class climate protestors in the wild.

Are genuinely a strange lot* with good intentions and have absolutely no clue about direct action.

Taking over bricks and mortar retail areas while notable does not do a lot unless your a boat painter and manufacturer of pink paint so one might consider them harmless and who said people did not visit the high street (my blog) .

Recently they have been threatening drones (my blog) at local airports and the more earnest ones with sjw media friends (my blog) made the local tv news.

With film footage recorded for the msm and the future date set the media hen went to the police who then arrested them for planning to disrupt air travel.

While being green is a good thing i did find it humorous that there left wing sjws in the media companies essentially  shut down the act of protest by green types.  I guess it was not inclusive enough or something**.

I found it amusing.

*apparently when the green revolution comes comrade there will be no need for accountants. ** no transgendered gipsy’s.

ipv6 in the wiild – oh dear fintech’s

When a payment processor uses tls1 (not even 1.1 or even 1,2) i was amused but the kicker was they had no ipv6 – so much for these fintech ‘geniuses’ we hear all about with ‘block chains‘ (my blog) and other magic..

Who is a fintech ‘genius’ ? nobody it seems with ipv6 experience (my blog).  What does a fintech genius do all day – i think they play angry birds on there iphones (my blog) and think that an phone with an ipv4 address is two factor enough or something.

Perhaps future fintech fraud prevention systems will require you to play angry birds before you can get a purchase verified.

risk averse

Well it might happen.

Oh the zoo has tls 1.3 and ipv6   Herewith i declare the royal bank of the monkeyhouse is now open for banana skin trading.

Perhaps the zoo should offer a banana skin block chain currency. – would you use it – please comment.

prorogation this

Paul Crowther, 32, from Newcastle a Rupert Murdoch employee

With the prorogation word being much in debate here is a simple thought put succinctly.

If a referendum can be ignored because 600 remainers dont like it thus overriding millions then do we need a parliament ? – i doubt the present parties would survive and no doubt upset those 600 out of a job jobsworths.

With most of the month for the politicians spent at conference centres and not ‘working’ it is not like there talking to each other,

I think that p word might save the regional parties rather than destroy it.

I hate dental vets

headacheBananas unwillingly visited the dentist which looks more like a solicitors / money lender than a dentist and was again asked for my details – i kind of lost my cool within two minutes after thinking of information leaks and spam.

Anyhow its a waste of whole morning as i grin at the dentist for approximately  two minutes before he tells me to piss off because i don’t have problems.  although the sad state of past dentistry does appear to annoy the current vet.

Then something breaks in the dental hygienists and i loose it.   This is the dental hygienists problem – I decline there services.

gypsies and getting away with it

gypies (my blog) are not well liked and seen as a problem here  except by the police and bureaucrats.  Professor here in the zoo tells a story about a mob of gypsies who stole a caravan** and the police refused to anything about it in fact the police apologised about it and told them that was it eg

yes we fucked up and piss off now since there allowed to do it.

The insurance companies paid for a new one (for the owner of the stolen caravan) despite the police knowing well where it was and just how it got there.  Diversity rules (my blog) mean that any interaction with authority requires form filling in the police system. (my blog)  So there crime is special you might argue ‘approved’ police crime.

Then newbury happened where a mob of gypsies at midnight where burglarizing some place and a policeman died.  Personally i am surprised the police even turned up* and the fact that one died will probably mean the police are racist to the left wing in some aspect after all it is left wing thinking.

It will be interesting to see how differently the rules change after they start attacking and killing policemen compared to victims (not here) of gypsies crime.

*i am sure that could be wasting police time for omitting the type of people doing the crime just so the police could ignore the crimes tking place,  ** this is why caravans/rv’s have a poor reputation here.

the phone ‘experts’

‘Expert’s sigh.  The zoo heard from the country park zoo (my blog) and there ‘bargain’ tesco  rented mobile phones.

Which i gather from the jungle telegraph there still renting there old phones (eh not something you easily get now) for £200 a year or when i wrote this that is 88,015.09 Zimbabwean dollars* being my favourite africian shit hole.

They admitted that they did not have to do this and where shocked to discover that you can buy a phone for 25% of that figure.  Sure its not a well know brand but do you inform who you call your using a specific handset**?

Sally our ape of the mind (my blog) said nothing as it was andriod rather then iphones.

The solution i hear was to ask there ‘expert’ once again for an option.

Somehow i doubt there bill will go down.


* i wonder how much that tracksuit (my blog) cost. ** hello are using model brand of telephone ? no sorry then i cannot talk to you bye.

lowborn,kerry hudson

isbn:97817847423454 is the female version of this (my blog).  Choices are made and some choices (my blog) are long term bad ideas.  You might argue that if a feminist has children she is no longer a feminist and simply along for just government benefits.

Anyhow Kerry (the author) arrives in the 1980’s and we all get to visit her single parent families journey round the uk and six poor areas.  Her mother is a drunk with depression and leaving an area solves all problems and avoids interventions from councils and government help which start from age one for the author.

Hudson is a bit of an sjw now but there’s sex and alcohol (my blog) and  the odd anti brexit sentiment despite many of these featured places being leave strongholds – how dare they its not left wing goodthink.

There is not much reflection here things are stated and then revisits the place and the modern form of poverty – if an alcoholic drinks all there money and dependants suffer then the left complains* (both labour and conservative parties had three terms in power) then nothing can be done that resolves this you then get upset feminists or nanny states.

No answers are given either so this account is mostly non political and if true then feminism and the single mother (freedom to) made this a choice rather than something to be overcome.

Hudson eventually realises this and leaves aged 17-18 and becomes the literature person on the left with the ken loach (my blog) friends in the british council.


So your take away from this is based on your politics, if your red and blue colour blind then you can argue this is a failure of feminism and neither red** or blue politicians can stop an alcoholic drinking and moving six times in seventeen years with kids in tow. Thus is an un-helpable person or one best kept in that situation until the individuals think about it,  so t.

4/5 bananas.

The publishers of this book also appear to be anti libraries urging you the reader to pay*** for this book, so i assume you also need to drink champagne at the same time.

Carry on comrades.

*personal freedom  **red party gets the vote if you read my second link above.  **** i used a library but did not drink champagne.

Lady thugs.

This comes from the sjw’s at the bbc – how dare they arrest women with knives. That has got to be sexist.

Good news is that the Pakistani major of london is not doing very well in the opinion polls mind you perhaps he should be more accommodating to this voter demographic of women with knives, after all if you make knife crime ok for men, why not enable it for women too.

I am sure the labour party will like my solution.