Snobby bbc problems

I dislike the bbc (my blog) and while they have a distaste of science fiction i was amused to see that a returning non bbc series (my blog) got competition from the bbc with a french based tv sience fiction series which while not american must mean something to snobs oh which  i happened to chance on it by accident.

It was not on the mainstream bbc channel as it was not ‘diverse’ enough and since it was not local then it is also a fuck you to local media talent. My solution record it first and then record my returning series.   – Could have caught up with it but why do that.

If that is not an up yours to s/f genre at the bbc then what is.

Not sure i will mention it again but with three hundred and sixty four days without it on I am sure that was just a scheduling fuckup  – the fact it ran to a hour as well the same time as the non bbc show must also have been coincidence that two episodes where broadcast together.

Anyhow this is not a compliant but an observation.  How dare that other non bbc channel do something intellectual

Gay cake in northern ireland (the baker strikes back)

Apparently this is really important (my blog) in northern ireland the cake wars saga..

Pink frosting and pink cake stuff is now banned.

What an carefree* society it must be only to worry about cake.

My head hurts.

Well done if you got the film title, please claim your banana skin prize from the zoo’s compost patch.

*i wonder if northern irish bakers have gay detector employees or machines.  ** gaydar?

Naughty boys

I saw this

How dare somebody call May a complete retard [i have no idea what was said] which she is as prime minister when no talent for leadership is known.

When you have to resort to words like cross* it proves that the left wing media and the incumbent in the role is better suited for a job in a private girls school or grammar school teaching poetry (my blog).

How dare he. upset the poetry teacher.

Brexit is a disaster and a conservative branded one.    Oh well with a track record of no majority in Parliament at least next time they will properly loose.

*the monty python film life of brian  comes to my head.

bank transaction speed (some networks are more equal than others)

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

I visited the bank of rwanda recently and paid in some cash, which was reported that day to the bank, interestingly the debit card payments  i made elsewhere where delayed and where done before my bank visit.

It seems not all bank networks are equal.

Mind you with ‘blockchain technologies’ failing to ignite the public’s imagination and the big banks getting into them and the value of those assets down 184 billion since January it seems that it is a bubble* and one which i did not engage with.

Sovereign nation currencies appear to be still the only real option for most of us.

*tulips, south sea, bitcion

the retail out of town superstore incomplete, expensive and lacking stock

Bananas and the zoo staff went to an out of town diy shed (a retail warehouse)  to buy a new water collector*, ours in the monkey house was leaking and sun bleached and so a failure after many years of being in use. An attempt to find the leak and patch it was made and failed.

They had some in stock and yes it was cheap but the ones at customer level where sans the base and the attachments like a tap but higher ones did  have.   We had to ask for human help.

The supplied tap thing did not work on return to the zoo, so we used the one from the old.  The brands website also looked it was stopped developing four years ago, and the tap looked different.

bbq’s (my blog) where also pricey and most of the the stock in this north london warehouse looked depleted as if some accountant had deemed its levels of stock too high and so looked unloved..

As we use rainwater (my blog) most weeks and it goes from 25c to 0c in temperature in a year it will be well used but as an experience much could be said that a lot of the selected stock was partially incomplete and so unlikely to sold or if so likely t be returned asap for either leaking (wrong tap) or no stand.

The new container does not leak so is ok but the experience is not a good one, as a retail sector that is writing down millions in value  like the homebase brand  is doing – i wonder why.

An employee of the zoo returned to the shed and got a real tap for the unit after pointing out the problem to the human staff.

*Two mammals required – well done if you got the bonus joke

fake news ? not if the bbc will not cover it

In this (my blog) i lament the lack of news from China from the bbc, nothing ever happens in China.

Strangely other people find news about from China but they never work for the bbc.  Having read this (my blog) i can well believe it.

As africa is well know for corruption [i wonder where all the western aid money went] it is good to see that China is wiser than many.

However i do find it odd that Chinas activities are never reported by the bbc.

Its like the bbc quit reporting news about china.  The mainstream media like the bbc and its overpaid wamen [not a spelling mistake] might be self censoring.

People who don’t use a library

I caught these people on television doing a bananas in the falklands deemed faux pas before switching to an on demand service one evening on a lifestyle type thing the bbc** does, if you think the bbc only does classic books wall to wall then your minus a delusion as well.

Meet the Hurst’s (right) who are probably quite nice people who i have not met but they refused to use a library even for there children.

I did not watch it for more than a minute.

As i like to think of myself as a brainy ape and also use a public library (my blog) there reasons for purchasing rather lending where not made clear but a clue hinted on may have had something to do with this (my blog) so at least some books are read.

I like the concept of free knowledge* and it galls me that humans feel that books have to be bought  even when they fund a service anyhow as part of a council tax.

Sigh – the equivalence that books can not be lent  but only bought  elsewhere struck me that more of the production staff never also used a library.

This is not a rant against consumerism if you read this in a certain way as  things do have to be consumed/used and by all means do what you want but if i can stream things why not use a library as well ?

Anyhow it strikes me as a sad reflection upon people.

*not really (my blog) but what is wrong with sharing. ** in which no mention of satellite television (my blog) or netflix is ever made