Have you seen this woman in Plymouth ?

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

In this (my blog) i read that Plymouth’s most celebrated child rapist (and a female) is now considered a free woman,

In 2009 and funded by the bbc she raped very ypung children.   Vannessa George is the name via little teds which is something the bbc thought to promote and fund and provide opportunity to abuse.

If you think it unfair to point out her misdeeds when i could mention Olve Cooke, Oxfam and god knows how many other selfless charity workers then let me know who i missed in  the comments


The Ferrero Rocher question

forbidden fruit?

News reaches us that more diplomatic communications have been leaked (my blog) and this time the independence of the civil service is brought in to  question.  I guess if you know other diplomats then your out of touch.

So Sir Kim Darroch is our man of the moment a like Craig Murray was (see blogs i read)

If being able to change your mind is very naughty thing to do then i am not sure how government operates.  Logic if applied to Saudi Arabia  would mean anybody who ever met a bin-ladin should be dead.

Somebody does not like Daarroch and how dare thinking and evidence is a thought crime to journalists after all stalin never murdered millions of people did he, but the orange man bad.

At least we all know whats in the Ferrero Rocher (my blog) now.

The loyalty card failure

Professor had a loyalty card from a stock market listed retail business which was not doing too well.  The loyalty card became a victim of saving the business not that professor went that often although it was a top choice for that kind of thing..

Professor still goes there (via online) but buys less and the shed’s (my blog) competitors get more more money assuming they had it in stock to begin with which as an expense to the business is a point worth making .

I read its attempts to become profitable have failed.    I wonder how many other people spent less when the scheme ended.

I had a loyalty card thing  once years ago and then it was closed down i gave them back there card, and never visited the place.

Hampstead tour guides who do not keep up with history.

Bananas knows somebody arty who went to Hampstead in London and i remembered this (my blog) so i told them and they asked where this place was.

At least three of these guides had never heard of it. I got as feedback from the trip – they took its details and well that is the end of that.

Hampstead has a long history of things but the current history is also important. While a one off the secrecy and ignorance of it could become a problem for society.

Anyhow i thought it dangerous step that the present is not important.

fake razors and long gone e-commerce sites

I bought an non protor and gamble replacement razor (my blog) from an unknown website and when the thing arrived i sensed a fake.  Since it was cheap and the original part seems not to be sold on real websites where it always out of stock i let it slide.  It may be better and ancient razors are  bit shit.

May i remind you with amazon dumping all stock items in to one single bin (my blog) regardless of who supplies it this could happen there too.

After a while the thing began to fall apart but was still usable.  Then the website disappeared.

I would not buy a p&g razor* ever (my blog) but i am kind of perplexed as to how to buy a real part  in reality.   Granted it is an older model and one i doubt a bricks and motar retailer would even sell.

Not sure what i did wrong and if i could have done it better for the money – i doubt it at least i do not fund super injunctions.

*who is to say there are not fake Gillette razors?

the zoo’s weather

Last year this time it was dry and sunny  (my blog)  – so far everything is looking very dark green now.  Rain means less work and this is not a rant, just dont expect to come to the zoo and sunbathe this year it seems.

As exiled rwandian apes we like the climate here in the zoo regardless of its unpredictability the rain is warmer in the summer and colder in the winter that much is guaranteed.

man shops versus women shops

I am sure womens makeup* is very profitable** but when one sex determines the high street customers or main street footfall then it is in trouble.

Professor has clocks which need batteries that are non standard.  The womans shop may stock them but really dont give a stuff unlike there cosmetics.

After hearing Prof grumble about it once too often i suggested a man shop who where helpful had it in stock and did not take hours to find.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

If the high street is ever going to get its mojo back then its going to have to offer something for men – but dont tell the charity shop guru.

Anyhow I have said this before (my blog) and look forward to kept being proven right.

*monkeys dont wear it. **vegan makeup

modern slavery and contestants on love island

Imagine my surprise when i discovered camdem libraries has a modern slavery statement. This is a now ubiquitous document everybody seems to have  one no wonder the library has no bloody books in it i guess it is another hoop  for a publisher to jump through.

After all its a procedure.

Slavery is part of this topic so relevant and a good place to start

Gypsies are users/benefiters of slavery (bbc) and when i read a famous gypsy was apparently appearing on love island (a bit like this [my blog]) i do wonder if the sjw’s have got on the production team.   Not that watching low iq humans try to mate is something i watch that’s a job for David Attenbrough (my blog).

I wonder if itv has a modern slavery statement as well but i am not sure how living in caravan after the show is deemed glamorous.  That might be deemed enforced slavery (my blgo) or white slavery (my blog).

I guess being forced to live in a building without wheels  might be deemed mental cruelty by some as well.  Somebody will get outraged i think and no i do not care.

Anyhow i guess next year a pakistani transgendered disabled deaf and blind contestant will get to be bikini ready* and certain demographic of british tv viewers will see if they get any sex,, car bombed,  or uav’ed***.

Well it does sounds interesting for next year. I do not think i will tune in this year although i am sure somebody** will inform us apes of what went down.

Something to muse on.

*not that your see it. **David please don’t *** blown up

threatening messages from out of touch political parties

The monkey house got a leaflet that said vote for us or else despite us doing a shit job as a legacy political party.  Literally that was it. Since when i post this the results of this election will be known it will not be good.

street urchins

Anyhow i laughed and put the a5 sheet of paper in the recycle/threatening message box.

Somehow my voting paper never appeared so i also accuse the politicians of voter suppression i am a voting ape but seems are not for this election .

So when the four people and 51% of a dog validate your vote [which you all voted to leave anyhow] you certainly do not speak for me.