Refurbished ‘ethical’ phones

Bananas uses an isp for mobile phone sim access* and for nearly £400 they are offering ‘refurbished ‘ ethical phones which is no discount on the ‘new’ version.

When one can buy a non ethical andriod phone for £80 I cannot see how this is any kind of bargain.  Perhaps if you buy ethical products then perhaps £380 sounds a great deal.

Somebody will be happy I am sure of that. at that price. Not us.

*cheaper than a phone company

The task nobody wants to do

Which also includes me who set it is for our ape with the smart phone (my blog) and the ape with the phone who cannot be bothered to do it either (or i was an hour in the vets excuse).

So the alpha feels a need to intervene and so takes the ape with phone to place with no phone shop [one of those big groups].but goes to a place with no corporate retail shop.

Ironically after weeks pass by the smart phone ape asks me what i should be doing and would i sort it out.  Keeping a straight face was hard. Mind you with the tariff costing £4.50 for failed calls (user error) i am sure one day something will happen

I am past caring but find it most amusing and something that even the app cannot fix how do you login and use a password with a 1997 sim card after all such things as apps or smartphones did not exist.

Another month passes and i relent after being asked again and I get a pac code which has a shelf life of three weeks and an option for not as cheap calls.  Despite being asked nothing else happens.

I quit this phone stuff.

defective babies, the nhs and the childrens hospital charity conflict of interest.

the stuffed monkey might have more sentience

For several months now it seems a baby who cannot live without a breathing machine and with doubts as to everything else too has been going the rounds in the courts.

Lawyers are expensive so i wonder who is paying these fees – everybody via the nhs ? There are charities involved here (my blog) and a rich one associated with the hospital who have screwed up of which there could be a long term conflict of interest..

I also wonder if the charity business is influencing the nhs aspect of this hospital for the bad publicity the case has brought them after all it does send the wrong message. If your thinking then the paradox of childrens hospital charity also funded by the nhs is another issue which is the more important. .

Residents of the uk are constantly being told there are issues with the nhs – however in this case with opposing charities fighting it out for a rare condition only one suffers from i just wonder what it is doing to the nhs who is paying – you indirectly ?.

Somehow it sounds very expensive and not an wise use of limited resources you keep getting told about.

While it would be nice to fix all issues perhaps the fighting between all parties on the outcome means you humans cant have nice things but the lawyers and rich charity bosses can and sod the cabbage needing the help..


Professor of queues

I had to visit a post office one day to pay something into an account and when i got there there was very long wait. Since it was a shop as well even the soft toys looked grumpy and where also segregated as to look as if they had been fighting and if they had facebook probably they would have unfriended each other as well despite being ‘cheery’ happy bears one might send as a gift**.

That thought actually happened.

There retail stuff was overpriced on some items i am kind of aware what it should cost.

There also where labels everywhere saying you have to buy stuff like pens, and if you queued for as long as i did there is no way you would want to buy non post things* in this establishment.  It was passive aggressive for atmosphere.

Eventually i reached the top of the queue where to my delight there was two people serving – however cash was also being deposited at one since i arrived thirty minutes ago. I assume the other can also do what i want and find out yes they can rather queue twice..

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

My thing takes a minute and surprisingly works which i kind of assumed would not happen.

It was a curious experience.

Eventually i was able to get back to the zoo.  I am glad i do not have to do that every day.

Why are post offices so miserable places to blog about.  I think have enough for a professorship here.

*the zoo too obtains its stamps from a cash and carry and not a post office for reasons of discount rather than use a post office.** i suppose somebody might

Lesbian couple dump old man and go travelling alone (bbc diversity and dr who)

Bananas and a few other apes visited the zoo’s security office and with the crack team of security guards and its head Charlie (my blog) we all settled down with a banana to see the end of dr who.  It was not very good but a water/robot lesbian* couple emerged from the end and lived happily ever afterwards boldly going where no pussy has been before..

Not really caring either way – i wonder if bbc diversity is aware of it’s message which seems to be that homosexual couples should leave and go somewhere else.   Well done bbc diversity one might say thats exclusion rather the inclusion.

Anyhow what do i know ? mind you since the bbc dislike genre and the diversity department at bbc seem happy to torpedo something that people pay for outside the uk perhaps this will result in a new series where these two lesbians explore stuff clearly a ratings winner for a porn film.

I am sure that passes as light entertainment for all..   I will leave you with that thought.

*who wears the dildo ?

real money and design

I got one of the new five pound notes.which are a mixture of plastic and ‘paper’ the other day as a bill of exchange they are quite Canadian inspired and so look like they are worth more than there stated value.

The new one pound coin is also similar to its old version so some consistency.

Obsolete printers

a printer, not from the zoo

One of the zoos printers was starting to jam more and more often despite attempts at ‘cleaning’ it after nine years i discovered that it could not be fixed and the parts where not made or unavailable even from spare part websites.

It kind of works and looks ok but to bodge fix it meant superglue on cracked gears and a large hole in the bottom of the case (requiring power tools the zoo does not own) of which the results of only apparently worked temporarily should you google hard enough.

It is kind of a shame to chuck it away but second hand printers are not easy to obtain and new printers allow printing from android (my blog) where cups support for older printers is a game of Russian roulette and costs money rather then being a simple will it or wont it to maybe.

The zoo did not complain about it dying which is unusual.  – usually the response is – thats not right can it be … Anyhow its dead and going to where dead printers go.

Its replacement is a tale worth regaling to you which you will enjoy and you will read some point in the future.


Burning money (or austerity is for the english only)

dup handmaiden

I note that Theresa May (my blog) is spending a billion pounds of your money on Northern Ireland and her new friends – i suppose the dup will get handmaidens and new orange blower hats.  Maybe a new bagpipe or something to piss off a catholic.

Prudent conservatives – that is another lie.  Power corrupts absoltuety

The young drug driver

hell in a church

We hear via our bush telegraph** (tribe friends in whipsnade zoo)  a tale about a human godparent who has been ‘disappointed’ by the resulting now teen adult who caused injury and and was found to be high on some sort of drug (my blog).

Apparently the godparents saw good in turning the godchilds life around be that the school (my blog) or the parents failure (my blog) is something we do not know.

While the godparent’s role is technically over news of it spread fast.throughout the zoo and while you cannot disagree with the test or the fact,

Now you might think i am being judgemental here but when no or rather no become words to ignore like religion* then clearly somebody did something wrong.

But it proves that garbage in means garbage out.

*i read a female newspaper columnist headline arguing for tattoos (my blog) at easter – make of that what you will.**a zoo in the countryside


The mysterious place.

I was listening to something technical when the people who where talking spoke about films to lighten the mood towards the end.  One children’s film was mentioned but no other cinematic items could be remembered by the speakers who where not film critics or had liberal arts degrees (my blog) either.

chavThis mysterious place is called a cinema and i too cannot remember a desire to see a film in one because all the films i wanted to see do not appear to get a distribution – one includes a japanese anime film which no doubt i probably see on dvd that your average chav would never see because of subtitles.

The other has slipped my mind being some months ago.

Maybe i am lazy for not seeking out these films and there one 9am monday cinema slots in some distant cinema (not an art house film from an ex famous hollywood star) so perhaps it is best that the mysterious place is kept that way.

Amusingly the cinemas hate of netflix seems misplaced for i found the films on there more to my taste.. If only they knew….