fad recycling

I was staring at a pair of cinema 3d glasses on a shelf here in the zoo when the thought in my brain pinged “there bloody useless”.

OK readers when did you last see a film in 3d ? i guess we are on the same lines of thinking.

So i asked the rest of the monkey house for these, collected six items and when i needed to be near a cinema i would hand them in.

So i did when nearby, even the staff in the cinema described 3d as a fad.  I think that is an accurate judgement.

I wonder what will histories view of 3d films in the cinema will be.

gender identity and the mentally ill

girl (imdb: tt8254556) is a film i saw on netflix as a french cinema event ‘nod’ * and oscar foreign film shortlistee not that i have been in a cinema in years or see some tv show sack comedians for wrong think.

I watched it not for that but its handling of the debate that lesbians are exclusion-ist (terfs) and male gays are also the bad in the gay rainbow. Yaniv (my blog) is a good example of this where the rights of some gays are deemed bad.   Welcome to intersectional politics comrades – if you watch sargon then your in the know.

Girl takes the transgender thing to the extreme and neither the woke seemed to like it and the rest felt it wanting in other areas as to be expected from a brief look  at some comments.

I was left inferring a meaning and i think the transgendered boy became anorexic if i understood the meaning at the end and that femininity as presented as the ideal by the tranny was an unrealistic goal.

Somehow i also got the impression that the boy who wanted to be a girl did not like boys and would not be accepted as a female either way despite not being able to birth children if dreams come ‘true’.

As to be expected such a film did not get a wide cinema release, and got a netflix release which must have been really pissed off that cinema event who hate netflix how dare television show films.

As i am talking about a 0.000000000000000001% population perhaps this Belgian film was not supposed to be seen and by miring it in cinema distribution rules also suppressed it.

While there is some reflection of the war between the colours of the rainbow it is not particularity wise and it might well be seen as left wing propaganda which looks through innocent eyes and ignores the dangers that the doctors cant speak about** for being accused of being phobic.

2/5 bananas – that’s lottery money for you.

*they hate netflix for irony and this will not be on french tv for years **young people deemed transexual who then reject the diagnosis are also deemed traitors by the left.

the incredible painter

The zoo had the painters in and they did a great job. However one kitchen unit was damaged in an most amazing way that a metal joint was seriously warped by these painters.

One day i found the joint and concluded that the painter was the incredible hulk in disguise.

Nobody in zoo saw a naked green thing growling at stuff as far as we know but either the unit was stood on Archimedes  fashion (my blog) or fulcrum-ed is an non green man theory that makes any sense.

The joint remains an problem and needs a metal basher something the zoo is so far unable to fix and once we found one it was a simple fix.

Have you seen a green bodybuilder growling at things? then you have probably met our painter as well.

hp instant ink update

Following on from this (my blog) the zoo had its first defective instant ink cartridge it lasted 12 months and while not getting the usage by 400 pages through a defective print head and was the black one.

I weighed the cartridges [instant ink] and new they are 58 to 59 grams, the black used cartridge was 29 grams, the colour used cartridge was 42 grams.   Since the zoo pays per print both got replaced since washed out print reports don’t do the zoo justice.

The 42 gram colour cartridge also felt light and i am sure being three colours in one is short of some base colours so it saves me a job when the other apes moan that red or other colour has gone missing.  Paying per sheet means rather than make do with missing things it also got replaced.

Cartridges for light use arrive every twelve months although hp do keep mum on the printer status so some quota was used diagnosing the bad output and that is hp’s problem.

Despite the guessing game and some problems with cups (my blog) it appears that instant ink is economical for the monkey house compared with buying the cartridges either from hp (outrageous) and oem ink (a £30 saving) based on printer output of which is monitored.

I have yet to empty an ink cartridge and weigh it but at 50% 60g – 29g makes me assume 30 grams of ink are stored in the larger cartridges.

In this ii looked at instant inks pricing value (my blog) pricing [paid] not free (my blog) can be summarised as as price per page

  • 50 sheets is .04 pence plus .10 per sheet over quota
  • 100 sheets is .03 pence
  • 300 sheets is 02 pence
  • .700 sheets is 007 pence

This is a bad guide to base economics on. since it ignores ink quantity and no real like for like comparison made with bought cartridges and not rented ones since the instant ink ones are unique on the market.

Further value is obtained by changing plan, but is demerited that your stuck on that upper plan for an extra month which reduces the cost provided you do not loose sheets through over quota which is wasting money.

Sometimes it is cheaper to not change plan and just go over until you hit the higher tariff..


Inquiring minds and ‘royal’ blue piss.

Sally our ape of the mind here in the monkey house wondered over from her leather sofa treating iphone addicts (my blog) and spoke with us about that royal who might not be a royal* who is alarming the press and the rest of the royal family so much so the mainstream media are reporting it..

Sally reminded us that crazy royals do exist and had blue piss (my blog) so perhaps visiting lincolnshire and farming turnips is the cure.

Anyhow we shared a banana while discussion the merits of mad royals with blue piss (my blog) and then Sally then went back to helping delusional apple users.

Sally obe now an ape can dream

* rumoured to be guardsman conquest.

Oh fuck off amazon.co.uk and it’s sisyphean products

The zoo needs one of these (right) well at some point for this (my blog) and our usual place [not amazon] is out of stock.

Amazon have them but it is an add on item.   So i have to spend an amount actually  fulfilled by amazon or else the item is not sold – its being held hostage.

Feels like a hijack – you do want to save the dog from the nasty animal charity (my blog you get the point) that will put it down ?.

Sure – i actually need toner and something else of which do not make that amount.

So i add something i will need and that is also not sold through amazon.   OK lets work around this bullshit from the other end  – time to find an another dongle.

Sisyphus is still a role model

I find one sort of but its not what i want being the blue one was fine (i would have preferred a different colour) – but by this stage i abort the order, no the toner  can wait, and the project thing also can wait.  Granted my odds and ends do not matter but how the fucking hell annoying is amazon intentionally making trying to buy a converter into a Sisyphean task ?

gah – Sisyphus the greek would have been proud of this modern pushing the stone up a hill task created by amazon.

I quit – i will buy the ink elsewhere and the other items can wait.  I am sure amazon are really pleased with that outcome.  I was happy with that outcome and I got to write this down.