Governments not paying there pfi bills

Jimmy and Tony

Carillion is an outsourcer who is not being paid by governments and when the money stops people who profited both ways like Tony to your right mean we will all probably be paying twice while Comrade Blair laughs at you.

That is not to say that there are no problems with pfi’s the London Underground scheme collapsed, schools in scotland had blown over walls* and since most of the deals are commercial the details are very much kept between governments and the outsource firms who have old government chums like lord reid (left) who worked at g4s who fucked up the security for the london Olympics (my blog) and non delivered and is a chum of Tony Blair .

It appears or being told the saudis are not paying there bills but whether that is correct or not is a matter of trust after all when Tony and Reid have both sold and consumed the item perhaps its time that these pfi contracts have served them well and there failure is assured and as a long term means of doing stuff is not there problem any more.

*wolf and three pigs (my blog) had nothing to do with it – joke

The delirium brief,Charles Stross

citizen may the children’s entertainer

isbn:9780356508283 is another book from a series that kind of began here (my blog atrocity archives) so do not read this book if you have no idea who Cassie is (my blog)

However bananas is up to date and vaguely remembers who Cassie is along with the usual regulars. so if your still reading this well done.

Set in the usual places this is an interesting book and has a current political edge with talk of austerity and how lean should public services be.

With parallel’s to stuff going on i am not sure this will age well but i liked it

3/5 bananas long – for long term readers only.



sports direct ‘ethics’

lets poison the gin

The monkey house was tasked with buying work shoes for a zoo employee. We found a very reasonable pair and purchased them online.

Only later did we discover that they came from a sports direct trading company – a firm of dubious nature although such name was not who they where purchased from.

I was not bothered by this and  it must be said that the sports direct management are rather clever at protecting that brand name for price and clearing old stock via another so it appears that this monster of retailing is probably something we all interact with after all even firms like harrods do not make shoes and probably there stock also too comes from this leisure goods companies warehouses at some point.

That makes the ethics a moot point

Another bad example is if your having chicken for food at some point today did it come from a certain factory in Wolverhampton* ?

It appears that they [sd] have made an effort to be more humane recently after there procedures got unwanted attention but it is strange where america might celebrate say amazon (my blog) us english see the worst in home grown ecommerce.

Point made.

*two sisters – perhaps a bad example.

the ‘outrage’ of convicting a uk female drug dealer

Laura Plummer is a drug runner who imported prescription grade drugs from england  into Egypt for her ‘unwell’ local boyfriend pictured with her right.  I cannot quite get the outrage she is supposedly generating by female journalists being on her side.

For if ‘our’ Laura was doing that to the uk we would call her all the nastiest names under the sun and cheer when airport security took her away after all you have all seen those programs*.

Questions remain – like who gave her the prescription drugs – where they legally issued or stolen meaning you probably paid for them if you live in the uk.  I do note that the abuse of prescription drugs leads many american’s to illegal drugs which are cheaper as documented by the Theroux documentary bloke.

wenlock a policeman

The assumption is that no female could ever do such a thing which sounds very much a case of female privilege after all if Laura was a man most daily mail readers would be demanding the return of the death penalty something of which all sjw’s are not in favour of.despite this ‘equality’ thing.

Who is the idiot here is something to be debated – the outrage in the msm, or her is good for shining the spotlight on the fact that females (wikipedia) are

Sugar and spice
And everything nice [or “all things nice”]

social justice warrior

But boys be

Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails

Appears to be an ok gender stereotype for sjw’s.

Anyhow was Laura Plummer humanitarian distributing aid or an idiot means somehow her guilt is proven.

*your local airport probably has a tv crew filming the latest series.

sjw’s have screwed native literary authors


I read this (guardian not here) and wondered

print sales of literary fiction are significantly below where they stood in the mid-noughties and that the price of the average literary fiction book has fallen in real terms in the last 15 years.

Oh dear me ! since its the guardian and no social justice cause is the problem* something else is and ..

but a lot has changed since then – the internet, Amazon, the demise of the net book agreement – ongoing changes which have had a massive effect

Aha – so those sjw’s are not to blame phew! – its amazons fault and nobodies else  – do these new books have trigger warnings ?

The one man quoted (** my blog) in this guardian piece  states

creative writing programmes are a force for conformity and lack of experimentation,” said Self. He predicted that “as it becomes clear that the massive amounts of writers who are enrolling in these courses are going nowhere

So all these books are the same.? well done liberal arts sjw’s

I am possibly part of the ‘problem’ here after all not reading what is not reviewed by sjws might be deemed a sjw crime – but when women journalists will only review books by women (my blog) and i quit reading the booker prize*** since that too got boring so i have not read ‘native’ literary output for some time mostly because a lot of my books come from a library and libraries do not buy books.

A lot of the reviews i read for books that i may or may not be able to get do not appeal but then again reading for me is not a question of self selecting female/tranny/black (my blog) authors first unlike some people who perhaps look at the authors racial makeup and use as a review criteria in the mainstream media.

No wonder book sales are down – i conclude that sjw’s be they creative writer teachers or guardian journalists have a formula that does not appeal to normal people and while one lot criticises the other lot these ideologues have ruined books and native authors for a generation for being white, rich*** and the wrong sex and gender.

Its an achievement that.

*read foreign books and books by black people and women or else is the message of the guardian **how dare they.. *** rich here means a western country not some country with tb in mi1lk*** also now an international prize

Don’t mention the Murdochs…

I read Max Clfford (my blog) has died in prison  While Clifford may have preyed on foolish people with a ‘tale to tell’, the Murdoch family (my blog( paid him what they wanted too.

A value statement of dubious value.

Having himself stated

Every day, every week, every month, a lot of the lies that you see in the newspapers, in the magazines, on television, on the radio, are mine.

Mean the Murdoch family and News international are also partly responsible and not the arbiters of the fourth estate he and others there think they be*, although oddly Murdoch can do no wrong but Clifford could.  Funny that.

*Max Clifford news is ‘fake’

old person ‘mode’

oldpeopleThe monkey house had aged guests one day recently where we youthfull apes had to shout and repeat ourselves or be ‘translated’ by other apes nearby to the deaf.  Ambient noise was through the roof

Despite it being not that cold for november (hint walk outside and then return) it still meant we got very hot and sweaty.

We survived we think.

the bbc’s special interest and diversity problem

When i write this the bbc is having yet another charity evening which if i understand they have been building up to events in many of there other content before the event.

In the news too special interest groups get no hard questioning back and things that i might watch are missing from screens for over a year.

However its not all bad news as you do not have to watch this crap from the bbc and i don’t as i have a book to read. The bbc may not like Clarkson, Hammond and May but i read that even the bbc had to admit that there non bbc show is way more better than what the bbc could manage with a washed up american tv actor, a scotish man

If the bbc wishes to do stuff for the 10% and not the rest of population so be it but when all fund it and appear only to get safe charity appeals and unquestioning thoughts its a problem and the sooner the bbc goes commercial the better. when they can reap the rewards of the 10% audience they cherish.

the northern beach

the northern beach

Is the bbc ready for that well Blackpool (a northern seaside town) decided to beat up some bbc talent while filming there.  Maybe not then.