Derryck John thug of the year

Derryck John

Avoid this scumbag and his unidentified criminal friends who he did not give up*.

John, of Croydon, (my blog( pleaded guilty to six counts of throwing a corrosive liquid with intent to “disable, burn, maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm”, two counts of robbery and four counts of attempted robbery.

He deserves more than ten years, and a few more – scumbag of 2017 winner i think unless you don’t think eyesight is valued

*is he being paid to keep quite still

identity thief crooks at large in Swansea Wales

The zoo had to deal with the dvla who do driving stuff here, if yur american these people are a bit more professional than your dmv setup.

Some government identity document had to be returned because its the government. But it had to be damaged first as it appears the post office has employed identity theft crooks in Swansea who do not forward the mail to this government department.

I suppose it is a juicy target as the mail has a value but one of which is flawed as the government is the target.

I somehow doubt that there are job openings at the Swansea post office the reasons you can figure out..

The zoo has a marmite abuser

Marmite (my blog) has occasionally come up in this blog  They have clever advertising which takes the piss out of animal charities (my blog) and a downright scary for privacy reasons* dna test which goes to unilever with a dna sample.  You apparently get a piece of paper telling you if your a lover or a hater.

Most people seem to not see that aspect

The monkey houses bottle of marmite was smashed today so clearly i need to ring somebody and inform them that marmite has been abused.  Should you have an unloved bottle of marmite (my blog) please bring it to the zoo care of the monkey house and it will be looked after provided the abuser does not get to it.

*worth money and privacy issue if you think beyond that sound ‘fun’


Celebrity children authors (or chav world book postponed day)

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Apparently you have to famous television star (being gay helps too) to write a childrens book these days and get it published.   It is kind of interesting that tv stars get a second career with the help of a ghost writer and film types do not appear to get such opportunities.

Only books by millionaire gay and cross dressing celebrities appear are chosen for world book day i suppose being associated with gropers helps (my blog) too..   Being simply an ‘author’ is clearly not enough for childrens authors by publishers these days.  It is kind of weird that the organisers of the ‘day’ and publishers sell any books at all which appears to be aimed at adults who have heard of said star as seen on tv celebrity.

Mind you that’s chav books day (my blog) for you

After the day ends i am sure books by ‘celebrity’ folk shall be forgotten and my library will empty of people who will only visit for one day in a year after all they only read celebrity books.

Celeb book authors do more damage to the publishers than ‘good’ imho but that’s not really my problem.

Dont support your local high street

I read two shop chains gave up the fight yesterday a toy retailer who had corrupt accountants* and a huge pension ‘hole’  while not selling star wars toys (my blog) along with everybody else.

The other was a electronics shop come mobile phone shop that was  not particularly good whether rude staff or high prices caused there demise is something you would have to ask an actual customer and i was not one.

Anyhow let me tell you the tale of …

Snobby shops are interesting places who do not fit the charity shop filled local high street (my blog) after being told to visit them by charity shop makeover persons like comrade Portas – these snobby shops tell you to go else where.  Good examples being interior decoration and bathroom retailers.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

I guess comrade Portas do not want to sell item and prefer those large retail warehouse and online plumbing firms.  After all you got to have to whinge at something.

Anyhow what do i know ?

Online would have been easier best not tell them that – you can keep a secret right ?

*free holidays and houses

british old age pensioner gun massacres.

With yet another us gun massacre recently* professor was telling us apes a very funny story about a near blind non english pensioner who had bought an air gun to shoot at squirrels for reasons best known to themselves

With extra of rounds of whatever air guns fire** we both wondered if the squirrels where safe and as this old person has a walking frame as well and so it became a bit funny.- do squirrels duck and cover ? (my blog) can they also outrun the pensioner ?

As to the reasoning that squirrels need to be shot and whether in fact the pensioner could hit one is very much up for debate.

Professor and us us apes really don’t understand humanity mind you the squirrels might rise up*** and take over the planet..

*where msm biases are glaringly exposed (my blog( and worthy of its own post, **i dont know what they fire.  I think rick & morty did that

A film critics cinema

Professor came and visited us in the zoo and told us that his new cinema (my blog) is a place where the critics (my blog) might apparently go to as non superhero films are shown.



Instead of the dire superhero films like ‘Barbie v the Fantastic tau’* there are those films critics review for actual seeing instead of us having to go to the peoples republic of Islington, or waiting for it on dvd, or the television since professor may have funded it out of the tv license via the bbc or channel four keeping luvies in moaning debates (my blog) takes our money not theres.

Its a bit of a surprise to professor but then i suppose what is happening now will also be reflected in the multiplex after all when Ken rescues Barbie (my blog) from the Fantastic Tau’s has a limited appeal.

I apologise for spoiling future film plots and associating Barbie with maths

flatland* that circle maths thing also known as pi that keeps a couple of maths types in full argument mode as to whether you say pi or tau.

rumblings from libraries higher management

Bananas as an reader of books (my blog) requested a non camdem book twice in fact and the second time it showed no compunction to be collected despite asking the local staff one day i decided to go to the top.

Being a nice ape i did not use swear words and made it retard proof to management as an inter library thingy* and probably something these bosses do not understand.

The next day i had to visit and return a book at my local camdem library and was instantly accosted by the head librarian who was rather amused by my antics of which i also forwarded my hopefully sentinet message to and like me where unable to get anything done..

Apparently those higher management people where rather miffed that i emailed who i did rather than them aklthough i found that emailing them normally meant me talking to the local head librarian who had done as much as anybody could have.

citizen may the children’s entertainer

Apparently i made somebodies day not fun but they have had three months to act before i did any of this..  However i was told that the item then did not exist so it proved that Theresa May does have a potemkin library.

*eg too cheap to buy it in Camdem

Darren Osborne and his bbc influencers that ahem we wont mention…

Darren Osborne is the man who scared a few muslims when he rented a van and drove into a few of them like they have also done* he also picked a place with a bad reputation for jihad one of whom is in prison in the us for being an accomplice (my blog) to 9/11.

He was apparently mainly influenced by the bbc when then did this (my blog) which the better story is to be found here (my blog) I never saw the bbc thing. The bbc which does not radicalise anybody soon omitted this and blamed far right and the internet  – like our children’s party entertainer prime minister after all right wingers must be nazis according to sjw logic (my blog).

It will be interesting to see how the bbc responds to this one person radicalised people charge – i guess no more mainstream news crime stories from northern towns or dramas regardless of reality.

What the result of this will be on the mainstream media is something i can guess but will hurt them in the future.   Not my problem but fake news might be something you begin to accuse the bbc of.

Osborne was a force that responded to and met an growing islamic threat, and hopefully will remind the Saudi paymasters of terror** that monkey see monkey do. Learning from saudi’s was educational for him and while some might consider him a hero he certainly reminded a lot of people of what kills us kills you as well.

*here’s some we did earlier – london, manchester, ** Pakistan and worldwide