the bbc’s special interest and diversity problem

When i write this the bbc is having yet another charity evening which if i understand they have been building up to events in many of there other content before the event.

In the news too special interest groups get no hard questioning back and things that i might watch are missing from screens for over a year.

However its not all bad news as you do not have to watch this crap from the bbc and i don’t as i have a book to read. The bbc may not like Clarkson, Hammond and May but i read that even the bbc had to admit that there non bbc show is way more better than what the bbc could manage with a washed up american tv actor, a scotish man

If the bbc wishes to do stuff for the 10% and not the rest of population so be it but when all fund it and appear only to get safe charity appeals and unquestioning thoughts its a problem and the sooner the bbc goes commercial the better. when they can reap the rewards of the 10% audience they cherish.

the northern beach

the northern beach

Is the bbc ready for that well Blackpool (a northern seaside town) decided to beat up some bbc talent while filming there.  Maybe not then.

I hope the bbc gets hacked for disabling the play and pause buttons on iplayer

Jo McCarthy – man who made china a superpower

Result millions of passwords and users to phish elsewhere. If they can hack equifax (my blog) why not the bbc ?.

Well some retard at the bbc disabled the pause, play, stop etc buttons on the bbc iplayer to get these back ‘working’ you have login.  Thus creating a future security problem for capita who administer the license fee (my blog)

That seems idiotic. So lets hope somebody steals your bbc login details after all they do not need them.

Somebody has delusions of the bbc  If they think play and pause remote control buttons are unnecessary i wonder when they demand a camera in the tv and only show you programmes they think you should be watching and if your not then deem it thought crime. .

I look forward to writing a told you so blog post at some point.

How much! and adverts too

also in beige

The zoo needed pc’s as some of them are well over ten years old and showing signs of hardware issues like forgetting the time** and being a bit slow with other regular seek human movements that persuaded the zoo to flash some cash on stuff..

Naturally i go to a site that i can buy to order rather than buy hp (my blog) or another brand get what we need without the crap copy of windows which is a lot cheaper than in stock and off the shelf from online retailers.


Deselecting windows 10 (my blog) resulted in the zoo shaving £100 off the bill (converted tp usd 130.00 at time i wrote this. So next time you wonder what you could do with an spare $130 makes using open source software a lot of sense.

mafia run microsoft

Apparently I also read that Microsoft are putting adverts everywhere in windows 10 so in addition to buying mafia insurance* from microsoft they also plaster adverts over it.

I am fascinated that people pay microsoft for this software via hardware vendors who i assume do it for laziness and some very shady microsoft sales staff.

Sure we have to install something on the hardware, but even windows needs setting up.

*nice shop window there, we will use it to sell your competitors products and spy on you. ** can break websites will refuse to load if your bios believes its 1/1/1980

If only Greece only had a female prime minister

street urchins

Bananas reads that the eu has apparently softened it’s demands for the uk to leave the eu after reading between the lines that Comrade May (my blog) could be deposed.

So it got me thinking on Greece (my blog) perhaps if female leaders get better deals than male ones that could be deemed as sexism ?

I wonder what greece would have looked like now ?

Think on it.

Is it worth £15 each? a film at a cinema

Bananas went ‘chav’ on netflix and saw ant man which is a superhero film. It was entertaining but i could not not justify the cost of the film in an cinema.  The back story was good, the fight scene clever although what sort of girl has a train set? – perhaps enlarged barbie dolls (my blog) was thought deviant or no copyright permission was given.

Since hollywood hates netflix  i would not be bothered if chav films like the cited one above where never to appear there and end up in some online ghetto approved by those sex perverts (my blog).  I have no idea how you download an app thingy to the television in the secuirity office at the zoo so if they think its going to happen then wish them well in there delusion*.  It [smart tv] came with netflix and original netflix stuff seems much better than the cited film.

Since i do not give opinions on popular culture things often lets leave it at that.

*questions like disk space left (no idea) on the smart tv and running linux pc’s mean its probably for apple and windoze os only so somehow its not going to happen.

Buggy yahoo email (or easy identity theft)

irishdrunkI was reading that yahoo email services (as used by bt.plc) where susceptible to cookie attacks adding to the litany of woes at yahoo whom could not organise a piss up in a brewery – they might be toxic environments to the people Yahoo management think it should employ

I have a scenario where if you want to steal something then doing it via Yahoo would be easy (the zoo does not use yahoo) and somebody the zoo knows with yahoo had the scenario played out.

Since your average isp thinks email is ‘hard’. Yahoo is one of those things that fixes it.  But say an.ape@isp is hacked and a nefarous person creates an.ape@isp1 both hosted by yahoo that it looks a plausible attack since

  1. it comes from yahoo address zone
  2. it will be protected by the same things the other thing has.

I am not sure if bad security on the yahoo user was more to blame but yahoo is also culpable for some of this.

The fake email was spotted as a fake but yahoo do love to make it easy.

The regular 8am pinot grigio white wine drinker near the zoo.

Near the zoo is a quiet street where somebody always appears to leave an empty bottle of pinot grigo white wine bootle [clear], its a regular occurrence and this bottle always has it’s cap screwed back on.

Oddly the bottle appears around 8am (my blog) on a weekday until the bottle is disposed of by some local citizen or us apes in the proper place should some of us be mingling with the citizenry of Camdem later on.  I think about it and find it funny as clearly somebody does put the cap on the bottle and does not break it before leaving it in the same place week after week.

Wine at 8am is a lifestyle choice not even bananas in the falklands thinks suitable or sustainable in 2017 however if i lived in a time where water kills (my blogs) maybe i would join them being it is processed rather than an unknown quantity.

Anyhow if your that person that leaves empty bottles of pinot grigo about you intrigue us apes since we have yet to meet..I mean it makes us wonder at humanity – it appears not to be homeless humann either.

Governments and dmarc feedback loops []

hello hello hello hello

If you have never heard of nsandi they are a government saving bank – interest is low and a lottery like prize is offered – kind of like an old  war bond, mostly an interest free loan for the government.

Somebody here in the zoo registered with a zoo address and as we have dmarc (my blog) along with nsandi a curous feedback loop has started – it begins when they send an email, dmarc sends one back, and then the pfishing address sends another automated reply to our dmarc user meaning another dmarc message from us rinse and repeat.

Imagine your not just us but google getting lots of these autoreplies i bet they must consider this autoreply bot a sign of retardation at nsandi

I guess one day it will stop when i do a kernel upgrade and ‘forget’ to keep the dmarc import file, or block the reporting to them or something else.

Ignoring the domain: seems to stop the feedback loop which does make dmarc useless for them but hey some retarded public schooled civil servant should not auto reply dmarc messages.

Oh well. Idle bots like to keep busy.  Nice to know they got the message!


mending a car seat saga

The zoo has a transport device where the seats need fixing, others here in the zoo have been asking for it to done for years but it fell upon deaf ears.  The four wheeled device is now being sold (hunt the bills time) and then person then decided to fix it.

Please make of this what you will.  I hope the new owner likes the restored chairs.

Well it is one to way to fix it.