tv poverty porn bites the debt collectors back

Civil court enforcement is pretty boring but also makes interesting poverty porn for television (my blog) featuring places like Jaywick. which come to mind as been as seen on tv and famous for camera crews so much so it even went overseas.

The tv bailiffs come across as either decent  or on the whole nasty power trip officious (youtube –  crimebodge) people dealing with the least able to cope and there circumstance not of there usual making with a third party involved – government.    This is not to say that debt collectors are not needed for there is always a second hand car dealer to justify some of them.

Since it is bard to miss this output being on repeat most weeks and series in double digits further restrictions it appears will now be put on these the result here is detrimental to the industry perhaps poverty porn and tv is not a good fit for the debt collection industry and private rented sector.

citizen may the children’s entertainer

After all if you shine a light under rock…  Another surprise here is this is law coming from a right wing party.

I imagine quite a few people are rather unhappy with the people on the telly.

Samsung and the lost free email address

A zoo guest broke an older android samsung tablet, bought another and then demanded it be connected to the monkey houses wifi.  – we obliged

So i got the tale that her new email address had to change since her last one was borked by the defective tablet and apparently nobody could restore it to the new one despite attempts by younger members of her family to transfer it – i was not involved.

I do hope gmail does not run out of email addresses in the way samsung and end users treat it.   Quite what means for social media and marketing is also bad news

Since the device was deemed dead it appears that transferring stuff from one old tablet to another is a lost skill for the average person.  Anyhow that seems to be the disposable culture of android also translated to ‘data’

Not sure many will like that after all is she a new user of the same web thingys or a old returning one.   Leave your thoughts below.

The Julian Assange question

Is a mess which the swedish left wing helped the ring wing, and with planes being inspected breaching diplomatic protocols it is no wonder Snowden remains where he does.

As to Ecuador well there also not the paragon on free speech they once wished to be.

Governments and the left wing in Sweden do like there secrets.  What that means for a free press is doomed.  Perhaps we do need Russia and China  to keep the West ‘free’.


“PARDON”, or galactic background noise.

galactic background noise.

The security office tv was beginning to play up and even radio sounded like universe had just big banged once again where once there was radio station all there be was hiss.

Then the  crappier tv channels started pixelating weeks before , then the other medium strength dvb signals (my blog) went and then nothing was seen.  Even the fm signal disappeared and as most dab radios (my blog) are shit that would have gone even earlier.

So being a responsible ape I  found our spare signal booster and called a professional being I did not have the right connectors being different to what was there..

It is nice to be able to listen to radio without being very loud as the signal strength was diminished.  To be honest it gives a good idea of value of television when your booster/multiplexor begins to die..


Fiona Onasanya the Peterborough traitor

I do not like the eu,(my blog)  or the majority view of the uk public (my blog)   but one lying mp Fiona Onasanya who is Labour  has subverted the greek comedy (my blog) known as brexit .

Parliament is supposed to represent the people and her vote means  brexit is not going to happen.  Parliament thus does not recognise the people and Onasanya is a perjured individual who unlike these (my blog) stood down as ‘honourable’ members.

Fiona Onasanya is a convicted criminal and while the labour party might claim ‘nothing to do with us’ there fingerprints are there for all to see.

Does Parliament matter no it seems that we dont need them after all they do represent the people.   Perhaps if the eu took over that would be better, after all that is what Fiona Onasanya  unexpected vote means.

street urchins

This means neither red or blue party can be trusted. – with 51% of the referendum voters not being satisfied i don’t think much of the chances of many members retaining there seats in the future.

tldr: Nobody got brexit

Never heard of it.

Bananas collects the monkey houses copy of the daily rowandian and was also given a free book of a film i had never heard of.  Not quite sure i will ever read it and it is not a superhero film

I have probably missed the one and pnly  9am showing of the film already being it has no superheroes in.

Oh well i have the book.

Money is not needed for the ‘arts’ – honestly

Imagine the irony.

So next time somebody in the arts industry* ‘wants’ you to save a painting, or a set of tea cups  for the nation and then to be hidden in a warehouse for the next fifty years for a lack of display space remember that they do not need money.

Apparently some arts snob in the portrait gallery has gone sjw over some issue and you might think there dealing with the Columbian drug cartels but there not.

The problem is that once you highlight one issue  – say fat people eating chocolate (my blog) where do you stop.  Should you ban the consumption of chocolate for all sounds good reasoning.

I really do not visit art galleries but if people feel generous enough to do ‘good deeds’ then who am i to say that is wrong.  Perhaps blank walls are art, or future art (my blog).

But i got your message arts industry.   I am sure i got the correct interpretation.

*including the royals (my blog)

plug size bingo

Plugs are annoying i have a euro plug adapter that would work 220 -240 range will not fit because of the moulding of the plastic

version 1

The english plugs need help too depending upon the brick size  Plugs have become the adult version of fit the shape in to the hole toddler toys,

Oh well it keeps me in practice.

I know that …

Some films you will not find in a cinema for your consideration

imdb: tt4263482 is a horror film with Ralph Ineson in it.  It is miminal and has the bloke who does the voice-over for salvage hunters and other things which you probably have heard if your in the UK.

The film is rated 5/5 bananas despite me not not liking the genre. Clever

Orbita 9

imdb: tt3469798 is a brazillian film which works but has an enigmatic ending.

3/5 bananas



Hive fixed there ethernet problem

Hive (my blog) had an issue that the heating controller would only work on a Ethernet port direct to a router not via a switch to a router


While experimenting with cables recently i discovered that it would now work connected to a switch via  the router.

While this might sound  ‘so what’ at least it is a kind of progress,  they also crippled the unit by supplying a 100mb cable not that i doubt gigabytes of data would ever be sent via it  but who knows with the nsa and gchq (my blog) on the prowl.

I personally feel safer that the hive controller is on  another bit of equipment rather than plugged directly into a router which nost people probably do.

Anyhow tin foil remains in fashion here in the monkey house.  More recently i discovered that i  was also very trendy because of some plants that once again are in fashion.

So better start wearing tin foil hats.  I am stylish after all – more style guru tips tomorrow.