Happy Harold Camping Day!

Harold Camping failed meet jesus seven yeas ago or return as a zombie

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by seven years (my blog).

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

So lets wish Harold (who has yet to return from the dead and so is also overdue) and his alive cult believers a happy anniversary.    Conrade Harold is a fine example of a crook using religion and his retarded followers who clearly have mental health issues.

So next time some respected religious nut job knows the end of the world do remember Camping .

It should be celebrated every year.


alleged Golden State Killer likes marmite -aka Ancestry and dna websites privacy

Your data has a value (my blog) but what about those dna testing sites mired in warnings that they are not for medical diagnosis et all* comes with it apparently are good for catching bad people although it seems they rather not admit that your data will be used for such a purpose..

I have issues with this as i wrote here (my blog)) but suppose you did submit dna to Unilever or 23andMe or whoever who else sees it/uses it ?.

My data is valuable why is yours not?

Meet the law who used a public dna service::

“We found a person that was the right age and lived in this area — and that was Mr. DeAngelo,” said Steve Grippi, the assistant chief in the Sacramento district attorney’s office. Investigators then obtained what Anne Marie Schubert, the Sacramento district attorney, called “abandoned” DNA samples from Mr. DeAngelo. “You leave your DNA in a place that is a public domain,” she said. The test result confirmed the match to more than 10 murders in California. Ms. Schubert’s office then obtained a second sample and came back with the same positive result, matching the full DNA profile. Representatives at 23andMe and other gene testing services denied on Thursday that they had been involved in identifying the killer.

While you are free to give your data who else will be accessing it ? While the golden state killer is not an role model does not your data that can identify you deserve better privacy since also you paid to submit it** or at least a change to the terms to state they know if you like marmite? rather than dance round the issue with legalese.

If its good enough for that, then that dataset is worth millions and your the product which means you should be outraged at Zuckerberg (my blog) once more..

At least we know that marmite eaters are killers now.

*it cannot prove alergic reactions to chicken, but you murdered one. **unilever charged

life on death row: the mass execution

Is a bbc online thing which will never see a broadcast after the bbc shut down this (my blog).  So much for bbc ‘promises’

As i have no reason to watch bbc tv but have seen previous episodes (my blog) i decided to watch it after i checked in six months of not watching bbc tv. which technically this still is not.

The series of four and a bit hours covers Arkansas use of its stock of drugs to execute eight people as they where going out of date and having been awaiting completion of sentences for decades some might say the death penalty did not really exist there as the legal system and politicians of both colours that unwilling to enforce law.

There are some interesting sub thoughts on branding and death row preachers.

Four where executed and regardless of your views it was compelling viewing that will never be seen on broadcast television because the bbc are dumb

5/5 bananas – i love the music.

An ex-secret policeman calls his leader morally unfit

James Comey is by definition an  ex-secret policeman his ex-organisation the fbi was a private police force once called the pinkertons. When a secret policeman  and force uses moral words in lieu of evidence while arresting lawyers and other shady tactics then i wonder why he/they do it. Clinton (my blog) may also be a moral deviant according to him for say attending a voodoo event (my blog) in Haiti in the past after all morals come with standards if you can judge one why not another.  The point being nobody will meet his standards.

Perhaps Comrade Comey thinks the us two party system is bad and he is the only honest and moral american left then clearly he and his old organisation rule rather than serve  I wonder if he would ban alcohol again but find no alcoholic Italians (my blog).

I do not remember Comey offering his services as an elected law maker on the us ballot.

If i ran a political party i would be thinking about things like does it’s society need people who make moral judgements based on feelings rather then evidence which seems does not exist and it seems he and others would like to make by threatening citizenry and abusing its legal process then is he the most moral* man that he thinks he is ?


hostwindsdns.com suppliers to script kiddies

hostwinds.com are registered in Seattle america so lets extend a warm helllo to peter@hostwinds.com and i am wary as to who they are,  I appear to just get script kiddies testing things here say.

smtpd[24268]: warning: Connection rate limit exceeded: 23 from hwsrv-218079.hostwindsdns.com[] for service smtp

It is not the first time i have noticed them and they come in bulk, and so i have blocked them as if you inform them nothing happens – so if your using them to send stuff to the zoo i suggest you get a better provider.

If your looking for a extremely scammy isp hostwinds.com seems a good mafiia owned one.

If the zoo needs its security testing then you too might end up with your own blog entry.

gendered book reviews and unsold toys

There is a website i occasionally visit for books to read  but i do not find any to read.  Most of the reviews are by women reviewing other women authors for the sisterhood can not read anything else.  It is not a sjw field say feminism .

Can men not write books ? apparently not and since even i can spot this trend and who is to say the reviewed books are any good after all vagina good and penis bad.

This is a publishers site as well so i guess they do not want to sell books which i am happy to help with and will help them in there bias after all who says those are the books i think worthy of reading.

Of related interest I was watching a video of a fan (my blog) explore the unsold toy products* (my blog) and it relates quite well since the sjw press noted above demanded action figures in a certain gender.  So the fans exploration in retail bricks and mortar shops around there area was eye opening.  The brand could be said to be doing poorly, and those ‘demanded’ things in the name of website writers where very much heavily discounted  available in vast quantities..

Fancy that.

*it appears that sjw writers do not understand female toys.

Netflix ‘science’

Comes with some ‘famous’ people that only American’s know – an example say the young cast from mythbusters* (my blog) whom where jettisoned by the older cast which i never got to see the last series.

Another well known american presenter was censored for gender comments by netflix or the production company of whom is reliant on tv for work

So one day i sat in the tree and watched a thing about mars (imdb: 80117263) which was mostly about ‘nerdy’ american children at a nasa summer camp with said mostly unknown tv personalties saying stuff.

Concerning me was the fact that nazi (a sjw prerogative) was used explaining the history of stuff.  Paying Russia was also deemed not space science despite the failure of american leadership to even have rockets that can handle human beings at the present time (blame democrats and republicans politicians here)

The kids had various successes and failures in the nasa tasks (one which looked like lego) but there passion was infectious although what comes after mars is another matter fify years of talk?.

I somehow hope that Nasa does not do what it did on the moon and send test pilot after test pilot to make crappy home videos or golf games because the politicians all play golf and send real scientists rather than bus drivers.

As an non american the content underwhelmed me.

Netflix science strikes me as thinking science is for american children only. These children looking at summer camp as a way to be famous and an association they like strikes me as creepy.  Lets hope they all become test pilots in the right airforce.

3/5 bananas – that is one great banana for the apes

*heavily censored