But did he rape apes as well ?

Michael Jackson bubbles monkey rapist

Michael Jackson is a interesting person (my blog).   Who and what he became is curious and i have been watching the documentary about his sexual activities.   Kind of strange that creepiness aside was not guilty of these charges in a court of law.

It is a strange world (my blog).    I bet bubbles was sexually assaulted too.

I think the game is up for the music legacy.    However i think like Jim Jackson cannot be un-personed which the left is very happy with trying to do.

Educated, Tara Westover

isbn: 9780099511021 is yet another economist book of the year and one i had thought about reading prior to that and being strong on sjw thought* values beloved by the journalists  i decided not to until now.

Its back to mormonism (my blog) and magic underwear which is why you see comrade Romney.

Westover’s family are survivalist mormon loonies who hate all government, in fact the author could well be considered an illegal immigrant in america and illegible to vote..  Mitt missed some voters from his community.

It is a strange tale and one i think sanitised by the author and i would bet ten used banana skins that this is nicer worst, as the author implores readers to not blame mormonism at the start its a fair assumption.

Mormonism reach into government is amazing and despite being anti government the government  pays out via the generous form distribution via the church.

Sheltered here is a very good word – being bright does not mean much and the word holocaust is unknown to this no school and work for your family ethos.

Her family might be described as survivalist hippies with potions instead of medicine**, milk as evil although it is ok to milk cows, As the ha f(my blog) ailed to arriver over and over again and sickness made its round they remind me of George Orwell’s school days in 1910 when no antibiotics meant a possible scratch might mean death

Devout is another word  that other mormon’s used on her, oh you add that soap is also sinful.

a goth or a borg

Eventually as no definitive age of birth is know she sort of  became a teenager age about thirty.

At times this book sounds batshit insane the computer tale at byo is one such event.

5/5 bananas.

*only review books by women etc **evil

San Francisco reality versus pixar reality

Inside out (imdb: tt2096673/) is a childrens film heavy on the sjw radar which on in december, I saw it on free tv and it left me with more questions than answers.   The San Francisco i know is full of shit maps with a dynamic community of homeless peoples making the map different every day (you both need homeless and social media) .

In the film it was a deserted town full of fog instead of homeless poppers and sjw’s (my blog) In fact i think the bus out of town featured is an homeless escape route.

California has a number of problems including loss of tax base, hordes of homeless [not tax payers] and poop on every sidewalk.  Many other problems can be found*  So my train of thought became was not the fictional successful person moving in causing mass damage to california?

that one

The other way of thinking is that the majority of californians are simply too stupid to work in ‘startups’

Anyhow with that i could not figure out why they moved and secondly where was the poopers in public.

Seaside towns do attract  certain type of people everywhere  but at least the star trek film with the whales (not the new star trek)  in at least  seemed a more honest portrayal.

Childrens film or not i think it missed a social commentary.

*never been there.

social justice warriors enabling jim crow

Bill Crosby is not somebody the monkey house cares about.  It is interesting to note that the sjw’s feel great when this ‘star’ is put in prison at age 80.

Jim Crow (my blog)  are mostly democrat southern state laws on the whole but it seems male and black is cause enough for the left to enrich the us prison industrial complex.

It seems the black lives matter and other groups see no problem here.  Being i know little about the evidence and it may all be true but it does seem to be war by black women on black men.  So some black lives do not matter.

With the metoo women raping 16 year old males (underage sex) i wonder if they will be deemed worthy a stay in the same prison industrial complex.

The irony of that is something to think on.

Embarrassing sjw tattoos in the future

Chocolate frog‘s (my blog) are not my thing, it seems i am now not alone.  If you like fantasy things great it now seems the sjw’s beginning to see that there idol of right think is going to far.

But this is from a sjw writer seems to indicate that making everything sjw-speak or non triggering is making these fake geek girls (my blog) pause for thought.

As an non tattooed ape who would rather not know (or hear*) that the black man in star wars did not have sex with a robot perhaps she and her sjw kin should throw Rowling under the sjw bus for being wrong.

I think she will be a future convert to the right.

*have not seen it, dont care about it but at least nobody has a tattoo (or admits to it) to say i fuck robots something feminists fear

Strategic air command (1955)

imdb: tt0048667 is something that gives me the shivers still, (my blog) staring James Stewart as a world war 2 pilot drafted back to the cold war.

It is more an love letter to the air force and McCarthy-ism than critical thinking (filmed in 1955).  It has holes in the story as to why sport rather than aviation (roddenberry [my blog] was a pilot) career for our ageing hero seems a strange writers decision for the pre draft career but i guess if your going for the apple pie and ice cream factor then an american biased sport is a good choice.

Its female acting might be deemed hammy by some but if you sat through the documentary i pointed to above then it gives it some relief from world war three aspect there but very much toned down.

Students at a Brooklyn middle school have a ‘duck and cover’ practice drill in preparation for a nuclear attack; silver print, 1962. From the New York World-Telegram archive. (Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images)

I preferred the portrayal of duck and cover in the recent bridge of spies film which i  have scheduled for release  on  this blog but the film in question did not have such a family unit for any dissemination of that.

Its use of image is awesome with heavy bombers and fighter escorts doing there stuff before the icbm (my blog) became payload delivery of choice.  It does shy away from technical aspects of the bombers even though one did crash in russia during the second world war.

Jo McCarthy – man who made china a superpower

It is an interesting film being a hollywood long since disappeared and since replaced with superheroes with minimal dialogue rather more universal in taste  than a propaganda film..

It is a film of its time and while the internal air force film is  scary this films management of a more dont panic yet (pre cuba missile crisis my blog)  is still an interesting exercise in soft power.

For me an interesting film. 3/5 pu239

Meet Paul Hansmeier, yet another Crooked copyright lawyer

Paul Hansmeier.

I do not know how the noble profession of law gets so many legal crooks in copyright (my blog) but Paul Hansmeier is another one to add to the list of Lionel Hutz* types.

Fraud and copyright theft seem to be the main problems here. but when you have to chase ambulances or create accidents to get ‘clients’ then the reputation is set.

He has pled guilty to abusing the courts as well. If copyright law is only to make lawyers rich by any means then i see little point in what Paul Hansmeier or others in the field do even for copyright holders.

Think about it.

*the legal professional from the simpsons

Indianapolis is a no go area

social justice warrior

Imagine my surprise to discover that the sjw’s are attacking  convention goers there and they would rather not deal with it.

I hope Indianapolis (my blog) residents and businesses do not mind the loss of income that will follow a few years later.

If i hear about it then you have got a problem.

Islam immigrants in europe and civility

Islam is a dark ages religion and what is concerning is that the civility of europe means it is losing to dark ages fanatics who seem to wish export dark age thinking.

I read that some jihad lovers have been caught in Iraq with tenuous ties to the the uk via kuwait, the death penalty has been apparently approved for these fine terrorists without uk legal interventions.

Let us hope that this change to pro death penalty stance in the uk stops here does not sour the rest of the west precedent wise for instance  Lindsay Sandiford (wikipedia). Who while probably is guilty shows one instance where the dark ages affects the more enlightened in europe – i am sure other example can be found should you seek them out.

The vile scum* in question are certainly not nice people or adverts for multiculturalism but show islams real face it is also an attack on liberal values and now a point to be  against islamic immigration to the west when homosexuality is deemed only 70% acceptable in London by muslims you kind of get the point about these peace loving faith followers.

*a pop band from the the 1960’s