gendered book reviews and unsold toys

There is a website i occasionally visit for books to read  but i do not find any to read.  Most of the reviews are by women reviewing other women authors for the sisterhood can not read anything else.  It is not a sjw field say feminism .

Can men not write books ? apparently not and since even i can spot this trend and who is to say the reviewed books are any good after all vagina good and penis bad.

This is a publishers site as well so i guess they do not want to sell books which i am happy to help with and will help them in there bias after all who says those are the books i think worthy of reading.

Of related interest I was watching a video of a fan (my blog) explore the unsold toy products* (my blog) and it relates quite well since the sjw press noted above demanded action figures in a certain gender.  So the fans exploration in retail bricks and mortar shops around there area was eye opening.  The brand could be said to be doing poorly, and those ‘demanded’ things in the name of website writers where very much heavily discounted  available in vast quantities..

Fancy that.

*it appears that sjw writers do not understand female toys.

Netflix ‘science’

Comes with some ‘famous’ people that only American’s know – an example say the young cast from mythbusters* (my blog) whom where jettisoned by the older cast which i never got to see the last series.

Another well known american presenter was censored for gender comments by netflix or the production company of whom is reliant on tv for work

So one day i sat in the tree and watched a thing about mars (imdb: 80117263) which was mostly about ‘nerdy’ american children at a nasa summer camp with said mostly unknown tv personalties saying stuff.

Concerning me was the fact that nazi (a sjw prerogative) was used explaining the history of stuff.  Paying Russia was also deemed not space science despite the failure of american leadership to even have rockets that can handle human beings at the present time (blame democrats and republicans politicians here)

The kids had various successes and failures in the nasa tasks (one which looked like lego) but there passion was infectious although what comes after mars is another matter fify years of talk?.

I somehow hope that Nasa does not do what it did on the moon and send test pilot after test pilot to make crappy home videos or golf games because the politicians all play golf and send real scientists rather than bus drivers.

As an non american the content underwhelmed me.

Netflix science strikes me as thinking science is for american children only. These children looking at summer camp as a way to be famous and an association they like strikes me as creepy.  Lets hope they all become test pilots in the right airforce.

3/5 bananas – that is one great banana for the apes

*heavily censored

Hollywood cottaging

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

Hollywood’s locals are having a few issues, on Tuesday it became interesting as one gay actor got another gay actors series cancelled.   Since the first can be perceived as gay and on a sjw themed tv show i wonder if that will not have a negative effect.

I do not particularly care as to what these darlings do but if the sjw’s unleash there thought police mentality on on the liberal elite then perhaps the rest of you will see the toxic results mirror a certain comic book firm is a good example now.

3rd waver

Whatever the result or the culture allowed it the veneer that it is just pretend is kind of dismantled.

My concern is the continued abuse of copyright not what happens* as one of the two main reasons Hollywood iis where it as in the beginning it had no copyright laws perhaps there is a history of not looking at those who  lawmakers and politicians court .

*cottaging is a term for gay sex activities – that dead singer from wham might come to mind.

Play it again Susan Mauldin

Equifax famous for data breaches hired a music major to be head of computer security – apparently she knows sod al about computers. Another computer in equiifax could have been accessed with default Microsoft credentials admin/password.

For a credit agency equifax she knows the tunes shame about the security. The drop in share value it appears was the only reason this non technical computer security person was fired rather than knowing there job or getting somebody to patch them.

Oracle (my bllog) might also be due some blame but then again if a security note from March [it is september now seven months later writing this] was never acted upon by either means these credit experts and computer experts [oracle] with data on you are nothing of the sort.

a woman

I am not sure how composing music makes you a top technical management talent but that’s me a monkey in the zoo thinking on stuff.  Somebody got fired for buying Oracle a result in my humble opinion.

Lets hope that message gets passed around.   I hope equifax demand a refund from Oracle as what the fuck would a music grad know about computer security.

Leaky american security sources

clapper knows

I note that once again the security services in the us (america) are once again sharing stuff that they did not discover. but there ‘friends’ did.  I was party to this when Robert Soloway who was something of a retard helped set precedent the can-spam law some billions of internet years ago.. I wont bother you with the details and i was happy overall i guess some law enforcement person got a benefit from leaking the information although the mainstream media copy and pasted rather than reported..

Whether the information was intercepted or shared directly by the manchester police is an interesting question to ponder.

However since it was a ‘religion of peace’ (my blog) activity, the mental health issue that our lords and masters try and use to say it was not islam is the greatest at killing children is now a moot point. I bet there is a huge celebration in Saudi Arabia that they helped kill twenty plus unbelievers

Overall it appears to have /dev/nulled the election and there are no scheduled childrens parties (my blog) happening.

It also adds questions to both mainstream parties look weak as questions they dont want to answer and have a past with come once again to light.

This was a useful leak as it put certain multicultural failings as fact rather than spin a lie.


The car key

keyBananas has been watching a youtube channel in which the ‘secure’ individual key has been diminished by as this authorised agent tries various keys to find he has one that opens doors and switches on the car.  Most of these cars are american made but it does raise a question.

European cars seem more secure provided you cannot sniff the wireless protocol.

wenlock a policeman

wenlock a policeman

In England the Metropolitan police here London once ‘lost’ a set of universal car keys in the past and these where known to have entered criminal society.

a number

I guess with enough patience and a vin a spare set of keys could be easily made.

Think about it.

conspiracy schemes and tin foil

Bananas reads that the cia can hack televisions* (my blog), phones,routers,microsoft (including there rubbish cloud) and most probably amazon echo or the google home thing.  Now while it probably resulted in a lot of tv’s being switched off yesterday at the plug as many humans bought these things with recording devices – saving power too!.

Quite what is the sane reason why you want Jeff Bezo’s in your house listening in to start with and who sells you stuff on top of the cost of the thing via it is another matter, although i am sure Mr Bezo’s is an interesting in person as a dinner guest**

Your average new tv is more computer than tv nowadays however i think us apes are fairly cia proof with our phones that you cannot buy any more and other things i have done which your have to read the blog to discover.  You too can be cia proof (bulk internet interception would be needed rather than device compromised) but the tinfoil hats are optional.

Can you blame the application markets – maybe, does a tv need a microphone no, and why did lg televisons still send data back to lg even when people did not agree to that feature illustrates that privacy is not something even the device makers respect so why would a spy.

bomb russia i say

What perhaps is the best is the fact the americans can blame others here instead of themselves – we all hear fake news about it was the North Koreans, or it was Russia when it appears the “good” guys are instigating some of this stuff.

It appears our friends at Booz Allen Hamilton are once again key to this release but when your both a serving officer and a boss of an outsourcer yet another leak (my blog) is proof positive your doing a great job and that small government really works.

While water remains wet quite where this leaves mass media is another point, the mass media did not look for this scoop and probably would have rejected it if they ever had been offered it and they would love you misinform you to push its narrative be it right or left.  Thank you wikileaks

To begin you can find tin foil in the kitchen.

*television ownership is reducing **rspv the zoo and we will share a banana with you but bought the old fashioned way

Orwellian dystopia in the bestselling list – or prole problems

Eric Blair

Eric Blair

Nineteen eighty four (1984) is a fine book that can apply to both left and right wing politics a point lost on many.  I am a fan of Orwell (my blog) and own the complete volumes of his writing which is well worth reading.

I pity the left wing in the US if only now they are they finally reading 1984 by George Orwell or fail to grasp it’s point other than there candidate* should have won. ‘Beware of the wrong boogeyman’ brand politics have been a mainstay of politicians since 1919.

But that’s there problem not mine if the proles who can only vote for only two parties cannot see things.  I could bore you further but i will not for a Democrat (my blog) could also be big brother too.

But that’s the proles for you.

*The Clintons (my blog) are very rich

What is the fuss about this clinton’s email server about

Bananas runs the zoo’s email servers which could be described as ‘private’ and since the zoo does not use a free webmail service like many and i have heard these ‘private things’ described in withering terms by media types which is curious considering many of those professionals have an @<msm> address.

The difference between personal server and a ‘normal’ email server is nothing they both speak the same commands via a protocol.  Here configuration matters and they can do limited ssl encryption, the nsa decided that ip to ip encryption was a no way a long time ago, as to key sizes well you can also blame them too.

Government email is clunky and not very modern but secure if limited – try and read email on a mobile phone and your probably be told there’s no web/app interface for your phone.  Which is why the Clintons and Powell had there own.  An example i think is required

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

Plumpergeddon (my blog) had images time stamped of this laptop thief but the polices system could not handle it hence why the Clintons had a private server unsecured in a toilet area.

Email is basic its mostly to from subject and body text, The body bit is where clinton’s screwed up. Body is either text or documents stored and accessed via a login, and it cannot differentiate between secret stuff and pizza orders.

Its not the email servers fault it just delivers the stuff and the storage is handled by something else say some sort of pop3 or imap speaking thing.

Your average email server (including gmail) can’t distinguish between a joke like why did the chicken cross the road, and a document with the nuclear launch codes that is not a mode of operation most email things need to handle.

Personal, government and normal email servers rely on login credentials , rules and plumbing (not water based but its still plumbing)  so that things like dmarc, dkim and spf work to fix email and without those anybody could spoof email as Hillary Clinton.

The problem here is not the email server, but the laziness of content going into it and that’s a human problem not the email servers. If government won’t use user friendly software that’s not the email servers fault that the Clintons opened themselves into these hacking allegations..

Since both republicans and democrats have used personal servers one could argue that both abused the law, however Clinton did not get away with it.

Email is leaky by design and there’s enough muck to smear on Clinton without the email ‘problems’  I guess that Podestra’s email all went through a nsa filter and its up to you to guess how that got made public but that’s the internet for you.

Phones and internet are leaky – how do you know that you have never been connected to a fake cell phone tower, or been intercepted that is not emails problem but the problem of Clinton and her politician friends who give intelligence agencies the cart blanc freedom to hack all including her.

Don’t blame the computer, blame the human for shit information security. Email and phones are as good as the spies want it to be,