Karen Matthews versus the McCann’s

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

I read that this news item (my blog) from 2008 has now made it to television as a drama.  If you have not being paying attention ‘our Karen’ decided to do a McCann of whom is still missing (probably here) and lost there child in Portugal in an evening.

Apparently the good people of Dewsbury are featured for trying to find the ‘lost’ who would naturally be returned when magic money from Hogwarts was offered.as an reward but not the class divide, or the famous author with the magic money at Gringots*.  Both the McCann’s and the Portuguese authorities have made great use of the libel courts to suppress there story, or let it be known since the truth here means somebody is guilty after all that kind of thing does not happen every day.

Eventually the police found Shannon Matthews and friends confessed to the scam.

Karen Matthews is guilty but i wonder when the McCann story will get a drama made.  Somehow i think not.  Shall we call it selective censorship?

*not a harry potter fan but i think that’s how you spell it

Gay footballers and Crewe Alexandra

Vinny Jones the balls grabber

Vinny Jones the balls grabber

Barry Bennell liked children and as a football scout at Crewe Alexandra had the means to do as he pleased.

There are not a lot of gay footballers in the professional leagues even today – they usually quit and then said something via a great niece i doubt there where any in 1998.

It is 2016 and only now is this case getting msm attention.  I do not give a stuff about football but it would appear there be more gay footballers back then than there are today.

It feels like a cover up and collusion to ignore bad news after all professional footballers must conform to some rules as prescribed by football society.

I am not saying it is ok.  But you might think something is fishy both in media and football circles.


Vazeline – Keith Vaz

kiethvazNews reaches the zoo that Keith Vaz who has taken bribes while an mp (my blog) has been caught with male prostitutes and taking drugs classed as illegal (class a**) by his ‘serous’ self as an respectable person.

Still an member of parliament, now he is back on parliamentary committee duty for criminal justice.   if it was anybody else (my blog)  they would be not in parliament any longer i think.

Funny that.


the blue is viagra yet to take effect

So does this mean class drugs are ok in prisons and elsewhere, i think so i mean if no means yes then clearly this must be leading by example or the Vaz way.

I really don’t care what he took, or has been up his bum, and where his erection device* has been, so perhaps it might be best if Vaz has another heart attack to not answer those missing questions from the media which was rather convenient last time.

Olive oil*** was taken, but the english press are not allowed to report that.   I guess that could be a fun party for Keith and co.

*think of a crane ** deemed the ‘worst’ *** somebody famous


Indian legions of crooks & scammers finally pisses off the wrong people

Phone numbers are pretty random and if your an professional scam  indian (my blog) telling me or the zoo we have a virus*, or tax refund then its safe to say most of us regard those as crime.

What surprised me and many others was that clearly they had been ringing the wrong phone numbers when somebody in the US and elsewhere finally  got the indian police to raid these crime call centres and arrest hundreds of criminals in phone fraud – i was only doing my job seems to be no excuse.

It will be interesting to see if any money is recovered by governments from tax fraud or if the money stolen will remain in India meaning that crime pays well  for india.  Perhaps if it does not it should be recorded as an economics net gain i suggest if this happens it should be called Kkaran Bahree netgain** funds.

Somebody in India did ring the wrong phone number once too many but the zoo is not one of those numbers.

*i had a cold? ** a real Indian who was the first example of bad outsourcing.

Olympic Council of Ireland’s judo thug and ticket touts


Patrick Hickey judo thug and friend of ticket touts

In this (bbc) Patrick Hickey (a member of the criminal sport of judo [my blog]) , has been arrested in Rio,Brazil over illegal Olympic ticket sales who sold 800 tickets to a Kevin James Mallon a ticket tout.

Sport is an opportunity to get rich and nothing else. Do not mistake what you see as anything else and it may explain why nobody apparently is seeing the events live there as Hickey wants too much for them.

Judo and its association with crime just gets better.

Judo a gateway sport to crime

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Robert Stilwell is a gb judo ‘winner’ caught people trafficking (not here). Is this somebody you think worthy of celebrating as a sports hero?

It makes the sport look thugish as well.  Another ambassador of sport (my blog)  for you.  I suppose criminals need a sport too.

Circus Maximus,Andrew Zimbalist

isbn: 9780815726517 is a 137 page book in which one copy exists in a library for several million people which for some strange reason took somebody three bloody months to read (my blog)

public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

Anyhow i start with public schools, royals earn a lot of money via the olympics at our expense with $25k-$42k watches which breaks the ethics of sport but who cares about them?

Inclusive is a thing and the modern version of naked greeks also failed to include women in its early version, i am looking forward to seeing the Saudi Arabian female water dancing team this year clearly a gold medal prospect with Afghanistan taking the silver.

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

Sport is an expensive undertaking to host for a week which is how the author got interested in the subject and points out the politics that if sport is universal* then the 1920 event had no Germans in it.

A couple of rich people did alright and the citizenry was handed the bill.  Dictators began to love sport in the 1930’s and that trend continues today.

No american jews went to the 1936 event.  Television came in 1960 and those royals kept 5%, the rest was kept for the locals.  This has diminished for the proletariat and makes the hosting of such events less of an economic prospect unless your a dictator.

Sport hit another ethical problem with south africa in 1960, they turned up, this ‘universal’ thing is certainly not that.  Mexico decided to kill its opposition using the olympics as a reason so sport types have a lot of blood on there hands if ancient greece gave the world democracy then clearly sporty types hate it.

KorneliaEnderTerrorism raised it head in the 1970’s when the public made some cities withdraw, others got thirty year debt mountains.  Drugs raised there heads around here and forty years later the Olympics is still mired in pharmaceutics problems.

Political boycotts mired the 1980’s, and commercialisation and bribes became rampant with escort services, free schooling for ioc members are two examples of corrupt and seediness in sport but got the event.

Short term effects are negligible, an influx of smelly sports fans (my blog) means an increase in tourists leaving the host country, and a decrease in normal visitors for many years afterward so after bribes and assuming a country imports potatoes from ireland to feed guests then the benefit goes to ireland for there fine potatoes, global capitalism results in income leaving the hosting country most of it tax free too.

Prices may rise for all.

Long term effects are non existent for most, low income housing, jobs are destroyed replaced by gentrification and the tax payer ends up funding the thing which a few do well out of and Sochi* is an good example of that although other examples are run through..

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

The conclusions to this are interesting and show the flaws in this corrupt anti human rights mega sports events.  Will things change i doubt that many will want to give up $42,000.00 watches for free, along with free sex, and schooling so probably not anytime soon

5/5 bananas.

*invading Ukraine (my blog) was not a good idea in hindsight.




Nemesis,Misha Glenny

isbn: 97808479900883 sounded interesting who is an author i had read before and not thought much of (my blog)

fiction the nike air stab are taken off the market for promoting knife crime in the uk.

nike air stab

Brazil and Rio (the one your reading about so much)  is our destination and in light of corrupt sport going on there currently it does say a lot about the place and left/right politics – although sexed up by the publisher. ie the ‘Heisenberg of brazil’ (my blog).

It is a little wolly in facts and in a power vacuum criminals took over council  management.  Essentially the question is did the running of the favella negate the drugs that both police, state and everyone ignored because it suited them.

If anything this proves there a market for drugs, and that to retain the ban on drugs is problematic.  Right wingers wont like that, the left wing who need money might see things differently.

Neither side of politics, policemen come out of this story well. 1/5 bananas

Surnames from catch 22 (or a return to Rotherham)

loser of book stats

loser of book stats

I was reading a paper newspaper (my blog) early in the year when for a exceptional week* they had a book i deemed worthy of a read rather than one pimped by the advertising department of the said newspaper.

After reading this (my blog) I read that the then unknown to me whistle blower was aptly named Jayne Senior who sounds like she married major major from catch 22 which is both a book and a film merits no further comment.

Oddly our library system had it too so i read it which kind of surprised me since most of our books come from outside of Camdem these days – ‘local’ books from a local library that is a rare event .

lordreidSenior writes isbn:9781509801626 with the title Broken and betrayed. who as a government run charity social worker under Tony Blairs leadership fell afoul of the social justice warriors, and Rotherham’s civil servants and political labour party elite who generally see red at all but ignore this kind of stuff (my blog) for reasons best known to themselves.

It is a harrowing start but Debbie sets the tone where Rotherham came to be the place rather than other towns and cities nearby.  The author comes across as genuine and  disarming when ‘problems’ are dismissed by local authorities as racist back in 2001 so fifteen years ago.

This book has lighter moments and has a Baker Street Irregulars type feel to it, the humour is black with Anita Mckenzie’s box five ticking showing comedy antics that it was totally ok for the yorkshire police to totally ignore half a million pound drug deals with dates and specific time that these bsi’s told her and passed on.  Maybe that’s not worth bothering with in police economics? this war on drugs (my blog) is a funny business.

Years fly by incoherently and with most civil servants ignoring this she plugs away at these pillars of community with not much in the way of success mind you its a hot potato so by 2007 it sort started filtering out with mp”s getting called racist.

In the end of course things turned out right and lights shone in all things Rochdale did not like and its nice to see that one person knew bad.

4/5 bananas

*world holocaust day, and other events take a toll on publishers in the january-april months. **

Life and Death Row series 2

lopezDaniel Lopez was featured in the latest season of bbc ‘three’ Life and Death Row (my blog) now online rather than broadcast so i am not not sure that the use of category ‘television’ is correct – maybe online mpeg or something should be a category? opposed to television since bbc television (my blog) is a bit chav oriented.

 Back to the topic and it is a look at the perverse logic of criminal law when while admiring the crime found guilty of with evidence but getting the state to kill Lopez made many legal professionals call that person mad for not keeping them busy for decades of work before the process runs out of processes, accelerating the sentence as per Lopez wishes is perhaps unusual to the kafka type legal professional logic is a bit see through.

I am not going the dispute the facts but the case is an interesting sideways look at legality and is strange that admitting things makes so much problems for trigger happy politicians in America in making and carrying out voters/juries policies.

If i was in Lopez’s situation i find his logic to be sound.

The second episode Shawn Ford Jr  had his moment in the spotlight which concentrated on the Jury opposed the the lawyers. It was much more vicious than the first which could be seen another way with deadly consequences if you ignored a lot of facts.

retardGood presentation made me wonder why this was not sold as ‘true crime’ on the bbc tv chav channels.  Fortunately that did not happen for reasons best kept within the bbc phew.

In the third Austin Myers and Timothy Mosley actions where examined although the spin that what they did was ‘something lesser gone wrong’ did not wash.

Compelling viewing.