gypsies and getting away with it

gypies (my blog) are not well liked and seen as a problem here  except by the police and bureaucrats.  Professor here in the zoo tells a story about a mob of gypsies who stole a caravan** and the police refused to anything about it in fact the police apologised about it and told them that was it eg

yes we fucked up and piss off now since there allowed to do it.

The insurance companies paid for a new one (for the owner of the stolen caravan) despite the police knowing well where it was and just how it got there.  Diversity rules (my blog) mean that any interaction with authority requires form filling in the police system. (my blog)  So there crime is special you might argue ‘approved’ police crime.

Then newbury happened where a mob of gypsies at midnight where burglarizing some place and a policeman died.  Personally i am surprised the police even turned up* and the fact that one died will probably mean the police are racist to the left wing in some aspect after all it is left wing thinking.

It will be interesting to see how differently the rules change after they start attacking and killing policemen compared to victims (not here) of gypsies crime.

*i am sure that could be wasting police time for omitting the type of people doing the crime just so the police could ignore the crimes tking place,  ** this is why caravans/rv’s have a poor reputation here.

bad blood secrets and lies in a silicon valley startup, John Carreyrou

isbn: 9781509860087 deals with Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes who faked an entire medical technology a little like enron (my blog) which sold things into debt that did not exist.  Unlike having things to sell to start with Theranos had pretend fairy dust and thugs in it  being Matt Bissel and the legal profession keeping the illusion of success.

Comrade Holmes is the main villain here  being that she was there for that fake test and then did not trust most of her employees or board with large staff turnover and compromising dossiers on ex employees courtesy  of  Bissel

Holmes is from a family of billionaires and know the right people but is a an idiot trying to make lab equipment look like an iphone.  Even Gattaca (my blog) could not do that.

my dna is better than yours

Holmes is also trying to look like dead Steve Jobs  in the picture so looking the part means more than talent in either it or medical testing fields.

Billionaire friends dont help either, and when phd’s cannot figure out how to test inside something that does not work and looks like an apple product your screwed.

The author labours these points and its a boring read.  Plodding along.   He has no aptitude for science which means the msm is useless for ‘outing’ scammers* like Holmes.

There’s death, legal thuggery  from Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, and an appearance from Rupert Murdoch (my blog) in order to suppress this $1 billion south sea bubble.

The witch eventually sank in the pond and Holmes reminds of the dodgy patent crooks (my blog) in east texas who would rule that anybody who has stapled a piece of paper together means the patent holder for the process (not the machine)  owes them a billion dollars per staple.

The creditors have number of words that are expiring in value as assets.  While thinking big is great it feels as if Holmes knew all the wrong people including Larry Ellison of oracle fame  (my blog) and that is where it went downhill fast.

Holmes mistake was probably defrauding other billionaires of money rather  than freedom of the press.

3/5 bananas some how i think the author here would have been more than happy to bury this rather than make news.

Medical testing is once again boring and however might be a warning about how silicon valley operates.

*while a man might be called a crook,Holmes in the media was misguided certainly not a crook.

British Telecoms openreach leaking data to indian scammers like Kkaran Bahree?

The monkey house moved isp and soon after the scam calls (my blog) from bt started – there where at least three confirmed calls.

Since the monkey house is not with bt at all they unfortunately do the work and can only be contracted via our suppliers.

Quite how our details got to india from openreach after the move  is a matter they know about and probably are keeping mum on.

However the more crooks use phones the less effective they become.   Oh i have a bridge for sale if your interested leave a comment if you want to buy it.

Islamic Imans who people trafficked – perhaps not the paragons of virtue they supposed to be.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

From the bbc (not here – expect bbc retcons expect to use wayback machines)

A French court has sentenced an imam to two years in prison for helping migrants try to cross the English Channel in inflatable boats.

The 39-year-old Iranian national was accused of arranging several crossings from northern France to England.

A 29-year-old Senegalese man who attended the mosque where the imam preaches also stood trial.

imam,  has not been named in French media,

The men admitted providing six or seven dinghies after they were arrested in April, French newspaper Le Figaro reported.

I think that says a lot  after all sex with children (my blog) and selling drugs and anti homosexual (bbc not here) just shows its ok to tolerate such things and if an iman can do it why not anybody else.

But did he rape apes as well ?

Michael Jackson bubbles monkey rapist

Michael Jackson is a interesting person (my blog).   Who and what he became is curious and i have been watching the documentary about his sexual activities.   Kind of strange that creepiness aside was not guilty of these charges in a court of law.

It is a strange world (my blog).    I bet bubbles was sexually assaulted too.

I think the game is up for the music legacy.    However i think like Jim Jackson cannot be un-personed which the left is very happy with trying to do.

.pw registry really is run by retards

Oh god help us and everybody else who tries to contact them (my blog)

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is
not accepted due to 550-5.7.1 domain’s DMARC policy. Please contact the
administrator of 550-5.7.1 x domain if this was a legitimate
mail. Please visit 550-5.7.1 …

They try and spoof email from yourself.  No joy there but wtf.

I reported a fraudster on .pw to them clearly these people are mentally retarded and should not be running even a website.


the knife and the ‘new start’ but lets not forget the moped

Jayden Moodie is the latest ‘victim’ of knife crime here in London.  I was curious as the language used by the msm is wanting here.

I begin with ‘new start‘ does this mean he knew crime before this ?

Then there is the moped (my blog) did you know the legal age for driving a moped is 16.   If he was not the driver being that would be illegal where is the supposed other ‘witness’  .

I do hope the moped was not stolen.

The words here appear to have double meanings, and consequences caught up (my blog).

Either way not the angel by driving without a licence, no insurance, theft of a motor vehicle etc… the media want you to perceive him to be.

Judo and people smuggling. Lets ask the judo and smuggler experts like Robert Stilwell.

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Remember Robert Stillwell (my blog) and his Irish friend (my blog) so next time somebody asks what is to be done about migrants in boats (bbc) go and ask the Judo people after all if Stillwell can make money from illegal immigration, and  Patrick Hickey can also make money from fraud then go ask these experts on the problem after all asking a judo professional seems the best thing.

how do you sell a legacy mobile – online in the light web you do not

really uncool

This motorola c115 was stolen (my blog) and so i decided to see if anybody would buy one in the light web  i could not determine that anyone other than a criminal fence would buy it.

This phone is twenty years old.  I am sure ebay would have no qualms.

As to the thief trying to make cash from the phone it seems it is very unwanted although it does have coltan although the dragon pilots (my blog) might like if they existed.

So i guess its in africa.