the missing motorola c115

really uncool in 2018

Professor had his phone stolen a motorola c115 it does do texts and phone calls but even in 2018 (its about twenty years old) was a phone still deemed worth stealing.

Us apes got his phone call only sim suspended* and as the phone is registered to one of those theft registrars it will be interesting to see how honest the people who run resale sites/shops and parts deactivation for mobile phones really are here.

I somehow doubt anybody will return in in the phone industry as the phone has a value of about £1 and there is a conflict of interest in returning it.

My next task is to find a cheap mobile phone bought outright, and get a new sim card for professor.. I would not buy apple shares on my account.

It will be an android phone and cheap so at least it can be tracked.   However I would rather not be doing this.

I guess the phone might end up in another continent where things like the theft registrar do not mean a lot

*pretty useless for a smartphone


its just ‘drones’ – fake mainstream media news agenda from the government

Imagine your a mainstream media journalist  being fed news from a government with an agenda say “drones are bad” rather than investigate and report things

Then this freedom of information request comes along (right).

So the organised hate against drones (the flying things) as reported by your spoon fed journalists seems misplaced.

Yes apparently there is a problem with stuff that should not be in prisons being in them but when one lot of government and outsourced organisations employed in this area actively make money out of not doing there supposed job it must be that one drone pilot’s fault who was hired by the named people below.

Idiots with drones do exist but with one case of a prison drone smuggler i am aware of (as featured in a one hour bbc documentary just for exposure) with the logs from the one confiscated drone  confirming the deed** it seems odd that the hundreds of professional staff are not the problem and could never be according to thinking journalists.

It would be nice if the bbc could reflect that those drone flyers are not all idiots and need to be registered aka papers please but with Lisa Hodgetts, and Craig Hickinbottom (bbc not here) misusing stuff does not mean all are bad.

The monkey house does not have a drone* but this organised hate of anything new by the msm and friends such as the internet is bad/carrots will kill you this week (my blog) /etc means these people see the world through an odd perspective after no prison officer would ever smuggle in drugs would they.

I am sure there are true professionals in the ‘reform industry’ but to ignore a large number of people who interact with people in prison daily and blame that new fangled stuff seems strange but independent thought is a lost art it seems in the media.

Perhaps journalists are the next bad thing that need highlighting.

*if so we might steal bananas from zoo guests ** made in china home of big brother (my blog)

Meet Paul Hansmeier, yet another Crooked copyright lawyer

Paul Hansmeier.

I do not know how the noble profession of law gets so many legal crooks in copyright (my blog) but Paul Hansmeier is another one to add to the list of Lionel Hutz* types.

Fraud and copyright theft seem to be the main problems here. but when you have to chase ambulances or create accidents to get ‘clients’ then the reputation is set.

He has pled guilty to abusing the courts as well. If copyright law is only to make lawyers rich by any means then i see little point in what Paul Hansmeier or others in the field do even for copyright holders.

Think about it.

*the legal professional from the simpsons

Indianapolis is a no go area

social justice warrior

Imagine my surprise to discover that the sjw’s are attacking  convention goers there and they would rather not deal with it.

I hope Indianapolis (my blog) residents and businesses do not mind the loss of income that will follow a few years later.

If i hear about it then you have got a problem.

Islam immigrants in europe and civility

Islam is a dark ages religion and what is concerning is that the civility of europe means it is losing to dark ages fanatics who seem to wish export dark age thinking.

I read that some jihad lovers have been caught in Iraq with tenuous ties to the the uk via kuwait, the death penalty has been apparently approved for these fine terrorists without uk legal interventions.

Let us hope that this change to pro death penalty stance in the uk stops here does not sour the rest of the west precedent wise for instance  Lindsay Sandiford (wikipedia). Who while probably is guilty shows one instance where the dark ages affects the more enlightened in europe – i am sure other example can be found should you seek them out.

The vile scum* in question are certainly not nice people or adverts for multiculturalism but show islams real face it is also an attack on liberal values and now a point to be  against islamic immigration to the west when homosexuality is deemed only 70% acceptable in London by muslims you kind of get the point about these peace loving faith followers.

*a pop band from the the 1960’s

Ladies day and beta female apes

pony boy

All the beta female apes are likely to go missing from the monkey house today and will probably end up in the zoo’s security office where the horse racing is on.  Not because they like horse racing but because of the hats.

lizzards mam

The apes in question strangely never wear hats.   If you can explain this bonkers thinking, i offer a banana skin prize which you can collect from the zoo.

I also am aware that hooligans like horse racing recently whether or not there gypsies and there for there usual troublemaking was not specified but when a huge fight  starts perhaps not all is well with the world of betting and horses.

If you can derive any logic from this well your doing better than i am.

A thugs politician Sadiq Khan (mayor of london)

This amused us apes

It seems that if we vandalise trains (bbc not here)  and die* then Sadiq Khan will come to say nice words about our ‘art’.

Stabbing and moped robbery (my blog) is another issue here in London and i am sure Mr Khan gives a glowing reference to all knife and moped crime offenders.

I suppose it is one way to get votes.   I think we know enough.

*shit happens

Sherman Hopkins jr and domain name theft

Sherman Hopkins, Jr., (aged 43 in 2018) , from Cedar Rapids is famous for all the wrong reasons for using robbery of a person to steal a domain name.

Bullets where used.

Unlike (my blog) a more ingenious theft despite its paper trail means he was not the first.

Hopkins is now famous for being a first to use violence and so will go down in history as a trailblazer.  Maybe he can save up and rent a domain name in 2039 when this thug leaves prison.

Normally that’s what you do.  I think might be available then, or ShermanHopkinsthug is something well worth looking at i am sure Mr Hopkins will get what he wants with his skillset.

Our corrupt copyright friends and associates

Andrew Crossley mafia stooge employee of shell firm acs:law

Do you remember Andrew Crossley ? (my blog) if no then you do not win today’s fresh banana skin our most coveted prize*.

Have you heard of Chuck Palahniuk (my blog) if not then well he is an author who got defrauded of income by an accountant named Darin Webb, via literary agency Donadio & Olson, although literary accountants and agencies have been known to  leave other authors like William Boyd short of funds.

Oh sure these are ‘just one off’s’  you think but yesterday the Danish had the same thing happen and $16 million went walkies.

You see copyright is for corporations and scamming lawyers and accountants worldwide not creators.

Antipiratgruppen is the old name [now RettighedsAlliancen] of the most recent pyramid scam and Johan Schlüter, Lars Halgreen and Susanne Fryland  took the money and kept it after all Palahniuk and  other creators dont matter to the copyright ‘industry’.  Copyright it seems is a means to swindle and so the question becomes does copyright work for the right people ?

So the next time Walt Disney and Voodoo hospitals (my blog) want extra time on copyright lets hope they get the money after all it seems there are a lot of crooks in the copyright industry.

Walt Disney also has a colourful record on copyright while they will team up with domestic abusers and protect there property they dont like paying presenters [hollywood accounting] or other non disney copyrights are apparently free.

There is a bit of hypocrisy in all that but as long  as these special people continue to do this maybe they will stop the ever decreasing commons of open ideas and put an squeeze on the industry after all it seems to work rather too well for a few.

*collect from the zoo