British Telecoms ‘data breach’ – proof of corruption

In this [not here] we discover that bt does leak data to criminals [my blog].  Perhaps the mistake made here was that even bt became aware of it for perhaps being too local.

Festus Emosivwe, 36, put a USB data stick in his mouth and chewed on it when police arrested him, making it impossible to recover any data.

I guess that means the bt insider is sill undiscovered.  It does seem to be lazy policing.

I wonder what else [my blog] is getting out or is ‘leaked’.  I did read that Nottingham  home to Robin Hood our friends in BT had to move most its staff as they had local criminal friends making telephone bugging of drug dealers impossible.

Its kind of weird when you do need to ask bt to do something there is an uptick in bt related phone scams. So at least we all know it can and so does happen.


‘She’ cannot be a sex offender once again

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Remember Little Teds [my blog] ? who was funded by the bbc ? No well it happened. and although the bbc would rather you not know the issue of women abusers is in the news.

In Love Island [my blog] vacant humans with tattoos discuss the rest of the contestants in a villa in a hot country.   Sure it beats being stuck in a flooded village in Cumbria but its very much of no consequence what suntanned people do in front of tv cameras.

Pretending being a lion

Recently one of the female contestants committed suicide, who was in the proceeds of being charged with assault with a lampshade.    While i am not expert on these special people its interesting to not that women are always victims and the male who killed themselves after being on the same tv show was not a victim – i guess the man deserved it for crimes against tattoos [my blog] or something.

This logic of the sjw’s seems strange and i am sure you have to apply to be on it and so nobody is press ganged into being on tv or kidnapped by the broadcasters and given a bikini and told to offer sexual services and being filmed for all to see.

So i do not get the upset that this woman could not have but the man does not matter.

.Sexual equality seems to not be a thing.

domain name crooks:

mafia run the british red cross

The zoo got an interesting scammy email from  – which will not load unless you provide extra parameters.

Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.
1000 Fifth Street, Suite 200
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Apparently the zoo’s tls was bad and they wanted $87 to fix it in fact all domains are in the same position as the zoo  and if thats not a scam then what is not. scam

Beware of these crooks.

updates: 24 feb 2020 image of scam uploaded

Reynhard Sinaga – Indonesia’s best catholic?

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

Not being an Mancunian from manchester but Reynhard Sinaga sounds the strangest catholic in going for quantity. Mind you Leeds university [wikipedia link may be ret conned because it’s sjw] here have some culpability when you write an sjw theme paper on “Sexuality and everyday transnationalism among South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester” so i guess 200 rapes* are in order.

Harvey Winestien and friends look so insignificant although i am sure the metoo movement do not perceive that as rape and consensual.  After all male assault never happens.

Anyhow i guess no sjw at leeds uni will be that woke ever but and accuse manchester of being an unsafe ‘safespace’ [my blog].

Lets hope leeds uni enjoy there association with the result

*drugs involved.

woke academics die in self inflicted terrorism attack.

gawker journalist

Usman Khan (my blog) made the news recently when as a  islam follower did what they thought was right and tolerant.  It seems most of his victims where the people who thought they had de-radicalised him.

It will be interesting to see how the white left* and the sjw’s react to this ‘success’ story after all the white people who died must have been oppressing islam and thus guilty of some offence against multiculturalism.  As islam is not pro education after all its still the 1400’s even in the arab calender

comrade corbyn

Somehow i do not think the left will think of this as a failure of there’s and will double down on the racist criminologists and academics for privilege and stuff.

As to the criminologists well they have an opportunity to self reflect and being the victims might provide them with an insight  when left wing dogma fails them.   However i doubt it.

Being white savours and getting killed for it points to a failure somewhere but what do i know.

*chinese term

I think he is a muslim.

Anjem Choudary

Usman Khan, sounds an islamic name and is mates with Anjem Choudary (my blog [old])  I am happy to report that i won the bet* with the other apes in the monkey house that it was islam doing its ‘religion of peace’ thing on friday in London.

Its been a good week for islamic terrorists (my blog).

*no trips to the monkey houses compost bin until January for me

Mahdi Mohamud – is a terrorist, not a mental patient

Saudi Arabia

Mahdi Mohamud of Cheetham Hill Manchester has admitted a terrorist offence after stabbing people in Manchester at a railway station in January.

Apparently he is not mad but more of a terrorist (bbc).  I am sure many left wingers are upset that is the case that a ‘good’ islamic Somali did it after all the people getting stabbed probably deserved it in there thought processes (my blog).

Anyhow its a start i wonder how many more there are..


bbc diversity and free cinema

The bbc in its infinite wisdom has a diversity department and should you be the wrong type of person but still have a talent  then you wont be working for the bbc.

Mind you its not my idea of a career one minute your told to not report about pervert spies and the next your interviewing royalty (both my blog).  May you infer** what you like.

So the bbc made a film about black gangs sold* it to cinema’s and then gangs then turned up with machetes (bbc) .

This was not guerilla marketing and as none of these people had money the cinemas then stopped showing this film since its a money pit.

So as a moneymaker the bbc failed in its aim to sell things.  Paints local machete users (my blog( in a bad light*** and did not do a lot for cinema attendance.

The bbc will be seen as woke and a success even if no money was made even if the aim to make gangs look like victims was subverted.

Well that went well for the bbc,

** ah 00andrew i’ve been expecting you. *eg not on ‘free’ television. ***its cultural or something.