Ladies day and beta female apes

pony boy

All the beta female apes are likely to go missing from the monkey house today and will probably end up in the zoo’s security office where the horse racing is on.  Not because they like horse racing but because of the hats.

lizzards mam

The apes in question strangely never wear hats.   If you can explain this bonkers thinking, i offer a banana skin prize which you can collect from the zoo.

I also am aware that hooligans like horse racing recently whether or not there gypsies and there for there usual troublemaking was not specified but when a huge fight  starts perhaps not all is well with the world of betting and horses.

If you can derive any logic from this well your doing better than i am.

A thugs politician Sadiq Khan (mayor of london)

This amused us apes

It seems that if we vandalise trains (bbc not here)  and die* then Sadiq Khan will come to say nice words about our ‘art’.

Stabbing and moped robbery (my blog) is another issue here in London and i am sure Mr Khan gives a glowing reference to all knife and moped crime offenders.

I suppose it is one way to get votes.   I think we know enough.

*shit happens

Sherman Hopkins jr and domain name theft

Sherman Hopkins, Jr., (aged 43 in 2018) , from Cedar Rapids is famous for all the wrong reasons for using robbery of a person to steal a domain name.

Bullets where used.

Unlike (my blog) a more ingenious theft despite its paper trail means he was not the first.

Hopkins is now famous for being a first to use violence and so will go down in history as a trailblazer.  Maybe he can save up and rent a domain name in 2039 when this thug leaves prison.

Normally that’s what you do.  I think might be available then, or ShermanHopkinsthug is something well worth looking at i am sure Mr Hopkins will get what he wants with his skillset.

Our corrupt copyright friends and associates

Andrew Crossley mafia stooge employee of shell firm acs:law

Do you remember Andrew Crossley ? (my blog) if no then you do not win today’s fresh banana skin our most coveted prize*.

Have you heard of Chuck Palahniuk (my blog) if not then well he is an author who got defrauded of income by an accountant named Darin Webb, via literary agency Donadio & Olson, although literary accountants and agencies have been known to  leave other authors like William Boyd short of funds.

Oh sure these are ‘just one off’s’  you think but yesterday the Danish had the same thing happen and $16 million went walkies.

You see copyright is for corporations and scamming lawyers and accountants worldwide not creators.

Antipiratgruppen is the old name [now RettighedsAlliancen] of the most recent pyramid scam and Johan Schlüter, Lars Halgreen and Susanne Fryland  took the money and kept it after all Palahniuk and  other creators dont matter to the copyright ‘industry’.  Copyright it seems is a means to swindle and so the question becomes does copyright work for the right people ?

So the next time Walt Disney and Voodoo hospitals (my blog) want extra time on copyright lets hope they get the money after all it seems there are a lot of crooks in the copyright industry.

Walt Disney also has a colourful record on copyright while they will team up with domestic abusers and protect there property they dont like paying presenters [hollywood accounting] or other non disney copyrights are apparently free.

There is a bit of hypocrisy in all that but as long  as these special people continue to do this maybe they will stop the ever decreasing commons of open ideas and put an squeeze on the industry after all it seems to work rather too well for a few.

*collect from the zoo

Blood on the page, Thomas Harding


isbn: 9781765151040 is about a non fiction murder and secret law trail in the uk apparently we all have to take every-bodies else opinion that water is wet and there is nothing unethical going on.  Smith (my blog) is responsible for the 2006-2017 legal odyssey so in camera trails dont really work for secrecy just like super injunctions and who (my blog) uses olive oil and children’s paddling pools.

Wang Yan v Regina is the case and the murder of Allan Chappelow which is still shrouded in secrecy.   The fact that Wang Yan used Chappelows money is undeniable but since Yan was apparently a small bit part of 4/6/89 events soon makes it mired in censorship for reasons very few know.

wenlock a policeman

It starts with a murder , stolen funds are used and the police get involved eventually a body is found and Wang Yan is found to be a prime suspect through police work of good quality.

Yan is a bit of a crook like this person (my blog)

The evidence is low in quality* but the other alternative motives are also low in quality as well so it comes down to the secret evidence that the first set of lawyers where denied access to by comrade Smith.   It is no advert for secret trails either and although the government appears to not use them it is hard to find out if they are occasionally used.

While the author attempts an Agatha Christie solution with colonel plumb with the candlestick, helped by the servant none of that explains how the money ended up in Yan’s hands.

Ceci Garrett has been helping hoarders, like this one,

An informative book but one no closer to a truth than at the beginning although the limits of what European union rules where being well tested ten years before brexit

One to read regardless 5/5 bananas.

*the victim was a hoarder – there is an interesting and often distressing american tv documentary about these people , and it took three days to find him needing a dog.

alleged Golden State Killer likes marmite -aka Ancestry and dna websites privacy

Your data has a value (my blog) but what about those dna testing sites mired in warnings that they are not for medical diagnosis et all* comes with it apparently are good for catching bad people although it seems they rather not admit that your data will be used for such a purpose..

I have issues with this as i wrote here (my blog)) but suppose you did submit dna to Unilever or 23andMe or whoever who else sees it/uses it ?.

My data is valuable why is yours not?

Meet the law who used a public dna service::

“We found a person that was the right age and lived in this area — and that was Mr. DeAngelo,” said Steve Grippi, the assistant chief in the Sacramento district attorney’s office. Investigators then obtained what Anne Marie Schubert, the Sacramento district attorney, called “abandoned” DNA samples from Mr. DeAngelo. “You leave your DNA in a place that is a public domain,” she said. The test result confirmed the match to more than 10 murders in California. Ms. Schubert’s office then obtained a second sample and came back with the same positive result, matching the full DNA profile. Representatives at 23andMe and other gene testing services denied on Thursday that they had been involved in identifying the killer.

While you are free to give your data who else will be accessing it ? While the golden state killer is not an role model does not your data that can identify you deserve better privacy since also you paid to submit it** or at least a change to the terms to state they know if you like marmite? rather than dance round the issue with legalese.

If its good enough for that, then that dataset is worth millions and your the product which means you should be outraged at Zuckerberg (my blog) once more..

At least we know that marmite eaters are killers now.

*it cannot prove alergic reactions to chicken, but you murdered one. **unilever charged

womens logic (certainly not #metoo)

Mental means no crime

Bananas was reading that Lavinia Woodward (not here) and Lesley Speed certainly (not here) get unequal treatment from the judicial system for being female.

Woodward  stabbed somebody with a knife (gbh) but being brainy got no prison time.  Brainy people stab people all the time apparently


used a cushion and scarf to strangle and smother her seven-year-old son (murder) on the day of a custody hearing.

She also apparently was having mental issues so damaged rather than simply a murderer.  I guess the family courts where not needed after that – perhaps if you murder children and free up the legal system that’s a good thing.

Being brainy if a man did (my blog) either of those then the outcomes would have been very different and even be criminalised with a new law .  Is that what equality means ?

Derryck John thug of the year

Derryck John

Avoid this scumbag and his unidentified criminal friends who he did not give up*.

John, of Croydon, (my blog( pleaded guilty to six counts of throwing a corrosive liquid with intent to “disable, burn, maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm”, two counts of robbery and four counts of attempted robbery.

He deserves more than ten years, and a few more – scumbag of 2017 winner i think unless you don’t think eyesight is valued

*is he being paid to keep quite still

identity thief crooks at large in Swansea Wales

The zoo had to deal with the dvla who do driving stuff here, if yur american these people are a bit more professional than your dmv setup.

Some government identity document had to be returned because its the government. But it had to be damaged first as it appears the post office has employed identity theft crooks in Swansea who do not forward the mail to this government department.

I suppose it is a juicy target as the mail has a value but one of which is flawed as the government is the target.

I somehow doubt that there are job openings at the Swansea post office the reasons you can figure out..