.pw registry really is run by retards

Oh god help us and everybody else who tries to contact them (my blog)

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from x.com is
not accepted due to 550-5.7.1 domain’s DMARC policy. Please contact the
administrator of 550-5.7.1 x domain if this was a legitimate
mail. Please visit 550-5.7.1 …

They try and spoof email from yourself.  No joy there but wtf.

I reported a fraudster on .pw to them clearly these directi.com people are mentally retarded and should not be running even a website.


the knife and the ‘new start’ but lets not forget the moped

Jayden Moodie is the latest ‘victim’ of knife crime here in London.  I was curious as the language used by the msm is wanting here.

I begin with ‘new start‘ does this mean he knew crime before this ?

Then there is the moped (my blog) did you know the legal age for driving a moped is 16.   If he was not the driver being that would be illegal where is the supposed other ‘witness’  .

I do hope the moped was not stolen.

The words here appear to have double meanings, and consequences caught up (my blog).

Either way not the angel by driving without a licence, no insurance, theft of a motor vehicle etc… the media want you to perceive him to be.

Judo and people smuggling. Lets ask the judo and smuggler experts like Robert Stilwell.

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Remember Robert Stillwell (my blog) and his Irish friend (my blog) so next time somebody asks what is to be done about migrants in boats (bbc) go and ask the Judo people after all if Stillwell can make money from illegal immigration, and  Patrick Hickey can also make money from fraud then go ask these experts on the problem after all asking a judo professional seems the best thing.

how do you sell a legacy mobile – online in the light web you do not

really uncool

This motorola c115 was stolen (my blog) and so i decided to see if anybody would buy one in the light web  i could not determine that anyone other than a criminal fence would buy it.

This phone is twenty years old.  I am sure ebay would have no qualms.

As to the thief trying to make cash from the phone it seems it is very unwanted although it does have coltan although the dragon pilots (my blog) might like if they existed.

So i guess its in africa.

Islam’s female crime problem affecting retail shops [not an ‘issue’ yet]

Would you rob an old disabled female in a wheelchair ? in an indoor retail shop well dressed in burkas * gangs of females are robbing i guess easy targets.

Its been told to us that the police regard this as a victimless crime.  Sounds familiar (my blog)

wenlock a policeman

Anyhow with the retail parks (my blog) complaining about lackluster business ala nobody buys from us…  it shall be interesting to see quite how this is not the problem but all amazon’s fault after all that disabled woman was certainly going to give it to thieves only anyhow, that’s good policeman logic and works also for the queen of charity shops (my blog).

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Here is what happens  and how i know – 1 gets robbed as well as the wheelchair woman, 1 phones 2, 2 relays this exponentially.  you get the idea.  The burka is the ideal disguise .  Well officer I got mugged by a tent certainly has a that must be racist, or code for this wont make me policeman of the year.

I think this says a lot about society and considering we apes are way down the pyramid and still know about this via the bush telegraph.

Think about it.

Anyhow i know and now you also know.

*not really a fashion garment

social justice warriors enabling jim crow

Bill Crosby is not somebody the monkey house cares about.  It is interesting to note that the sjw’s feel great when this ‘star’ is put in prison at age 80.

Jim Crow (my blog)  are mostly democrat southern state laws on the whole but it seems male and black is cause enough for the left to enrich the us prison industrial complex.

It seems the black lives matter and other groups see no problem here.  Being i know little about the evidence and it may all be true but it does seem to be war by black women on black men.  So some black lives do not matter.

With the metoo women raping 16 year old males (underage sex) i wonder if they will be deemed worthy a stay in the same prison industrial complex.

The irony of that is something to think on.

the missing motorola c115

really uncool in 2018

Professor had his phone stolen a motorola c115 it does do texts and phone calls but even in 2018 (its about twenty years old) was a phone still deemed worth stealing.

Us apes got his phone call only sim suspended* and as the phone is registered to one of those theft registrars it will be interesting to see how honest the people who run resale sites/shops and parts deactivation for mobile phones really are here.

I somehow doubt anybody will return in in the phone industry as the phone has a value of about £1 and there is a conflict of interest in returning it.

My next task is to find a cheap mobile phone bought outright, and get a new sim card for professor.. I would not buy apple shares on my account.

It will be an android phone and cheap so at least it can be tracked.   However I would rather not be doing this.

I guess the phone might end up in another continent where things like the theft registrar do not mean a lot

*pretty useless for a smartphone


its just ‘drones’ – fake mainstream media news agenda from the government

Imagine your a mainstream media journalist  being fed news from a government with an agenda say “drones are bad” rather than investigate and report things

Then this freedom of information request comes along (right).

So the organised hate against drones (the flying things) as reported by your spoon fed journalists seems misplaced.

Yes apparently there is a problem with stuff that should not be in prisons being in them but when one lot of government and outsourced organisations employed in this area actively make money out of not doing there supposed job it must be that one drone pilot’s fault who was hired by the named people below.

Idiots with drones do exist but with one case of a prison drone smuggler i am aware of (as featured in a one hour bbc documentary just for exposure) with the logs from the one confiscated drone  confirming the deed** it seems odd that the hundreds of professional staff are not the problem and could never be according to thinking journalists.

It would be nice if the bbc could reflect that those drone flyers are not all idiots and need to be registered aka papers please but with Lisa Hodgetts, and Craig Hickinbottom (bbc not here) misusing stuff does not mean all are bad.

The monkey house does not have a drone* but this organised hate of anything new by the msm and friends such as the internet is bad/carrots will kill you this week (my blog) /etc means these people see the world through an odd perspective after no prison officer would ever smuggle in drugs would they.

I am sure there are true professionals in the ‘reform industry’ but to ignore a large number of people who interact with people in prison daily and blame that new fangled stuff seems strange but independent thought is a lost art it seems in the media.

Perhaps journalists are the next bad thing that need highlighting.

*if so we might steal bananas from zoo guests ** made in china home of big brother (my blog)

Meet Paul Hansmeier, yet another Crooked copyright lawyer

Paul Hansmeier.

I do not know how the noble profession of law gets so many legal crooks in copyright (my blog) but Paul Hansmeier is another one to add to the list of Lionel Hutz* types.

Fraud and copyright theft seem to be the main problems here. but when you have to chase ambulances or create accidents to get ‘clients’ then the reputation is set.

He has pled guilty to abusing the courts as well. If copyright law is only to make lawyers rich by any means then i see little point in what Paul Hansmeier or others in the field do even for copyright holders.

Think about it.

*the legal professional from the simpsons