unfashionable ebooks

I read that ebooks are now untrendy (my blog) and paper books are ‘in’ .  Somehow people are rather intelligent or lazy in not wanting to carry another thing as it is now perceived as a bit big.

I have my own theory that drm and not being able to buy titles and meddling by Microsoft with the only other ereader have not helped.  It is interesting to note that people do buy second hand readers rather than a new one if there old one dies of some issue – so the value of new ones seems depreciated.

While i can read some non drm formats it is on a computer not a e-reader so i never have never owned one,




upsetting hplip when reinstalling a printer queue

One of the zoos printers was not working via hplip after i compiled it so i deleted it and set it up again for the new printer (my blog). One has real ink and the other has non hp toner (my blog) in it – hplip the linux driver for printing then refused to tell me any other ink levels -genuine or not regardless of the sorry state of guessing ink quantity by this hp software which is best ignored imho.

I feel so chastised*. – still see no purpose in buying hp ‘genuine’ ink after all .

*when the ink does not print it probably means it needs toner.

Frankenstien flash

franknfurterI begin with a compile of nodejs which for some reason desired that it remove flash from debian with a compiler required that i thought i might need but probably did not – so my fault.

So i have no flash plugin which brings me to the perverse state of html video and audio – especially stuff in translation.

The video is not flash, but h264, the subtitles are in flash.  So i switch to chrome browser with pepper flash in 64 bit linux  which kind of works if your dont mind powering off your computer every thirty minutes since it froze about then.

Even the ad industry cannot figure out this shit, some adverts just played sound, no video some did both and the warning emitted by chrome browser amount to displeasure by the rendering engine.

mallThe best advert was for a shopping mall in africa.  I think it was in africa being london zoo residents it did look a bit too sunny.  It certainly made me think.  How 1980’s malls.

The induced level of fuckup involved here made me both think and laugh.  If this is what advertising does no wonder internet advertising is in the state its in.  As to the drm requirements by the copyright brigade – lol

I still cannot install flash since the upstream source is broken [404] so although i created this monster it is interesting to see the fallout.

I am amused and disgusted for if i can see the faults and flaws of the shit advertising attempts to do then clearly there clueless.

Perhaps if i learn to play the violin* frankenstein will behave.

However an attempt to load the same site in an older version of firefox resulted in a message to piss off, and the more newer version of firefox on a virgin linux pc resulted in no sound or video also so the violin trick probably won’t work

*i joke.

blink and you miss it

Joyce Hatto crook theifBananas was wondering what happened to a group of swiss musicians one day who had seemed to have disappeared even from a ‘lifetime’ subscription streaming service of which is not one of those that commonly spring to your mind.

I could not buy it since they have a catch 22 like policy on questions.  But hey not my problem.  Content from others have also gone missing or bit rot.

The swiss thing was rather good to my poor ears but it seems some argument happened which i read and that was the end of that apparently according to one page.

Oh well copyright (of an out of copyright music score) means the music industry screwed it self i guess copyright means censorship and no earnings when ‘people’ disappear.   Copyright is working well then

usb 3 with samsung tv’s

flatscreenThe monkey house can now record tv with a usb 3 stick it was under £10, when i last looked these where £40 for fast usb writing as usb2 did not pass the grade so i put it off.

The unit once verified (formatted again) allows the record feature via the guide and looks ok even if the gui is a bit hit and miss.

Recording is the same as watching so you cant watch something else, although the tv can be in standby mode to record, and the format is in CryptoBuddy .cip format so drm’ed and ancient and probably crackable.

An hours tv is 1000mb, and you get adverts too, cancelling a series may mean using the tv guide and going ahead several days to change.

Not particularly good imho.  I can always use the usb stick for something else and at £10 is not a complete waste of money.

Adobe flash gets bizarre

retardI cannot play drm’ed flash videos in linux due to no libhal support which has been superseeded, and html5 sort of does a good job if you ignore the drm issues. I downloaded a chrome os image and see if it can play drm flash and no it can’t too since it uses the same thing.

If copyright holders only like mac and windows then i can easily quit watching drm videos which seem to be barely supported even by microsoft and as apple who also hate flash so i am not shelling out £80 for a licence that will be wga invalid (my blog) , so i suppose android users cant use flash with drm.

It will be interesting to see when wipo and the copyright mafia start breaking ‘smart’ tv’s (my blog), after all its going to happen and i doubt the makers of said items will support you and wipo will laugh at you.

If i was a television person* i would be worrying about the loss of page views from other clients like us after all the world is more than apple and microsoft even if you have never heard of mobile phones but i am glad its not my problem. Flash is like that embarrassing uncle you have who is a tolerated acquaintance.

Its a horrid mess for somebody else to figure out, no netflix subscription either.

It does not really matter to me and i am fine with our operating systems choices.

Phew and a hello to uncle Erasmus is in order. *no.

drm means no sale

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

I have a steam account which is nothing to do with old trains, and as i am a pc down when i write this i cannot take up steam up on there offers since steam is on that rather than what i am borrowing.

Sure i could setup a new steam validated hardware thing, and even logiin to the web bit of steam is a pain in the arse but why should i as that would entail telling steam i want to use another pc to buy stuff

Drm and validated clients might make valve feel happy but no way am i jumping through hoops.   Not that i wanted to buy them anyhow.

Failure to launch of the modern home (making ewaste bricks)

Not working new brick

Nest – Not working new brick

Housing remains an area where domestic electronics is still basic, sure there’s an electric metre, fuse box and a mile or so of cable requiring manual input and that’s 1930’s technology.

Your boiler (my blog) might have a timer and a thermostat so that at least is some kind of computer if single purpose and an idiot.   However if you read that link of mine there are fails even plumbers and electricians fail to do with this stuff.

Then somebody had the idea of connecting stuff like lights and heating to the internet who google naturally bought [nest] and then the progress story fails.  Nest had a failing out with apple as a hint of problems and secondly some lightbulb manufacturers decided to drop some transmission standard protocols and make them vendor only so go and fuck off if you wanted to turn off and on both philips and somebody else’s bulbs with technology.

nick telsa

nick telsa

Then nest recently decided to brick older nest controllers because they can.  I dont particularly see a lot of point to modernisation if the controller makers and things that respond to it (or the internet of things [iot]) are going down the drm path and when Phillips and Google tell you to fuck off and either do it there way or not at all perhaps that 1930’s wiring still installed today was really wise after all.

Yes better give those thick Liverpudlian's there money back

1930’s fashion

The monkey house remains progress free from drm and suggest that you too remain in the past until google and philips stop pissing about with progress and lets face it retro is quite a nice look.

Control is nice, but better insulation is a safer bet

To finish there is a joke which goes how many people does it take to change a lightbulb if google and philips and all the other makers of this stuff had there way your probably looking at a very large number of people on a regular basis.

‘compact’ disk packaging

Bananas asked for a cd (my blog) one holiday* and being that the tribe is thoroughly useless i had to order it as well and pay for it, It was a little like a request that turned into process. So much for gift giving.

As requested I order it but from Canada and as promised the thing ends up in monkey houses large pile of paper fan mail one day but since i buy more blank media that recorded it was a poor quality paper sleeve rather than the traditional plastic box box that compact disks came with once.

Why the ancient format ? well i can rip the contents once and don’t have worry about drm and unsupported platforms being a linux enclosure here in the zoo meaning i cant use i-tunes and other things that may or may not support linux so i went with this..

television star

a television star so talented that never was a hit

The price was better than local too and as its not as seen on tv i doubt many retailers would even have it but that can also be said of that made for tv local star.

Anyhow the plastic case has been replaced by a paper and card box which indicates something that economists dont get (my blog) but since it is now files unless disaster happens the cd will remain in its case.  That’s progress economists.

*no more soap