Leaky american security sources

clapper knows

I note that once again the security services in the us (america) are once again sharing stuff that they did not discover. but there ‘friends’ did.  I was party to this when Robert Soloway who was something of a retard helped set precedent the can-spam law some billions of internet years ago.. I wont bother you with the details and i was happy overall i guess some law enforcement person got a benefit from leaking the information although the mainstream media copy and pasted rather than reported..

Whether the information was intercepted or shared directly by the manchester police is an interesting question to ponder.

However since it was a ‘religion of peace’ (my blog) activity, the mental health issue that our lords and masters try and use to say it was not islam is the greatest at killing children is now a moot point. I bet there is a huge celebration in Saudi Arabia that they helped kill twenty plus unbelievers

Overall it appears to have /dev/nulled the election and there are no scheduled childrens parties (my blog) happening.

It also adds questions to both mainstream parties look weak as questions they dont want to answer and have a past with come once again to light.

This was a useful leak as it put certain multicultural failings as fact rather than spin a lie.


Nobody gets fired for buyng Microsoft

Friends of the nhs

The nhs (my blog) is seen as a nice gravy train by firms like Oracle and Microsoft where there ‘products’ are not up to the job

Microsoft email is thoroughly shit there is the classic story of the large email list in the nhs that if anybody replies to all costs about £300,000.00 per email due to some ‘bug’ in exchange.

Ransomware is the latest find that exploits Microsoft failure to not defend against but since the exploit was known by both gchq and the nsa (my blog and not passed on you could argue that the government is ransoming itself by keeping mum.

I am not saying there is a perfect solution even assuming that this was not an inside job but it points the failure in any reasoning that Microsoft is enterprise software.

Since it is so insecure perhaps the people who buy Microsoft products should be given medals and awards by governments for allowing mass interception of data.

I am sure the management of the nhs would like that

the woman on the phone

hellotmobileWe where all entertaining zoo guests in the zoo one day when a human answered her phone.  Two hours later she was still on it.

Apparently a move of trees was being planned, somebody needed there teeth to be looked at before something else could start and finally when that call eventually ended her phone rang again and information was yet again relayed.

Three hours pass in which she entertained us rather than we entertain her. Our alpha said its hard for female humans to keep anything quiet and i had to agree with him – mind you its hard to discern who is the attraction sometimes  us monkeys or you humans here in the zoo.

Enjoy your visit but no wonder some humans are time poor.

Secret State, Peter Hennessy

public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

isbn: 9780141044699 is a revised edition which suffers from the old boy network syndrome that british civil servants come from where you have to be one of them (my blog) to do something like this.

Our usual etonian type is taken hook line and sinker that saudis are current terrorists in line with the security theatre industry despite that book deals with the cold war ending in about 1990 ish so trying to be up to date is a fail here as a revised thing.

Generally speaking if your not public school educated then your probably a threat to these people.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

Oh you are going to have to take his word on this stuff with much of it off the record and reference to documents. There is also a fair amount of rehash from other media he being that one expert.

It gets amusing when nobody who went to cambridge could never be a spy although those types saw the divisive nature of McCarthyism and limited those types of security theatre professionals. The 1950’s was a weird time and i get an impression many etonians where communists and still collecting pensions from the trade unions.

The good news is that the art in the art galleries would be saved in a doomsday scenario. Which puts this stuff in perspective that art would be lucky.

The book has some insight say on the nuclear deterrent and reliance on others for it and on thinking despite it not being a British weapon, or the communications network but the submarine route is a lot more an international deterrent then planes (my blog). However if it does not work as devised or planned then most of us are screwed anyhow which takes is to machiavelli (my blog) but hey at the least the art is safe.

Earliest portrait of a guinea pigSome interesting stuff here and worth a think on, in visual media try threads (my blog) and this insight on the censorship of the war game (my blog)  is thoughtful.

3/5 duck and cover (my blog) bananas

A linux bias, and the snowden factor



I read that the snowden (my blog) revelations has apparently cost the us $8 billion and this brings me to my hunt for a dns provider.

However you can also argue that by giving snowden the evidence somehow this would have come to the attention of the rest of us.

So Bush and his private contracting pals (that’s Booze Allen, with an admiral on management and Dell) who both hired Snowden cost somebody eight billion, Snowden was not a civil servant or government employee.

Anyhow due to a weird mishap (correct at my end) i noticed that an open source project hosting* had a microsoft front end despite three of the four servers located outside of the us i feel that there is a weak point here is with microsoft use, not that a thing of many is sat in the us after all even americans use dns.

Somehow it feels wrong to support microsoft by using them even via a third party is a tactic way of making the many microsoft wrongs (my blog) a right.  I think i can do better.

I might forgive a firm that has a windows desktop, but ‘servers’ is a no.

Balmer has a legacy and it hurt both microsoft and the firm with the bad servers.  misconfigured or otherwise

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft

Who is the worse of the two – Steve Balmer did more bad then Snowden did if you ask me.

* i need geographic spread something i dont have, open source on windows is possible but not as good as on gnu

Kim Dotcom and New Zealand’s lack of a backbone

sheepLove him or hate him Mr Dotcom with mega and his previous ideas mean that if anything might happen it probably will.

Recently Mr D has been exposing the sham that is New Zealand.  Spying, collusion with America show perhaps the other side that all is not well in the land of sheep and dwarfes who pay no tax as there’s apparently no money* in filming old fantasy books people pretend to have read.

Perhaps New Zealanders should be voting for americans rather than electing somebody to do the americans bidding. They could give up cricket and rugby after all its not’;american’.

* irony – search for hollywood accounting

Meet wenlock…..

This is governmental evil genius at its best and something you can buy.  Also mercilessly taken the piss of with hidden and censored reviews like….

Since buying this toy, my neighbours collection of Gollies* have all been unduly harassed or locked away in a cupboard for no reason.

a little unkind but very funny and ..

I bought one of these for my nephew but before I could give it to him, Wenlock’s ‘All Seeing Eye’ had spotted the leaflet on my kitchen table for an anti-Olympics protest on the day after the opening ceremony. Before I knew it, the building where I live was surrounded by a special armed Olympics police unit and now I’m banned from central Stratford’s “Dispersal Zone” until late September.

That is a bit more serous but makes a valid point.

Wenlock place of manufacture is not mentioned and has perhaps shown up by a few things.it says..

  • I look very smart in my police officer uniform
  •  I have the important job of protecting you on your journey to the London 2012 Games.

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

Wenlock is no orignial either – think leela from fururama and some civil servant and committees probably spend a fortune on this which the tax payer is also to pay for.  Now thats a wenlock too far

Remember both labour and conservatives think this is good way of spending of money.  Oddly they had no plans to make a g4s version of wenlock…… … since they probably wont turn up anyhow.

Mind you when your average labour party mp ends up awarding g4s the contract and gets a job with g4s is also a bit revealing.

* think jam and toys

NHS still full of nu-labour management crap

We have a volunteer here at London Zoo who also helps the NHS in ‘back office’ for free.

The nhs just sent them a form asking again if they where the ideal

  1. ethnic minority
  2. homosexual
  3. be of the wrong caste

That would make the nhs non racist or something,  after all these facts might just have changed in the last year.  The good news is that this done by a person who is paid and does not volunteer for free.

Clearly somebody is due for the sack but strangely will keep there job.