Nadezhda Sergeeva and Meldonium [sporty crooks]

Meldonium (my blog) seems is also a olympic class drug misused by the Russians (my blog) as well as in tennis  once again as a person who hates all sport i wonder why you people are currently watching druggies do something.

Its not fact and you might as well be watching drug addicts shoot up and go on ‘capers’ in Baltimore (my blog)

As a non junkie for me to know a drug name is impressive and to remember it as well means i really do not understand  (my blog) this sport thing

Perhaps you watch it for the chemical reactions (my blog) ?

Icarus [sports drug doping]

imdb: tt6333060 is about Grigory Rodchenkovand and the doping of the Russian olympics team who still to this day often drop out of events due to testing.   The George Orwell extracts is brilliant at summing up sport and drugs.

Enjoy your druggies performing  It is not real.

Better than fiction is the truth.

5/5 bananas

the ‘outrage’ of convicting a uk female drug dealer

Laura Plummer is a drug runner who imported prescription grade drugs from england  into Egypt for her ‘unwell’ local boyfriend pictured with her right.  I cannot quite get the outrage she is supposedly generating by female journalists being on her side.

For if ‘our’ Laura was doing that to the uk we would call her all the nastiest names under the sun and cheer when airport security took her away after all you have all seen those programs*.

Questions remain – like who gave her the prescription drugs – where they legally issued or stolen meaning you probably paid for them if you live in the uk.  I do note that the abuse of prescription drugs leads many american’s to illegal drugs which are cheaper as documented by the Theroux documentary bloke.

wenlock a policeman

The assumption is that no female could ever do such a thing which sounds very much a case of female privilege after all if Laura was a man most daily mail readers would be demanding the return of the death penalty something of which all sjw’s are not in favour of.despite this ‘equality’ thing.

Who is the idiot here is something to be debated – the outrage in the msm, or her is good for shining the spotlight on the fact that females (wikipedia) are

Sugar and spice
And everything nice [or “all things nice”]

social justice warrior

But boys be

Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails

Appears to be an ok gender stereotype for sjw’s.

Anyhow was Laura Plummer humanitarian distributing aid or an idiot means somehow her guilt is proven.

*your local airport probably has a tv crew filming the latest series.

Stupid black men (a homage to film maker Michael Moore)

I like you may have reading (not here) that the world health organisation or ‘who’ appointed dictator for life in Zimbabwe as ambassador for health.  El presidenre has to go elsewhere for his health services and has a life span three times that of the average zimbabwean.

.zw – Its a weird place (my blog) and i read while it might have a medical system in name but apparently getting paid and medicine are in short supply – no wonder Mugabe does not use it.

This decision was made by Dr Tedros who is the first african to run who, it appears he is sexist as mrs Mugabe should also be the ambassador how dare he not make her a health ambassador as well after all her talents are well noted as a lady torturer (my blog).

If having a health service in name only is deemed exceptional then clearly there is not much difference between the stupid white men who believe in private health care and the black ones**.

Perhaps its something Mr Moore can explain as to why private health is better – you know the one.

Mind you it is like Saudi Arabia having a conference on womens rights, and being chair of human rights at the un, and yes those two things actually happened.

At least mr and mrs mugabe can afford* private health care and that’s got to be progress right ?

*probably paid by China (my blog) ** mr moore is a left wing film maker in america



The regular 8am pinot grigio white wine drinker near the zoo.

Near the zoo is a quiet street where somebody always appears to leave an empty bottle of pinot grigo white wine bootle [clear], its a regular occurrence and this bottle always has it’s cap screwed back on.

Oddly the bottle appears around 8am (my blog) on a weekday until the bottle is disposed of by some local citizen or us apes in the proper place should some of us be mingling with the citizenry of Camdem later on.  I think about it and find it funny as clearly somebody does put the cap on the bottle and does not break it before leaving it in the same place week after week.

Wine at 8am is a lifestyle choice not even bananas in the falklands thinks suitable or sustainable in 2017 however if i lived in a time where water kills (my blogs) maybe i would join them being it is processed rather than an unknown quantity.

Anyhow if your that person that leaves empty bottles of pinot grigo about you intrigue us apes since we have yet to meet..I mean it makes us wonder at humanity – it appears not to be homeless humann either.

The young drug driver

hell in a church

We hear via our bush telegraph** (tribe friends in whipsnade zoo)  a tale about a human godparent who has been ‘disappointed’ by the resulting now teen adult who caused injury and and was found to be high on some sort of drug (my blog).

Apparently the godparents saw good in turning the godchilds life around be that the school (my blog) or the parents failure (my blog) is something we do not know.

While the godparent’s role is technically over news of it spread fast.throughout the zoo and while you cannot disagree with the test or the fact,

Now you might think i am being judgemental here but when no or rather no become words to ignore like religion* then clearly somebody did something wrong.

But it proves that garbage in means garbage out.

*i read a female newspaper columnist headline arguing for tattoos (my blog) at easter – make of that what you will.**a zoo in the countryside


The ice age,Luke Wilson

walterisbn: 9781925228922 is a book exploring the crystal meth industry who Walter (my blog) explored. However all is not as it seems. If you have come across those television programs about customs people at airports* then there apparently abject the grand scheme of things.  Your television you.

Another issue is the author was an addict (or predicted to be one) before he discovered meth.  However he is honest as to that.

Meth has roots in adhd (my blog) which is a curious state of affairs.

Book wise it is all over the place and not that coherent – occasionally there is some information parted but brief and the author is off once again as to who said what to who which really does not matter.

0/5 bananas.- never finished.

*think Australia where this book is set


Good cop bad war,Neil Woods

isbn: 97817855032707 is a look at the war on drugs, it certainly not a kind book about Nottingham & Northampton and other places linking gypsies and minorities to crime which makes one newspapers description of it kind of a curveball.

Written in a ‘you had to be there*’ style the problematic nature of dealing with drug crime is laid bare.   Problems lie both in police forces vision and politicians who might see one person dealing as the problem when the supply chain is the problem not the person who they got.

Rather repeating itself .Woods does name names which many newspapers did not publish with cases many know about Nottingham’s reputation but not go into the detail of which newspapers do not appear to be interested in.

So something here.  Eventually light is seen and thus a book is produced.

3/5 bananas *including swearing