The missing barcode

Whilst collecting our copy of the daily Rwanda the shop noticed  that it was sans the barcode as part of the paper was ‘missing’.

This certain provided the newsagent with a conundrum as a number of newspapers could not be bought as deemed by the pos system.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

It was interest to notice that another condition of retailing can shut down a days trading on missing stock now include the barcode, and no electricity.

I thought it was interesting.


Our corrupt copyright friends and associates

Andrew Crossley mafia stooge employee of shell firm acs:law

Do you remember Andrew Crossley ? (my blog) if no then you do not win today’s fresh banana skin our most coveted prize*.

Have you heard of Chuck Palahniuk (my blog) if not then well he is an author who got defrauded of income by an accountant named Darin Webb, via literary agency Donadio & Olson, although literary accountants and agencies have been known to  leave other authors like William Boyd short of funds.

Oh sure these are ‘just one off’s’  you think but yesterday the Danish had the same thing happen and $16 million went walkies.

You see copyright is for corporations and scamming lawyers and accountants worldwide not creators.

Antipiratgruppen is the old name [now RettighedsAlliancen] of the most recent pyramid scam and Johan Schlüter, Lars Halgreen and Susanne Fryland  took the money and kept it after all Palahniuk and  other creators dont matter to the copyright ‘industry’.  Copyright it seems is a means to swindle and so the question becomes does copyright work for the right people ?

So the next time Walt Disney and Voodoo hospitals (my blog) want extra time on copyright lets hope they get the money after all it seems there are a lot of crooks in the copyright industry.

Walt Disney also has a colourful record on copyright while they will team up with domestic abusers and protect there property they dont like paying presenters [hollywood accounting] or other non disney copyrights are apparently free.

There is a bit of hypocrisy in all that but as long  as these special people continue to do this maybe they will stop the ever decreasing commons of open ideas and put an squeeze on the industry after all it seems to work rather too well for a few.

*collect from the zoo

Banks and idle (unbusy) computers

Yeah its the tempest

Following my recent issues with a bank (my blog) i read that the tsb bank is the latest to have computer problems  while they where not owned by Fred Godwin (my blog) there old owner decided that to have an idle computer was not a good idea*, the Godwin mantra of one pc should do it all is very prevalent in banks.

I kind of feel sorry for the it staff and the spanish who got saddled with this mess by old management.

Rather than blaming some botched procedure that something else did not like in the wild  its interesting that the people trying to sort out this mess mean well and the old management who might well have rbs employees left them this disaster.

I have argued before that banks are now computers and something that banks dont think they are but admit to liking closing branch networks.  It is a paradox is the bank a group of a few select bankers who each know each other or a single computer.

If British banking management is essentially staffed by one computer should run a large part of the economy as majority thought then its a good thing that tsb is now foreign owned.

*lets hope it never packs up for Lloyds bank

An ink firm’s advertising of non bargains

In the daily rowandian there was an advert for a printer ink firm, the older cartridges where highly discounted, our colour printer being new was not listed directly – I thought it worth a query.

I looked online to see if bargains where to be had but they where not, so the way the zoo buys its colour ink (my blog) is still cheaper in fact i reflected there changes into our spreadsheet.

I looked.

Dont support your local high street

I read two shop chains gave up the fight yesterday a toy retailer who had corrupt accountants* and a huge pension ‘hole’  while not selling star wars toys (my blog) along with everybody else.

The other was a electronics shop come mobile phone shop that was  not particularly good whether rude staff or high prices caused there demise is something you would have to ask an actual customer and i was not one.

Anyhow let me tell you the tale of …

Snobby shops are interesting places who do not fit the charity shop filled local high street (my blog) after being told to visit them by charity shop makeover persons like comrade Portas – these snobby shops tell you to go else where.  Good examples being interior decoration and bathroom retailers.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

I guess comrade Portas do not want to sell item and prefer those large retail warehouse and online plumbing firms.  After all you got to have to whinge at something.

Anyhow what do i know ?

Online would have been easier best not tell them that – you can keep a secret right ?

*free holidays and houses

Bluetooth and its patents

I was looking at headphones and amazed to find bluetooth things are still a horrible price. Not that i had much luck with bluetooth (my blog) to start with.

By bluetooth i am speaking of bog standard bluetooth not apple enhanced versions – i guess i could also still blame Microsoft for the sad state of bluetooth but since it is not priority in life i will forgo the pleasures in rediscovering the delights of bluetooth.

Another ten years sounds a good time.

Governments not paying there pfi bills

Jimmy and Tony

Carillion is an outsourcer who is not being paid by governments and when the money stops people who profited both ways like Tony to your right mean we will all probably be paying twice while Comrade Blair laughs at you.

That is not to say that there are no problems with pfi’s the London Underground scheme collapsed, schools in scotland had blown over walls* and since most of the deals are commercial the details are very much kept between governments and the outsource firms who have old government chums like lord reid (left) who worked at g4s who fucked up the security for the london Olympics (my blog) and non delivered and is a chum of Tony Blair .

It appears or being told the saudis are not paying there bills but whether that is correct or not is a matter of trust after all when Tony and Reid have both sold and consumed the item perhaps its time that these pfi contracts have served them well and there failure is assured and as a long term means of doing stuff is not there problem any more.

*wolf and three pigs (my blog) had nothing to do with it – joke

Cancer charity scams

Meet Wendy Watson MBE (not here) of National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

Since 2012, the charity’s accounts also show that as little as 2.8% of annual donations has been spent on “charitable activities”, such as running the helpline

No wonder there is no cure for any cancer, its a nice little owner for Wendy Watson and ilk for the pink trademark as well, after all if you cure something you dont need scam artists like Watson MBE.

Think about it.

Adults in the room,Yanis Varoufakis

irony from mills and boom

isbn:9781847924452 is by Yanis Varoufakis somebody i have read before and like (my blog) this on paper should be a boring book but instead the pages whiz by in one day and i have 250 pages read.

Despite being about Greece and its economics a tale of how the eu works is told and it is not pretty in fact it might be classed as satire.

Varoufakis is an economist turned politician and is once again an economist.

This is no boring read but a blow by blow account of a few eurocrats torpedoing reform with the help of other greeks and co conspirators.

5/5 bananas



The zoo spare part (or the unresponsive supplier)

a wishbone bracket

a wishbone bracket

The monkey house needed a genuine spare part rather than a copy which do not seem to last as long* – buying the same item twice is a waste and no saving is really made.

So i went shopping online for one from a evil conglomerate, and the same part from a small supplier but slightly more expensive.

I was prepared to spend the extra, but the smaller supplier did not have it in stock and did not reply to my email and i was in no hurry to buy this widget , so i bought from elsewhere a week later.

Shipping was eventually free as well after a number of clicks and traps to avoid falling into.

So next time you hear somebody rant and rave about supporting smaller enterprises remember it is hard to buy something not in stock and if you do not want to respond to the zoo fine then what would you have done.

What more could i do ?

*not printer ink where the opposite is true (my blog)