Television tribalism

television star

television star never seen

Television is something i do not get with billionaire families  like Murdoch (my blog) complaining about shows made by public ‘subscription’* for look like they cost pennies to make. Somehow ballroom dancing and baking cakes (my blog) is not something they can do.

This brings me to people on tv who i read about and may not like (my blog) who cannot work for two broadcasters for a perception of working for the wrong side.   A bit like rugby union, a sport  where being professional is frowned upon but ok in league (my blog)

This also applies to made for television stars, and zoo’s as well too who generally cannot also cross channels.

Since i am not into talent shows for the talentless, ‘baking’ or ballroom i am kind of bemused when i read twitter to find out it this strange stuff.

*the irony here is that some of murdoch’s offspring made tv programes via independent television production companies for said channels

An uneconomic ‘black friday’ deal

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Last year around this time i was looking at gigabyte Ethernet switches (my blog) for the zoo to replace our aging switching and nearly bought them until the postage was more than the saving made normally

Sure i could have increased the order size but i saw no point as i needed nothing else urgently.

Since the existing switches still work i decided to not purchase them.  I suppose being specific and logical mean no sale.

Nobody really complains about our internal network speed anyhow and still have not commented about it.

Having been asked to buy a new phone recently (my blog) i can confirm that it went up in price during black friday means the not sale price was better then then deals you may have bought might not have been ‘deals’.

Its kind of weird consumerism, when its like this.

a close shave (new competition in the razor industry)

Razors are an expensive consumer item, each side throws the accusation that there cheaper while supporting strange sports ‘stars’ who never do anything wrong (my blog). Nothing to do with Wallace and gromit.

There are now more companies selling razors  and being bored one day i wondered where this leaves censoring legal professionals and the big brands who now have new competition.  After all high court super-injunctions sound more expensive than a boat full of bananas.

£44 was the cheapest per year (provided your not that hairy) via a website with the newer firms, as to buying a real razor and blades seems mired in artisan-al professional beard growers so not a generally easy to discover area as to how to get in to.

You cant buy razor blades from Tesco, computer said noIt will be interesting to see when the female razor market gets there attention after all a pink razor handle opposed to manly black one is not beyond the r&d of many companies..

Perhaps the excesses of of the people who like super injunctions like sports professionals  hired to promote this product have finally bitten them the established firms and many now see the world for what it is.

It may be worth looking at if your being taken for a ride and helping funding legal super injunctions denying the right to news but it is nice to see that economics is alive and kicking and that might mean less profits for gillete and other established  razor makers.

Here is an afterthought name me a number of vacuum clearer manufacturers i hope you also named dyson as well as the tradtional makers of such things.

Think about it the message that sport is corrupt (my blog) is one that shines through as well.

Meet Paul Hansmeier, yet another Crooked copyright lawyer

Paul Hansmeier.

I do not know how the noble profession of law gets so many legal crooks in copyright (my blog) but Paul Hansmeier is another one to add to the list of Lionel Hutz* types.

Fraud and copyright theft seem to be the main problems here. but when you have to chase ambulances or create accidents to get ‘clients’ then the reputation is set.

He has pled guilty to abusing the courts as well. If copyright law is only to make lawyers rich by any means then i see little point in what Paul Hansmeier or others in the field do even for copyright holders.

Think about it.

*the legal professional from the simpsons

bbc pro copyright (free for them) but odd fud

The bbc is still pro licence fee and copyright – in fact any descendants of hitler can probably claim the copyright royalties from the 1939-45 war of who George Orwell even wrote about the bbc collecting statistics of use just in case.

Rupert Murdoch (my blog) who is a copyright abuser is a strange bed fellow for the bbc to be working for with fake products as it looked like a third china shift was making ‘counterfeit’ products from the same factory as where murdoch buys them..

I am sure Murdochs purchasing of stuff here is also at fault but when the bbc and murdoch fud together then you cannot trust them on any copyright law.

Quite why the bbc  gets free copyright but nobody else can claim it shows another side where the issue is clouded by who owns that twitter/facebook image or words so the bbc is being unethical mind you with the eu also attempting the taxing url links (not here) and the bbc friends with them it seems unethical is the way to go

Shady and crooked seems a good description.

lucasfilm and disney sjws ‘small problem’.

I have discussed the problem of toys which do not sell before (my blog).  You might consider bricks and mortar retail a victim of Disney corporate expectations but for how much longer?

I saw this headline

It is past midnight as post this and i did not read the article.  but it appears that with the sjw’s in Disney that lego cannot sell toys at the suggested Disney retail price.

If you have disney shares do not expect the toy sale rights to be much on the sjw influenced lines on bought brands profit wise.    While i really dont care if a star wars character is intimate with a robot or not i doubt that the toy makers will be making a toy of the happy couples marriage suite  along with a lot of wd40 cans to keep things ‘lubricated’.

I have not seen the current star wars films* and do not consider it a failure on my part

Since i do not buy lego either and i am not an sjw it appears that whoever runs disney seems to be out of touch with children and the  sexual liberation of robots which even some sjws feel is wrong even in left gender politics.

Lets put it this way hot toys command a high retail value, or secondary market.  If lego cannot shift stock  then that toy is not worth the value of the rights that lego bought from disney.

Another story i can tell:

I was in a shop in camdem (near the zoo) recently and  a young  female child was fascinated by a shiney magazine of a recent cartoon by disney while queuing to pay.  The magazine was left on the floor and the child wondered off thus the disney license again did not resort in a sale.

*it has been over a year since i have been in a cinema

Shit ‘global’ British banks get away with

British banking is awful, four banks own four computers and share them is a common problem (my blog) which i have mentioned before.

Recently the zoo was paid in euros, and the cheque had this statement on it

payable only in great britian

I laughed.   Only a british bank could fuck up the euro that way.  If you think banks are ready for international trade now or even after brexit there not so dont include british banks as ready.

The missing barcode

Whilst collecting our copy of the daily Rwanda the shop noticed  that it was sans the barcode as part of the paper was ‘missing’.

This certain provided the newsagent with a conundrum as a number of newspapers could not be bought as deemed by the pos system.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

It was interest to notice that another condition of retailing can shut down a days trading on missing stock now include the barcode, and no electricity.

I thought it was interesting.