A waste of 10,9,8… time

crapI do not like ebay, with sniping (my blog) crooks (my blog), and weird business logic.  But it is the only way i am going to get obsolete things (my blog), which are for sale.  The first item bid price did not update, then i got a an undefined bidder message saying fuck off for not having a business logic reason that was undefined.  So i am still unaware what i did ‘wrong’.

Anyhow it was a good experience that confirms that while a good idea its execution via ebay still remains shit.

Somebody else was happy to supply us.  No loss.

a toner cartridge, ebay, a wait screen too many and an ecommerce abort

Printing should be black not a light grey, i decide to look around for toner, or dump the printer which i hate (my blog) prices range fro £ 50 to £ 10 on ebay for an item that fits.

I decide to investigate the item on ebay and see if questions like does it have the suicide bomber chip in it as well as the toner ? – i need to log in to find that out in ebay – so since i dont like ebay i dig out an account i never used from four years ago.

Then ebay wants to update my details and up comes many screens and wait graphics, then it wants to phone up the monkey house – i am getting pissed off now and abort the purchase and sign off ebay.  I can live with light grey.

I dont object to giving details, but assuming i will hit vbv screens  as well later well that’s a sale ebay and the person flogging those boxes wont be getting any money.


Is ebay screwed ?

The zoo had a car to sell, we heard rumours of a change, and then four hours later bang a replacement car was purchased which leaves the question what to do with the other one which is in fine condition.

Well there are quite a few options to selling a car, but the zoo did not even consider using ebay, and we did not mention it either.  Ebay has issues (i remember seeing ‘NO TIME WASTERS’ in listings on my visit some years ago) and a lot of crooks.  Paypal is another reason which payments being blocked and them being unresponsive to communication might just mean the large item is a write off should the worst happen.

Meg Whitman is ok, what about ebay ?

I have no idea how much it would cost to sell a car a car on ebay now (we do not use the site), but he likes of failed  republican party member Meg Whitman probably mean it is expensive.

On a site i visited some users where singing the praises of another retail giant, and this was offered for free.  I don’t see that with ebay do you ?

I also see that the bbc is also doing its usual ‘THE INTERNET IS BAD’ stuff this time with electrical products in the run up to christmas.  Somehow that is also going to effect ebay too even being as badly written as the internet haters in the news bit of bbc do their best. Personally speaking its five years since i bid in an auction, and the shops stuff (eg new) is no bargain and nothing new has ever been bought via ebay.

This is not meant to be a political post but the failure of Carly Fiorina and Whitman to run for political office [states] in the Usa is proof that outsourcing  (hp) or internet our still seen as bad, what perhaps made cheap business sense was bad for a career in politics so we wont be seeing much of the dot com people in politics for a number of years yet..


I also note that in a supplement in a newspaper for using a pc ebay as a site gets a huge pimp from some windows magazine that also pimps trip advisor [which has an ifffy reputation too] along with Microsoft.

If ebay are paying for being featured in a newbie guide then clearly there are problems.

should i snipe or should i leave ebay?

What is ‘the price’ ?, no not the general mark up, but the real cost of an item ? and is it really real ? oh no its Alan Sugar territory who is looking for another ‘new’ trainee since he seems to murder about one a year.

Bananas is not a good ebay bidder, or perhaps the tribe is wise, but if without a sniping software/service (8 seconds before end biding) means a carbon based lifeform* has no hope of winning an ebay bid then what is the point of ebay for humans?

The item i want is for research, and being honest i am not prepared to over pay for it, but the item is tainted because the bidder is using privacy, so am i bidding against the seller or not? I don’t know but i could be and be none the wiser.

So why should it cost me money to bid on ebay to get the item which it appears i have no chance on being a carbon based lifeform. That is when ebay fails for if ebay becomes a waste of time and (a economic loss as we are all wasting time) then there’s not much point to ebay.

The item i want is not really the item i want but will do spec wise, so retailers have little to fear, and when the item i want is available then perhaps i will purchase but not from ebay.

While ebay night be noble in concept, when the deals on it need extra assistance for supply then ebay is not the place.

Openness is important, and the items being sold seem to be rotated at a high rate. So its time to stop wasting time and come back to this.

If i was ebay i would concerned. If i was a retailer i would also snipe to piss people like me off and on the there site, and annoy the item sellers.

The lesson here is that ebay is not customer focused, provided you make money for them (thats ebay not you) ebay dont need to do anything even though they proudly promote ‘foreign trade’ and have the staff with the langauges but give preference to Chinese traders in selling to a western market.

Ebay is a fools paradise, and ebay laugh at us western suckers.

In the end i bought the item cheaper than i could have from ebay from a website, I was ebay i would be concerned.

An interesting article of note

* human.fish,monkey

Photoprinting economics

The monkey house is in receipt of a ‘gift’, a Hewlett Packard photoprinter (model 7550) which can

  1. prints from memory cards,
  2. can connect to a camera
  3. displays the pictures via an display.
  4. prints from a computer too

Cool eh ? Ok its been slighty used and the reason the tribe got it was because the old owner did not like the cost of HP inks over the grey market inks which look fine here after 451 pages.

Anyhow lets say the replacement ink cartridges (56,57, and 58) cost £42 (usd $84) to do with non oem hp ink. More if you do HP ‘original ‘oem’ (£85 usd $ 170) which they do mask by doing big and small ink quantities

The new owners printer model (who is unaware of this) is a Cannon costs £ 60 (usd $120) for six ink cartridges and also has to deal with those drm inkjet chips too it would appear. I make no further observation on economics grounds.

Its a nice printer the newer Cannon but thats more money than the HP 7550 for ink. So with a bit of spit and polish the old HP looks brand new like the picture, and also has lots of ink in it and prints well

Humans are strange. Mind you people do buy HP ink and then don’t use it – there is also that ‘best before’ date stupidity with hp ink (printer ink poisoning anybody)*, If you look on ebay you can suckers selling boxed new cartridges for peanuts just a few days past its ‘sell by date’, ouch thats going to hurt.

For the record Bananas does not purchase ‘new**’ HP ink and has not done so in several years and recycles the existing cartridges which if looked after need not be replaced.

The tribe now has a proper photo printer, so we can now stop going to the chemists to get our photos of professors, tv crews and zoo guests.

* ink might dry but if you keep sealed (hp don’t seal there NEW** cartridges to my knowledge)

** new from hp here is dubious as if hp recycle too is that old with some new ? so you might deem that to be marketing poo.

Ebay crooks ahoy

In the book fake,forgery lies and ebay, by ‘art dealer’ Kenneth Walton (isbn :0297851888) Mr Walrton was an american lawyer from San Franciso reveals his exploits at the beginning of ebay scams – his crime was for fake bids on art – known a ‘schill bidding’ with an associate called Fetterman, whom it seems misrepresented art too via ‘forgeries’.
Ebay crook called amirWhile it makes our Amir Tofansazan (famous blog) seem retarded it nice to know that our english dummy did nothing inventive an too was caught in the act which you can read about here (my blog)

I can’t see young Amir writing a book

The book by Mr Walton is interesting.

Bananas gives it: 4/5 bananas.

Ebay needs better developers.

The tribe is still selling car tyre’s, however ebay is on a ‘global trade mission’ this bullshit equals good for china not for europe. Anyhow that’s been discussed here before.

So while posting items the ‘uk only’ it defaults to worldwide – everywhere . – on revising the item it still says worldwide

Ebay needs better indians. Ebay is fucked up

ebay not the ‘cheap’ place it was

A friend purchased the many x ’24’ tv series on dvd format whom sky lovers (rupert murdoch’s thought control tv channels) are so fond of, from ebay (24 incidentally also fits the Bush/republican ideology perfectly) from a chap in China (who ebay give cheap listings to rather than to there european clients)

Alas ( for i am informed) some of the disks are blank – i’m not sure if they are fakes but the bad instructions and reports of glue blobs on the backs make me think that.

Something fishy there, nothing to do with that Mr Sutherland can’t act (imagine: ‘dvd saves actors from bad performance’ – humour) , and not having Sky means its not something I bother with (Battlestar Galactica is my thing which i have no desire to own on dvd) with and you know its always going to be ‘happily ever after’ at some point in 24.

But back to ebay – I am sure my friend will tell me if his Chinese man provided him with replacement disks (with content) and i await news.

Since i’m done ‘suspected fraud’, lets now do the word ‘con’. I’m looking at voip (see a later post) and also run linux (call me bonkers) so this means one has to be rather careful since usb phones don’t work (no drivers) so that means headsets instead and webcam’s (usb) which means you have to careful with unless i want to run into usb issues there because they changed the chipset

Where there any bargains in the specific webcam and headset I had in mind on ebay (who own skype) – which i hope will work without needing to compile the complete linux system from scratch – no is your simple answer

while a £.99p webcam might seem a bargain then add £ 7.25 for postage equals £ 8.24, i can buy that item in an ecommerce site for 6.30 plus postage which is much less than £ 7.25.

It essentially works out less as purchasing from a proper shop is less hassle than ‘ebay-ing’ said item. Sucintly ebay has become uncompetitive, buying other items helps not for the next four items cost £ 1.75 postage should you be luckily enough that bidder has the things you need and don’t pay over the top for them.

With ebay/paypuke.com running to £ (pounds sterling) £4.50 per transaction, perhaps ebay will price itself out of the the market, this is a good example of firm who has cheap labour and charges over the top for its use in the west.

I would have bought the items from the Skype shop but the lack of item detail by there ecommerce retailer failed to answer even basic questions i had like how fucking long is the headsets cord – it pays to investigate.

usb phones and headsets work if you computers near, but dect phones are better and this be probably be the reason i will opt to use vonage instead of skype.

So what have I learned from these anecdotes ?

  1. Beware of postage on light items
  2. Beware of Chinamen offering dvd’s
  3. Consider that ebay is not the neighboorhood it once was.
  4. Skype is not something i think is not up to the job with its new owner

I’ve just had an ebay marketing person on the phone she seemed to imply that its was ‘ok’ to cheat to get good feedback (something along the lines of amir did with ‘nick tofang’). That’s something that rather surprised me.

Strangely the more tools a seller (being a tribe of monkeys selling items on ebay) has the more dubious a seller/buyer it seems becomes if ‘feedback cheating’ is the way ebay recommend do things – then feedback means nothing.