Bluetooth and its patents

I was looking at headphones and amazed to find bluetooth things are still a horrible price. Not that i had much luck with bluetooth (my blog) to start with.

By bluetooth i am speaking of bog standard bluetooth not apple enhanced versions – i guess i could also still blame Microsoft for the sad state of bluetooth but since it is not priority in life i will forgo the pleasures in rediscovering the delights of bluetooth.

Another ten years sounds a good time.

Weapons of math destruction,Cathy o’Neil

social justice warrior

social justice warrior

isbn: 9780241298113 is written by a ‘sister’ ** who made many bad choices after being fired from a wall street bank in 2008 (my blog) after a year.

A confessed math nerd then ‘joined’* occupy wall street where the products of her education (my blog) where used for ‘education’.  I suppose if she cant be rich like George Soro’s then nobody else should be so there is a logic here.

A lot of the stories are well known, washingtons schools use of math to fire ‘bad’ teachers when the data is wrong {really fraudulent) and reoffender math which gets a mention here (my blog).  One valid point made is the use of trade ‘secrets’ to hide how these models work is problematic.

Being an ex-academic and ex-banker there is a naivety here that the stack ranking method is used at microsoft much like the Washington schools model but that gets a free pass.

Not a lot of math here.

Employment is discussed, but the conclusion to all this is dont give data to companies, and install an advert blocker in your web browser although that conclusion was one i came to and oddly not mentioned by our saint of maths.

1/5 bananas

*an informal grouping so make a guess as to what joined means ** greed is good

cancer charities and failure

olivecookeCancer is a rich persons disease.  it is also a nice jolly for rich people (my blog) and politicians to administer charities who get money for something but do not solve cancer since that would make them out of a ‘job’.

On the radio is a cancer victim, who is explaining the limitations of cancer ‘solution providers such as the charities who it appears dont do a great deal and a victim with cancer still pays for treatment.  I suppose that’s patents and stuff none of this being open source.

I could go on and link science journals to this malaise but i am sure your well aware of open access to research you fund.

Anyhow – It’s got to a point where even Microsoft think they can fix cancer*.  So much for charities.

pinkcakeWhen i see cancer charities i see a nice job for a spouse of a politician or star, or a person who trademarked pink for the $ but not a cure.

While it can be a good cause i do wonder if the means to the end is a money making first for as long as they can via fees and income from patents.   It is kind of bonkers crazy when no cure is better for some – think on it.

*Microsoft cancer – has a level of truth even now.

The cadbury failure of leadership

Oompa-Loompa's to be fired by Kraft

Oompa-Loompa’s to be fired by Kraft

Cadbury made chocolate in the UK, it was bought out by americans (my blog) – moved its production to eastern europe and started to mess with its recipes some of which antics upset members of parliament and the people who approved the sale.

I read recently like you may have that Nestle a competitor have a technique to reduce the amount of sugar in chocolate and apparently taste’s the same. I do not see innovation like that from Cadbury’s quaker roots being religious* or its new owners.

Cadbury seem to have made many bad decisions in light of brexit (my blog) and that is there right.  This is not a ranty post about the rights or wrongs of Mondelez International (or Kraft) decisions after all its there’s to do as they wish but it seems Nestle has invested in the science that makes things and can screw with Mondelez in legal patent proceedings.

checkPoliticians post the referendum vote (and the same people who approved the sale) keep on about innovation and stuff like that but if the locals won’t, and the american’s also fail to innovate then clearly these politicians with there free market mantra is clearly some strange reality that is not supposed to hurled back to these leaders.

I see a lot of leadership failure.

Less fat humans ? – we will have to see. * anti-science?

life’s greatest secret,Matthew Cobb

my dna is better than yours

my dna is better than yours naa naa

isbn: 9781781251409 was a guardian pick that sounded interesting.

It begins in 1837 with sheep with the aim to improve the the product so its all those farmers fault a group that the religious loonies ignore. Things get a bit more repressed by the irish catholics (my blog) in 1930, so that proves the Catholics cannot do science mind you i am quite sure ireland would have sent jews to hilter for disposal as well if asked nicely.

However it seems Schrödinger (the man with the cat) was on to something even if the work was published elsewhere since the catholics did not like it.  Anyhow a war intervened and the 1950’s happened where some insights in viruses kick started things.

sheepA lot of people nearly had dna and here lies the problem as should the award be named as well to man who wanted tastier sheep in 1837 too ? or the discovery to the people who found it or to Schrödinger and well as all the science that got it to that point. The feminists also stick a claim in for Rosalind Franklin who took pictures for another group of people who despised her and went and did something else.  Who is to say that if those other people had found it they too would have ignored her? so should they also add Madam Currie as well to the list after all she has a lead coffin and is still radioactive.

That’s a dumb argument.

Disease came to a rescue (my blog) and the beginning of dna where teased out by crick and watson being the most famous. watson is airbrushed from this book for his 2007+ activities.

corncropDna is a place beset by patent problems and revisions.  The books post discovery section is very general and touches on the greed of pro patent lobbyists taking stuff funded by the public and making it payable again for.

Science and industry might bitch and whine about the heathens (my blog) and gmo crops but somehow the mistrust is partially of there making.

While the science is solid, its abuse by crime agencies such as the fbi in overstating evidence and not currently being able to differentiate between twins means much trust in this area could be lost.

Overall an interesting book but an area with it own set of problems mostly to the advantage of a few over the many.

3/5 bananas



an alternative perception of Dyson vacuum cleaners

man not included

man not included

Vacuum cleaners are not exciting blog topics so if your expecting something better then lets say it is an one off.

Still here ? well the art department here on the zoo had an falling out with there’s and so i had a look at these Dyson** things which i found out are expensive even with a £100 trade in.  But i suppose that’s legal fees* for you.

So i did a sideways take on the thing and looked at second hand dyson’s.  These things are easy to find and come in several variants of broken.  I have no ideal what sort of life they had but spare parts seemed pricey and like those makes seem to be uneconomic to fix.

My look was soon stopped when the art dept found a non dyson replacement for the price of a trade in.  Its bag less too.

* patents are something big companies ignore ** not the other famous Dyson from yesterday.

patent holders ignore facts and the phone patents rattle the Microsoft fud machine plus a few others…

In and the b & n case i wonder how long the Microsoft fud machine can keep the mysterious patents hidden from view.  Their like mafia protection. Mind you with the us judges getting bit miffed with all the litigation on patents one begins to wonder how long it will be before the judges call all software patents bullshit and condemning the us pto office staff as a bunch of retarded fools

In this the ex boss of sun seems to have seen the light who saw many opportunities slip past it, so patents have a place in introducing better ideas to the detriment of them.

Anyhow with idiots on juries ignoring facts like prior art one wonders how soon the lawyers on crack will be able to keep the cathedral ice cold when full of doubters about dubious patents issued by people on commission and by jurors who clearly want no innovation led by patent holder.

Something has to fail sooner.

Oracle [java] loses and also my support

Following this i decided to drop java plugin support in my browser.  Groklaw reports that the copyright is 9 lines of generic code obtained from elsewhere and not innovative so overall that makes Cockburn of Boston university a bit of shit business professor since neither api was copyrightable [basically sounds like the jury foreman decided this alone] or where patents ‘abused’.

Overall that says much.

Iain M. Cockburn of Boston University an Insane cheerleader for Oracle ?

Dr Cockburn is apparently an ‘expert’ who feels that Oracle is being ‘done’ for not seeing money for java use.  The only problem is that while in theory java as a language works anywhere, getting it working on a thing is not something the official java suppliers do.

There are also open source versions of java that do not use the bits of ‘copyright*’ and closed source.

Cockburn is an lecturer in ‘business innovation’ i do not see how court proceedings and his attempts to define the damages for one side have left judges and others with an impression that something is rather wrong.  Groklaw is naturally the place to go for your impression but Cockburn is an insane cheerleader for billionaires would seem to better suited to the courts of east texas and perhaps utah

I can’t see how innovation is helped by court proceedings, nor do Oracle make phones so there’s much to make fools of everyone.  Even professors of business innovation.

* sco-x territorty