unfashionable ebooks

I read that ebooks are now untrendy (my blog) and paper books are ‘in’ .  Somehow people are rather intelligent or lazy in not wanting to carry another thing as it is now perceived as a bit big.

I have my own theory that drm and not being able to buy titles and meddling by Microsoft with the only other ereader have not helped.  It is interesting to note that people do buy second hand readers rather than a new one if there old one dies of some issue – so the value of new ones seems depreciated.

While i can read some non drm formats it is on a computer not a e-reader so i never have never owned one,





Pretending being a lion

Pretending being a lion

Clothes and the perceptions around them amuse our professor here in the zoo he tells us that his other half spends weeks cleaning clothes for holidays then packs them in plastic bags does not wear them when they are once again cleaned and put away before repeating the whole cycle once again at a later date.

The monkey house nor the professor understands the logic.  Being an ape has advantages over a human.

The walking runner


Vandal or a runner ?

Bananas was going about her daily routine which that day involved a post box for sending a letter. So I walked out of the zoo and encountered a runner with all the clothing on that says i’m running duh and also equipped a computer because athletics types are shit at maths and brainy stuff (my blog).

I after being ‘overtaken’ I and the runner then had to go up a hill and that’s when the running stopped for the runner and the walking began for the runner.. I laughed.

In the end i visit the red box and walk the longer way back to the zoo and i pass the runner again on another hill but they again are walking. I never changed pace.

Perhaps the runner was wearing the wrong tights they where flat land tights rather than uphill tights.  Somebody has to sell those right ? – some american firm tried to sell fitness shoes until the advertising standards lot called them out for the ‘fact’

Monkey hair is perfect for both gradients and flat land and being an ape it comes included. monkey hair is trendy too.

The things people do.

Outlander,Diana Gabaldon

skirts and dresses for all

skirts and dresses for all

isbn: 9781784751371 is something made into a tv series that the uk government had suppressed during the scottish referendum (my blog).  I have not seen it and so this is a pay tv thing from the guy who reimaged bsg.

The first book weighs in at 860 pages was first published in 1991 where it appears to be not interesting until tv found it.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingSo starting with this seems a good idea with a bit of time travel and dashing men in skirts so a bit like now.

Set first in 1946 this book varies between upper class banter and the usual suspects like the b&b owner etc and after a while this tiresome exchange is replaced with tea readings and a trip to some stones and bang its not 1946 any more.

laddete to lady

laddete to lady

Phew.  more tea vicar ? anyhow things go snp and its a lot of human drama.  I lost interest soon after page 100.

um err something um 0/5 bananas.Womens literature* and not something i have any further interest in.

* mills and boon



Belt sizing

uncle albert

uncle albert the nudist

What size ape are you is not a question asked of us monkey house residents but should be.  This is a rant about clothes and fur coats which is the thing if your ape.

I dont change clothes sizes however depending upon the measurements by a famous company i may +2 inches or -2 inches depending upon 1990 specs to 2000 specs so i wear a belt on both items.  The smaller size fits but is snug that it does not need a belt its a tribal thing being urbane apes

Alas my belt broke after twelve years of service so i asked professor for one on his exotic travels to places you may also have been.  On his return i thank him but notice that the belt also suffers from a miscommunication – yes too much was cut of it.

It works but it seems even belts suffer from bad sizing.

Clothing Poverty,Andrew Brooks and contributors

hipsterisbn: 9781783600670 is a book about clothes of whom Mary Portas (my blog) is guilty of many crimes.

The first chapter deals with jeans from cotton to production, and the aftermarkets and Karl Marx gets the odd mention.  Its informative and globalised.

The authors make a leap too far with banana prices trying to link prices to free markets rather than colonial quotas of which the wto and americans did not like so i am not sure what the authors consider worse. Quite how bananas and cotton are related in prices could be a problem can also be said to affect northern farmers as well as southern* farmers in all markets.

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov who owns a football club

The author also barely mentions Uzbekistan (my blog) which  might have something to do Tony Blair being friendly with the local oligarch after all everything is great there with film stars picking cotton for there billionaire ruler (rare bbc ‘news’).  Being pro worker is another problem after all if even the Chinese can be accused of being colonial and that bosses are bad even the communist ones is a point made at page 140 although it feels an admission of failure being those lot are doing it as well.

Movement from manufacturers and retailers in recycling is also criticised despite the damage charity operations do in developing countries.  The economics interest the author more but its a thoughtful book despite a hint of regret about how things work and who is doing them be they sjw’s or right minded thinkers..

4/5 bananas. * south means hot, where north is cold not the border at watford (humour)

the untrendy barbecue

dontcallmecrazyBananas reads that the gas fired bbq is untrendy, and burning wood is now ‘in’ and also known as the burner


for the smoke

Implements required (new) are a syringe (i have no idea why you need one instead of a golden spatula [my blog] – liquid meat?) and probably a gas mask on the odd day in the uk when most of human population deems it ok to lets cook outside day*

Gas is controllable and has advantages that trendy people** don’t realise but then again if your wise enough to be trendy and spend £200+ on a metal drum with apparent special scented mixed woods i read then good luck to you.

Trends – sigh

* tuesday and friday in the spring and summer here in the zoo and other days, you may need an umbrella – less for the average human ** one bbq a year

Eye makeup adults who overdo it (like schoolkids)


Nearly a flag

If your a human reading this then you probably may know about the british school children (ask Charlie my blog) who apparently went to school only to learn make up and smoking skills after being constantly told to remove it.  Beats lessons i guess

Anyhow recently I was in a bank in Camdem (near the zoo) when one of those types was behind the the bullet proof glass chamber thing that banks have despite the fact that bank robbing is on the decline.

I did not say anything but i knew exactly what they did at school, oh and they still need more practice at the make up.  If they smoked as well is a mystery and one i’d rather not know after all one has to have expectations.




music’s next best thing as predicted by Phillip K Dick and ttip

luteWill be medieval sonnets, after all the Lute (you tube probably dcma’ed) is due a comeback and Jon Dowland (encyclopedia) 1563–1626 is dead and not copyright.

shall i sue, shall i seek for grace, shall i pray, shall i prove, shall i to to be heavenly joy with an earthy love

That Phillip writer (my blog) was a genius mind you once it is used nobody will be able to use it again.

Mind you perhaps the sound of rocks banging together (caveman style) could be next (my blog) as the trans pacific deal becomes a fact .