Hive fixed there ethernet problem

Hive (my blog) had an issue that the heating controller would only work on a Ethernet port direct to a router not via a switch to a router


While experimenting with cables recently i discovered that it would now work connected to a switch via  the router.

While this might sound  ‘so what’ at least it is a kind of progress,  they also crippled the unit by supplying a 100mb cable not that i doubt gigabytes of data would ever be sent via it  but who knows with the nsa and gchq (my blog) on the prowl.

I personally feel safer that the hive controller is on  another bit of equipment rather than plugged directly into a router which nost people probably do.

Anyhow tin foil remains in fashion here in the monkey house.  More recently i discovered that i  was also very trendy because of some plants that once again are in fashion.

So better start wearing tin foil hats.  I am stylish after all – more style guru tips tomorrow.

grandpa adolf – who was also a 2010 year hipster

The monkey house visited professor (my blog) and we noticed a new photo of grandpa adolf complete with the hitler look.   It apparently was cool again  in  2010 (not here) once again.

I think the picture dates to 1939 and also has company in hollywood.

It’s another look and name ruined in the west.   Its kind of funny that women do not have that problem.

Ladies day and beta female apes

pony boy

All the beta female apes are likely to go missing from the monkey house today and will probably end up in the zoo’s security office where the horse racing is on.  Not because they like horse racing but because of the hats.

lizzards mam

The apes in question strangely never wear hats.   If you can explain this bonkers thinking, i offer a banana skin prize which you can collect from the zoo.

I also am aware that hooligans like horse racing recently whether or not there gypsies and there for there usual troublemaking was not specified but when a huge fight  starts perhaps not all is well with the world of betting and horses.

If you can derive any logic from this well your doing better than i am.

irrational shoes from the internet

ebau killed the mouse

Sally (my blog) was buying shoes here in the zoo, being asked i could not see the size but they got ordered anyhow by some kind of i can use the internet ape nearby.

Swede was wanted, black leather is what arrived.  Since i have no idea what was ordered or if the supplier was keen to get rid of a size. Why? is something i cant answer thankfully.

So glad i did not get roped into this although the seo traffic hijack from amazon to ebay shows something is crooked at ebay*.  More on that at another time.

I note that Sally has yet to buy further shoes online since so ebay could be considered a impediment to e-commerce.

That does not surprise me.

*i consider ebay a bunch of criminals


unfashionable ebooks

I read that ebooks are now untrendy (my blog) and paper books are ‘in’ .  Somehow people are rather intelligent or lazy in not wanting to carry another thing as it is now perceived as a bit big.

I have my own theory that drm and not being able to buy titles and meddling by Microsoft with the only other ereader have not helped.  It is interesting to note that people do buy second hand readers rather than a new one if there old one dies of some issue – so the value of new ones seems depreciated.

While i can read some non drm formats it is on a computer not a e-reader so i never have never owned one,





Pretending being a lion

Pretending being a lion

Clothes and the perceptions around them amuse our professor here in the zoo he tells us that his other half spends weeks cleaning clothes for holidays then packs them in plastic bags does not wear them when they are once again cleaned and put away before repeating the whole cycle once again at a later date.

The monkey house nor the professor understands the logic.  Being an ape has advantages over a human.

The walking runner


Vandal or a runner ?

Bananas was going about her daily routine which that day involved a post box for sending a letter. So I walked out of the zoo and encountered a runner with all the clothing on that says i’m running duh and also equipped a computer because athletics types are shit at maths and brainy stuff (my blog).

I after being ‘overtaken’ I and the runner then had to go up a hill and that’s when the running stopped for the runner and the walking began for the runner.. I laughed.

In the end i visit the red box and walk the longer way back to the zoo and i pass the runner again on another hill but they again are walking. I never changed pace.

Perhaps the runner was wearing the wrong tights they where flat land tights rather than uphill tights.  Somebody has to sell those right ? – some american firm tried to sell fitness shoes until the advertising standards lot called them out for the ‘fact’

Monkey hair is perfect for both gradients and flat land and being an ape it comes included. monkey hair is trendy too.

The things people do.

Outlander,Diana Gabaldon

skirts and dresses for all

skirts and dresses for all

isbn: 9781784751371 is something made into a tv series that the uk government had suppressed during the scottish referendum (my blog).  I have not seen it and so this is a pay tv thing from the guy who reimaged bsg.

The first book weighs in at 860 pages was first published in 1991 where it appears to be not interesting until tv found it.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingSo starting with this seems a good idea with a bit of time travel and dashing men in skirts so a bit like now.

Set first in 1946 this book varies between upper class banter and the usual suspects like the b&b owner etc and after a while this tiresome exchange is replaced with tea readings and a trip to some stones and bang its not 1946 any more.

laddete to lady

laddete to lady

Phew.  more tea vicar ? anyhow things go snp and its a lot of human drama.  I lost interest soon after page 100.

um err something um 0/5 bananas.Womens literature* and not something i have any further interest in.

* mills and boon