Cinema hype & mumbling

instellarFirst off i saw intestellar on dvd compared to the cinema (my blog) the sound was better than in a cinema and that set off my ape brain about stuff. Better with subtitles but great music.

As you know i avoided star wars in the cinema (my blog) which seemed to be all ‘great’ but no negative views either.

So i rented it on dvd and saw it it, great set design, heavy on women and ethnic minorities, shit story and heavily edited to get a universal rating but the ‘sword’ fights where cartoonish and apart from three drops of red stuff the death was light even by disney’s standards i doubt if an more ‘gory’ cut will be released  .

The fascist scum got angry and the weapon seems to designed by the retarded after three attempts at building weapons being an idiot seems to be a requirement.

I suppose it was better than the Jar Jar films which cashed in and sold out, and most of the old cast seemed unwilling combatants but i am sure the pay was good.

Is this not a wisdom of crowds thing where everybody in the cinema had to like it – ‘conditioning’ anybody.

1/5 bananas

social justice warrior

social justice warrior

Another film i saw on dvd but a film industry gong producing machine some months ago  and something i know of the source material was again a disappointment.   Money tames… and i was reading that children’s film (i write this one summer) and a musician Andre Rieu (my blog)  has beaten both a film with women and ghosts, and that star trek film which i have not seen or am planning to.

That’s got to hurt somebodies ego.

some films seen by the monkey house

In which the monkey house sees some thing not in a cinema too.  This post is extremely time delayed.

turnerMr Turner

imdb: /tt2473794 is  a luvvies film (my blog) by Ken Loach (my blog) which i could not find in a cinema on its release.  If you have bought a lottery ticket then you also paid for it.

Dull as dishwater in places but it certainly has no superheroes in.

4/5 bananas


imdb: tt0443272 was made in 2012 and a first see although i think it had been on before but was deemed an non view..

4/5 bananas.

John Wick

imdb: tt2911666 was seen on netflix and i enjoyed it, not sure of those multiple drops from height and no injury but a well made film where talent excels rather than have to be part of a brand so for what it is much better maybe a standout film for this decade?

3/5 bananas.


When Marnie Was There

Omoide no Mânî is imdb: tt3398268 and is the last Ghibli film (my blog) Being me i had to watch the subtitled version so recorded it late one evening and it was damm odd to see gambling adverts in a childrens film being the late night showing.

I am biased on these films but enjoyed it and i suggest that you see it too

5/5 bananas.


Kimiko Ishizaka, Bach,and a film

a goth or a borg

a goth or a borg i think

Kimiko Ishizaka is a performer of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier in the public domain rather than what those crooks in the record companies peddle. Its worth a hunt for after Bach has been dead for 250 plus years so he is out of copyright. After all that famous recording in copyright is not available that people mention* although they too probably went to woodstock as well**.

It is the only piece of classical music on piano i can tolerate.

Anyhow i was viewing a film on television with posh british actors pretending to be supernatural things fighting down at heel goths or something like that. Popcorn describes it well and i wont bore you with a imdb or title but lets say it has discarded by Hollywood..

It might be a teen ya book doing the lets redo harry potter thing that hollywood picked up on.

snobsGetting back to Bach i was amused to discover that if you play Well-Tempered Clavier to the undead with there out of tune piano you can detect them.  I bet that will upset the classical musical snobs (my blog) when they discover that Bach was a vampire hunter who associated with goths if you know what i mean .

It may have been er rubbish and i came in half way through but it was well worth that for the laugh at the classical musical industry.

*glen something **everybody went to woodstock and had the front row when they did not

French netflix

On netflix – another film lost to cinema.


imdb: 80165083 is a drama of the future that could be historic with references to there deposing to the king.  There is fighting in it that appears to be better fake fighting than those professional wrestlers (my blog).

Its political discourse is detached but its there

5/5 bananas

Netflix films

Here are some netflix film things (non Japanese) both links to this blog,

hell im leaving this sequel now.

Some blockbusters here but since its been months since i saw a film in a cinema the idea of seeing a comic book film sequel does not appeal.  The journalists of film reviews also make me wonder who love non mainstream cinema but forget that some us cannot see the film at 9am on a monday as its only screening.  Quite how ‘netflix’ is deemed bad and there situation is deemed good is a thing i do not understand.

However Netflix have the start of the Spongebob Squarepamts film (my blog)  thet i missed.

I note that below films i found interesting to sit through.


imdb: tt1971325 was kind of heavy going but eventuality got somewhere

3/5 bananas


imdb: tt2106651 A clever look at weaponised physics, again not great for words

3/5 bananas

Approaching the unknown

imdb: /tt2674430 introverted and a film worth a see.

3/5 bananas

Age of Adaline

imdb: tt1655441 is a charming film

5/5 bananas

While these films are not well known at least they get a release which is much more than what you can say about the cinema distribution network which is not something i am really bothered in.

These Final Hours

imdb: tt2268458 is a hard watch but worth it for the conclusion.

4/5 bananas

Here Alone

imdb: title/tt4814760 is a minimal film and while slow burn has a conclusion

4/5 bananas.

More netflix films here in the future.

some additions to Japanese netflix

From here (my blog)


imdb: tt5301958 Manzai is slightly reminiscent of Rakgugo (my blog) if less formal not quite western stand up .   A bit of a slog and sometimes funny although quite hard to know when at times.

A story of comedians which comes from a manga* is comedy trying to be unfunny and i imagine quite hard to do. Despite that it has moments of profoundness.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt6574146 is a japan film anime and rather well done. Stylistic and thought provoking.

5/5 bananas

Knights of Sidonia

imdb: 70301578 is an interesting take on ideas but set in space, a series its format in netflix sucks so expect a lot of fast forwarding reading the subtitles from a distance is a problem as white text on a white background is a problem and is not a bananas problem.

4/5 bananas

As an anime there are two seasons of if and

*ask your mummy what manga is.