Art imitates life ? or weirdo film fans

237Room 237  (imdb:tt2085910) is a look at the shining a Stanely Kilbrick film which divides opinion although i find horror films generally flawed (my blog).

Anyhow it was on very early one day which i recorded on free tv.   Despite the problems that the film is not the book snob purists many of the fan contributions strike me as plain retarded including the faked moon landings featured person who probably thinks captain kirk is also proof that the moon**  does not also exist.

These people strike me as deranged – the last seemed to assume he was going to become a psychopath and copy the film, and the people who watch film backwards seem to be from the bible bashers fringe who did that with elvis and metal music.

Points are made about set too, but these deranged ‘uber fans’ forget about the practicable nature of film making which seems odd.   I could poke further holes but it is not nice to make fun of the mentally retarded after all its well known that George Lucas got fed up building two death stars*.

0/5 bananas horror fans really are that retarded.   Stanely definitely had the last laugh on these people.

*joke **thats no moon – win a banana skin you can name the film

They Live


clinton too

they live (imdb: tt0096256 ) is a film i saw on tv way after it was in any cinema  but oddly appealed to me after fixing the zoos dvr and a test for it when it lost its format for some weird reason once again.

It has long boring fight scenes  and a jaring vision it is worth a see.

I think Trump will be an interesting president, one for showing up the electability of professional politicians (my blog) on both sides as poor with there paint by the numbers majority double speak say on gay marriage in an environment like they live and who signed deals which made Trump a solution instead of professional politicians.

hclintonIt kind of of reminds me of the old Neal Stevenson book interface where an republican fixes america rather than a democrat.

Interesting times – will Trump perform? only time will tell.

5/5 bananas.



video game films oh dear


the rock

Bananas was bored one sunday evening when on free television the film of the game doom was on (imdb: tt0419706).  I liked doom as a videogame* but as Uwe Boll wrecked many films i had doubts.

Anyhow what i did see of it was bad and low on the 16bit blood and guts hidden in darkness that made doom** great.

Anyhow i soon got bored and i went off and cleaned out an domestic applicance.  I switched it on later and  it takes them about an hour to get the bfg gun.

I never saw the end so i wont be rating this.

Needless to say that its good the film industry hates videogames with its bad concepts so its something that will be hard for them to really get behind in the future with there track record.  After all the fairy look is a way better look for the star of this murky and boring teenager friendly fare rather than edgy art form of video games.

*it was good for bios setting checking as well **never played the enhanced 16bit plus versions


Mormon film


this man has magic underwear

The host was a film (imdb: tt1517260) that somehow never got a cinema release near the zoo, or if it did it went totally unnoticed.  Anyhow it is by that woman who wrote about rusty sparkly vampires in washington state* which i got to know while Robert Soloway hunting rather than for her mormon values.

So it hit tv and since i know a bit about mormons and there scams (** my blog) after all utah is the capital of us fraud of whom even microsoft used via sco-x (my blog).

Mormons are a bit crazy if you read some of my links and in my head i checked off the loony mormon thinking to the story as it developed.

The film was not very good but is good example of odd thinking of which mormons excel at.

zero mormonic bananas.

* not dc, the rust comes from the rain ** kidnapping children  and then charging for feeding them as well as a ransom

Stuff seen

Been a while – none of these are in a cinema.

101101 Revkiavík

imdb: tt0237993 was made in 2000, and moves at a pace which is thought provoking 5/5 bananas.


waterdivinerThe Water Diviner

imdb: tt3007512 was one of those films with a 8am showing on a monday morning that i saw on dvd after professor saw it on a plane probably also at a awful time too somewhere.  It has no superheroes in it.

5/5 bananas

drumsMockingjay part 2

imdb: tt1951266  is the hunger games thing and i cannot remember if i blogged the first which saw on television however i saw a part 1 in a cinema. I did write something about the books but i cannot seem to find it.

Being a part 2 film of four its a thing you like or dislike but i enjoyed it i will not give it bananas in this context..

lobsterThe lobster

imdb: tt3464902 was seen on dvd since a cinema was only showing it at 1400 on a tuesday so really really convenient.  However being a non sequel/remake without superheroes probably meant it deserved that time slot in a cinema.

A very dark comedy and worth a see 5/5 bananas

some films i have seen

Your going to have problems finding these easily in a cinema, i am not paid to do this so its going to be a long wait for anything recent to show up.


chronicle(imdb: tt1706593) is one of the better super hero films in a format with problems of reboots sequel-itis, re imaging and ensembles. This made it to television as somebody though it wanting in hollywood.

3/5 bananas


paddington(imdb: tt1109624) is a charming film but not my paddington (my blog). Likeable bit not paddington in the book.

4/5 bananas


tomorowlandimdb: tt1964418 is a bit long windinded but makes a point even if corporate disney perhaps is not a model corporate citizen (unlike pixar) that it thinks everybody else should be. Thoughtfull.

5/5 bananas

breakfastclubThe Breakfast club

imdb: tt0088847 is old but has a class to it thirty or so years later.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt1343727/ is not the version with the homosexual actor who would not visit Afghanistan (my blog) but the one with Carl Urban and this was as seen on tv and i can see why nobody wants to make another one as it is violent, gives american policemen ideas and is bereft of words.

0/5 bananas due a reboot.

Iron Man 2

Another as seen on tv, and as i have read a version before seeing the films and found it wanting i find the interpretation here quite good despite that they are popcorn films.  Not sure they will age well.

2/5 bananas

the tale of princess Kaguya, Isao Takahata

kaguyaimdb: tt2576852 is a japanese film that no cinema seemed to show although i know it to be on two critics best of 2015 films lists.

I opt for the subtitles, (my blog) not the dubbed version one being superior to the other. It reminds me a little of this (my blog) and it is a stunning view.

Not for being non computer drawn, but the mix of music, timing and thought it is a brilliant.

5/5 bananas