Hail, Caesar!

imdb: tt0475290 is an odd film – i am not sure if it is a rebuke to hollywood or a ‘comedy’. I cannot see the directors doing a super hero film if your unclear of my meaning.

It has a certain validity to now (my blog) with another reincarnation of access media but apart from the 1950 set pieces seems a strange film.

I mention it as it as a film i could not schedule (my blog) to see earlier in the year but was as seen on free tv once again.


International netflix and why films do not matter

Netflix international is not known for its films, i like a lot netflix original stuff and when a recent film was shown on free tv instead of the the streamers i decided to record it and watch later.

The film a Tim Burton* recent film was ok very much in the harry potter mould,  Kind of a clone of this (my blog) would the money house paid to have seen it – no. In fact the linked item above i think was better.

Netflix america is different and not something i can not comment on but if I had seen this on netflix than the image to the right sums up my views.

Here is where it gets fun – if the studio will not sell to a streamer internationally but only tv broadcasters how soon until all films leave television broadcasts? As a second class non american i am glad netfilx said no (if even they had a chance say so) .

People assume that films = money, but when it is forbidden to be sold what value is there in it.  Think that i could have part paid to see itbut better things where bought instead.

The result of this thinking is i dont care but if your valuing a firms content how soon will it retain any value when your not offering it to a complete market.

This is not a compliant n fact netflix international might think it complementary and since i have the ability to think why not take it to the logical end.

*i somehow doubt a sequel based on its cast aging and its been done so move on to the next thing..

yawn of justice

Bananas in a nihilist mood decided to watch* dawn of justice where superman and batman (dc comics) fight things out unlike the graphic novel batman the dark knight returns by Frank Miller this was not filmed by Christopher Nolan.

Oh dear it seemed not to trend on the streaming service we have in the monkey house.

Having not a thing for superheroes it introduced (or once again rebooted) the concept since apparently three heroes are better than one – that bloke Nolan i mentioned might also think differently too.

Ben Affleck mumbled his way through and much scenery was chewed up in near darkness, the dreamy bits and info dumps seemed a late to the party afterthought.   I really do not care but i do keep wondering as when the hero franchise runs out of steam and fail to put bums in cinemas

Meh was about best response your going to get from me, as you might think i will not be rushing out to see either dc comics or marvel comics films in a cinema anytime soon and i am several ‘behind’ so i doubt if a universe concept makes these films accessible to casual audiences.

Not my problem

*some time ago.

The Happytime murders

imdb: /tt1308728  is puppet film not suitable for children, it has that fat female actor who you have all heard of and misses more than hits.   This was my first film i have seen  her in.

Occasionally gross but damn funny and technically proficient this cop buddy film is an experience and once you you go beyond what you think that puppets can do (my blog) it is surprisingly innovative for hollywood.

4/5 bananas

The wondering earth

imdb: tt7605074/ is a film from China called the wondering earth by an author i like (my blog)   Again this was a film not to be found in a cinema as it lacked superheroes.

It is likeable and riffs of older us made films that hollywood won’t make now for a lack of superheros.

If china makes good quality films like this then i do not need cinemas or hollywood.

4/5 bananas.


the founder

imdb: tt4276820 was a  film i have wanted to see but nobody wanted my money in a cinema*.  Eventually i found it ‘free’ during a prime trial (my blog).

Whatever your feelings on it (my blog) somebody would have come up with the idea after all progress means old is not often suitable for now when did you last have a three hour lunch break ? It has been a while since i last visited a mcdonalds which was when i went to see a concert of somebody i liked (my blog) in 2000, not an experience i particularly liked  food quality wise.

4/5 bananas

Amazon is a bit of bandwidth hog.

*not my problem

Mentionable and unmentionable films

None of these where seen in a cinema – or on that shopping website i mentioned last month.   Good luck.

mad max fury road

Was a film I nearly rented on dvd but did not when it eventually popped up, turning on closed captions made its  mumbling shit dialogue worse.  I have no idea who the stars where which either means there good or very bad, not that i am focused on celebrities to start with

The mel gibson ones where better.

1/5 mumbles


Has sjw values with the races portrayed as elves/trolls and humans and fairies more a shoot up than a commentary i liked it despite the scientologist star

3/5 bananas

Midnight special

imdb: tt2649554 has the bloke from boardwalk empire (my blog) in

Understated but well done and well worth the conclusion it is better tomorrow land (my blog) type film than disney failed to make.

5/5 bananas

‘Bridge of Spies’ by DreamWorks Studios.

Bridge of spies

imdb: tt3682448 is a Tom Hanks film and i enjoyed this cold war era film (my blog).  It also had a mismatch of subtitles which made a surreal experience (my blog) on something else.

5/5 bananas

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

imdb: tt2239822 is more recent film as one i enjoyed despite its orgin as a comic which all know and never fail to not make money for cinema owners [i did not see this in a cinema]

A bit too much like the fifth element could be a criticism  and the use of a model might be problematic but fun.   An arty comic book film.  Probably a cult film at some point.

2/5 bananas


imdb: tt2798920 was an alex garland film who i like although seem not to have written about according to wordpresses search – maybe i got the wrong search term as he has done a few films like that island film and robot film – its somewhere..

4/5 bananas

I  seem to be a good year behind on scheduling this sort of thing  but as the zoo’s fifth famous film critic  Its not a thing deemed really important in the scheme of things..

I know that …

Some films you will not find in a cinema for your consideration

imdb: tt4263482 is a horror film with Ralph Ineson in it.  It is miminal and has the bloke who does the voice-over for salvage hunters and other things which you probably have heard if your in the UK.

The film is rated 5/5 bananas despite me not not liking the genre. Clever

Orbita 9

imdb: tt3469798 is a brazillian film which works but has an enigmatic ending.

3/5 bananas



Lesbian science fiction whoo!

Science fiction is a much maligned genre until now although whether you can call ethnic politics in hollywood the winner is a something time will tell and the format just a means to be in with the cool kids.

it [sf] is hard to do correctly but with the sjw’s/npc’s runing star wars, star trek and marvel among other things recently feeling the need to make it queer and  wth sjw film professionals and fans fantasizing about lesbian sex in boxes and between superheroes and companions is it any wonder Michael Burnham sucks in std (my blog not a sexually transmitted disease).

I don’t care if Burnham fucks ewoks** or not  but i have to give an example here but there is me  thinking science fiction should be thoughtful, and all that and here is s/f becoming something only sold to lesbians for watching.   Keep that segment in mind i have statistics below,

Its kind of fascinating that childrens tv, or superheroes are adultised as such, one could argue that the left wing are anti men/trannies and pro women only  – up the mary sues or else..

I do hope all the lesbians (a sub group of 4% of americans in statistics i found)  are seeing this science fiction.    I do not think Disney where makers of ‘adult’ films but  they know better than i do.  The other 96% of americans do not matter think disney.  I  do hope that logic pays out for disney.

There have been gay characters in s/f and minorities too in the past and they had good episodes as well but that is not important now sexual orientation is it.

** might be good ?