steamboy (スチームボーイ)

Is on netflix (my blog) and took ten years to make from the manga and produced by Katsuhiro Otomo.

It has a innovative use of history and while fiction is something i found not mired in some awful ” life was better in the olden days ” mantra which could have been easy to do  – but exciting as something no british talent  would ever do.

Well worth a see

5/5 bananas

Random films worth a mention

Netflix things (my blog) as usual i have no idea why the cinema had no interest* in distributing these.  Not my problem.

The white king

imdb: /tt4211312  is a film i saw on netflix and i rather enjoyed.

5/5 bananas

The Siege of Jadotville

imdb: tt3922798 is another tale of united nations fuck ups (my blog) of which they do naturally not advertise from the 1950’s – well done the irish army

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt2091478 is a dark and dingy but as a locked room drama it was way better than a superhero film thingy.

4/5 bananas.

Mind you the more rubbish cinemas show (or be forced to otherwise they wont be invited to buy the next blockbuster) validates a thought that perhaps blockbuster cinema and its three producers is due a shake up.

*more than one cinema screening not at 8am on a monday morning

so young

I saw so young imdb: tt2765340 on netflix and it took me eleven months to complete.and i am glad i finally did see it to the end.   A Chinese film.

I seem to see more non holllywood films than  hollywood  films and certainly do not feel to be missing out.

3/5 bananas.



imdb: tt1559549 was on netflix (my blog) and despite a funny issue with the wrong subtitles* was well worth a see as part of the on going Afghanistan conflict.

Set between the border between afganistan and pakistan (my blog) the american troops are met with custom unfriendliness that one expects from such people (my blog).

3/5 bananas this english series did it better.

*subtitles where off – you got them regardless **i’m in insurance and he’s not my guy made the translation unique.  win a used banana skin if you can name the film to collect from the zoo comment to win.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

imdb: tt2582496 was seen on netflix (my blog) and i thoroughly enjoyed it, occasionally funny and all times smart this is a film worth seeing.

It should not be mistaken for another likewise film hollywood decided to make at the same time* but if that is how they want to behave then so be it that is not my problem   They seem petty minded.  If that is how they think the world works they are misinformed.

5/5 bananas

*happier i think and not seen. and not wanted to be seen

Seen films

Probably not in a cinema near you or viewed recently being i sit on these for over a year when written.  Anyhow

signalThe signal

iimdb: tt2910814 is a film form 2014 that never got a cinema release nearby.  Its a a bit mumbly and the first bit is a bit boring but a good film.

5/5 bananas.

Djamgo unchained

imdb: tt1853728 was seen on Netflix and a Tarrantino film whom i find thoughtful, I liked it and perhaps shows the cinemas short comings or perhaps the very small sjw audience who did not see it.

5/5 bananas

The bad batch

imdb: tt4334266 is a film by that Iranian film maker which i once tried to record but our device broke (my blog).   It took me three months to get through this film as it is unflinchingly boring and makes absolutely little sense.

Where does the poo go ? along with other consumer questions mean your doing well to finish it.

2/5 bananas – i make the poo go elsewhere.





Gender studies with the Wachowski’s.

 loo brush hair?

I saw that netflix had Jupiter ascending (imdb:tt1617661)  a film that got panned on release and decided to invest in it to see where the Wachowski’s.(my blog) are in there gender studies course.

After all why not

The film is a mess and has mumbling in as three siblings try and kill mother who is kind of unaware of stuff but likes a man dog.  It looks like a sjw film and the men relegated to b roles or gender fluid.

I suppose it could be a commentary on administation a bug bear of the W’s and has some dresses in which are a lot more nice than bureaucratic forms.

Since cleaning toilets is the beginning and the end of the film  I rate it 0/5 toilets.

Cinema hype & mumbling

instellarFirst off i saw intestellar on dvd compared to the cinema (my blog) the sound was better than in a cinema and that set off my ape brain about stuff. Better with subtitles but great music.

As you know i avoided star wars in the cinema (my blog) which seemed to be all ‘great’ but no negative views either.

So i rented it on dvd and saw it it, great set design, heavy on women and ethnic minorities, shit story and heavily edited to get a universal rating but the ‘sword’ fights where cartoonish and apart from three drops of red stuff the death was light even by disney’s standards i doubt if an more ‘gory’ cut will be released  .

The fascist scum got angry and the weapon seems to designed by the retarded after three attempts at building weapons being an idiot seems to be a requirement.

I suppose it was better than the Jar Jar films which cashed in and sold out, and most of the old cast seemed unwilling combatants but i am sure the pay was good.

Is this not a wisdom of crowds thing where everybody in the cinema had to like it – ‘conditioning’ anybody.

1/5 bananas

social justice warrior

social justice warrior

Another film i saw on dvd but a film industry gong producing machine some months ago  and something i know of the source material was again a disappointment.   Money tames… and i was reading that children’s film (i write this one summer) and a musician Andre Rieu (my blog)  has beaten both a film with women and ghosts, and that star trek film which i have not seen or am planning to.

That’s got to hurt somebodies ego.