Netflix films

Here are some netflix film things (non Japanese) both links to this blog,

hell im leaving this sequel now.

Some blockbusters here but since its been months since i saw a film in a cinema the idea of seeing a comic book film sequel does not appeal.  The journalists of film reviews also make me wonder who love non mainstream cinema but forget that some us cannot see the film at 9am on a monday as its only screening.  Quite how ‘netflix’ is deemed bad and there situation is deemed good is a thing i do not understand.

However Netflix have the start of the Spongebob Squarepamts film (my blog)  thet i missed.

I note that below films i found interesting to sit through.


imdb: tt1971325 was kind of heavy going but eventuality got somewhere

3/5 bananas


imdb: tt2106651 A clever look at weaponised physics, again not great for words

3/5 bananas

Approaching the unknown

imdb: /tt2674430 introverted and a film worth a see.

3/5 bananas

Age of Adaline

imdb: tt1655441 is a charming film

5/5 bananas

While these films are not well known at least they get a release which is much more than what you can say about the cinema distribution network which is not something i am really bothered in.

These Final Hours

imdb: tt2268458 is a hard watch but worth it for the conclusion.

4/5 bananas

Here Alone

imdb: title/tt4814760 is a minimal film and while slow burn has a conclusion

4/5 bananas.

More netflix films here in the future.

some additions to Japanese netflix

From here (my blog)


imdb: tt5301958 Manzai is slightly reminiscent of Rakgugo (my blog) if less formal not quite western stand up .   A bit of a slog and sometimes funny although quite hard to know when at times.

A story of comedians which comes from a manga* is comedy trying to be unfunny and i imagine quite hard to do. Despite that it has moments of profoundness.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt6574146 is a japan film anime and rather well done. Stylistic and thought provoking.

5/5 bananas

Knights of Sidonia

imdb: 70301578 is an interesting take on ideas but set in space, a series its format in netflix sucks so expect a lot of fast forwarding reading the subtitles from a distance is a problem as white text on a white background is a problem and is not a bananas problem.

4/5 bananas

As an anime there are two seasons of if and

*ask your mummy what manga is.

Bananas on films

Do not expect to find these in a cinema due to my scheduling and cinema owners not desiring to screen them.


imdb: tt2872732 is something i rather liked – well it did have an ape in it.- most people are a bit snobby about it – however i do hope the usb drive used is not as crap as the one i use to record television (my blog) on and which i weee’d (my blog) .

5/5 bananas

Monsters dark continent

imdb: tt1935302 is the sequel to this (my blog) not very good (undefined cgi) but as it was not in a cinema ok if not as good as the first film.

1/5 bananas

The monuments men

imdb: tt2177771 is an engaging film about art although i have not read the book which is supposed to be better.

4/5 bananas.

The neon demon

imdb: /tt1974419 metaphors throughout and a commentary on pretty people.

5/5 bananas

Europa report

imdb: tt2051879 A bit messy but full of those cliches ‘space administrators’ love – mind you it does warm up they certainly are not the right stuff

3/5 bananas

If you where expecting current super hero film reviews you better go elsewhere .

Chinese netflix

Continuing along (my blog) and since i theme these may I suggest

dot to dot

imdb: /tt3743974 is an inoffensive film which i liked from Hong Kong

5/5 bananas

The stolen years (Bei tou zou de na wu nian)

imdb: tt3175936 is from 2013 and rather american yuppie inspired however it is a film that has some charm despite the saccharine it has a range that allows the script to explore the couple from nice to nasty if once again has not a political bone in its body and with one character is a bit of a doormat, it is Beijing based film maker on the mainland..

4/5 bananas

As i am not into kung fu films i doubt i can add much more to this post.  It is an barometer of what gets made or shown domestically in China which without censor input means it will not get made.  Some of the state government propaganda films look just that

Netflix documentaries

Since my library books have dried up (jewish month is bad) , i bought a netflix sub and spent an evening or too seeing things. In this blog it is documentaries and seem a ideal way to keep things in context.

lastmanonthemoonThe Last Man on the moon

imdb: tt3219604 is a biography worth a see about Gene Cernan who actually did something sciency with rocks rather than just fly there and back for a walk.

It is a shame that science took a backseat but that short term political thinking at work

5/5 bananas

Under the Sun

underthesunimdb: /tt5129818/ North Korea get taken the piss out of via a Russian.  Expect a lot of dancing but if the North Koreans ever host the olympics the opening and closing ceremonies will be bloody brilliant

5/5 bananas

The thin blue line

imdb: tt0096257 is an older documentary dealing with Randall Adams, i knew of it for Philip Glass (my blog) and also like Errol Morris stuff say the Fog of War (my blog).   An odd case but a trailblazer for future documentary makers.

5/5 bananas

lopezKids for Cash

imdb: tt2925642 deals with the justice system and private prisons, specifically in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  It is insightful if perhaps guilty of cherry picking its examples. Somehow i can forgive that since america likes to lock up people so i am sure there are more examples of the practice.

It starts with this (my blog) as a knee jerk reaction – however with sentences of 17 and 28 years for two members of the judiciary lets hope they too endorse there chosen preferred housing scheme.

4/5 bananas

Sam T Cogley from star trek and court marshall

Sam T Cogley from star trek and court marshall

for the love of spook

Is a documentary (imdb:tt4572820) about Leonard Nimoy (my blog) and if you like old star trek then there’s something here

5/5 bananas

Amaanda Knox

Is famous for Italy where she either murdered someone (my blog) or did not.  In this she comes across as an average american who just happened to not notice a murder and had great public relations so quite what happened is still up for debate.

1/5 bananas


imdb: tt2721744 is about Russia’s nuclear processing industry and its past, present (my blog) and  future

4/5 bananas

Deep web

imdb: tt3312868 asks simple questions and gets no straight answers on.  However the fact that federal officers have been in the cash register (not here) shows the failure of the case.

1/5 bananas – rather out of date



Korean netflix

I have yet to find a decent South Korean television series either on netflix (my blog) or elsewhere, i just don’t get into them.  Films are different take:


imdb: tt6302160 is a rather hysterical worst case scenario of a Nuclear incident.  It has some merit although a little ill-informed concentrating on what ifs rather than reality.

2/5 bananas

I am sure there good kdramas but kung fu doctors and mermaids all seem to suffer from extremely pretty actors rather than characters with shiny glasses and fish tanks which Japan has a lot of and are a meme.

North Korean stuff will get its own post which is more documentary than fiction at some future point.

So i am probably the wrong person to ask.


A Spongebob squarepants moment.

Bananas saw sponge out of water imdb: tt2279373 which is the second film on netflix (my blog) and it is an experience to treasure.

I like spongebob squarepants (my blog).so if your looking for an unbiased view of the undersea fry cook please go elsewhere

This film has a number of aspects that make it perhaps a little continuity unfriendly but i laughed most of the way through it so it has something going for it.

4/5 bananas.

Japanese Netflix titles

Since i am bad at scheduling here are some netflix things (my blog) that i have seen.  I hope you find them of interest.  If not you will have to wait when other netflix blog entries are scheduled.

I can be both appreciative and withering about things seen so please do not think i give any old crap a mention here just because i can note the lack of all japanese things on netflix..

Japanese stuff

No new anime of note that i have not spoken of before (seen elsewhere) seems to be noteworthy here. Psycho Pass has also disappeared which has a mention or too within this blog

Television some stuff – but it seems this just does not appeal to mr and mrs average However there are specialised sites for those but those seem to migrated from crunchyroll to here or the specialised sites*.  I list some on netflix worth a punt on.


imdb:tt3958276 is gentile look at stuff.  It made me laugh but its quality varies it is a little like the lady diner series (my blog) that was on crunchyroll.

There’s enough here to recommend it

5/5 bananas

sensei of bra makers


imdb:80067618 is about Underwear. – do not expect naked boobies, it has an off putting start with a script fast forward moment in after we meet the cast but there is something worth seeing here.

4/5 bananas – something going on

Films-  limited but may i suggest

sakeThe Birth of Sake

imdb: tt3903322 is brilliant about a distillery (might be wrong term) these people do know how to organise a party.

5/5 bananas.

The eternal zero

imdb: tt2404217 is about kamikaze pilots (including the zero)  and Japans past which sounds boring but its mix of old and new make it a film well worth seeing.

It is thought provoking and since that generation will soon be gone a last chance to explain in their own words rather than see them in black and white roles.

5/5 bananas

Picture bride

imdb: tt0114129 is an older film about emigration, i still prefer this book (my blog) – however that is pushing the definition of Japanese here in this blog article a bit.

4/5 bananas

There are hours and hours of content in this post

*not all japanese tv is amazing.

I muse on uk lottery funded films (not safe for uk luvvies)

Im not dead yet but i can whine

Im not dead yet but i can whine

One day i looking through the films of the week in a newspaper* and deciding if anything was worth seeing via the television i noticed a film that never got a cinema release to my knowledge.

However the lottery players paid for it, and it had its usual contingent of arty types feeding from the free money. Perhaps cinema  don’t pay.

It was low budget on the whole but it appears to be based on something young adult famous but nobody seems to have been really enthusiastic about.

It was also on late one weekend, and so i used this (my blog) to watch at my convenience.

It was not very good perhaps too adult for young adult,  but it keeps the luuvies from whining.  I was more interested in the back story but hey it was not a film for apes.

Not sure if you class this employee training (make work), or spending other peoples money with there friends?

No money was transferred by me

No it was not a Ken Loach film.

*nothing to do with netflix if you read this blog

Um – non current film things

Rated as ever by banana* a superior indicator of quality.  As ever do not expect these to be in a cinema.  ‘Film’ in a cinema is an oxymoron.  I shall collect my thoughts about oscars by the the year 2027** and schedule something here eleven years later.


imdb: tt0066206 genius made in the 1970’s

5/5 bananas

The Revenant

ttp author and bad man

ttp author and bad man

imdb: tt1663202, an award winner from the guy who negotiated ttip (my blog) so this has little merit.  If you thought an oscar meant anything  think again.

1/5 bananas

Robocop [2014]

imdb:tt1234721 is not the Verhoeven (my blog) film which i like over this remake i did not pay to see this (tv).  its best bits where Samuel Jackson and its narrative on police politics.  Its message on robots (my blog) seems ten years too late.

Oh well

Iron Man 3

 Iron Man (part 2 my blog) was seen on television – not very good.  – Not very up to date with superhero things.

MV5BMTQ4Mzk3NDE0MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDc5ODc2NzE@._V1_UY268_CR9,0,182,268_AL_The fear of 13

imdb:/tt5083702 not seen in a cinema is the story of Nick Yarris

5/5 bananas compelling.

*why not **if i remember  – joke