Googles (& Alphabet’s) possible missou problem

Google have been in the news recently and they fired somebody for writing some internal words that become public. Now i do not know who leaked it and corporations do like to keep there laundry hidden so one might think shooting the messenger was the right thing to do in that context.

south african claims voodoo is a thing

However in terms of sjw group think* (my blog) i do wonder how working at google/youtube will be perceived by the rest of us.

You might remember  Missou a higher education institution in the US that has a huge sjw problem who believe in racial segregation and since your supposed to learn something rather than just become a sjw which does not command an income and the skill of walking with placard stating “don’t eat chicken” mean its paying customers [students] either think its horribly racist or a very shit place to not learn non sjw stuff.

Gnome [not a height challenged human] but a software project went down the sjw route and recruited the ‘oppressed’ only to find they where not up the job. There’s a reason i don’t use gnome as a window manager even with the Potterang (my blog) doing stuff that could be seen as bad decisions.

Apparently many google staff now don’t feel ok after sjw management chilled the environment way beyond the fridge.

social justice warrior

Now if google can only employ sjw staff from sjw degrees say womens studies and social studies then maybe if you have gmail account you better start backing it up or finding a new email provider.

Another example – good luck talking to a womens studies grad about your technical problem with your aws server.

Own an andriod phone ?

If alphabet management think that going down the missou route and the gnome project will mean world beating stuff that makes them money then good luck to them.  The  world of ideologues might be nice but customers do not all inhabit that world.

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

People voted Trump rather than the women with the email server in toilet.

If left leaning Hillary Clinton thinks email is deserved to be sited in a pubic toilet (my blog( then i suppose that should attract females to stem roles.

Things change who is to say that alphabet brands will be  still on the tip of your tongues in the future if they continue.  Hard to use google in China hint hint.

I do not have a crystal ball but this is an interesting read (my blog).

*Sargon was directly mentioned too in another leak. who is neither right or left leaning

the ten a day, up from five a day

great bananas, but the catholic preist raped my children

Fruit & Vegetables are interesting as part of a balanced diet – somebody ‘nutritional‘ (my blog) since has declared that from five items of stuff then should be increased to ten a day.  – Seventy bananas a week.

I guess it soon be twenty.  That is a lot of bananas. One hundred and forty  a week.

There are plenty of quacks and monopolists in vitamin pills and nutrition ‘science’  Perhaps twenty a day will also apply to sugary drinks and chocolate bars* as well.

*the sugar industry is known to bribe nutritionists.

A smoothie recipe for newbies (nice not foul)

shakeYou might have been given a smoothie maker* today so before you hide it in a cupboard never to be seen again (not here) may i suggest you make a banana smoothie (my blog).

In fact you can even use a food mixer for this so you could return your unused new thing, so before you discover the vile combinations of ‘healthy’ vegetables try.

  • one banana
  • small spoon of cocoa powder (non sweetened) – not chocolate but that will do.
  • milk of some description

Older bananas are better than new from the shop as the texture of new bananas can be gassy and a bit like paint in texture.  Quality matters here and shit fruit/ingredients is not going to make you like something as the maker cannot do miracles with rubbish.

An example – Strawberry smoothies need sugar if they are wet and tasteless but it is the wrong time of year for those of you in the north.

Then you can put it away and move on to the next food fad, slow cookers are apparently hot.

*sounds like a teenage sex fad

Oh no yet another post about cake.

pinkcakeCake is not something we apes in the zoo like (not the clickly i approve of things measurement)  but the cake from here (my blog) is back in the news and its not from food poisoning.

What is it about sugary pink things that that turns ‘professional’ bakers into rabid religious loonies worldwide ? Even that swearing f**king chef on television had a crazy baker ‘client’ who even i a non watcher of television somehow heard about.  Perhaps not enough buggery in there local church ?

papist fab! and gay

papist fab! and gay

At least chav cake is ok apparently (my blog).   But who knows maybe sexual innuendo is another line professional bakers won’t cross and stop making cakes for chav’s too.

I think rape and sexual assault are good ideas for that mentioned cake tv program perhaps a group of perverted catholic professionals should also be on the judging team when it changes channels.

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

Quite why cake is deemed ok for some but others by bakers baffles me and why it went to another court proves that sexually assaulting amateur bakers on tv is required.   Im sure there’s a priest available for that.

I suggest Ivan Payne and ex Cardinal Keith O’Brien who should do the business on this show.

I will try and refrain from mentioning cake for a couple of months.  I cannot guarantee it.

ice cream in cold climates

the northern beach

the northern beach

ice cream is not something we zoo apes do not have a lot off, despite the monkey house having a machine.

Buying cream is downright near impossible it is sold but its not on the list with bananas.

If we do have some nice weeks then we have no ice cream, but when it gets (rainy the usual summer) then cream is bought.  I do recommend home made ice cream although a rare treat..

The ethics of royal bananas (really)

Prince Charles and Diana

Prince Charles ringer

Bananas was shopping for bananas in Waitrose* who sell the said item and you have to careful as bananas come in various schemes like monkey free, american sponsored death squad friendly, (my blog) ‘fairtrade’, etc

Waitrose have duchy bananas which is prince charles (my blog) which just proves some royals are bonkers.  I just eat them and refuse to consume royal bananas, also I do not have my own brand of bananas or a plastic bag with printing on.

Would you buy a banana from me ? tell me below

spot the difference

spot the difference

I wonder how polluting plastic bags got past the prince of talking to plants, marrying his well known catholic whore (an affair in the past makes them old family whores), pro quack/crank medicine (my blog),  along with not being chinese friendly during the latest state visit.  These royal bananas where double the price of normal bananas.

I did not buy bride of chucky bananas for reasons of sanity and for not promoting those weird things one expects from ‘young’ royalty.  After all how ethical is a royal banana.

*a supermarket with ethics and nearby the zoo for a visit when i was out.

Back to the exciting topic of sausage skins

sausage-v.SMYes the exciting world of sausages (my blog) is back today after all its an important topic that all beauty contestants worry about* after world peace, and baton twirling but not sausages this proves how stupid your beauty contestant is.

So having confirmed my hypothesis that hot sausage skins taste like plastic through some unscientific consensus, but are ok cold Professor and his team of female vets** went to a bbq and had German sausages that where edible hot.  They came from Lidl.  So Professor went on an expedition and got us apes some.

I do hope that the british pork sausage is not fucked up but some rule that german ones dont have to follow from the european community – the label says natural and they are edible hot as well as cold.

Lidl is supposed to be ‘cheap and nasty’ but there german sausages are rather good, i fear for the british banger with its plastic wrapping as produced now.

* joke ** men vets are too ugly for tv companies.

Personal responsibility and fat people

chavFat people are a western problem which is part them and environmental factors. Mind you with councils shutting libraries (my blog) and high streets going wrong (my blog) mean there are problems with activity.

Chocolate bars have been reducing in size since forever.  Sweet drinks and other processed foods are now in the firing line.

I have always had a salty taste liking and dislike food as i eat to live not live to eat but since people are not taking responsibility those big shops are starting to not sell sugary drinks.  Its a start despite feeling a bit  nanny state like.

This is a hard one and processed foods are guilty of subtracting food for favour agents (my blog) and bulking up with sweetness and hfcs (my blog) so i suppose it is a start to tackle the problem although a cosmetic one.