the life project,Helen Pearson

hokeyisbn: 9781848146282 was an economist pick about cohort studies and how people live.  It is a bit buzzwordy and a gentle introduction but the data from 1946 has become more accessible and relevant with modern stuff like computers.

Politicians are as usual unwise and foolish to this stuff and it appears many problems continue and neither red nor blue party really cares for them or takes advice from them unless its part of there party line.

You may know of these large studies by headlines like fat children,divorce and the family in newspapers.and such like

Not all studies work and there is a lot failure  in practice before these things work which is something america discovered.  Oddly a question like how much change from £2 will you get from a item costing 0.64p can tell you a lot about a group of people.

Something worth celebrating as an idea even if politicians see what they want to (failing) and the msm finding a negatives for headlines.

5/5 bananas.

cancer charities and failure

olivecookeCancer is a rich persons disease.  it is also a nice jolly for rich people (my blog) and politicians to administer charities who get money for something but do not solve cancer since that would make them out of a ‘job’.

On the radio is a cancer victim, who is explaining the limitations of cancer ‘solution providers such as the charities who it appears dont do a great deal and a victim with cancer still pays for treatment.  I suppose that’s patents and stuff none of this being open source.

I could go on and link science journals to this malaise but i am sure your well aware of open access to research you fund.

Anyhow – It’s got to a point where even Microsoft think they can fix cancer*.  So much for charities.

pinkcakeWhen i see cancer charities i see a nice job for a spouse of a politician or star, or a person who trademarked pink for the $ but not a cure.

While it can be a good cause i do wonder if the means to the end is a money making first for as long as they can via fees and income from patents.   It is kind of bonkers crazy when no cure is better for some – think on it.

*Microsoft cancer – has a level of truth even now.

10 day unknown maladies

hellotmobileThe lady in the zoo on the phone (my blog) was back this time explaining to all including the monkey house her recent stint with the doctors and second opinions now with an eye patch which i think is not a fashion statement.

At least we and gchq and its friends in the five eyes all know why it took five days to discover the reason, or not.

I bet she will be back to bore us all with a confirmation of the problem at a latter date- i bet gchq and the nsa will be delighted to know that too.

Not inspiring

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

The olympics is recorded but sold for television companies. Then it is like the event never happened afterward, luckily for you lot a doped up medal winner might get there face used by advertising something unhealthy but how they became noteworthy is lost.

Since i hate sport i have no problem with this never happened thing (or orwells memory hole) but as a encouragement tool for humans you have to agree the olympics and sport might as well not happen.

It is also interesting to note that Brazil likes the master race healthy competitors but not the disabled ones (say oscar)- very fascist/nazi a sentiment that reflects that sport is not for all.

television star

television star

I also have problems identifying celebrities so instead of me thinking what product/brand is that the question becomes who are they as this lady proves who is not a sport legend.

Its also ironic when international businesses sponsor national teams – which is either misplaced nationalism, and sport for sale to the highest bidder.

The more you think about sport the more odd it becomes.

crooks in sport: Femke Van den Driessche

not pedal powered

Femke Van den Driessche not pedal powered

Cycling becomes motor cycling (not here) Femke Van den Driessche is accused of Technik-Doping* with a motor on her bicycle which just happens to look like hers and ‘apparently’ belonged to a friend..

Is any ‘sport’ honest ? Think about it.    This is not the first technical cheat either (my blog)

*it even sounds a special crime.

Sport promoting the spread of the Zika virus

forget suntan lotion with an nbc suit

forget suntan lotion with an nbc suit

Are you looking forward to getting Zika ? If you know somebody going to see that sport event then you are likely to get it.

I think that all sports people and fans should be quarantined since they constitute a public health threat.

However it does seem i was on the ball with my fashion advice (my blog)  I like being trendy.


ikeaProfessor has some old ikea chairs like this (image right) but have metal legs instead and after a while the fabric sags and give both people and apes back ache.

So one day armed with an key we took them to bits and changed them for less saggy seats.  Phew that’s a relief.

silly injuries

mrsillyBananas was composting the daily bananas one day when i sneezed and i was positioned awkwardly so i transferred much of the sneezes power to my back.

So began four days of sitting in proper chairs (no sofas) and sleeping on the floor being hard and not bendy, simple things become matters of concentration.

Certain things are still a bit sore to do but i am mostly recovered if a little cranky. Life….

Going ‘upmarket’ in fitness clubs

aerobicsFitness clubs are something we apes we dont do here in the zoo, i actually walk to a library but professor tells me a funny story about how how a paid club his wife goes to is now in a posher area than it once was.

With millions spent on improving* it and now admitting children professors other half thinks the place to be a constant building site and also allows children in now both minus points i guess the posher area makes it ‘better’.

The new part of town was even a surprise to her but hey its called marketing. I shall stick with my walks here in Camdem.

*keeps builders busy