the dystopia’s dystopia, jordan belfort & J.J. Abrams.

drumsHow many films covering the same themes made from three books should be made ? some are genuinely interesting and others might be clones after all lemmings will be lemmings.

Then there is the commercial pressure to make a couple more films than books and pad it out.

This happened to one film and when it hit broadcast television i decided to watch it.  It felt very wooden even in part one and the limitations of the plot where laid bare.  Being kids content nothing could be implied like violence so the limitations made questions of ‘why are these people so fucking retarded’ popped up in my brain.

I believe the series failed which points out the greed of hollywood and the sacrificial nature of the original content they ruin.

jordan belfort

Jordan Belfort

 Jordan Belfort (my blog) has also caused problems for Hollywood turning films into a zero sum game for instance Leonardo Decaprio also lost fine art through chinese investors for the belt and road initiative   as well as working for nothing due to fraud, phew at least it is the rich scamming the rich.

As J.J. Abrams also comes to mind as a person who may make hollywood money but cannot stop lawsuits.

Abrams has moved on to greener pastures but still leaves a shadow on star trek in a video i saw on you tube he apparently tried to kill all versions of not his star trek and is also credited as a producer on discovery even though a new star trek film is not possible since all three of his star trek films made little or no money.   Abrams (aka bad robot) could be considered a franchise killer.

Another film released had so many spoilers that i think most of us have seen it.  The logic of that place is bonkers.  It was not a comic book film which is something you all know and must be nearing its sell by date.

I also will not be be seeing the Dave Eggers (my blog) film with sjw Emma Watson in it.  Ironically here it is going direct to netflix, i guess it needed a superhero for the cinema which it is missing.

When i had a netflix account i saw guardians of the galaxy (imdb: tt2015381) but i am not sure i could justify seeing such crap in a cinema.  – It was boring for the most part but if Hollywood thinks that mix tapes are cool then who am i to screw with there thinking.

I think a cinema has become a place for idiots not a place for advancement of it’s form. That is not my problem.

This hollywood film ‘needs’ a chinese actor

While Bananas in the Falklands is not an avid cinema goer even i can spot a trend and the more native the chinese actor the better in fact and chinese language skills are also needed.  Lets hope that nobody levels an accusation of racism at hollywood.

Having sat through a film on netflix where the Chinese actor died once again in an unreleased western cinema film i am surprised that this is still a thing after,star wars and marvel  where doing this and failing to appeal to the Chinese cinema market the other more recent film was soon withdrawn from cinema distribution in china so at least Chinese distributors know good from bad and puts on something that sells instead.

I wont mention the films name.

Then again if this is the kind of crap hollywood thinks will sell it in china then i look forward to seeing real chinese films (my blog) that i enjoy and as a ape means there doing more right than Hollywood are.

Advertising versus Hollywood sjws

Judy Garland is a gay icon (my blog) although probably straight in the 1940’s was used by an advertising firm here to sell financial products, the merit to selling investments to a drug addict is perhaps not an ideal one but one out of copyright and we all have seen that film with ruby slippers in.

Another advert using a film franchise which is newer by four decades was for a film with a male and female version, the older one was selected by the advertising industry and i cannot blame them as nobody saw the recent copyright version that nobody saw.

I guess advertising is sexist not using a metoo version to cross sell something.

Perhaps in eighty (80) years time they might be deemed cultural icons, mind you when a lesbian actor cannot act a lesbian role for some sjw deemed reason say not fat enough now then who is to say future audiences will tolerate women only films?

At least they can remake them once again.

World war z the film – oh dear me.

I recorded it off free tv** one evening the film world war z, a book (my blog) which i had read and liked, but had not seen the film. The film scrubbed any mention to china, made the loony jewish look good* rather than the bogey man.

When i say ‘watched’ i mean most of it was on fast forward as most of the dialogue was bloody awful and non existent. As viliians go india [possible source of mad cow disease] and south korea seem to be safe by hollywood standards for trying to get the film into chinese markets.

Then the film cuts its losses and has yet to make the other half of the book.  I am not avidly awaiting it and our narrator is made to look an incompetent retard with a mobile phone as the plot device mover who seems saves the world by injecting meningitis on first attempt in laboratory of nasty diseases and gives the humans a chance to make part 2.

While that is nowhere near the book it is interesting to see that words and most of the concept of the book was  chucked out to appease cinema owners and state censorship outfits and it seems that it did not make its money back looking at some numbers.

I wonder why.

The book is best, there are real characters written and i felt for some of them when i read it being an ensemble book opposed to hollywood a lister saves the world in 75 minutes.

If hollywood made  tomato favour soup it would end up with pumpkins in it and be blue in colour.

*i wonder how that happened ** could have seen it on netflix before that i think but deemed it trash

Think of the wammin with warts

I never got past (my blog) the mid season point of star trek discovery, and i recently noticed a trailer of the new season was very ghostbusters* like (the one with the women in that did not make money)

I decided to write something needed a picture of  an all fat women cast, or the std women and got derailed.

i have warts

I tried to find a picture  of the three wammin** saving the universe while desperately trying to fix star trek  from jj Abrams but the above was funnier.

  • those seo results are a miss
  • std is a humorous name not even he (my blog) seemed to check it

After being amused i found one of the sisterhood being comrades

I guess i can associate star trek discovery with std, – well done the sisterhood i guess they also have warts.

I have no interest in the series since i have no idea what is going on or desire to so please do not think this is an endorsement of it.

*not seen  ** only women can do that

the book of dust,Philip Pulman

isbn: 9780385604413 achoo* is the beginning of what will become Philip Pulman‘s (my blog) three book series his dark materials of which Chris Columbus intentionally fucked up after all hollywood dislikes a good narrative.

A simple but enjoyable read although later parts of feel a bit it lets make it easy for hollywood to fuck it up again or turn into a theme park ride – my brain kind of glazed over in part two.

I hope Pullman and agents will be more wary of americans getting the media rights this time round.

3/5 bananas


the young adult book as a tv series rather than film

I think i once may have blogged (maybe a future post) of a film of young adult book which was awful and rushed as a film and i then discovered that Hollywood discarded it after book one sounds familiar ? (my blog).

Then netflix (my blog) made a tv series of it which was way more developed than the bug budget film was,

I wonder if this shows a disdain by film professionals for the films they think must be made or get money for and that television production has a better feel for stuff say chapters and the depth of the books.

It kind of explains the video game films and board game films and toy films (my blog). Perhaps writers have got wise to Hollywood and others have yet to figure this out?

Childrens Toy hollywood films

Your citroen It needs new ice skates

Include Michael Bay* and an attempt by others to have there ‘ip’ used to sell things. As to the payoff it is not all success (my blog).

Being that holywood makes crap some of these more recent not successful films have been sent to streaming sites and as i do not intend to visit a cinema but notice the trend in toy films i thought i should at least sit through one non micheal bay film..

What i saw was the origin story, and despite one humorous shout out to another product line it was bereft of swearing, sex and scary bits, they had a go at f****r but think of the children stopped it.

Since i do not visit toy shops (my blog) i have no idea if you can buy discounted toy lines which was as sold by Hollywood.

Popcorn describes it well, i have no idea if sequels are being made or tell what it was and lets leave it there

*some advertising agency did the idea first

enraged sjw journalists and there rotten tomato problem


altered carbon (my blog) has a bloke with a chinese sounding name – and was ‘stored on a computer’ for two centuries – apparently if your a sjw journalist that means he will always be chinese regardless of the fact he was not born on earth.  That is like the bloke from avatar (the blue smurfs) not needing a mew biology to breath because of the toxic to humanity atmosphere.  anybody for smurf wheelchair tree climbing ?  – so is it ok for a white bloke to go native, but not a chinese bloke to use a body which is not the correct ethnic stereotype.

Every time i read what a sjw journalist thinks and is contrary to the idea of the author, let alone tv series that shit for brains sjw cant get the idea of perhaps the 4th estate should die being irredeemable retards who either cannot read or grasp that if you transcend time, and planets biology and ancestry is rather moot.   Elon Musk will only pack a swim suit when he emigrates to mars wont he.

gawker journalist

This ‘problem’ is also seen with rotten tomatoes where mere mortals disagree with these special people and these people seem most upset that we unwashed do not think the way they think.

I would hope that people (not the sjw’s) would also read the original work – i like the adaption so far*

There are other aspects that i have blogged about but i do not think think anybody needs entertainment journalists with liberal art degrees today.  I do not think these people are essential** the way they think they are to big corporations and might even be toxic to balance sheets.

Anyhow not my problem

*i will review it properly at a later date. **how dare you not see the star wars film we ‘liked’

Processor flaws

The ime, spectre and meltdown are issues that affect most processors not just intel’s since amd have those same flaws or different name for there security ‘engine’ which also may or may not be violating an open source license.

This happened to the pentium in the 1990’s too.

I am sure somebody at the nsa is rather sad that these issues have come to light but as all of us are in the same boat it proves that while gentlemen do spy on each other there efforts to spy mean they are as bad as the others and sod democratic ideals.

Baboons give us a, give a b give us a c

While my monkey house screenplay for superape where a monkey flies and saves other apes from disaster is no doubt probably not weapons grade wmd at least the nsa have read it. (my blog)  – is it bird ? no its super ape how dare hollywood not contact me*

It will be interesting to see what happens to hardware post these design flaws, doing an nvida seems the wrong approach so perhaps we might see hardware with open software on the processor something your friends at the nsa wont like

But if they kept mum on the issue perhaps there mission to protect democracy is an false mission and as long as spies seek to undermine all for there career then a rethink is in order.

I kind of doubt that open source processors will become popular, or open firmware will become a thing by looking at routers will tell you that.

I would buy an open processor, being the zoo runs open firmware on its routers, and non fucked up gpus and pci slots (my blog) It shall be interesting to see if it happens. It would be nice to upgrade a video card without throwing away all it if you think about it.

*i joke